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Boss expands on Wilshere injury

Arsene Wenger has reiterated that Jack Wilshere’s absence through injury is primarily precautionary, taking into account his history and the 17 months he spent out of the game.

Although it seems Jack himself would play on, the club have reacted to regular scans fearing that a similar stress fracture may occur in his other ankle. At his pre-Bayern press conference, the boss said, “Normally, if he had not had his history, you should say maybe he can go on. But with the history we had last time, the specialist said we cannot take this gamble.

“It was bone bruising last time, which deteriorated into a stress fracture. That is what we don’t want to happen, nobody knows if it was going to happen again.

“We do a regular scan on him and, on one of the scans, it showed up bone bruising on the heel on the right foot. He had some inflammation on the right ankle, where he had surgery, and certainly compensated to protect that ankle, and put too much pressure on the left one.

“Every month, he has a scan of the two ankles because you ask him how he is and he says, ‘Perfect.'”

And with an Interlull on the way, the boss is hopeful that Wilshere will only miss one of the ten important league games Arsenal have left.

“Hopefully, for the Premier League he will only miss one game, because after is an international break and hopefully we can slowly prepare him.

“Maybe this is a good learning process for us. Maybe after 20 games, to give him a breather of one or two games and then come back will be good.

Let’s hope so.

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Gearoid Kelly

Great to see this sensible approach being applied. I hope he enjoys the break and comes back firing on all cylinders for the last 9 games.

It should also stop some players from falling into the trap of becoming so so reliant on one player…. again.


“Break”? Please don’t mention those words around Jack

Parisian Weetabix

We haven’t been reliant on Jack. He’s scored, what, once this season? This team wins when it plays as a team.

Nacho Vermertesagna


1 vs Montpellier, 1 vs Swansea


According to @GeoffArsenal he is out for the season.

But what the fuck do these so called Twitter celebrities know eh?

Come on Jack. Godspeed, son.

Jacques DeCock

Actually, he said it was precautionary.

He also got the team selection right.

Ahem, *off to stalk GeoffArsenal some more*

theodorus walcott

I think it’s good and healthy for him to get a break. With Rosicky around it’s not the end of the world to give Jack a well deserved rest after a great season so far (especially for a player his age & someone coming off an injury). Hopefully its nothing and he comes back rested and 110% for the final stretch of the season.


Puzzles me why Rosicky wasn’t used a bit more in Feb to give Wilshere a break in Feb for a game or even sub-ed. Any case it’s just one league game so hopefully it wouldn’t hurt us.

off topic

Just a random question: what do you Londoners think of foreign (specifically American) fans? I’ve been an Arsenal fan as long as I’ve been watching football (since I was 10-ish), but I live in the US. I’ve watched every match live this season (even when I have to wake up at 7am on a weekend), but never been to Highbury/Emirates Stadium. I would like to think I’m a pretty big supporter, but I was curious what you British supporters think of us American fans?


Convince silent Stan that selling players isn’t the best thing to do,and we’lll love you forever . Ahaha just fucking with , I’m an gooner from Australia, it doesn’t matter what the Brits think of you , gooner from britan or Australia or Japan , no difference mate


More gunners the merrier, doesn’t matter where they’re from. I met an American fan a few months ago and he was very knowledgeable and passionate about AFC. Can’t really help it if life means you can’t live near the club you support. Maybe try and support the US game too though.

Play Rosicky! Okay.

Uhm We like your women?
Also hate when you say “soccer” gets us all tingly inside, in a “i want to choke you, but you will not die” kind of way. What else. What else….We all probably want to have a piece of stan kroenke, take all his money.perhaps then run the club in small quotas.
Have a hand in transfers, pay packages e.t.c.


Just want to clarify: the word soccer is originally English. the sport was known back then as association football, and at the time the youth liked to shorten words and add ‘er’ to the end (ruggers for rugby is the same thing). Association football was shortened to assoccer, and then further to just soccer. so brits hating the word cause it’s too American is like Americans hating French fruits cause they’re from France.


French fries, not French fruit

Play Rosicky! Okay.

Typical american going to extraordinary lenghts to explain the origin of the word “soccer”. Nice little speech there, still don’t like it.


Funny thing is that french fries are belgian 🙂

Merlin's Panini

I suppose footballer was already taken…


i was in rangoon last year and went to a small indian restaurant for lunch. as i sat down the place had posters you’d expect of ganesh and other hindu gods, but then across the room i saw a giant poster of the 2010 squad, then another of “The Gunners”. a few days later i was wearing my shirt after watching the 2-0 michu defeat at a small (but crowded) bar and was getting banter from 2 kids who spoke no english, but still managed to yell SWANSEA WHEYY as i walked past. it completely made my day, even though… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

If you love the Arsenal then you’re one of us. Doesn’t really matter where you’re from.
That you dedicate time that you could be spending asleep to watching the Gunners shows real dedication in my opinion.

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

The good news we have all been hoping for…Glad to see the extra caution on him!


Spotlights on cazorla now


And what would be the significance of that? He outshines it.


