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Vermaelen: after Milan we believe

Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen says that the team will use last season’s second-leg display against AC Milan as inspiration as they face Bayern Munich this evening.

4-0 down from the first leg, the Gunners won the game 3-0 and could have equalised but for Robin van Persie showboating in front of goal, and Vermaelen wants to see a repeat of that effort later on.

“We come into this game to win and get through. Last season against Milan, we almost did it when most people thought it was impossible. A lot of players know that and they all believe we can win.

“In football, anything can happen. Of course it will be difficult, but we believe in it. Football is a strange sport, so we will go for it.”

And when asked if the team owed the manager a performance, he said, “Yes, of course. He has worked for a long time at this club and he’s done a lot for it. We want to give him something back because he gives us confidence and belief.

“As a defence, you always take criticism personally but we are just here to go again.”

At this point Arseblog News would be happy with a solid defensive display, an improved performance from the captain and a doughnut.

Hey, gotta add some realism to proceedings.

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Mr. T

COYG and smash 5 past them! (erm, at least, 5 donuts past that goalie).


Oh dear, You seem to have misplaced your faith my dear friend.


Hey mate, we won’t make it into the quarterfinals, we probably won’t even get a result, and there is a possibility that we won’t even score either. But there’s no such fucking thing as an Arsenal team that puts out a white flag and gives 30% effort. Vive les Gunners!


Well said! Especially against such a cunty team as Bayern Poonich (yes, I went there)

Donut Maestro

Would love it if one of us gooners goes and gives one donut to each team member. Might spur them on. Symbolism anyone?
*Double donuts with icing and garnishing for Bendtner though.


If you can’t beat them, shag their wives.
Oh sorry, thought I was on the John Terry blog

Play Rosicky! Okay.

Would a rooney blog be:
if you can’t beat them, go shag their grannys?


I’m fairly sure that any Wayne Rooney blog would just be a succession of crudely drawn animals drawn in Paint. I don’t think words are Wazza’s friends.


replace paint with faeces and you’re bang on


All I can ask for is a respectable scoreline. No humiliation please.

Dave Gooner

Fuck it lads, there’s only 11 of them as well.

And what have we got to lose?

Give it a whirl. Right in their fucking faces.

Come on you Gunners!


It’s okay, Fabianski isn’t in goal. Oh wait…


This is one of these times where I’d like to see it to believe it and boy, do I need to see it.


Against Milan we had Cesc, Na$ri and RVjudas.
We in this position because says he has two top, top quality player in every position.
Year right! What a………………..


@Bakarr I think your little confused mate. Verms is talking about last season where we almost closed the 4-0 deficit against Milan. Cesc and Na$ri had kicked rocks by then.

If we aint playing a full squad, we have no hope in hell in beating Bayern.


I agree


Well, we didn’t.

We had the same team we have now, minus RVP, and adding Cazorla, Giroud and Poldolski.


I agree. You could argue we have a stronger squad this season, but results dictate how us fans feel. The same squad could come out next season and rack up a greater points tally, history has taught us that this is possible. Prior to the Invincible’s season we only purchased a mad German keeper. My opinion is we have made too many changes and lost a very clinical striker. As much as we all hate the skunk turd, he bailed us out last season as Bale is doing for Spurs this. When someone is taking the chances, confidence never dies,… Read more »


You know what. Why not. Here’s a perfect story: Gervinho opener under 5 minutes. Mertesacker heads in another before half time. Reaching the end, we need one more goal. Bayern have a corner, Arsenal clear and start a counter with Gervinho, who’s been the star of the bunch, goes past Lahm like he wasn’t there, oh just makes a mockery of Badstuber, he’s through on goal, but wait what, he squares it for RAMSEY who nets it! Looks like they’ve done enough, but then Gomez goes through on goal in the 94th, only to be denied by a world class… Read more »


Nice read, but we don`t really “have to” play Gervinho. We can put Chamberlain there. Giroud up front and the schoolboy on the right. Cazorla, Rosicky, Arteta in midfield. If Giroud doesn`t score in the first half, put Arshavin there instead! I think this is the best we can do with what we have available today. If I see anything else I’ll be calling for Arsene`s head once again!

