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Giroud gives heading advice

There’s a lot of fluff floating around the Arsenal ether this morning. Lukas Podolski has admitted he’d like to see Arsene wearing Lederhosen, Thomas Vermaelen reveals that he not only likes London’s restaurants but actually eats in them and Olivier Giroud has been talking about lunging.

Granted the last of those had Arseblog News in a fluster, but rather than focus on the thought of our Handsome French Bloke drenched in stretch-induced sweat, we’ll relay his thoughts on how he’s trying to improve both his heading and penalty box play.

Speaking to FourFourTwo Performance, in an interview which might have been conducted ages ago but seems pretty timeless, Olivier reveals that his ability in the air is key to his all-round game.

“Winning headers is not about pushing the opponent out of the way; it’s all about getting your timing right when you jump,” he said with typical Gallic authority.

“Before the ball comes to you, know where you are positionally, know where the defender is and most importantly know where your team-mates are, so you can divert the ball towards them,” he continued, presumably under the impression we were after guidance.

“I’m a goalscorer, but I’m a creator as well, and I like that part of the game. I’m an unselfish forward. Playing this way worked well at Montpellier when I had Younes Belhanda alongside me.”

Arseblog News has to confess we read ‘lover’ instead of ‘forward’ at first. Anyway, Olivier also has some words of wisdom about working with teammates on the training ground.

“You have to work with your wide players in training so they know what runs you’re going to make.

“Normally, if the crosser gets to the line he’ll send it to the front post, and if it’s a cross from deeper it goes to the back post. But if I make a run between the front post and the defender, that means he should aim for the near post.

“It’s important that you and your team-mates agree on the strategy in training. At Montpellier I worked on this with [wide players] Garry Bocaly and Henri Bedimo all the time.”

Yeah, we too think those last two names sound made up. Anyway, Theo and Lukas, if you happen to be reading…pay attention to the above.


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This guy is awesome… Naaaaah na na na nanana #Girouuuuud


Why did we miss making this chant go: Oh la la, oh la la giroud? A la french style befitting of this handsome son of a gun


Couldnt agree more. Timing of his jumps is first class. A little aggression and he’ll be massive for us.

A N Other

I thought he is already massive for us… Can’t imagine us playing without him.

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Yankee Gooner

Giroud is on fire!
We don’t need no water,
Let the handsome forward burn!*

* All respect to Rock Master Scott


That would be an amazing chant!

John Dale

Slight modification;

We don’t need no water,
Let the Mertesacker burn.
Burn Mertesacker, burn!



But he’s German…

HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Giroud is on fire!
We don’t need Van Persie,
Let the mother f*cker burn!


Did nt he only score 1 headed goal for Montpelier in his last season??Bocaly and Bedimo must be shite.


I actually thought they were types of fine cheeses……


Giroud usually wins the first header as the ball is kicked from our half. Then, the ball gets wasted, since usually none of our players are around him to take advantage of this. This happens game after game. I hope Wenger would tell the likes of Walcott to feed off Giroud by positioning themselves close by.


He’s probably given a lot of women heading advice, too.


I knew I’d see this kind of comment as soon as I saw the title of this article.


It was just irresistible


Point to where you want the ball. Time your run to perfection, smile and be awesome……goal!.

Midfield Corporal

I’d be interested to hear his thoughts on heading the ball back across goal from 6 yds out instead of going for th open goal as he did against Stoke/Sunderland (The games have morphed into one now). The spirit of Alexander Hleb lives on. Still, I think he will get better and better and could be our own Drogba.


Well, every once in a while everyone takes the wrong decision, sometimes you need a level of surprise to catch the defense and the goialie offguard.
Pumping crosses into the box to be headed at the goal is overrated anyways, too few goals are actuially scored that way in relation to the number of crosses needed.

Parkhead goon

Oscar Pistorius has proved that even a man with no legs has a better shot than Fernando Torres.

matt senior

Too soon? Naaaaaaa

Merde Bag

Apparently his wife got fat so he shot her

Merlin's Panini

As soon as he did it he ran away.

