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Report: Swansea 0-2 Arsenal

Arsenal made a good week even better with a vital 2-0 win against Swansea at the Liberty Stadium today.

Arsene Wenger made three changes from the team that beat Bayern Munich on Wednesday. Nacho Monreal replaced Kieran Gibbs at left back, and there were two changes in midfield with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Abou Diaby replacing Tomas Rosicky and Aaron Ramsey who both dropped to the bench.

The game had a lively start with a Giroud header and a Dyer shot at each end before Oxlade-Chamberlain came close with an effort that hit the bar. He got the ball on the left, cut into the area, opened himself up and his shot bounced out off the top of the bar.

As expected the home side were efficient and patient on the ball, probing at the Arsenal defence for an opening, and they found one when Angel Rangel wasn’t flagged offside but under pressure from Koscielny and Monreal his shot was deflected wide.

Arsenal were lucky not go behind in the 17th minute after a bad mistake from Carl Jenkinson. He played a pass across goal on the edge of his own box, the ball was intercepted, played into Michu who shot on the turn and saw it go just wide.

At the other end the ball was played into Giroud, he flicked it back to Cazorla and the Spaniard’s left footed volley was heading for the top corner, but for the intervention of Vorm in the Swansea goal.

Theo Walcott hit the wall with a free kick after Cazorla had been fouled just outside the area, before Michu forced Fabianski into a smart save at his near post but the Spaniard was flagged for offside in the build up.

Arsenal probed for an opening and when Santi Cazorla fed a pass to Oxlade-Chamberlain about 30 yards out, the England youngster again saw his shot land on the top of the crossbar with Vorm well beaten. The teams went in scoreless at half-time.

Early in the second half Abou Diaby fired a left footed shot over the bar, before Cazorla made Vorm get down low to his right to save a left-footed effort. Diaby then overran a good position before Michu shot over from the edge of the Arsenal area, and soon after Hernandez fired a curling shot not too far away from Fabianski’s goal.

The game settled into a kind of dull, monotonous to and fro with neither team offering much from an attacking point of view. Arsene Wenger introduced Aaron Ramsey and Gervinho for Oxlade-Chamberlain and Diaby in the 71st minute.

Gervinho had an immediate impact, burning down the right hand side before his cross let him down, but soon after Arsenal got the goal they were looking for. It came after a brilliant run by Cazorla, he crossed it into the box, it looked like it was going to fall for Ramsey for a tap-in, Giroud got in the way, poked it back, Monreal ran onto it and his shot crept in past Vorm. 1-0.

Kieran Gibbs replaced Theo Walcott late on, and Santi Cazorla saw a goalbound shot deflect just wide off Monk, but in injury time Arsenal wrapped up the points. Swansea were caught high up the pitch, Arsenal played it forward to Ramsey, and with 2 on 1, he squared it for Gervinho. The Ivorian took a touch and slid it under Vorm to seal the game. 2-0.

A crucial three points for the Gunners but on the balance of the game well deserved.

You reds.

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Revenge is sweet


Arsene Wenger does not an oven or a stove beacuse revenge is a dish best served cold




Very humbly I hope. This team has an upward trajectory and you know it.

A N Other

About time


Small meal I’d guess. F*ck off you Spuds!

gooner for life

that was me guys 😀 posing as sir balls to piss him off

Arsene's brown finger

Dont do it balls please


I LOVED how Michu came off the field pouting like a five-year old.


Hah! Could say the same for Walcott tho :/


Theo was giving AW mad stink eye! haha



Doctor Satan

Especially the part where I laugh maniacally at Michu’s crestfallen face.


To win at swansea where they’ve been beaten only twice this season while playing good football (not perfect) is a statement. Let’s push for fourth for now ey?

A N Other

I think beating Bayern was much bigger statement.. This was just an affirmation.

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

Beaten thrice now! YEAAAAAAAA. Bring on the final 9 matches.