Dave Gooner

Did you say “Gervinho opener”?


Alternative awesomer ending: Game’s deadlocked at 0-0, we’ve crossed 75, and Arsenal’s run in the CL this year looks to be ending, as Arshavin beats Lahm with a clever nutmeg, he looks sharp after having come on, takes on another, and curls one into the corner! Too little too late? Well who knows, if they can get another in the next few.. ROSICCKKYYY! Oh what a screamer from 30 yards out! That goal is worthy of winning any game! Takes us back to 2006, no keeper in the world could’ve saved that. Arsenal are refusing to bow down. However, time… Read more »


Stop this dumbass mocking and just get behind the damn team you support for fucks sake.


Sorry, next time I will ensure to write the words ‘Pun intended’ at the end of puns.

And only the first one can be called mockery. I do believe in miracles, so, not the second.

Arjan Saraon

I feel like I’m reading Gooner erotica


Anybody reckon I should expand on the logo animation I created the other day, and do one with the cannon shooting the cockerel?

Tenacious Defence

Melchett: Good man. Now, Field Marshal Haig has formulated a brilliant new tactical plan to ensure final victory in the field. Blackadder: Now, would this brilliant plan involve us climbing out of our trenches and walking slowly towards the enemy sir? Darling: How can you possibly know that Blackadder? It’s classified information. Blackadder: It’s the same plan that we used last time, and the seventeen times before that. Melchett: E-E-Exactly! And that is what so brilliant about it! We will catch the watchful Hun totally off guard! Doing precisely what we have done eighteen times before is exactly the last… Read more »


Thank you for brightening up my morning. Nothing like a little gallows humor.

Midfield Corporal

Brilliant, think I might watch Blackadder instead of the match now.


Is this an arsenal blog or Arsene? Because its the only site left in the world with 95% support for Arsene and 5% support for arsenal.
Bunch of cowards.
Arsene is not the only good manger left in the planet you know!


No he’s not. But he is our manager.

not that handsome french bloke

none of them quite as good as Arseblog…


Sorry, at a glance I thought I’d read “After my performances this year, you don’t believe I’m the right man for the job. Thomas Vermaelen, a Captain’s story”


I came to that conclusion because of an earlier post, the fact is, whenever you give an honest opinion in here you get kicked left right centre, which is a fact.
But nevermind that, let see this for what it is, you’re providing a medium for fans to give their opinion and I gave an opinion based on what’s happening on your site period.
That may not have been your intention but that’s the fact.
Therefore, if you’re not big enough to take a criticism then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong business.

Midfield Corporal

Bakaar, you obviously don’t look at this site much, there are plenty of fans who don’t want Wenger as manager. People are entitled to an opinion and just because it differs to yours doesn’t make it wrong or make them cowards.

Merlin's Panini

If they’re in the wrong business then why is this the most popular Arsenal blog site on the internet?


You are very much entitled to your opinion, but when you start questioning other peoples support for their club and call them cowards, you better be ready to be called out on it.

The fact that you are reacting the way you are, really shows that you need to think twice before making your ‘opinons’ public.

And I second Blogs, if you don’t like what you see here don’t come here man! And if you think you need to come here because it’s the most ‘popular’ arsenal blog…realize that there must be reasons why people choose to come.



What other manager out there can come to Arsenal and do as well as Arsene with the resources he has ( i.e limited, having to sell players to get more in) . The problems the board, up to now they’ve been pretending we have had money, but now saying they didn’t because of the New Stadium. The problems the board, not Arsene.


