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Ramsey: we don’t want to create that kind of history

Aaron Ramsey says that the team are ready to treat every game in the Premier League run-in like a cup final, and that they want to avoid going down in history as the first Arsene Wenger side not to qualify for the Champions League.

Since Wenger’s arrival, the Gunners have finished sufficiently high in the league to play at Europe’s top table, but lying four points behind the filthy Sp*rs and with 9 games, they’ve got a tough job on their hands.

The Welshman spoke to Sky Sports News and said, “It is massive for us to be in the Champions League and be in a competition where you are competing against the best teams in Europe.

“Since Arsene Wenger has been here, none of the sides have failed to qualify and so we do not want to be the first.”

And like Nacho Monreal earlier in the week, Ramsey says they have to take it one game at a time.

“We are coming to the stage now where we need to treat every game as a cup final. We need the points and hopefully we can do that.

“We have done well and got some points when others dropped them a couple of weeks ago so hopefully we can continue doing that and have a similar result as we had last season.”

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Ramsey is shit

You should treat EVERY game as a cup final ffs , i know man utd and barcelona etc do thats why there champions every year, its called a winning mentality!!

Jim Jimminy

Could be wrong buy… Weren’t both barcelona and man utd runners up last season?


Still winners though, this is Arsenal and Wenger’s ambition a top four finish, how deluded some fans have become and how happy at the mess we are in


Get it right Paul . Its the Arsene Wenger fourth place Trophy. Lol.


Oh yeah? And where are they today?


Fuck man u and all this “if it were man u” comments on nearly every post here


Why would anyone take you seriously when your name is ‘Ramsey is shit’?

Go back to your nest, filthy Sp*rs cunt. ‘


to all those smelly ‘see you en teas’ that like to compare our great club with those scabby twats up north or those mouthy big mouth mouth faces….

don’t spend all day fantasising about your mate’s girlfriend’s fake tits, and go buy you wife a nice bunch of flowers.

Runcorn Gooner

People like you are not true supporters or else you would never ever use a name like that.
Cannot take you seriously so clear off to SHL and let the true supporters discuss the club.
Ramsey IMO has improved greatly despite having to adapt to positional changes

Giroud's abs

Hopefully not like a certain Carling Cup final…
It can’t be too soon!


Need to treat all the games like the are a second leg of a sup final in which we lost the first game 5-0 . Then we’d be scoring 4 each game.. Not enough to get through but we’d win the match.. If you know what I mean.


wow my typing is terrible..


Considering how our recent cup finals have gone maybe we should treat every game like a cup semi final.

Runcorn Gooner

……Or a CL 2nd leg

North Bank Gooner

Every game must be like a visit to Bayern, we’ll forget the ‘final’ analagy with our recent record.

Come on you Gunners, lets get that top 4 finish!!


The way Chelsea And Spurs have wobbled shouldn’t we be aiming for 3rd?

The ghost of Peter Storey

The way that City are imploding, we should be aiming for 2nd.


No situation has ever yelled ramsey like this one ever before. His two biggest competitions (sadly though) diaby and wilshere are out. I feel he’s slowly realising his old self and just in time too. For the run in.


Just when you think those are his two competitors he might be played upfront to give giroud a ‘rest’ or to ‘give him a good education in a different position’

Dial Square

Thumbed you down because of your stupid name, be careful you don’t hurt yourself when you fall off the band wagon, ps you do realise you’re the only one still on it right???


This is the best squad arsenes ever had. It can’t fail to quality.
If we get fourth then arsene will see his transfer policy as being justified and the squad as being good enough if we don’t get fourth then the board will use the lack of cl revenue as the reason we can’t afford to buy. And throw in that world class players want to play for clubs with cl football the board have the perfect excuse to leave things as they are.
The fact we don’t really buy world class players will be lost on the board.

The ghost of Peter Storey

The move to Ashburton Grove was always going to mean that we were going to be relatively noncompetitive for about 10 years. Arsene (and Danny Fiszman) built the new stadium for the next century, not the next few seasons. Success comes in waves, look where Liverpool and Leeds are now for example, so just be patient.


Wow, i didnt know. Do you have any pics of the building process? Wenger with a hardhat and hammer, for example…full village people style. Would love to see it!


Agree with the patience bit 100%. Liverpool imploded not because they moved stadium, or had a lack of funds, but because they were impatient. That season where united just scraped the title from them was where it went down hill, if they continued with that squad and added a bolt on or two, they would’ve had a great shot the following season. But they decided to make lots of changes and quick fixes and look where it’s got them. Wenger finally has an XI that are mostly nailed down to long term contracts. Get a few quality bolt ons this… Read more »


Hopefully Voldermort that is the club mentality of the past. We have the money to strenghen and i think regardless of final standings, we will.
I have been impressed with Ramsey recently and i was on the bandwagon earlier in season. Just hope him and arteta dont cancel eachother out. A good win at home, against Reading, is what we need. COYG


Arshavin for hatrick on Saturday, rewarded by Arsene Wenger with. Mc D’s happy meal (including toy).


