Monday, July 15, 2024

Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers – player ratings

There’s not much room for humour after yet another disastrous cup exit. We may have suggested medieval torture methods following the defeat to Bradford, but this time we’ll resort to giving every squad member that disappointed look a parent gives a misbehaving child. That and a mark out of ten.

Wojciech Szczesny: 4/10 – Had one save to make and made a hash of it pushing Olsson’s shot straight to Kazim-Richards who promptly scored. Costly mistakes don’t great goalkeepers make.

Francis Coquelin: 5/10 – Desperate to make an impression despite being played out of position. His eagerness saw him over-commit to challenges and attempt killer balls when simpler passes would have sufficed. Naivety proved costly for goal.

Laurent Koscielny: 5/10 – Slow covering for Coquelin as Olsson got free in the box to shoot. Should be more of an attacking threat at corners.

Thomas Vermaelen: 5/10 – Nothing wrong with his performance per se. However, when the chips are down you need your captain to motivate the troops; it didn’t happen. Why?

Nacho Monreal: 5/10 – Got up and down the left wing well enough but lacked quality with his final ball into the box.

Mikel Arteta: 5/10 – Missed last gasp chance when he shot into side netting in injury-time. Passing was tidy but too safe? Appears to have had any desire to attack beaten out of him.

Tomas Rosicky: 6/10 – Still rusty, but came closest to scoring with shot which hit the bar. Passing was hit-and-miss in first half but increasingly influential just before being substituted.

Abou Diaby: 4/10 – Was the Diaby who played at Anfield a mirage? Slow on the ball again, lacking cutting edge and not an attacking threat in and around the box.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: 5/10 – Like Coquelin was desperate to make impression but tried so hard that he throttled his natural ability. Not playing with freedom and crossing was poor.

Gervinho: 4/10 – Initially pushed Blackburn onto back foot with dribbling, however, passing and decision-making remains horribly inconsistent. Had best chance of the match but snatched at his shot when the goal was beckoning. Did nothing in second half.

Olivier Giroud: 4/10 – Mistimed headers, failed with silly fancy first time flicks and rarely made a nuisance of himself inside six-yard box. Had a bit of a stinker.


Santi Cazorla: 5/10 – Lots of passes along the edge of the box, not much else.

Jack Wilshere: 6/10 – Made a noticeable difference spreading the play as we chased the game but he can’t do it all on his own.

Theo Walcott: 5/10 – A couple of runs but that was about it.

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Ian Wright Paul Merson Chat shit

I’m taking my anger out on ex Arsenal Pundits Pimping themselves out at our clubs expense.

Ian Wright, Paul Merson and the rest of them: YOU CHAT SHIT.

Fighting Knee Jerk Reactions with Knee Jerk Reactions, every step of the way!

Get yours now at all good retailers.

Ian wright is wrong

Would have drawn Millwal away, Now I know Millwal’s a shit hole and all but seemed a relatively (i think) nice draw to set up a semi final but we just had to go ahead and bottle it.

Congratufuckinglations arsenal, congratufuckinglations!!!!!!


boycott ?


Had enough of the coke head Chelsea supporting mug Merson giving his ‘insight’….


Defence 2/10

Attack -8/10

Runcorn Gooner

Attack 8/10

Which game are we talking about?



Runcorn Gooner

Apologies.Correct score given


so failing to score against a championship side with the majority of possession gets your attack 8/10?

riiiiight …


I think the “-” before the 8 means minus, guys.

Rad Carrot

He actually put -8, rather than 8.

I agree with him, too – the attack was shit.

Adam, Watford

He means minus 8. The – sign next to the 8 is the clue !!!! I blame Walcott, if I was into the blame game. His fuckwittery has massively impacted the whole season and now he is too good to track back and geet stuck in ? Is it beneath him ? Walcott in attack ? If he is a striker, he should know that you head the ball down at the goal line making it almost impossible for the keeper to react in time. Okay, I admit, it’s not all Walcott ‘s fault. I hope he feels partly responsible… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Actually, I’ve been reasonably impressed with how Theo has played this season, contract-saga and all.

He didn’t have a great game yesterday, but no-one did. Certainly not going to lay the heap of the blame at a player who was only on the pitch for 20 minutes.