So sorry.


I hope this doesn’t become a running gag on this site

*grabs coat


I heard he tried to run away from the crime scene but lost his footing and was subsequently caught.

Brahma Pochee

Personnally I think the frenchman is a bit too static in the box, especially with regards to low crosses. Please make me ingest my insults hfb.


Off topic but Mike Dean is the ref for the Blackburn game . Fuck.

the only sam is nelson

thank fuck blackburn are the opponents for the blackburn game, then

Captain chris

Fuck sake, not that skinny runt

Gunnersaurus Rex

Pold Gir Theo
Owesome Offence

bring on the Germans

Olivier Giroud go on son! Bury a header from a Theo or Poldi cross against the Germans next Tuesday!

The Emirates gets criticized for being ‘soulless’ but that’s not really fair it’s just different from Highbury. Score a goal on Tuesday and you’ll see how loud the place can REALLY be!


We are so busy with Giroud, haven’t even realised Diaby is on some kind of fitness run. Good for him, hope I haven’t jinxed it.


You just have. Nice one.


He’s improved greatly


Valentine’s Day with Giroud. Ooh.

matt senior

Last bit made me wonder… do any of our beloved gunners past or present read l’arseblog?

Malaysian Gooner

Well, I heard that Alex Song used to read Le Grove.

If he reads that shite, surely he reads Arseblog too.

Judgement day (once more)

The sight of Giroud approaching with a bouquet of flowers and sparkles in his eys, while softly singing “My heart will go on” is just wonderf… sorry, got out of hand there Im not gay, promise.

Would love to see Giroud get some more goals in this crucial month. Bring on ze germans!


Yea yea, He headed down a free header he should have directed towards to the goal post. He needs to make a secret phone call to Kevin Davies or Terry for some real heading advise

Merlin's Panini

Is it just me, or does he look like he’s getting sucked off in that photo?

Merlin's Panini

oh right… head, I get it.


“Olivier says: “Poldi! I like to spend my time with him and Laurent Koscielny, as well as Sebastien Squillaci”

The squid, really! I mean, I guess the whole French thing but I really didn’t expect that…

Bould's Eyeliner

Was really hoping he would say something about being so fantastic he reflects light into the defender’s eyes. Or using the various surfaces of his immaculate hair to vary ball spin. Or maybe he’s keeping it a trade secret… if I were a defender I’d most certainly be too embarrassed to say otherwise…


Giroud has scored more goals in the 2nd half of a season in france Fact. Giroud tends to go on a rampage in the second season in all the teams he played for Fact. Giroud started late to professional football late and played through divisions in french league just like Drogba did Fact. Giroud has a lovely left footed shot and assist,defend and is always something for center backs to think about(Handfull) . this guy will only get better because his attributes and most importantly his positioning is second to none and players in training should try and work with… Read more »


True I agree Ken. This season is about gelling, which everyone is doing very nicely. I think the team we have now will bring us joy next season with maybe an addition in midfield someone good enough to rest Jack, Santi, or Arteta. I think the exit door will only be used for deadwood and not talent leaving us again I think this has stopped. We haven’t won anything for long because we seem to be always in transition, but this will now stop, this means we can get back to our glory days. COME ON THE GUNNERS!!¡¡

Bould's Eyeliner

I hope the team understands this as well… transition is a scary thing, if you get used to it… The pressure is on, and yet we remain hopeful because it feels as if the team will soon be able to meet it quite admirable. Henry and the Invincibles did not become so immediately either… I’ll be ok with 8 years without a trophy if it means that 1) Wenger finishes his tenure in the most incredible way possible 2) there is a solid, experienced, Arsenal team that will continue to foster the Arsenal way long after he is gone. If… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner


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I think this article would get alot of people here excited if you take away the ‘ing advice’ bit away from the title…especially with that photo.


u’ve been talking too much of late.need to really focus and show it on the f****ng pitch.


I like his flicks over the top of defenders!

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