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Juventus could cancel Bendtner loan deal

Reports in Italy suggest Juventus are looking into the possibility of cancelling Nicklas Bendtner’s loan deal after the striker was found guilty of drink driving in his native Denmark.

The not so great Dane was banned from driving for 3 years and fined the equivalent of €113,000 after driving the wrong way up a one way Copenhagen street. His blood alcohol level was 1.75 with the legal limit being 0.5 He was also suspended by the Danish FA and will not be allowed represent his country for 6 months.

Now, Juventus boss Antonio Conte says he’s going to consider the situation and apparently the Turin giants will explore the option of rescinding the deal.

“I think it is always difficult to judge a situation that happened so far from here,” said Conte. ”If it had happened in Italy, then I would have done something about it.

“I sincerely believe that the club will take on the matter at hand and return with the appropriate decision.”

Bendtner has been out injured for most of the season, having suffered a serious abdominal/groin injury which required surgery.

There’s no excuse for drinking and driving, but when you earn as much money as footballers do and could afford to pay a Playboy model to chauffer you around town in a tank, there can be absolutely no sympathy for Bendtner.

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Where might I find this naked-lady tank, and how much will I have to part with?

Runcorn Gooner

He looks like an actor in the Godfather about to make someone an offer




Bella Emberg.

Hubba hubba.

Midfield Corporal

Anyone under 40 is thinking who the hell is Bella Emberg…… She sounds like Bond Girl.


What a cock!! That’s all we need, him back for our (title) 4th spot run in.

Runcorn Gooner

Off topic.AFC only English team left in CL.

[…] Read More Here: Juventus could cancel Bendtner loan deal […]


Good news for Arsenal are always behind the corner.



where is he on loan from??????


the fuck

Runcorn Gooner

NB joins a long list of overpaid young footballers who don’t appreciate how lucky they are.Only last week the young Man Citeh played jailed for killing someone whilst driving a Mercedes,Sterling at Liverpool due in court for attacking a woman,The lovely Joey with a mass of previous,Cashley shooting young players
and don’t even get me on Terry.
The odd thing is that it’s normally English players.


How would you feel if Jack was made captain, Mourhinio made manager, and the Qataris buy us for 1.5BILLION and give us 300 million warchest?

Touched Your Mother

Like Chelsea… just swap Lampard for Wilshere… and I’d rather not have that feeling.


like a follower instead of embarking our own path and legacy


Ah, a thumbs down just isn’t enough. Get out.

Cyril Washbrook


A Yank

Putting that on the previous post wasn’t enough?


No f*ing way.

That could mean we lose out on our fourth place trophy…


I have two words for you: Fuck off.


Embarrassed quite frankly. We are Arsenal, not the London branch of Man City. We don’t need to turn into everything that many fans believe is wrong with football in order to step back up and be genuinely competitive again. We just need a bit of confident investment, couple of genuine quality signings, clear out some of the dross and add a few more decent squad players in some positions. And the thought of Mourinho ever managing Arsenal is enough to make me want to go and take a bath in bleach, personally.


You don’t see what you have until you lost it


Oh great…the last thing this club needs at the moment…

A Yank

Off-field issues (and personal opinions) aside—and I know I’m going to get raked over the coals for this—but I would have preferred to keep Nicky this season and not sign Giroud.

Hindsight and all, but they are about the same player in terms of being a tall central striker who isn’t particularly lethal around goal. We’d at least be £12M ahead.

John Dale

Classic Arseblog!


Well, giroud can only get better..nicky b has been getting worse. So thats a tough call. Genuinely i think bendtner is poo…maybe i just dont like him, maybe its that chance he scuffed against barcelona…but giroud has scuffed chances as well…aaarrgh! Giroud is better, i dont know how but he just is. End of.

Jim Jimminy

Its that chance against barcelona. I still cant believe he couldnt even control it. It was on a plate.

Luckily its not hard to avoid seeing it again.

What a knob.


Thought that post game on Sunday before reading this article, strangely enough.

Always thought there was 20+ goal a season striker in there if he could sort his (rather large) head out. Shame it seems he hasn’t and won’t ever.


Bendtner vs Giroud is like comparing a Shite sandwich vs Turd Burger… They are both shit.