Adam, Watford

Red, I take your point that you can’t heap it all on one player, as I acknowledged in my comment. Still, it’s not about how we have seen him conduct his contract business, so much as how it has affected the team/squad on the training ground. How can it have possibly have helped the rest of the players work with him or Wenger plan for the future and build a team, if he is hedging his bets about who will still be here in the summer ? Wenger clearly wanted to keep him for at least two reasons, i) not… Read more »

Adam, Watford

Sorry, Rad, not Red, my apologies !


If you can’t see the text correctly I’ll pass reading your summation of the game.


just give every one zero and be done with it. If they dont put in a shift why should the rest of us bother

Runcorn Gooner

Chessers is making more and more wrong decisions in between blinding saves and it’s not good enough.He sums up the the total inconsistency of this current
squad.He needs competition to keep him on his toes.It is very similar to Hart at
Mancini Citeh .


We should go for Schwarzer

Julius Caesar cost nothing

– Emirates Stadium (capacity 60,000) vs. Loftus Road (capacity 17,000)
– Arsenal Ambition (always in Champions League, always gunning for trophies) vs. QPR Ambition (perennial relegation battle)
– Arsenal Manager (Arsene Wenger, speaks immaculate English) vs. QPR Manager (‘Arry Redknap, professional translator needed despite English is the only language he knows)

Julius Caesar was available from Milan on a FREE TRANSFER. The dude has won numerous titles (including CL trophy) at Milan. He’s got the rare combination of both physical-presence and intelligence. HOW THE FUCK DID WE LET THIS GUY SLIP AWAY TO QPR?!?!?!


I would imagine the wages that such a player demands.


This was Shebby Singhs Team. Someone shoot me


Fucking brilliant.

LANS calendar

I don’t get it


Given the rubbish around him, I thought Coquelin had a very decent game. Always pressing, a few great dribbles and just generally showing the desire that was so lacking from his teammates. All this and he wasn’t in his natural position


I agree – at least he looked like he gave a fuck unlike the vast majority.

Not sure what he was meant to do for the goal when Theo stood rooted to the spot staring, leaving him 2 on 1.


It’s not that he didn’t give a fuck, it’s that he didn’t know what to do with it.

Not his fault, he’s still learning the trade. Our younger players need more support on the pitch from senior players and better coaching to be the players that they can be.


I thought the same. I also thought once the shit hit the fan we might have gone to something more attacking. Losing 2-0 is the same as 1-0 in a knockout. Arsene is out of ideas and I’m out of patience with this season. Need it to end so we can lick our wounds lol

Giroud. Walcott
Jack. Cazorla. Ox
Arteta. Coq
Nacho. Verm. Kos


“I prepare for the games in exactly the same
way I had in the previous years” – Well that’s
the fucking problem Arsene. You’ve won nothing in the previous gazillion seasons working that way.

Same tactics, different times,
Outdated transfer policy – again different times and market!

Insanity – doing the same thing no matter you get the same result, you know…..


Dont see you much when we win games.
You spew out all this tosh only after we lose. Not much of a fan huh.
Shame on all who thumbed up the previous comment.


When we win i’m always here mate. Never really commenting (sparingly perhaps) but having a behind the scenes laugh at how one or two wins makes most of the fans (in here) think that each & every problem we’ve had for the past 8 seasons have now been wiped away by an albeit impressive win/s at that time. Besides the fuck is your problem? I’m allowed a rant aint I?


It’s because we are inconsistent mate. It is infuriating that we keep making the same mistakes or the same shit keeps happening. It’s bullshit that we concede these fucking spastic goals all the time it’s really poor. The reason people are quiet (or at least why I am) is when we win you numb yourself to these constant weaknesses in our game because we managed the win. The Newcastle game is one example of that mentality. I was losing my mind when we got 3-2 up only to fucking concede to make it. 3-3. The rest is history as they… Read more »


It’s because we are inconsistent mate. It is infuriating that we keep making the same mistakes or the same shit keeps happening. It’s bullshit that we concede these fucking spastic goals all the time it’s really poor. The reason people are quiet (or at least why I am) is when we win you numb yourself to these constant weaknesses in our game because we managed the win. The Newcastle game is one example of that mentality. I was losing my mind when we got 3-2 up only to fucking concede to make it. 3-3. The rest is history as they… Read more »


Sorry dbl post fkn iPhone/fat fingers

LANS calendar

If he’d been here celebrating you’d be calling him hysterical and ‘reactionary’. Jog on and don’t tell other people they aren’t entitled to their opinions


Also didn’t know that gazillion = 8
Thank you for enlightening us


Fed the fuck up. I’m struggling to even muster the effort to defend Arsene against the Wenger Out brigade; a bit like everyone else wearing the red and white yesterday.

