Wednesday, July 24, 2024

NextGen series tie to be played at Emirates

Having beaten holders Inter Milan to make it to the quarter-finals of the NextGen series, the youngsters will play their next match at home. And by home, Emirates Stadium.

Terry Burton’s team will play CSKA Moscow for a place in the semis, with the tie taking place on March 25th at 7pm.

Tickets are priced at £4 adults/£2 concessions and £3/£1 for members, and will be available from the official site from this coming Monday.

They may be young but along with the ladies they look most likely to win silverware this season, and sure what else are you going to be doing on a Monday evening?

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£4 is it? At the Arsenal? Sorcery!

I heard the CSKA fans are boycotting the game because of the prices Arsenal charge.


That’s a real bargain.


This new layout is weird. Where are the thumbs?, I need my thumbs!


Well we need them back, it’s abvery important element in this blog and seperates you – a class apart from other shitty ones out there. Any chance?


what what what what? no no no no…! I do like the refined look though. But no thumbs? I am going to cry, like a baby!


We’ve got already 🙁


I would be thumbs downing this if I could


Can you throw a banana or something at anyone who writes “thumbs up”, “thumbs down” or anything like +1 etc.?

John Dale

Why blogs?? Interaction among readers in thumbing up or done was really interesting. Please bring it back.


New layout?! how dare you change things!

Santi Cazorlas coming to town

I’m going!


Any chance if a lift?


What is this? What in the world is this?
Am I having a bad dream?


I hope the Badluck of the senioq team will not befall them. Come on Young Gunners and shame the big boys.


Thumbs up to no thumbs.

Sure, it’s interesting to see which comments are popular and vice versa, but the bad side is that people censor themselves and only say what they imagine will get a thumbs up, not what they actually think.


That’s not a bad thing.


Interesting game changer removing the thumbs. But it also means that people will now criticize the team much more and given our current season, I am not sure if that’s a good thing because a lot of people read this blog. But true, it’s more “neutral” and “honest” which is great. On the other hand I cannot “co-sponsor” a comment anymore so that I might feel inclined to write more posts. Does this mean we’ll have to go through a bazillion of average comments henceforth which repeat themselves? Or do people simply lose interest exactly because of that? Will these… Read more »


I like it.


Thumbs down +1

I need the thumbs, going mad hear


May be am not use to this new style but I think the thumb up and down is more interesting. That is one of the reason I have be a fan of arseblog


Fifty thousand thumbs up + 100,000


And sorry blogs but we are still grey and not gooner red!! Please advise


Cheers 🙂


thumbs up.


thumbs up

John Dale

Exactly my feeling. I really sometimes just read to comments cos of the thumbs up and down. It help me know which ones to read and which ones not to bother with. And don’t get me wrong. I actually read both the thumbed up and down comments.

Its even also one of the reasons I only read Arseblog News in a web browser and not on the Arseblog app.

Please Blogs, bring it back.

Willy young

I am going with my son. I hope the club offer free tickets to local schools to encourage new fans. Imagine a sell out for this wow The club need to win back fans. As a gesture for next home games place free flags / scarves whatever on seats. Lets create a special place that players want to respond too!! We need huge changes and yes I will struggle to ever sing a song about Gervinho but let’s change the atmosphere at the Emirates 4th is a trophy for gods sale and we are only 5 points behind ( sorry… Read more »


I’ve got a Gervinho song for you…to the tune of “Cecilia” by Simon and Garfunkel

Gerviiiinho, you’re breakin my heart, you’re shakin my confidence daily.
Gerviiiinho, I’m down on my knees, I’m beggin you please, to score goals.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

A million Thumbs Up, *sigh* bring the thumbs back.

Glory Hunter

Thumbs up!
Great chant, it might actually help Gervais


I like the main site’s layout for mobile too. Don’t have to open another linj to read the piece.

Yankee Gooner

Thumbs up


If you see a comment that you like let’s reply to it with a “thumbs up” as many times as we all can till arseblog gets it.


100,000,000 million thumbs up 🙂

Jim Jimminy

Or not.


thumbs up


thumbs up x1000

I was about to suggest the same thing.


Thumbs up


So anyone can be as much of stupid cunt as he can be? Where is fatgooner?, sir balls, toby, hudson hornet. Nows your chance!

Wengers thumb is missing

And me


Nothing to stop you arguing with Fat Gooner and co. That’s the plus of no-thumbs, imo, people have to use arguments. Thumbs too easily turns into bullying.


Me +2 thumbs of my own admission 🙁


Open letter to arseblog I believe I am responcable for the collapse of thumbs up or down on the Arseblog news site. After reflection regarding my recent behaviour towards S*urs fans on this site I will apologise to the management and fans from Arseblog for the bad language and behaviour that was inflicted upon the decent folk that visit this fantastic blog. I have been visiting this site for many years and have never been able to get on the arses ( no pun intended ) even though I have friends who are arses ( no pun intended again ).… Read more »


I know but had to get that off my chest


Holy shit that really cleared the building

Oh well I might aswell get fucked up like everyone tonight

Buckfast abbey hear I come


Predicted text is arse


Go home micko, you’re drunk.



What’s happened??? The world’s gone grey!! Grey Army?? No it doesn’t sound right.

And where’s my thumbs gone? You’ve just left me with two grey bloody stumps where my thumbs used to be!!

Has Wenger inflicted his self-sustaining policy on the blog??

Eight years without a trophy is one thing… but this…???

Yankee Gooner

Love the new mobile layout, blogs! COYG


Thumbs used to make things interesting.
To see how many people share your view. Not everyone will comment I agree.


thumbs up.

John Dale

Blogs, would you mind at least giving us an explanation as to why you’ve turned the thumbing feature off?


Well that reduces my frequency on this blog, that’s for sure. It looks dull and meh.


gravatar test


test #2

Yankee Gooner

MKSOUND, what sorcery did you use to make gravatar work? I tried to set it up last night, and obv I messed up.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Yeah I really need the emotional boost of a few strangers liking my random rant about arsenal. Without that I’m just another cunt on the internet with a stupid opinion

AFC is a class apart

NextGen gooners doing good! Hmmm
A lot to cheer about.



robbie kahlow

Give us our thumbs back you schmock


Great blog today was lmao at the old lady giving giggs the bird


Not cool blogs, socialist blog this is and we say not cool.


This kinda sucks blogs. Consider our views please.


Also cant wait for the game. Chuba, eisfeld, gnabry and the likes? All too exciting……


This is horrible, I hate the grey layout. ooooh and we need the thumbs up back. otherwise this blog has relegated itself to mediocrity


Ropey font.

Time moves on. We all get older. Things change. No real problem with that.

But the font? Why the iffy font?

Now I have to wear glasses I don’t actually own.

What if something happens on the way to the optician?

I’ll never forgive you. I may even come back to haunt you. Just over a poxy font.

Woo … Wigan beating Everton 3-0. You see … expectations don’t always match outcomes.

robbie kahlow

Well played Blogs


Bent to the will of the loud minority. (Or is it the thumb minority?)
Should`ve take a leaf of PHW`s book, and stayed strong 🙂

Von Biggles

Gravatar test

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