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Arsenal 4-1 Reading: By the Numbers

Arsenal 4-1 Reading

672 – Passes attempted by Arsenal today (590 completed)
718 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in their last meeting with Reading (season high)
107 – Passes attempted by Arteta today (99 completed, led both teams)
346 – Passes forward by Arsenal today
380- Passes forward by Arsenal in their last meeting with Reading (season high)
63 – Passes forward by Arteta today (57 completed, led both teams)
251 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the Reading final third today (season high)
250 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the Stoke final third (previous season high)
40 – Passes attempted by Arteta in the Reading final third today (38 completed, led both teams)
211 – Passes completed by Arsenal in the Reading final third today (season high both total and percent 84%)
17 – Chances created by passes for Arsenal today
4 – Key passes by Aaron Ramsey (led Arsenal)
26 – Arsenal shots both today and in the last meeting against Reading
5 – Shots Reading took today
60 – Minute in which Reading recorded their first shot on Arsenal’s goal
68 – Minute in which Reading converted their second shot on Arsenal’s goal

2 – Key passes by Gervinho
2 – Assists by Gervinho
5 – Head of Gervinho
2 – Consecutive League games in which Gervinho has scored
6 – Months since Gervinho previously scored a League goal for Arsenal (29 September 2012 – Chelsea)
8 – League games that Gervinho played in those 6 months
10 – Shots Gervinho took in those 8 League games
7 – Shots Gervinho took today against Reading (led both teams, season high)
1 – Shots in which he scored his only goal

4 – 
Goals Santi Cazorla has scored against Reading this season
12 – Goals Santi Cazorla has scored for Arsenal all season
9 – Goals Cazorla scored for Malaga last season

2 – 
Months since Olivier Giroud last scored a League goal for Arsenal (30 January 2013 – Liverpool)
6 – League matches Olivier Giroud appeared in in those 2 months
35 – Shots Olivier Giroud attempted in those 6 games

3 – Months since Arteta last scored a goal for Arsenal (22 December 2012 – Wigan)
7 – League matches Arteta has played in since December
2 – Shots Arteta took in those games

11 – Perfect tackles by Arsenal v. Reading (100% rate)
3 – Tackles by Cazorla (led Arsenal)
3- Tackles by Mikele Leigertwood (led Reading)
6 – Interceptions by Aaron Ramsey (led Arsenal)
7 – Interceptions by Leigertwood (led both teams)
4 – Blocks by Leigertwood (led both teams)

As you can see it was champagne football from some of Arsenal’s often derided “Proseco” footballers. Giroud went through a bit of a drought after Liverpool in terms of goals return in Premier League games. It wasn’t for lack of trying nor for want of chances, 35 shots in 6 games is very decent. So it’s good that he got one in the back of the net with a low, powerful blast that the keeper might have wished he had another look at.

On the other head, Gervinho has had the opposite problem, not getting nearly enough playing time to get back any streak of form. Whereas Giroud played every minute of his six match drought (540 minutes), Gervinho only got 356 minutes of playing time. Still two matches in a row now and two goals scored looks good for Arsenal’s crucial end of season run in.

I also put Arteta’s goal numbers there because it’s kind of shocking how few attempts  he’s had. Arteta’s only attempted 19 shots in all competitions this year, whereas last season he was fourth on the team with 52 shots. That shows how much deeper he’s playing for Arsenal this season.

Aaron Ramsey and Tomas Rosicky, though, are the two players most needing a League goal for Arsenal. Neither have scored since February of 2012. Ramsey’s last League goal was Sunderland and Rosicky’s was the famous goal against Tottenham a few weeks later.

Ramsey and Rosicky, though, contributed greatly to today’s win over Reading even if they didn’t get on the scoresheet. Both players were part of an Arsenal midfield four which combined for over 319 of Arsenal’s 590 completed passes (54% of the total). Arteta completed 99 passes, Ramsey 78, and Rosicky and Cazorla had 71 each. All four players also passed at over a 90% rate on the day with Arteta completing an amazing 93% of his passes. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that all four players also dominated the Reading final third with Arteta completing 38 passes there, Cazorla and Ramsey 37 each, and Rosicky 35.