Fuck football.



Sorry but the Pole in the goal is a liability and Gervinho is Kanu with pace. £150M in the bank? Kroenke do one can we try Usmamov now please?
As for Tuesday against the Bavarians we are going to get ripped a new one.


Pole – 3/10 . Failed to safely palm away ( and not to kazims path! Ffs) the one and only shot of the game.

If this guy was a bank, he would be closed down because the kind of savings he’s making are terrible!


you are idiot!


Kanu was a good player


Thank you, for a second i thought i lost my mind.
Then i scrolled down and read your comment. Close call.


Kanu knew where the goal was and his link up / hold up play was excellent, he was also very skillful. Now, as much as I don’t like to slag off our own players I have to be truthful from where I see it; Gervinhio is not good enough for Arsenal. His decision making is terrible, his final ball more often than not woeful and his finishing simply isn’t good enough. He is also knocked off the ball far too easily. Now he’s a tryer, I’ll give him that but nearly 2 seasons into his Arsenal career he’s done nothing… Read more »


I hope you’re not comparing Kanu with Gervinho – because that will certify you not having a clue what you’re on about.


Eisfeld has a tendency to drift in and out of games. Since this evident in the u-21 level itself, Wenger perhaps is withholding him from the first team until he dominates u-21 games from start to finish


Kanu was an amazing player. Just look at what he won in his career, even before he joined Arsenal. There’s not a player around today who can dribble like Kanu. In terms of ability, he was close to Bergkamp.


Its an insult to the great Kanu to add Gervinho in the same sentence

download youtube videos


Its an insult to the great Kanu to add Gervinho in the same sentence


Bet you haven’t been following Arsenal Mike. Kanu, scores a hat trick against Chelsea in the last 10 minutes to win 3-2. All beautiful goals at that.


The one you saw yesterday was the real Diaby.Getting found out badly

Jim Jimminy

Classic case of absence making the heart grow fonder. He is not and never will be Patrick Vieira.


Diaby and Giroud both earned a 0 in my own opinion . Diaby, slowing the play down, fucking turning in and out to make simple passes . He’s strength was no where to be seen , slipping like he had ice skates on and shit Giroid , my god . Everytime he revives the ball, leans on the defender and passes backward and most of time we loose possession because of those passes . None of that silky stuff , you’re a damn center foward !! Arse blog news , you should includ an mangers rating , Arsne thinks this… Read more »


Leave Gervinho the f****k alone, it’s not his fault arsenal are this shit!

You have to look at Arsene, the stubborn fool.


Gervinho is shit

Gooner Til I Die

Gervinho has talent, but he isn’t suited to British football. He looks ok for the Ivory Coast but I genuinely don’t think he could cut it at any level in Britain. It’s too fast and physical for him, he looks like a little girl running around enthusiastically who is simply not good or strong enough.

Got nothing against him as a person but he has to go.


So, we buy Gervinho for 12m but sold Song for 13m. In the face of it all, that to me is a step in the wrong direction.

Adam, Watford

Leave Gervinho alone ?

It might not be his fault Arsenal are playing so badly overall but it is his fault he keeps missing chances that should at least make the keeper work if not actually be scoring them.

In other words, he could at least help paper over the cracks until May !


are you his wife?


Is that the best you can come up with?


honesty I think you been to harsh with your vote today. We didn’t play as bad as some people said.. we did ok … and if they goalkeeper was the MOTM this is mean something…
Anyway I aspect a good win for tuesday night


Im sorry but you cant “do ok” when you get knocked out the cup by a shite team lke blackburn


Gervinho !! Best player in ACN says Wenger.