Third I think


Swansea had zero shots on target. The first time this has happened to them at home in PL. Our center-backs did not make many clearances/interceptions. This means the men in front of them did a great job. Kudos to Arteta, Nacho, Jenks, Diaby, Cazorla, Ox, Giroud and later Ramsey and Gerv for this defnsive display


I like how you leave out Theo from that list. :3 But he worked slightly harder than usual today.

Mate Kiddleton

Yes, I definitely saw Theo defending for a change. 🙂


No Vermaelen, no Szczesny, no stupid goals conceded. Perhaps a bit unfair… I’ve noticed we’ve pressed much higher up the pitch when we don’t have the ball, so much credit has to be given to our midfield and forwards (especially Giroud, who worked tirelessly…as a defender!). They worked so hard today, such that our defence looked comfortable, and Fabianski had nary a save to make!


You’re right, Giroud did work tirelessly. Someone had to make up for the fact that Forrest Walcott was taking some kind of holiday, the talentless clown.


Agreed. Walcott has been very disappointing of late. I know people may be critical of Giroud for not scoring, but what he did today was so tactically astute, dropping into midfield to win the ball, creating space for Cazorla, Ox, and Walcott up front (the latter who was insipid).


True, when the subs came, it was obvious one was Ramsey for Diaby. Just hoped the other was taking Theo off. The Ox was being far more effective.

The thing about the HFB is that he does so much work that isn’t obvious.

wuff wuff

Giroud,wer ist das ? für mich einer ohne Gehirn,aber kein Mittelstürmer.
Walcott spielte heute ,wie Giroud !
Diaby, ist nur noch ein Mitläufer,der sinnlos umher läuft ,das Geld kann man sich sparen.!
Oxe war gut,schade er hätte heute ein Tor verdient.!!!
Wieso Giroud nicht ausgewechselt wurde,kann ich nicht verstehen,naja sein Landsmann ( Wenger )
Carzola,war heute der BESTE auf dem Spielfeld.Gott sei dank,denn ohne ihn ?
wer weis. Egal ,es reichte zum Sieg.
auf gehts ,zum nächsten Sieg.!!!!

Dial Square

@ Wuff whatever the word “cock” is in German….you’re it!!!!!!!



giroud…. our new forward sweeper!

he has worked his socks of since he came to our fine club. fair play to him.

Cyril Washbrook

@wuff wuff: Wir haben grad auswärts mit 2:0 gewonnen, und zwar gegen eine Mannschaft, die nur zweimal zu Hause verloren hatte, und das Erste, was dir einfällt, ist, dass Giroud ein Spieler “ohne Gehirn” sei? Es war zwar nicht sein bester Auftritt, aber noch lange nicht sein schwächster. Die Schwarzseherei halte ich im aktuellen Kontext für nicht gerechtfertigt. (We’ve just won 2-0 against a team that had only lost twice at home, and all that comes to your mind is that Giroud is a player “without a brain”? Admittedly it wasn’t his best performance, but by no means was it… Read more »


If you recall the start of the season we had a similar back 4 with exception of Nachoman. We were dubbed the meaniest defence. Safe to say its back


Good point. I don’t see Vermaelen looking in any time soon.

49 eat that!

I Have a bet with my friend’s that I get to finish above both the spuds and the that team that the old cunt plays for and it looks like I could be.smiling all the way to the bank




Woooo. Happy.

Master Bates

I concur















With a side of Gervinho!

The '92 Away Kit

I love it when players dont know how to celebrate when they score!


what game did I just watched? no save for the Arsenal goal keeper,Ramsey passing for Gervinho to score?
Ah to be a Gooner!


Carl Jenkinson is the boss.

A Yank

For all the marginal signings of the last few seasons… Plucked from Charlton (when they were League 1) for £1M.


champions league here we come

A N Other

The real arsenal are well and truly back..


– yessssss 3 points..Nacho && Sir gervino

Classy Gervais

2/2 win arteta as captain.Ramsey >diaby anyday.good game all the same.


Maybe Diaby just needs some game time. ‘ts hope I am right.


Yeah. Remember how excellent he was at the start of the season, when he had a full pre-season in him.

Unless he gets injured again, he’ll get better game after game.

And Gervinho! It finally looks like he’s got a bit of confidence, i like it!
He should start instead of Wally Walcott next match.