Get your facts straight. Arsene gets a lot of criticism on this blog, sometimes I don’t agree with some of the articles but what is clear for all is the dedication and support expressed. Every decision, every substitute, every transfer, all are criticized here. The difference is there are intelligent writers and readers who understand how far the guy has taken Arsenal, and the restrictions that have been imposed on him. Fans love to pin-point blame, that’s why their are various blogs out their like Le Shite where you can go run wild if you can’t be bothered to think.


An intelligent writer and a thinking man.
I wish you guys would stop spreading this propaganda about Arsene and the board and start using your intellect to see how far Arsenal from the top teams.

Midfield Corporal

He’s not calling Arsene an intelligent writer.
Does your intellect go any further than ‘Arsenal haven’t won a trophy for 8 years’ ?


The ‘top teams’ spend a shed load of money to be where they are. Even Sp*rs spend more than us (hopefully they do a Leeds). If we had 100 mil to spend each summer we’d probably be winning so much Messi would have joined us for a chance to win the champions league.
We’ve got what we’ve got so stop bad mouthing and start supporting what’s there.


I’ve seen plenty of flame wars on here that would call your figures into question. We’re an emotional bunch, but we like to think things through more than the fair-weather fan.

Arty's Art

I love Wenger


It’s not his belief I’m worried about its his defending but I still have hope, still feel like this team is going to shock us all eventually

Play Rosicky! Okay.

Vermaelen wants to repay wenger?. If this involves NOT tackling thin air, winning all headers, goal line clearances, staying with your man, keeping a good offside trap, organising your defence, blocking,….wait I think all these are actually what defenders are paid to do.

So do your fucking job vermaelen, that is all.


If our midfielders’ support our defenders, and we intercept their attacks, then we will at least win and restore our confidence. That being said I think our attacks will be rusty. Its clever how Arsene disclosed Wilshire’s problem. Bayern may have to adjust their tactics; can they do it in short notice? Hopefully they underestimate us.


There have been a few reports recently about Song wanting to come back.
I hope this does happen. We could do with a good DM back in the team, I think (because RVP left at the same time) the effect of his departure has been understated.


I think you’re probably right there. I just have a soft-sport for ex-Arsenal players.
I’ll be giddy if we get Song and Cesc back.. 🙂


I believe so, Song would have helped a lot this season. He may be in the Quarter finals of the Champs League, but who really cares about the guy who sat on the bench though. He seemed to have a bit of drive and ambition about him, if so he should be looking to leave Barca. I remember when he left there was a rumor that he agitated for the move and Wenger was pretty pissed about it. If true he has no chance of a return. We didn’t need to sell him either. We need a DM (or a… Read more »


Cesc, RVP, Song etc were all good players i feel we was always 2 to 3 players short i wouldnt blame individual playes for us not winning anything.

Tho i agree i wouldnt go back to players who left the club.

Parisian Weetabix

We need to play like we did in the opening 30 against Sp*rs, except we actually play through balls this time. We looked cohesive, and of Cazorla and Wilshere had been on their games, we would have scored in that opening half-hour. Provided the defence defends like a defence should, we have a chance. The players are good enough, they showed they can do it as a team, it just requires concentration.


Dont worry. . .AW got something up his sleeve.
Wilshere & Szczesny is on a late flight to Munich & will make it for the game.
If not we still hav Rosicky who can do the job. Carzola left, Ox right & Walcott centre. . .We will hav speed from not-so-tall people from both flanks & in the centre. . .Rosicky the man to release them through


Walcott a get a brace tonite both from Rosicky assist!!
Carzola will get one. 3-0 (3-3) all square. Pride restored.


First game was 3-1 . 3-0 would be (4-3) , not all square.


I want to see Ox in the center. I think he’s much better than Walcott in that position. Whilst I also think that Walcott is a better winger than the Ox.

Dr Baptiste

When did Oxlade Chamberlain play as a striker? (genuine question as I’ve never seen it)


I meant center mid. Not sure if he has played in the striker role. Maybe a couple of times for Southampton?


El Capitan,

It is quite evident that the whole team owes an performance not only to our top, top, top quality Manager but also us..the top, top, top quality fans.