Well he was, the problem is the quality of the ACN was equivalent to League 1


Well he was the best player at ACN. And apart from his miss which admittedly was horrible he was decent( far better than Ox who frankly had a stinker)


Pole in goal did a DE gea with that one…..Sending it to kazims way. Making good saves wins you games sometimes and the one Schezzer didn’t make yesterday cost us.


difference between cazorla and rosicky :

cazorla gets to play with theo, wilshire and poldi,

rosicky is surrounded by the likes of gervinho, ox and diaby

and manager sub rosicky, one of the few player with genuine technique (I consider poldi the other player with proper technique.)


Subbing Tommy yesterday was an awful awful decision. He looked so fucked off and you can’t blame him.

He was the one player who looked like he might make something happen, so he gets hoiked. Unbelievable.

I don’t want a manager who wears baseball caps and tracksuits and spends every fuckin minute shouting mindlessly at retarded players, before whacking off with em in the shower.

But I do want a manager that reacts and changes things that are not working before it’s too late and recognises which players deserve to stay on and which ones don’t.

Rosicky's anus

Most times when a shot hits the post and doesn’t go in, it ricochets upwards or sideways which means it wasn’t even that close in the first place. Rosicky’s shot ricocheted DOWN (i.e. Frank Lampard in World Cup vs. Germany) which means he would have scored had the ball’s trajectory been lower by just ONE INCH. Agreed that Rosicky shouldn’t have been subbed. But perhaps Wenger plans to play Rosicky vs. Bayern tomorrow whereas that’s not the case with Diaby? If Rosicky does play vs. Bayern I hope he pulls down his pants, bends over and makes one of his… Read more »

Dave Gooner

I couldn’t agree more. Rosicky also came closest to scoring. Unlike our overhyped and overpaid “strikers”. Gervinho is by now, a proven dud, and I for one remain to be convinced by Giroud. That match on Saturday was tailor-made for a real striker to make his mark. Or for an average-at-best striker to not make his mark. It just isn’t good enough from Olivier Giroud, it just isn’t good enough. We do not need average strikers. Look at our history, look at who played up front for us in the past: Wrighty, Thierry, that Dutch wanker. Here’s the news Olivier… Read more »


I keep saying this. Rosa was genuinely upset when he was subbed off, should’ve been Diaby instead. Rosicky was the only player who was trying, okay yes his passing was a bit off but that’s the manager’s fault since he was not given enough game time. He provided two brilliant through balls that our strikers failed to convert. I love Santi and I think the two of them should play together. But if it’s one or the other, I’d still go with Rosa. Him and Podolski on the pitch together can put a real shift in our game. The two… Read more »


very harsh on the Mozart. Very unlucky not to have scored.


Rosicky has always had a bad scoring record, as has Gervinho as has Diaby. The result is what i expected when i saw the team as there just wasn’t enough goals in them. if we didn’t score early it was always going to lead to alot of fustrating aimless passing. Ox has a poor scoring record too, although perhaps hasn’t played long enough to form a accurate view on his long term scoring potential. Rosicky, Gervinho and Diaby all have to be replaced if we’re going to compete again as we can’t expect Cazorla, Theo, and Podolski to play every… Read more »


Rosicky gives 100% every match and will be one of our best players each game he plays where as Cazorla is not consistent.


Rosicky might put in 100% effort but has little to no end product. He’s scored 20 goals in 170 odd games for Arsenal, Cazorla has scored 9 in 33, it’s impossible to compare the 2.


A knee jerk reaction from probably every gooner in the world. If we were so shit how did we have 27 shots on goal and 12 of them on target. Lets face it, Blackburn got incredibly lucky( Sure they worked hard the entire match and showed a lot of desire). These kinds of results happen. THere is no need to create such a hue and cry over it . We should get over it and support the players and the manager wholeheartedly . There is still a lot to play for. And maybe for once we will get lucky(like the… Read more »


Well said mate


didn’t think reason would come back to blogs so soon. thumbs up mate.


Why should we support the manager? His arrogance and stubborness is annoying alongside his lack of ideas and tactics.


You’re deluded. Knee jerk my hole. This is continually happening


You’re just like a victim of domestic abuse thinking he will change. He wont


Are you for real ANDR………..
“If we were so shit how did we have 27 shots on goal and 12 of them on target.”
We may well of had 12 shots on target but when most of them are scuffed straight at the keeper they may as well of been off target!


