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Cazorla feeling Santastic at Arsenal

Fresh from being crowned’s Player of the Month for February Santi Cazorla has reasserted the fact he’s enjoying life in England despite the Gunners’ erratic form.

The Spaniard’s three goals last month sealed two much needed wins in the Premier League against Sunderland and Aston Villa and took his tally for the season to an impressive 11.

Reflecting on a very decent first season in England, the 28-year-old said he’d steeled himself for a very different playing environment in England only to find Arsenal’s passing philosophy has suited him perfectly.

“I think I’ve had a positive seven months personally as I have been able to come to a team like Arsenal and play in a great league like the Premier League,” Cazorla told Arsenal Player.

“On the pitch, we have definitely had our ups and downs; there have been good times and bad times. I think that the team has lacked a bit of consistency and sometimes we have made mistakes that have cost us dearly. Removing these from our game will help us improve in the future.

“But it hasn’t been difficult adapting to Arsenal’s style of play or even to the Premier League. It is a bit different to La Liga in Spain but I’ve adapted very well and I think Arsenal’s style of play has made it a lot easier for me.

“I was expecting to come into a league that would be a bit more physical, a bit quicker, and had a greater intensity than what I was used to. I was prepared for that, especially the physical side, so I don’t think it was hard for me to adapt.”

The above doesn’t really represent anything new from Santi. He seems an amiable, down-to-earth chap whose technical quality on the ball speaks for itself.

He’s proved himself a very good signing from the off and while his influence in certain games hasn’t quite been up to scratch it’s fair to suggest that fatigue may have played a part.

Playing his first season of football without a winter break he’s made 36 starts in all competitions so far; three more than anyone else. Let’s hope he’s still got a bit of energy left in the tank for the run-in…

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Top lad!

Glory Hunter

What happened to the thumbs up/down?!?
Santi has to be our player of the season!
Thumbs up if u agree, lol

Porno Gil

good nw give us some santastic match winning performances

Porno Gil

peopls dont want match winning performances? .. wow


Needs to play alongside Rosicky!


Heh, what i was thinking. Sorry didn’t see that first


Is there something I don’t know about Rosicky? Why he’s just not getting the amount of game time he should?


Especially as it’s that time of the season. Right around this time last season, he popped up like never before, a dynamo! propelling us majestically towards the top four. Some say he playing for a new contract……but I know, oh I know. He played for the cause, ARSENALS CAUSE.


Santi – Rosicky – Ramsey – Wilshere; with Giroud and Podolski upfront

big dawg

Where’s Wally?


WTF man


Its about time to try Podolski and Giroud upfront. It may well be our best option.

Frustrating bottle of water


gnarly charlie

What a shit line up. No wonder we’re piss poor this season.

Midfield Corporal

I was listening to the Arsecast after Eduardo broke his leg earlier today, Blogs goes through team news for the next game, pointing out Rosicky will miss it with a hamstring injury. We didn’t see him again for 18months. He might have been the difference in winning the league that year.


We love you Santi.
If only we could get you to play alongside Rosicky week in week out. You would see a whole new Arsenal


Has certainly gone down a gear as compared to seasons early days but I guess with the kind of “rotation” (all in the head) we have, it was to be expected. Overall, he’s been fantastic. He’s like a good serie, can’t wait for his second season with us.!!


Sp*rs have released a ‘Greatest Ever Wins’ DVD, its 90 minutes long and includes a full replay of the Inter match last night.


We can’t make jokes when they’re going to finish above us in the table, and we’re travelling to Locomotiv Randomia in Ukraine and they’re facing Barca, Bayern and Juventus next season.


we must play rosicky. he has been brilliant every time he’s been given a chance this season. his link up play with carzola is very very good. they have both said how much they like playing together

Judgement day (once more)

Love the little man, but I´m so fu****ng tired of our players talking about consistency and deleting individual mistakes and then….nothin fu****ng happens!

No winning streaks and amazing mistakes every bloody game. Show us something on the pitch first and then mention your mental strength.


Could do with a couple of new players in midfield around him


Monsieur Wenger,

I humbly request you to play Cazorla alongside Rosicky so that even Rosicky gets a chance for some interviews and we mere humans get a chance to appreciate him as well. Also, the blogs will get a chance to find a sobriquet like ‘Santastic’ for him as well.

Is that asking for too much?

Podolski Sklep

Rosick-ening for the opposition perhaps?


Santi santi santi


The Rosicky situation, I put it down to Wenger accepting that this season will not produce anything significant for Arsenal and therefore ,rather, using it as a transitional period where our youngsters and new signings (our future team) use the game time to get to know the Arsenal way of playing and each others playing styles on the pitch. Using a 32year old Rosicky, with only one year left on his contract ,as a starter in that situation wouldn’t be very beneficial to this cause.

I might be/probably am way off though.

Mister Mister

I think Wenger prefers to play with Wilshere, Arteta and Cazorla which should be a really strong middle of the park and leaves no room for Rosicky.
Unfortunately this triumverate fails as often as it succeeds so something’s gotta give.
No point blooding youngsters at the expense of CL football, he can save that for the Europa league next year while we try to get back to top four.

the only sam is nelson

holy tits! new look!!!


Dr Baptiste

Wow, new look.I see you’ve done away with thumbs but bizarre choice of font though.




Bring back the thumbs pleassssssssssss!

Merlin's Panini

Yes the font is horrible blogs. It’s too thin and strains my eyes. Please resort to using the old font or find one that doesn’t hurt to read.


We want thumbs we want thumbs!!!!!