I had a nightmare. We lost 2 1 to Newcastle and failed to make the top four. Let’s hope that’s not the case.
Reading and other relegation threatened teams are going to treat it like a cup final.

Our team needs stability. Every year our best player leaves. If the current crop stay for next season, then surely we can’t play any worse.


This summer our top players aren’t likely to leave. They either signed up last summer or renewed contracts this year.

Sagna MAY go, but that’s an unusual one as most fans would understand, and even appreciate what he’s done.


to be honest if sagna goes i wont be too upset aslong as we get a decent fee and replacement jenks needs a year more without the pressure of being 1st choice i think.


Our top players? Jack is young and a gooner and has time on his side Santi has only just arrived. What other top players do we have to sell that other top European teams would want ?

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Alex? Theo? Verm? Jenks? Pod? Chez? Kos? Then maybe Gnabry? Akpom? All are sought after and, in my opinion, all top players.

My word, how the interlull has made you bitter

Cheer up, real footy tomorrow!


Thats not a good dream. I had a sex dream, a good one too!


As I’ve said before I think we’ll get the fourth spot. We’ve got a better run-in, and Spurs will experience their usual end-of-season collapse. They’ve already got an excuse in place, i.e. their “exhausting” involvement in the Europa League.

The real question now is what will happen at the end of this term. Even if we finish fourth Wenger should go. A new manager with a tasty budget to improve the squad would be very welcome.


Doesnt Wenger deserve a “tasty budget” for keeping Arsenal competitive on a shoestring budget?
I personally feel that that our current squad is very good and with one or two tweaks ,we could challenge for the title.

Piers Morgan's punchable face

True, look at the current Munich side. Serial 2nd placers with a weak mentality in big games t for the last couple of seasons – 2/3 good additions later and they’re one of the best in Europe.

Now I’m not saying we can directly emulate that, but it just goes to show how fine the margins are at the top level. We’re not that far from the top than most would have you believe.


ANDR, If you think that a side which is currently 24 points behind Man United is “very good” and needs “just a couple of tweaks” then you are clearly bonkers. This is the side which was knocked out of both domestic cups by Blackburn (at home) and fourth-tier Bradford. And finishing in the top four with the fourth highest wage bill in England is absolutely nothing to brag about. Arsene Wenger is finished as a top-level manager. To allow him to continue on, and to give him money to spend would be complete madness. He would only waste it on… Read more »


Only fools see it like that actually i.e you


Geez, Fats. We always you were a fool but this is the first time you admit it.

Jim Jimminy

The readon wenger bought is because he had to, new stadiums arent free. Some of these cheap transfers paid off, like with touré and fabregas. Others didnt. But when wenger has money he spends it pretty well. Henry cost £26 million in today’s money. Arshavin was a club record i think. Clearl this didnt work out, but i dont think wenger can be blamed for arshavins reluctance to put a shift in.

Wenger isnt holding back money for the fun of it. I find the idea of wenger with money to spend quite an exciting prospect. But thats just me.


Ok, I admit it: I’m wrong. Wenger should get a new ten-year contract now. The future for our club is to sign more third-rate dross and injury-prone players. Then we can pay them 70k a week. That’s how you challenge for the title.

Silly me.

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Thought you were taking time off til August?

Or was that some other fool? (you said it)

Either way, maybe take some time off, come up with some new material because I’m finding what you say tiresome.

Dr Baptiste

So we’ve got the fourth highest wage bill and should finish fourth, seems about right doesn’t it?

Cazorla's Left Foot

I am getting really tired of your foolish comments. Same old Nonsense. Can’t you come up with anything new. Sure Wenger has made some mistakes, but show some respect. Its because of him we have such high expectaions of this club.

Are you Piers Morgan disguise.


Mmmmmm tasty budget…..


There’s no excuse for the game on saturday, reading at home is 3 points only. Given their recent form, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Highbury hero

Ramsey is shit, I read your comment and I didn’t need to read the rest as that’s how to say it. Why do people on the blog continue to dislike valid points of view- Ramsey is shut is right.., we clearly have been playing with less and less of a winning mentality down the years.


Ramsey and coq should start at the centre with cazorla on top.

Dial square

On another note, twelve years ago today he went to play for gods 1st eleven, Rocky – not forgotten..


Ramsey has a hideous piece of ‘body art’ in his left leg.


I actually think his tattoo is ridiculously hot, and I’m definitely not the only one. Not your conventional tat on the forearm, back or chest. It also obviously means something to him, you know, leg break and all. There’s an interview with him somewhere out there about it.

Tamzin Baker

Well I think he’s ridiculously hot in general, so there’s that…


I’m sorry what’s that got to do with his footballing talent (which by the way, I rate as immense)?


This look like a dead set flat track bully game. Arsenal 14 Reading 3

Dr Baptiste

Conceded 3?! Wenger Out!


With pre-match analysis, I can only see Ramsey shining tomorrow…. Hoping he gets all the support he can from the home crowd.

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