But it might surprise you to know that Arteta did a lot of the driving in Arsenal’s midfield, completing more forward passes than any other player, more passes in the final third, all of his long passes, and his only attempted through ball. Cazorla will rightly get plaudits for his superbly taken goal and Gervinho for two assists and a goal but Arteta was the engine that drove Arsenal forward.

No real sparkling numbers besides those, Arsenal simply dominated a team that literally played 10 men behind the ball and who scored a brave goal off their only good pass.


More of the same against West Brom, please!


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Aarejuvenated Ramsey.




“107 – Passes attempted by Arteta today (99 completed, led both teams)

40 – Passes attempted by Arteta today (38 completed, led both teams)”


Latter stat refers to passes in the final third I believe.


why would you fix Arteta’s game Tim? I thought he was more than capable to play against Reading on his own… 😛 😀


I’m loving this team lately; chasing the ball in the opposition third, forcing them into turnovers. I don’t know why we didn’t do this more often earlier in the season.

Arteta should have been captain from the start. I’ve never been fully confident of Vermaelen’s consistency, while Arteta is consistency personified. He is such a key player for us, even if he doesn’t often get on the scoresheet.

One other thing: I’m pleased to see so many goalscorers for Arsenal this season (many in the 8+ region, I believe).


You know who i think helps our pressing game? Rosicky ! The guy completely sets the tempo of the game on and off the ball.


Can I just say that Cazorla is world class?


From what I gather giroud got 35 shots in 6 games. Good! encouraging.

Only……0 goals though from those taken shots, guess he needs to be more clinical. I have a feeling he’ll grow into it next season and fire us all the way to fucking titles. Still need another striker to compliment him though. Coyg.


I kind of agree with you. No way we want to get rid of Giroud. His defensive work and his ability to link up in the final third and provide a target man is top class. He represents an excellent first or second option up front. We just need to get someone in the summer who provides perhaps more lethal first chance scoring skills, but take nothing away from the guy. He’s been a complete success in his first season, as has Cazorla and Podolski (who I’d like to see have that surgery in the summer and come back ready… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

That’s the thing, I thought Giroud was pretty bad today yet he continued working hard and made space for others, plus he got a goal, mostly through dint of hard work. Some people in the Arsenal setup could learn greatly from that *cough*Theo*cough*.


I thought he played well, weird how different people get different things from the same game! I thought he held up the ball well and the team was able to play well off him. For me Giroud will improve over time, he is a complete striker as he can shoot, head, hold up play, other players can play off him and he’s got some great assists this season too. Hopefully in a few seasons he’ll be our Drogba but with more finesse given his looks!

Dick Swiveller

Aye, it’s a strange thing.

Still happy to have him, either way!

Parisian Weetabix

I think this column is really important in showing how important Arteta is. He’s often overlooked, and I don’t really notice him during games unless I’m looking out for him. I think this kind of game lets him show off his skills, because we had a lot of possession. But I think we could do with a bit more power in there for some of the games where we don’t have all the possession. Diaby will need replacing.

Gunsen gunner

I think gervinho and ramsey have enough quality to be in our squad for next seasob.Rambo started this season poorly but has looked great since the turn of the year and shown he has the potential to becone a true great.With Gervinho,though his finishing and decision can be very poor at times, he remains a constant thorn in the other sides defence.If we are aspiring to win the title next season,i don’t think either are currently good enough to start for us.Yes they can be important squad players but we won’t win a title as its stands if either is… Read more »


er, 5 – Head of Gervinho?
I have a feeling you’re not talking about the size of his head (that’s probably an 8) so perhaps that should read “headers*”?

anyhow, I was as surprised as anyone else about Gervinho’s inclusion in the starting line-up but damn, did he justify it!


Look of shock on his face after he scored.


They sort of bounced off his head.

I don’t think heading is one of his strong points, which is odd considering the power he should be able to get from that huge nut of his.


Male only page


16 – Goals Arsenal has scored against Reading this season


8 – goals scored by Reading against Arsenal this season.

12.5 – minutes you have to wait on average to see a goal in an Arsenal vs Reading game.

g clarke

Gervinho like other good players before him gets undermined by arsenal rabble should move to decent team

stat predictor

4 – thumbs up this comment will get

2 – thumbs down this comment will get

0 – people who will laugh at this comment


Tbh the hostility in the stands towards gervinho didn’t do him any good. For a guy whose confidence was down that’s the last thing he needed. He kinda got an ovation today and well deserved too. Hopefully he’s taking those small steps to realising his old self again…(The one we paid £10 million for)


I have found Ramsey’s performances of late hugely convincing. Impressed with all players.