If you cant score with 12 shots on goal then you are shite. I will support the team, they cant help if they get bought, played and never wants to leave because of the stupid money they are on, but I wont support Wenger. Not any more. This is his mess, his players, his failed wage system (how long will it take to sort that mess and get rid of the dross?), his failure and he does fuck all to correct his own shortcomings. He is stuck in his old ways, unlike a rednosed bastard who evolves with the game.


A lot to play for? We only playing for 4th. Oh wait that’s a cup isn’t it? I’m tired of these deluded optimistic reactions. We have not been progressing for the past 8years. We are going backwards every season. It’s funny some fans still can even talk about the champions league. A tournament we have never won. We fail to win Bradford and Blackburn what makes you think we can win as the best teams in Europe? If u think Chelsea were lucky then ur wrong. They played the ugly to win the cl and we are not going to… Read more »


Given that the chavs are just 5 points ahead we could challenge for 3rd as well.

LANS calendar

Controversial idea: THE ABILITY TO FINISH CHANCES IS A CRUCIAL PART OF THE PLAYER’S PERFORMANCE, IT IS NOT DOWN TO FUCKING CHANCE. I hate it when fans treat finishing (and indeed, goalkeeper saves) as some sort of mystical art that is down to ‘luck’ and that you can’t blame the players for. You give Van Persie those chances he finishes three of them, we didn’t finish them because we’re shit. You give Lehmann that save, he saves it. We didn’t save it because we’re shit.

Fergie the Gooner

It’s not incredibly lucky if it happens consistently! How many times have we bossed the stats, yet failed to score and then concede an idiotic goal? Our last realistic chance of silverware is gone… yet again. It’s not a knee jerk when this has been the trend for 4 or 5 years.


Lets be honest. At the beginning of the game (which I was watching with my dear arsenal loving mother) she turned to me and made a good point. She said “This is the arsenal team that will lose today’s game against Blackburn and then go demolish Bayern” seems like something we’d do so ill pray for that.


Dylan. It wouldn’t surprise me and many other gooners if exactly that happened. This team is bonkers enough for it to happen but we could also get beat 6 nil draw. 4 each or win. It’s madness.


I wouldnt be surprised at all if we crushed Bayern. The problem is that we have to play them twice and the self destruct button is always close. If we win by 4 or 5 goals at home we will go down in history as the team that blew the biggest lead in CL playoff histoy.


Let’s say we do somehow beat bayern over 2legs. Are we going to beat the others? I wouldn’t bet a penny on it.

I have a dream...

Lose to Blackburn and demolish Bayern?! Well, that’s exactly what I was thinking because it was the only way I could walk out of the Emirates on Saturday without bahling me fucking eyes out.

Everyone agrees our problem is INCONSISTENCY. Well that’d be the best example of fooking inconsistency ever witnessed in the history of football so I hope we do continue our inconsistent form.


I looked at Gervinhos rating at Bradord with the ‘torture rating’ and here is the Wikipedia reference to Scaphism

If someone can supply me with the flight tickets to London id be more than happy enough to supply the honey, now to isolate Gervinho…


Oh and this is a comment Mr Blogs made about Gervinho somewhere back can’t help but LOL / LMAO / ROFL everytime i read it haha

“It’s like a cricket team signing someone who can only bowl underarm. ”

Best comment ever made on your blog,


I love arsene, but if he was a loaf of bread he’d be very mouldy by now.
The end of the season can’t come soon enough, then it has to be time for a change, but without aw commuting gross misconduct, I do not think there is any one at board level with the balls to have the “it’s not you, it’s me” conversation


Committing not commuting


But how can Szczesny go from our savior to our Nemesis in such a short time? If there aren’t similar examples all over our pitch I’ll be damn right perplexed right about now.


He is a very young keeper. There are bound to be inconsistencies in his game .
I personally believe he was not at fault for the goal because he cound’t have done much more.

Pat Rice

I don’t think anyone noticed what Blogs said about Arteta. I agree with him. Whenever Arteta tries to come forward, something hits him like lightning and he just safely passes it to another midfielder to take it forward. Has Arsene forgotten that Arteta was once a BRILLIANT playmaker and had a good eye for goal? I would rather see Arteta go forward then Diaby. Diaby is a waste when he is in the final third.