Entre Dans La

See the problem with playing Bendtner is that he actually has to occupy one of the 11 spots allowed on the pitch.

Midfield Corporal

A Yank – part of me would like to get him back with a little humility and the desire to knuckle down and prove every on wrong. Then I remember its Nick Bendtner and his misguided ego. Any time I think we made a mistake letting him go I simply watch the highlights of that Burnley game when he missed about 6 sitters. To me he’s the epitome of the spoilt brat modern footballer.


Trouble with that is its not possible to leave off field issues aside unfortunately, certainly not the sort of off field issues that this prat seems to make a habit of. On the face of it Big Nik is quite likely a better striker than Giroud, Chamakh, et all. But, huuuuge attitude problem, over-inflated ego that makes Ronaldo look humble in comparison, and general all round tosser. Anyway, if Juve do decide to sling him back our way, perhaps we could make a nice gesture and give them Gervinho as a replacement? It would really be the decent thing to… Read more »


I bet juventus fans are sobbing into their pillows at the though of loosing TGSTEL…..


Guys…. Manure are losing… If, and please when, they go out we’ll be the only English club in the champions league….!!


Trophy please!!!


Who’d have thought! Arsenal, the last defender of the English flag!


Well, until next Wednesday anyway haha!


Might as well be beaten by bayern as madrid. you would almost feel sorry for rvp. the injustice of it all. then again maybe not. funny as fuck all the same.


Guys…. We are the only English club in the champions league….!!


I feel really sorry for Van Persie.

gooner odst

a crocodile tear will be shed for van p****


With you mate…. Tough shit you Dutch skunk….

Big Chief from Antarctica

The only respect I will ever show to RVP is his football qualities. For the rest, he can still fuck right off.

On a side note, I do feel sorry for Patrick Vieira. The man tweeted his best wishes for Arsenal just before the derby. He didn’t know that Nasri would bring a whole saga and that Gallas would be a cunt to Toure. True spirit of a former captain.


That chance he scuffed in Spain has proven costly after all. Anybody remember Milan last year?


That wanker have wasted all his talent.

Btw, nani made my day. No CL trophy for RvP.


I can’t stand Man United, but you’ve got to say that they’ve been totally fucked up the arse tonight. If that was a sending off then Wayne Rooney is a better looking guy than David Beckham.

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to piss yourself laughing.


It was a red card, arbeola could have died ffs… Fergie style


It was a red card. Studs to the upper body.


Naa never a red its not always so black and white as the rule book suggest.

Some common sense must prevail he didnt take his eye of the ball no intent just a coming together.

What about bicycle kicks in the box that his players in the head never a yellow whats the difference?


If Nani was a deserved red for that then Diego Lopez should of been sent off too for punching Vidic in the head. nnd if anything Arbeloa was the one who threw himself in front of Nani.

Im not a Man united fan i personally think they deserve a bit of bad luck ones in a while but it wasnt a red.

I was gobsmacked when that red came out I personally hate how Barcelona and Madrid seem to get the decisions reminds me of when RVP was sent off for us.


Stop bringing townsend logic into this part of the internet, he is and always has been a massive idiot and he’ll probably always remain one too.

Midfield Corporal

If that’s a red then they need to make it illegal to raise your boot above the waist. Still it’s nice to see United on the wrong end of a poor decision at old Trafford for once.


I still don’t understand why everyone’s crying over it and no ones talking about the perfectly legitimate goal that Madrid scored in the first half which was Wrongly ruled out and the perfectly good shout for a penalty for Madrid when Rafael did a Suarez on the line which would have earned him a red card anyway which was Wrongly not called. O yeah wait that’s not controversial enough..


Also Jason show me a bicycle kick that is that reckless. Find me a video that isn’t given as a red card. Intent isn’t important when it comes to judo kicking your opponents.


I can Oxlade did one recently a few games back almost took the players head off.

But my point is he watched the ball come down in mid air and stuck his foot up to control it.

Very hard to watch a falling ball and look around you at the same time, dont you agree? If anything the player ran into Nani im very sorry but i really dont get how its a red.


karma is a bitch

After the game, Fergie says “100% a red card”


Nobody talk about modric’s screamer too



Crouch nearly took Matt Taylor’s head off with a bicycle kick in the Orcs vs Hammers the other day. Crouch was surrounded by players in the box (unlike Nani) , attempted the kick anyway, virtually knocked Taylor spark out but not even a yellow. What do you make of that?