Sincerely hope that you are able to rally the troops for a historic win tonight against all the odds stacked against us.


Not sure about the top top top fans. Some of the fans around here have really made me a bit disheartened being such a die hard life long Arsenal fans. People wishing our own players injury, the baseless blaming and hate directed at our players and managers, the others who hope we don’t qualify for Champions League next year… We’ve got tons of great fans but man have the duds been coming out of the woodwork lately. As Denis Berkamp once said, do you love Arsenal or do you just love Arsenal with trophies? Of course I love both and… Read more »


The away fans have always been great. It’s the ‘on-a-knifeedge’* support from the home fans that is a bit of a problem

*i.e. generally great, but a loss can easily start a chorus of boo-ing and heckling. Not good for confidence at all.


So the fans, who pay the highest prices in the league, should just blindly accept mediocrity because the opposite might hurt the fragile egos of guys paid millions of pounds to play a damn sport?

Yeah, definitely all the fans fault.


I’m fed up of this ‘I pay a high ticket price so therefore Arsenal should win every game. If they don’t I will boo them’. It’s utter non-sense. You don’t wanna pay for the ticket, then don’t. There are 40,000 people on the waiting list who would love your season ticket. I love Arsenal, I want them to do well. Whilst they are on the pitch I will cheer them on the best I can. If they play bad I will cheer them on to encourage them to play better and then go home and moan about the fact they… Read more »


Totally agree with you on that. We surely have a major chunk of deluded people who refer them as fans.

Top, top, top quality oversight from me!


Sometimes I have felt we have 11 individuals in Arsenal colours playing for themselves.
Playing without a purpose.

Who knows, tonight may be the moment they will come together and play as a team.
Do us proud.

As long as there is determination, nothing is impossible.


You always get these soundbites from the players,then they go right out and do the same shit.

Rinse, repeat.

Do your talking on the pitch.

Midfield Corporal

I don’t know what your problem is, the players are mentally strong (check), they’ve learn from their mistakes (check), and if they can just play without the hand brake on (check) they can repay the faith their manager has shown in them (full house). 🙂


I hope the players have practiced penalty kicks, dont wanna lose the tie on penalty kicks.


Practicing spot kicks when we are 3-1 down against the tournament favorites…. I’d rather we put the work in on the defensive shape, strategy, and making the most of attacking positions to try make this tie interesting. IF IF IF it gets to penalty kicks we can applaud the team. Penalties are about luck and bottle anyway so no point worrying about it.


Just don’t cock it up vermy!!! U costed us alot of points already.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


TV5; such a frustrating player. You know that he could be class but I’m honestly beginning to lose patience with him right now. Almost seems like a completely different player from the assured player we got from Ajax. Sad really.


When I read this piece of shit by Vermaelen I wanted to throw up. It’s bollocks. Everything about tonight just sums up what is wrong with the club right now. The truth is that Wenger has actually given up on this tie and will field a weakened side because “finishing fourth is the most important thing right now”. That’s why “mentally tired” Szczney wasn’t even selected for the squad. Can you imagine the great Liverpool teams under Paisley giving up because the were 3-1 from the first leg? Or Ferguson? or Mourinho? Or Guardiola? No fucking chance. But Arsenal Inc… Read more »


I wouldn’t be surprised if you were one of the ‘fans’ that criticised him for resting players in the Blackburn game to try and make something of the Bayern 1st leg.


I bet you are one of the fans that believe being 24 points behind Man Utd, 7 points behind Sp*rs, getting knocked out of two cup competitions by lower tier league sides, losing to lower “quality sides” is something to be proud of and that we should all just sit around, while paying the highest priced tickets in the land, and cheer on the balance sheet and stadium. PS: Those humiliating defeats occurred all in one season, that isn’t even finished yet. Imaging if I mentioned all the other screw-ups over the last 8 years (almost a f-ing decade). It… Read more »


3-1 Bayern (6-2 aggregate)….thumb that down you bunch of enablers


Proud of Arsenal? Yes, damn right I am. Aren’t you?


