Saturday, February 24, 2024

Diary of a season: Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn

In this edition, Hayley chats with Chris Toronyi from Arsenal America about the FA Cup defeat to Blackburn.

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gervinhos hair band

Oh Arsenal. You remind me of the relationship between my sibling and i.
You frustrate the hell out of me, but i do still love you.

Runcorn Gooner

In business terms if we were to be brutally honest the current set up is
Not fit for purpose

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

She says the crowd was quite. Probably because we sell so many corporate seats. Which corporate gimp is going to get upand make noise. Those bastards just clap maybe. If their bothered. The boards. It comes back to them doesn’t it? Dear phew. Ridiculous. You’re heart is okay? Well. Don’t watch this. Don’t watch what you and your cronies in the. Boardroom have done to our club. Take your money and go support Manchester city or something. They have all our players anyway

The Grime Raper

Watching Arsenal is like watching your Dad get beaten up and you’re helpless to stop it.

Tony Flynn

True because you can never leave them


Now watch us deliver a performance against Bayern!

This team is so fucking unpredictable, it actually could happen!

Off topic, this chick is rather saucy.

Sorry, but it’s true.


The sad thing is that this team needs performances like blackburn,bradford etc to react in the games after.

Runcorn Gooner

Blogs said it.Its not a surprise to lose a game like this to a goal like that.We come
to expect it and its wrong.AFC and AW should demand better than that.When was the last time we went out and dictated a game from the start?Far to long ago
and never often enough for AFC or AW to accept.
The big question is when is it going to change?

Big Chief from Antarctica

For Wenger’s sake, I certainly hope so. I’m the biggest Wenger supporter out there, but results like these don’t make his position any easier. If not, tenable. I groaned when Bradford got us out of the League Cup but I could live with it as we fucking deserved it. We were just plain shite that day. But yesterday, it was like, as the first post on the Report Arsenal-Blackburn said, FFS, how many`chances did we have in comparison with them, 50-2, and the ratio of goals made, 0-1. We were on top of the game but we were shite in… Read more »

The Grime Raper

I think you’re in for an awful let-down

Tony Flynn

Unpredictable true. But yesterday would have been avoided if Wenger
recognized we have little chance of winning CL and fielded a team that could win the FA Cup

Glory Hunter

Don’t get your hopes up guys!
This team will continue to disappoint us it’s the harsh reality 🙁
Simple fact is we are not good enough, hopefully we get Top 4, anything less would make this the worst season in our premiership history & considering how bad previous seasons have been, that takes some doing!


To be the worst season in Arsenal’s premiership history, we’d have to finish 13th or lower, as we finished 12th in 1995.

Tony Flynn

Statistics rarely tell the whoe story


True, but that one showed anyone who thinks this would be our worst season in premiership history doesn’t know what the fuck they are talking about.


The simple truth z we cannot/will not win any trophy until wenger is out! This is a simple logic! We don’t have a winning mentality anymore.. Its like a plague

Who the fuck are these people?

I love them!


Dont worry guys , we will get that top 4 trophy this season , hopefully

Tony Flynn

Faith HOPE and Love. But the greatest of these is LOVE
Corinthians I

Mental Strength

Have they started awarding a “top 4 trophy” then?
I must have missed that.

Loop A Hole

Wilshere came on and it was like someone had put the tele in some 5x speed. When did our game become so slow? Somebody has to answer, they owe it to us who stand by them through thick and skin. Why are the same mistakes being made againg and again to the point that it has almost become a comedy? Giroud needs intelligent fast players who can run behind him, and he gets who Gervinho? and Diaby was like a nightmare come true, twisting and turning till he trips himself up and all the B’burn defenders are back in their… Read more »

Tony Flynn

True. I never was a great fan of Diaby.
Gifted ball player but that’s it.
Injury prone for sure.
But no heart to be wearing the shirt.


Odd video this week.

Nothing knee jerk about the reactions to the current situation, and the teams who are out of all comps and not fighting for trophies are much smaller clubs than Arsenal so that’s an utterly moot point.they make.

Yesterday wasn’t a blip in this season. It WAS this season.