It was a RED fats. Before Nani tried to make contact with the ball, he looked up and saw an on-rushing Arbeloa but still went in with all studs up. Plus nani pretending to roll on the ground showed he was guilty of something and didn’t want to face up to it.

Lol shrek, lol @ rvp


Not getting preferential treatment off European refs in the champions league at old trafford is a real bitch, eh Fergie?

£oyalty for $ale

Greatest. Striker. Ever. Granted, not even close to being the smartest one…


NB will be LANS at the business end of the season. And you say wenger has lost it?

Merlin's Panini

He can’t play if he does come back. He’s not listed in the squad.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Blogs, no more swear words? 🙁

Big Chief from Antarctica

I saw that my post “was awaiting moderation”. I never noticed that before. I figured it might had to do with the imbeciles commenting on the previous article regarding Jenkinson.


Yeh my comment has awaiting moderation by it as well.


“We’ve got no fucking problem with swearing.”

Good. John Terry is a cunt.


Nani sending off almost identical to Eboue getting a red when 3-0 down against the scum in fa cup a few years ago. Reds a red. Except when its for shooting seconds after being blown offside.


So from what ive read, in the past year or 2 hes managed to piss off:
His club, his clubs fans, his country, a bunch of italians, a danish pizzaman and 2 different courts

A Yank

Still not as bad as when he managed to miss 6 sitters in less than a full 90 minutes against Burnley.


He’s better on pitch than Giroud. A whole other story off-pitch, behaves like a kid, drink – driving? Does he know there are some idiot kids who look up to him?. Pure waste of talent, 2 arrests in a year?….Surely anyone in juves position would want to get rid.

Don’t come back, go piss your life away in a gutter you twat.


Atleast we’re still in the UCL. only a matter of days but that’s more than van persie can say!


Looks like the Italians were biding time waiting for the right opportunity.

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What’s with the constant and reckless moderation ? It really sucks


To hell with Manure! I was hoping they’d cope another red card and contentious penalty. Fergie would have shat himself! Not that I doubted Nani’s red for a second; Manure are simply too used to refs rolling over for them in the EPL and think they can take their bullying ways to Europe as well.

too jaded to be angry

Yes it should have been a yellow, but no Arsenal fan should shed any tears for that mind-game-playing, horse-shit-gambling, referee-bullying Ferguson. How about Jack Wilshere (on a yellow) at Old Trafford when he goes after the ball and Patrice Evra sticks his foot in Jack’s path resulting in it gets stepped on => 2nd yellow = red? Stupid comments from Evra after the match like “JACK WILSHERE WAS TRYING TO HURT ME” epitomise ManUre’s obsession with controlling the entire food-chain from the press to the refs to the other team’s psyche, like Doctor Evil from Austin Powers. Arsenal are the… Read more »

[…] talk that Juventus, the club he’s ‘on loan’ with until the end of the season, are exploring the possibility of cancelling the deal and sending him back to Arsenal. I’m unsure as to whether or not they can do that. Although […]

[…] talk that Juventus, the club he’s ‘on loan’ with until the end of the season, are exploring the possibility of cancelling the deal and sending him back to Arsenal. I’m unsure as to whether or not they can do that. Although […]


Bendtner is returning?! Looks like our title hopes are revived!

The Grime Raper

Bendtner is just a fucking waster. No further time or sympathy should be expendided on this self-important poser.


Yes, Bendtner’s a big head who rates himself more than anyone else and yes, he did fuck up many shots at goal, but we could do a lot worse than Bendtner: there’s a lot worse deadwood in the team than him. Instead of following the sheep slagging him off, do you remember the goals he used to head in? His height and strength was definitely an advantage in set pieces. It wasn’t his fault that Wenger always brought him on 10 minutes from the end giving him fuck all time to get into the game (I looked at the clock… Read more »


yes they follow the media like sheeps he played agood games for Arsenal and Denmark good overall for his tall just replace him with Giro and then replace the last with Cornelus for Copenhagen and keep the millions flying what a manager ?????!!!!!!

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