It was obvious when we moved to our own new stadium that hard times would follow. We would slip down towards mediocrity. Perhaps we didn’t realise how long it would take before a turn around.

If we accept that moving to our new stadium was a good decision, then we also have to accept this period of mediocrity. We couldn’t have both.

Good times, bad times, we stand by our team, whatever comes up.


A stadium move shouldn’t result in losses to lower tiered, quality opposition whose wage bill is millions upon millions lower than ours.

That is just down to poor purchases of players who are in turn overpaid and highly questionable tactics being employed.

Excuses are the tools of the incompetent


No, it was down to bad luck. These things happen.

You can’t base the ‘failure’ of Arsenal for the last 8 years on two results that went against the run of play in two domestic competitions….


We’ve had major cup upsets throughout our history to lower league opposition…Wrexham, York, West Ham, etc., etc., etc. Shit happens.

Clubs go through up and down periods in their history, our current down period is regular European football and the odd cup final, usually it’s mid-table obscurity or relegation.


^ What he said.

Dr Baptiste

But it’s not 3-1 with us having an away goal. It’s 3-1 with us having 1 home goal, so chances of scoring 3 goals to at least take us into the lead and stop Bayern scoring 1 goal to take it into extra time (if we do score 3) is a little unrealistic. I doubt even Utd or Madrid would beat a Munich side by 3 away goals


But you’ve got to fucking try! What is the point of playing the game if you don’t have a go?

What if, in 1989, George Graham had just given up and didn’t believe we could beat Liverpool by two goals at Anfield? Sometimes miracles DO happen – but only if you believe in yourself.


Let’s not kid ourselves here, tonight is a huge ask, confidence is low, key players missing and up against an extremely good attacking and defensive unit.

I would be happy with a solid performance, draw or any kind of win, but I simply cannot see us scoring 3 without reply. I get why Wenger is resting some players, we really need a strong finish in the league, probably 6-8 wins from the last 10 games to ensure qualification for next seasons CL, this has to be the priority now.


I think the lads will give a good fight. . .But dont think will be enough to qualify. . .Probable outcome: a narrow win or draw. Til nxt year then. . .but we hav to qualify first!! Startin with Swansea this weekend. . .


Mr. Vermaelen, it starts with you!!


Great move by AW to play Fabianski at this stage where many clubs are watchin. . .advertisement & auction to highest bidder. So you better don screw up Lukas & put a good performance. . .Or else no club come for you this summer!! AW. . .still thinkin of making $$ at this late stage. . .


Whenever I watch arsenal games where I anticipate a defeat they sometimes surprise me if the players can just think to enjoy the game with no pressure and just Fukin go for it who knows, we may be on here at 10pm going nuts…

alex cutter

“Remember Jerry — It’s not a lie if YOU believe it.”


Its gonna be though, no doubt. All depends on form of the day, Milan had nothing on Barça last night but e.g if Niang was to score when trough on the keeper it wouda been a totally different game. Not saying we’ll go trough, but maybe we can win the game. Even if we was to score early i don’t think this Bayern is a team that will tremble at 0-1 down, but it can eject alot of confidence in our players. Maybe it can turn into in an spectacular game with a nerv wrecking situation for us i.e up… Read more »

Dial Square

Yeah yeah yeah!! I want to believe but heard this sort of bollox so many times before.

Toure Motors

If Milan gave him so much belief from last year then why has his form been even worse since then. He has to be the least vocal, least leading captain we’ve ever had. Don’t mean to be harsh but that’s how I see it


“As a defence, you always take criticism personally”

Poor old Tommy must be smarting more than a bit to see the defense yesterday look about 10 billion times better than usual given that he wasn’t playing! Can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for him, it can’t be all that pleasant realizing the team seem to play a whole lot better when you’re not in it!

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