I think the pressure on the team to win at home means players are less inclined to take risks. Every time a player made a mistake, and there were so many, they were met with boos. This doesn’t help, but then again the fans have every right to boo; I know if I payed to watch a game that I expect a win out of I would have been extremely frustrated with a loss. Also, when we lose we’re quick to criticise Wenger, but when we win we praise players. Of course this view isn’t true of all Arsenal fans.… Read more »


So you wasn’t at the game then……. because had you been you would of known there were no boo’s aimed at any player during the game only at the team and manager after the final whistle.


@J D

There’s no way of knowing who they were booing at after the game. It’s fair to assume that boos were aimed at the entire team.


Goon this is what you wrote
” Every time a player made a mistake, and there were so many, they were met with boos”
And that is what I am replying too please don’t insult my intelligence by twisting your and my words!


My apologies, I got that wrong. I was not insulting your intelligence, sometimes people get it wrong.

it was nothing like the booing after the Swansea 2-0 loss

I never heard any booing until just after the final whistle blew. Even when Gervinho missed from 8-yards with only the keeper to beat, nobody booed. However I do see your point Goon… those 12 (unsuccessful) shots-on-goal were all met with a collective *sigh* of frustration from the 45,000-or-so supporters who bothered to show up. At least 4 of those 12 shots were pretty damn-good efforts… perhaps we could’ve cheered the effort a bit more. Which raises the question, what if we miss out on CL and stuck in mid-table in EPL and the average attendance is 25-30,000 next year?… Read more »

The Grime Raper

Have you forgotten that Wenger is the destroyer of talent?


gervinho is good.
I want to see Eisfeld.

petit's handbag

The player’s weren’t bothered,was the manager?
Just fuck off


I know Gervinho made a big mistake (again), but at least he tried to do something not like Giroud.I haven’t seen Giroud touch the ball.To tell the truth Arteta and Diaby were awful.Ramsey would be a better choice instead of Diaby.Rosicky 32 yrs old, he was injured a lot, but he is still a true warrior and a true gooner.For me he was the MOTM.

paulie gooner

I’m going to put as much effort into this comment as the players did yesterday.

Pride of London

Gervino is absolutely terrible, nowhere near the standard of Arsenal. Hopefully Wenger will be active in the summer for new players. This doom and gloom is unbearable

The Grime Raper

If there’s any justice in this world Wenger won’t be here to fuck up another transfer window this summer.


It’s time for The Special One.

Manchester is a shite city

Mourinho once graced the cover of GQ Mazagine. He is a big swinging dick. Manchester is not right for him because the city is shite. London is the only place Mourinho would be happy in England but what’s the point working for Abromovich again? That leaves either QPR, Spuds, West Ham or Arsenal. Hmmm…..


And then we’ll see them beat Bayern 2-0…
Quality? I’d say oh yes. But we’re preeeetty unpredictable!
Like this fucking Dutch weather!

Still can’t believe we got knocked out at home by B’burn though, its sickening!
Ooh to be gooner *siiigh*


Just amazed by wengers decision to sub rosicky yesterday when the clear one would have been diaby.
But i hate people saying diaby is shit for what i think he is being cautious , i guess we all know why but even Wenger could see it if i can. And so getting rosicky subbed was even a bigger question.


hahaha stop moaning you got beat, you aint got a god given right to win everything your a decent team but all teams have there day and im afraid your time is up europa league will be a regular fixture for you guys soon rover and out 🙂


Oh you mean like it is for Blackburn? Oh wait…


Eatin’ too much chicken mate. Move on.

LANS calendar

This chicken is delicious, best eaten while watching an exciting premier league football game imo.

[…] Read More Here: Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers – player ratings […]


Giroud got hardly and service. Almost every cross and corner was nowhere near him. Hard to get into the game as a striker when 1 out of 10 passes actually gets to you and you’ve nj support when it does. Diaby worries me more than Gervinho as he’s in a more central role. He’s had enough chances and should be benched. He can’t think quick enough for this level and needs much more space than teams defending against Arsenal will give him. Coq wasn’t that bad at all. Great tackles for most of the game and constantly moved the ball… Read more »


It is true that Giroud hardly got anything in the way of service, but it takes two hands to clap. He hardly did himself any favors by staying rooted to the spot while a defender was still on him. At the times when he did get the ball, he lost it almost every single time without doing anything meaningful.