C’mon Santi, pretend the Bayern players are actually Reading players!!

Play Rosicky! Okay.

Wenger loves jack. As Wilshere jogs in trainning after perhaps an injury scare in the previous game I cant help but picture wenger in tow just behind him…..

“how’s the ankle?, huh? (wilshere with a slight grin) Okay how about now?….. You must be feeling better now huh?…..And now? Gahhhh!”

Dan! Dan! Dan! ......Dan! .........Dan!!

He is sooooo out for the season. We’ll probably drop points without him, be too far behind to risk/bother with remaining fixtures and he’ll be ‘saved’ for next season. Sad but true.

Play Rosicky! Okay.

You say “sad but true” as if we you and the next guy sat down and envisioned it panning out exactly this way.

What am I having for breakfast then? Is it leftover bacon, cheese and stale milk?…..sad but true.


So…you respond to his extremism with your own extremism?

Are you living in denial? Because I can point to SEVERAL examples of key players being out for much, much longer than the club said they would be.

I’d appreciate a modicum of realism or intelligent inference. Thanks!


You’re sad, and not even true.


Wenger surrender the tie already before the game even started he will rest walcott and cazorla and per, fabinaski in goal with ox and coq starting so i’ll skip another humiliation tomorrow.


You’re really going to trust what the Mail has to say about anything?


Wenger comments also idicated that he is woried about swansea game not bayern as he gave up so yeah he will play with bench players and rest the first teamers he is playing with fabianski on goal what prove do you want more, if he plays fabinaski on goal do you really think that he will play walcott and cazorla.

The formation will be :

Jenkinson – Kos- Tv5 – Gibbs

Coq- arteta ramsey

ox – giroud – gervinho


And it’s not just the mail it is everywhere and it will be confirmed later and you’ll be frustrated like every other fan when you see the line-up.


Might be a stroke of genius. A change of formation maybe with Giroud and Gervinho forwards and a four-man midfiled with Ox-Arteta playing out and Coq-Ramsey sitting deep. If Kos Plays then Per is no big loss while Flappy might just prove his worth.
I might as well punt a tenner on a 4-2 win 😀


Players we need always injury prone. Wilshere, rosicky, diaby. Players nobody cares for including the players are always fit. Gervinho, gervinho, gervinho, oh I mentioned him already… skillachi, santos. U get the drift. Wish u quick recovery Jack.


Maybe its all the scans doing the damage. Have they tried hippo placenta, its what all the hippies use

Lightning Pace

in the photo Jack looks like he was talking to the gaffer about his latests conquests between the the sheets….


Wilshere: Can you guess what it is?

Wenger: A rabbit. Now stop trying to change the subject and tell me if you are having any ankle problems.

Merlin's Panini

Wilshere: Do you know what I’ve got two of down there?


Wilshere: I’m thinking of getting the snip boss. What do you reckon?


“Maybe this is a good learning process for us”…FN seriously? Wenger is just NOW learning that we should give our best players a rest now and then? Hmmm…it should be a bit FN obvious that they need time off now and again. Hopefully he learns that SOLID bench players as cover would be nice as well. Shakes head.


It’s time to unleash Rosicky.


There may be an interlull on the way but you can bet he’ll be called up to the England squad. Jeez I hate international games.


“Every month, he has a scan of the two ankles because you ask him how he is and he says, ‘Perfect.’” – what a champ


What a fucking idiot you mean.
He should know how important he is to us and that trading missing a match or two to let a niggling strain recover for three months on the physio bench with a thoroughly crocked ankle does not do the club any favours.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


We have two top quality players in every position. This is Arsene’s best ever squad he says. Our players have great spirit and do not lack effort. On that basis Arsenal will win 5-0. The Arsenal Champions league – Premier league double is alive and well.

I want to punch tony pubis, lots and lots

Stupid kiwi


Best thing the coach can do is rest him for the rest of the season. This season is a lost cause, how can we do it in 10 games, what we failed to do in 28 games. Jack alone can’t rescue us from the inevitable


He doesn’t need rested for the rest of the season, players also need games. The three weeks will do him good.

Judgement day (once more)

I love the fact that the gaffer does not belive Jack when he says he´s “perfect” and forces him to have a monthly scan.

Play Rosicky! Okay.

The first part I may agree about him possibly him being for rest of season. It’s where he goes on about why bother/risk him for the remaining matches that I have a problem with. Everyone knows how important the run in is and to suggest that a top player will be rested during this period (so as he can be “fresh/saved”for next season) is insane.

Richard Davis

I hope Ramsey is upfront tonight.

pauly bear

A little more rosicky. And a lot less gervihino please !

[…] other news Arsene Wenger has explained a little further about Jack Wilshere’s injury. The suggestion is that he’ll miss the Swansea game but all going well should be back after […]


Jack is so amazing that he plans his injuries ahead of an interlull, great stuff jack!

[…] it goes to show how much of strain he has had to put on his ankle. Or both. Apparently, it is his other ankle this time, and surely something of a concern. Last time that happened, he was out for a […]

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