Gervinho shocked after getting a….GOAL.


Rambo is slowly getting back to his old self.
hope he doesn’t suffer another injury setback. while Gervinho bring life to our attack with his great movements, his final touch leaves more to be desired i think he realized that later and gave us 2 good assists. congs.


Don’t think i’ve ever seen a more blatant penalty than the one giroud was denied today. Taylor came in for the player and got nowhere near the ball yet chris foy thought different. Fucking diabolical, i’d love to punch him in the throat.


Punch Stuart Taylor or Chris Foy? If its the latter fair enough, but I wouldn’t punch Taylor in the throat given he’s one of us (who left because he couldn’t make the grade, not for money etc)

Dick Swiveller

I dunno, Giroud had played the ball and the keeper didn’t interfere with that at all so even if it technically was a penalty (I’m not sure) it wasn’t one, morally.


Ummm, that is what is called taking a player out off the ball … Pretty sure that is a penalty both technically and morally (and a card, though not a red given the backing defender)

Mohd Isa

Wenger said Arsenal dominated Reading.With Arsenal 1-0by ht,I thought it would be another of those days where Reading could nick a draw and even steal three points.Thankfully it didin’t. The fm must know he will be judged by whether Arsenal can qualify for cl.If not,it will not prevent fans from questining why 70 million will be spent in summer and not much earlier.Yeah we fans know the gunners will compete with the top guns in two years time.By then the football world will go crazy.Spurs could have won the cl and MC the epl again.As for Arsenal thy could be… Read more »


Sp#rs will never win the ‘cl’. Begone!


Did anyone else notice we were playing 4-4-2 after gervinho goal? Kudos to wenger . Haven’t seen a formation shift mid game in a long time.


But we went back to the 4-3-3 after the half time, when we scored the three goals.

Dick Swiveller

I guess it’s indirect kudos, the reason why we don’t have rigid tactics and don’t focus on other teams in the buidl-up is because we train the players to be smart and know to go where the space is and take advantage of opportunities that way, Wenger didn’t suddenly shout ‘go southpaw’; maybe it shows the players are ‘getting it’?


Hey, 7 am nice job.

Btw what is the Arsenal stats on when we play on Saturday 3 o’clock at Emirates and also away. I guess we hardly ever lose when we play @ Emirates at that time.


So whos more at risk of lossing 4th Tottenham or Chelsea.

Cause iv just looked at the fixtures for tottenham and they aint easy but they I saw Chelsea and then i thought damn thats even harder lol


I actually think Chelsea think their to good to not get top 4 but looking at their fixtures and the situation with Benitez you just never know.

Eric Irish gunner

It would be fucking classic if both fucked up and the toffees finished fourth, but after we best them first

Gregory Wilgosh

Does anyone have passing stats for Arteta so far this season? I remember him completing about 90 out of 100 passes on numerous occasions.


chelsea’s going down! Gervais and co have all improved and are taking us up


I think Chelsea will Struggle because the Manager Knows he wont be there next Year so will Focus on the Cups and Not the League. So hopefully they Beat United on monday to keep the distraction going.


after extra time obviously

a fan from india

It was a typical arsenal performance…. Many chances created bt few taken especially in the first half. Waiting for Ramsey to score a goal and arteta to score one of his trademark long shots, like against city last season.

chamakh's barber

“on the other head” heh


I wonder how many passes Reading had today. There was a moment in the game when the “Possession Last 5 Minutes” stat box popped up and it showed Arsenal 95%, Reading 5%. Pretty dire.


Just realized that, since Chelsea and Tottenham have to play each other, fourth place is finally in our hands- win all remaining games, and we’re there. And since both Chelsea and the Spuds have tougher games than we do, you can expect them to drop more points.

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Podolski's left leg

Just enjoying beeing a gonner. What an Easter present yesterday was. Thanks Arsenal. Third place is within reach. Lets go for it. Let 5p*r2 and Cheshit decide who comes fourth. Happy Easter gonners world wide.

Tony Mallary

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