I agree with the rest of your points though.


arsenal players dont know what the mean of (position),or how to (cross),or how to pass to player who can shoot from distance

there is a lack of responsiblty

Dolph Browne

I find Arseblog ratings to be incredibly harsh. Of course we were beaten by an championship side, which sucks, but the overall performance wasn’t shit. Coquelin and Arteta don’t deserve their ratings and Diaby wasn’t half bad. Vermaelen was spot on for most of the game… Giroud was awful and Gervinho wasteful, but I can’t help feeling he’s the fans scapegoat for the bad results. Definitely not the best player we have but I still think of him as a decent player. Getting eliminated by Bradford and Blackburn in the same season is frustrating but the truth is that on… Read more »


AW at the start of the season did say hes building a new team.

Perhaps he want to give all his players a chance i remember him quoting if you show faith in a player and stick by them they can always suprise you in a positive way.

I look at players like Song etc who struggled at first but i wouldnt be suprised if next season many of these players fall down the pecking order after this peformance.

Dolph Browne

And I forgot to mention that Rosicky was the bomb. I hope he starts against Bayern, he has great attacking abilities and his delivery is a delight.


Rubbish. What rating? If Arsenal won, every player would score over 7. Rubbish analysis. Which game were you watching?


you can do nothing with these ratings.

they just dont have any idea….


i wish in this summer will happen:

wenger out and moyes in.

The Grime Raper

My dead Grandma would do a better job

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Totally agree.

Moyes should defiteky be brought in and brought in now.


Let’s cut out the bullshit and do a simple yes/no “good enough” player rating system. That should thin out things and get to the heart of the matter…They’re by the vast majority NOT!!!!

We want our Arsenal back.

Danish Gooner

Someone need to turn the heat on Wenger if we are smashed by munich and booing isnt enough be more verbal and wave some white handkerchiefts

Omasi WC

Good display by the boys, so many indisicions, FUCK Gervas n Diaby. WENGER pls bring in ur FRENCH BOYS. Giroud gud, 2 slugish, wasteful in frnt, sometimes defending he needs those midfielders in klass.


Sorry blogs but we lost, at home, to a championship side…. None of our players should score anything higher than 0… And our stubbon, now ridiculed manager needs to do the decent thing and resign… He bought these players, he picks these players and he’s supposed to motivate these players… He’s plainly failing… If I did my job as he’s now doing his I would be sacked….


Why would you be sacked? Are you the manager of a premiership club with more financial resources than arsenal? Maybe you manage utd city chelski in which case yes you should. If however at the end of the season you finish 4th with any other side then, no you wouldnt be sacked would you……WOULD YOU!

The Grime Raper

I wrote the other week that our goalkeepers time would be better spent concentrating on his game than spewing shite to the tabloids. I got roundly thumbed down for that.

So, all AKB tossers – what have you got to say about a goalkeeper who having only one save to make in 90 minutes promply fucks up then?


He didnt do too much wrong for the goal.
It was a powerfully hit shot at an angle from which parrying in any other direction was pretty much impossible.
Any other keeper(even Casilas or Buffon) would have done the same thing


FUCK YOU ALL. I thought I played well today – especially as I’ve been away playing in Africa


i jst cnt watch d shit again n again…wake me up when may end…


Ok, gervinho’s final ball has been poor but I think he’s one of the few direct players we have who takes on defenders and always look likely of making something happen. At least he tries.

gnarly charlie

You gave Gervinho a FOUR! What! You MUST be joking. He deserves a minus one hundred, yes -100! For being UTTER shite.


Sick to fuck with this club, and the money investing bastards, pay for or stadium me arse, Huddersfield have a new stadium but u here nothing about that, wenger is buying the shares behind closed doors, so no one can tell him what to do….. Someone save or club plz

LANS calendar

Yeah, why don’t we hear more about Hudders’ new stadium in the media! I think its a conspiracy

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