Wasn’t the problem yesterday that, if we are playing 4-2-3-1, and the “3” are the creative bit of the team, why are all three rotated/rested, and replaced with the not so good reserve creatives? And also replacing the slightly more attack minded one of the “2′ with a not so good reserve? (ie wilshere/pod/santi/walcott out, diaby/rosicky/ox/gervinho in). It’s no surprise that we lumbered around when the whole engine room is replaced with a whole not so good engine. Wenger hasn’t got the hang of rotation – rotation is to pay your best 8 or 9 each week, keeping 2 or… Read more »

Tony Flynn

That’s what Wenger was counting on.


The worst thing About yesterday was that we didn’t even play a good Blackburn team, they were absolutely shocking. They didn’t even have to defend that we’ll as we were so poor. It wasn’t like us at Sunderland where our defence had last gasp tackles. Balls off the line etc. we just didn’t perform at all until the subs came on
And taking off rosicky just summed up the day really.

Tony Flynn

Yes, did you see his face when he was subbed. Our best player – but Wenger takes him off instead of Diaby! Wenger genius? Rubbish.

Limp Bar

Why is everyone up in arms about yesterday? It’s as though people haven’t seen us play for the last two years.

You mean we turned up to a match thinking that we were going to win without having to put in 100% effort? Wow, how different.

You can talk about all these different factors, it all boils down to one fact – the players we have are not as good as the players we had before. Being a great player includes SELF MOTIVATION. Always has done, always will.

Tony Flynn

Sad but true


re: fans..

it’s a two way street..
players can really easily animate the fans..
up the tempo.. fly into a few challenges.. create a few chances.. pin them back..
and then raise your arms… try to raise the noise level..
no doubt it will come..

but you got to give them something. starting with 100% effort.. and ask them for help..
nobody on our team ever does that..
Arteta should.. he’s well respected both on pitch and by fans..

Ian Wright Paul Merson Chat shit

I’m taking my anger out on ex Arsenal Pundits Pimping themselves out at our clubs expense.

Ian Wright, Paul Merson and the rest of them: YOU CHAT SHIT.

Fighting Knee Jerk Reactions with Knee Jerk Reactions, every step of the way!

Get yours now at all good retailers.

pundit legend vs. pundit pimp

Apparently Martin Keown mistakenly got into my taxi hire waiting for me on Hornsby Road next to Holloway Road station. He actually got in the car and closed the door and chatted the driver up a bit, before realising the car wasn’t his. My driver said Martin Keown was ABSOLUTELY FUMING about the result and you could see steam coming out of the pores of his skin. What’s wrong with legends like Tony Adams and Martin Keown criticizing the current Arsenal? Wouldn’t you be genuinely fooked-off too? These legends gave it 200% every time because they understood that only ‘special’… Read more »


That Arsenal die hard bird is fit!

Glory Hunter

I know it’s not down to just 1 player, but we always struggle to score when Theo doesn’t start!


It’s not just this season. My mate was playing with Siri on an iPad and asked it ‘why are Arsenal so crap’ and the result it threw up was that we were the first team in the history of the CL to play a whole game without having a shot on goal, on target or off (vs Barcelona in the Camp Nou in 2011). Agree with above poster who says Diaby and Gervinho slow the game to a crawl with their 10 touches each. I think however that Diaby is Wenger’s favourite player. The crowd aren’t quiet because they’re a… Read more »

Tony Flynn

It’s up to the players to excite the fans from the outset.
And not just stroke the ball around laterally for 10 minutes
at slow pace. (Like Italian football)
The Corporate elite are in their boxes drinking gin and tonics
and dicussing business with only one eye on the game probably on a TV in the box.


Diary of a season? More like DIARRHEA of a season. Amirite?

Sorry. Couldn’t resist

The Grime Raper

I wouldn’t pay ANY of those tossers in washers. That of course includes Wenger – the architect of our destruction.


That awkward moment when ARSENAL will have to play play play and then suddenly the opposition scores!!!…LMAO…its getting a lot worse match by match we keep on loosing it on the same mistake..the same mistake happened against bradford..WHEN WILL THESE BOYS GROW UP AND LEARN from past mistakes…we were too casual in that game..NO GOAL mentality(gervinho)..NO TEAM motivation..we were no better than any other team!!..I’m FED UP…tired of taking the same shit#

Tony Flynn

I’m betting you’re a true fan

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