Blogs what’s going on????????

dink arnold

I miss the thumbs ratings. How am I supposed to know how to think anymore?


haha, yes. I just felt there were good points being ignored and vice versa because people were thumbing like cunts. If you get me.

the only sam is nelson

you mean now people will actually have to type in a cogent response in order to express approval or disapproval?

it’ll never work


I know it’s revolutionary but it might just catch on


You can have it so the moderators can put a star next to those that he/she thinks are good points


heh, no time for that!


Blogs you are a prick


Thumbs up!


blogs the new format really kills me on my mobile. there isn’t even a link to the news page, I have to manually type it in & the home page format is horrible compared to how it was before 🙁


How do you mean? On the main site or here?


on the main site the is no link to anything except the daily blogs. I can’t find a link to news, videos, etc when on my cell phone. android galaxy s3 btw


There should be a menu bar (Go to) available just below the logo.


No there’s nothing below the logo. I’ll screenshot it and email it I guess.


oh shit there is that go to bar but it looked like a search field. guess I’ll just have to get used to it. 🙁


I agree how will I know if I am a cunt?


And Blogs how come your red and we are a shitty grey colour???


Grey to set you apart from me.

But remember, you can get your own avatar at


You are a cunt!

At least you know.


Look in the mirror.
If you see John Terry looking back at you, you’re a cunt.


Bring the thumbing back! Used to save a lot of time by just scrolling over the comments with about 50 thumb down?!!! How am I supposed to do that now? Don’t make us read every single comment blogs man!


Ah come on what about those spudders!! How can we give them thumbs down man wtf




Congratulations Blog. Thumbs up to thumbs out.

dink arnold

Giving you a thumbs up for this is he best of irony I’ve ever been able to achieve


Santi has been a good buy. Definetely good quality. 36 matches earning his wages.


Thumbs up +1

Ha ha ha ha


I’m grey and abadabadi and abadi and grey and abadabadi
Coat please


This is starting to look like the old bbc 606 site that when you said FART you got fucked off never to return.


I’m going to start a new new blog called bum blog
Hope it takes off!!

Frustrating bottle of water

Will there be thumbs


Bum thumbs only


I’ll come for the thumbs and please make sure you have red avatars for everyone. FFS, we are the ARSENAL, we are RED!!!!!!!!!!


See it doesn’t work because by now I would have at least 30 thumbs down 😉


Blogs, don’t be a Wenger, bring back the thumbs and the Red avatars too!


Cunts posting shit should be banned. Would serve better than thumbs. Most people also get thumbed down if they say anti wenger stuff (even though legitimate) leading most of them to post pretty much the same thing, making the comments section less diverse.


That post was shit so collect your coat on the way out please + 1 thumb up


Im a chav. I dont have a coat for obvious reasons.



Thumbs thumbs thumbs thumbs thumbs Thumbs thumbs thumbs thumbs. Thumbs thumbs thumbs. Thumbs thumbs. Thumbs. 🙁

Wengers thumb is missing



Thumbs… Meh.


I use my thumbs enough whilst typing my little dittys on this here blog so quite happy not feeling obliged to use them anymore. As they arent here anymore it should promote a more conversational dialogue. Anyway with that I’m off to get fucked up, it’s Friday night! Enjoy yours 🙂


Need company???

Bacary's right leg

or just more slanging matches


santi cazorla to win us 4th!


There was no need to get rid of the thumbs up/down to protect me.


Where is the post about Squillaci doing a Dr Who?


Sorry mate, blame blogs for not getting a thumb from me.


That might just be a joke


I like the thumbs up option.

Cause then you can see what people think about a particular opinion.


wir werden münchen beweisen,das ARSENAL noch da ist.!!!!
Poldi sagt ,ich mache 2 Tore,und Walcott auch.also jungs!!
ich Tippe 4–1 für ARSENAL.


Google Translater

Los Polandos

Fuck the thumbs. main site does not recognize Android device and displays regular theme. This deserves thumbs down. So on second thoughts bring ’em back!


It’s not that it doesn’t recognise the Android, it’s that we have the mobile theme turned off on the main site for now.

Los Polandos

Thanks for explanation. New design is much more attractive on the PC, by the way. Mobile version not so much so. But maybe it’s just a question of getting used to the new look.

Finsbury Park Gooner



Sorry, Arseblog, but this new ‘look’ is crap. What’s with the fucking grey? This page looks as about as exciting as the 1994 FA Cup final between Liverpool and Man United in (the worst game I’ve ever seen). And no frigging thumbs up or down? That was unique and the best thing about this site! How am I going to know just how many people loathe me? Did you get booted in the head while going in for a low cross playing park football? This page sucks, man (as A Yank would say). Don’t be a cunt. Bring back the… Read more »


Grey is to encourage people to get their own avatars, from here –

I may bring back the thumbs, seeing as people like them so much.

And change is good, we could keep doing the same thing over and over forever. But then that would Arsene Wenger, no?!

the only sam is nelson

personally i like the grey, it reminds me of when soton smashed man utd 6-3 and Demento blamed the grey away kit’s ability to merge into the background, like some sort of Predator-style invisibility cloak. the fact that invisibility should actually enable you to win 900-0 seemed entirely lost on him.

can’t remember when it was, but i think giggs was about 60 so it’s a while back


Just a shame we don’t have more players of his quality in the squad

the only sam is nelson


Merlin's Panini

Please change the text so it’s more readable. I’m having a bloody nightmare with it!
It’s too faint. Can it be made bolder please blogs?
The same happened with and now I can’t read either bloody website!


Ryo Miyaichi is injured again. 🙁


Like the thumbs blogs…. Good man…..

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