Gervinho in the last two matches has looked effective off the Bench. I’d rather not fuck his confidence up with a starting berth just yet. Few more good performances as a sub would serve us better than one shit one from the start and everyone getting on his back


Diaby was not exactly bad, and you could see flashes of the gut we all want back. His decision making is off and I hope the rest is just him being rusty


Yeah, felt Diaby had a shit first half but slowly came into the game. He’s a funny one – equally capable of shambling across the pitch and losing it, as he is playing a brilliant pass, or making a quick turn.

Hopefully some confidence and a run of injury-free games will see him to the level he was at against Liverpool. It’d be a fool who’d bet on that happening though, sadly.


Rosicky/Diaby/Ox/Gervinho are all players that need a good run of games to gain some momentum so that they can contribute more as they all have something to offer on their day. Hopefully the next 9 games + Wenger’s tinkering will do wonders for the whole squad and more importantly the points tally. Good win to today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monreal and Gibbs is a healthy internal war that we have going on as well. Both looked excellent since Nacho joined.


If we can try and a majority of the squad to get to that same kind of competition will surely net us some worthy success. I love more the fact that not only are they fighting for the same position but can equally play together also…Mouthwatering!

North Bank Gooner

oooohhhhh Arsenal we love you!!!!!!

Oregon Gooner

Get the fuck in. This feeling is so much better then defeat.

Makes my hangover at 8 am so much better!


9 games guy… I believe we can do this !!!!


It hasn’t even been a minute since the game ended. Well done on the post blogs.

£oyalty for $ale

Very nice result in a tough place to play. Nice to see defensive back four play solid again. But where the fuck has Theo gone? Sure hasn’t been on a pitch for the last week.


a rgeo fan generally but maybe drop him for a bit for ox




He looked bemused when he was taken off. Hope he can get back into the goals soon.


That said he was taken off for a full back.

Honestly though, he should have been substituted 15 minutes earlier (the way they were playing, I’d have kept the Ox om)


Yay!!!!! Really happy!

Big Chief from Antarctica

Gervinho played well. Diaby shouldn’t hesitate that much. Top 4 on course, COYG!


Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy!


Cazorla is a fucking beast!


He is a proper beast.


…a beasts beast.


…with an adorable exterior!


Man of the match I’d reckon.

Great Game

Great game from the team there. Some fantastic performances from Cazorla and Ox, bit disappointed by 100k a week Theo and Giroud but otherwise it was a massively enjoyable game to watch. COYG


I bet he never thought that 100k a week would do that to his performances!

but we have seen these ‘patches’ form him before. He relies on confidence and momentum and both are close to empty for him at the moment.

Maybe Wenger keeps him in for tactical reasons and the chance to catch the opposition on the break… I’ll wait for the Tactics Column on that one though.

petits handbag

Ramsey to Gervinho…..goal


Great first half for Chambo, good performance by Cazorla throughout. My favourite things from the game were Ramsey and Gervinho, our two most maligned players, combining to score the goal that sealed the win, and the fact that for the first time in a long while, I wasn’t terrified out of my mind everytime Swansea had a corner or came forward.



Whoever rate this down is a John Terry offspring.


meh. They’re just thumbs, you know 😛

Goon Army

Yup, so take a big fucking down vote you cunt


You must be a bit confused, Goon Army. While I do have a cunt, I am not actually one.
Don’t worry about it, I understand you’ve probably never seen one in your life, so I won’t hold it against you.


Clean sheet whooop whooop!
I was singing that old song “one nil to The Arsenal” then Gervinho scored, now I’m confused.


Cazorla, what a player

Poliver Girolski

Great game, I was getting worried until Nacho scored that we had fallen back into the same old routine. Shame we didnt get see the best from some players, but 4 points behind the Spuds with a game in hand… 🙂

What’s that sound… it’s the sound of spurs cracking under pressure once again!!


Not got a game in hand mate but keep up results like this and third place will be on the cards.

Poliver Girolski

after tomorrows match spurs will have played 30, we have played 29 😉

Either way it is splitting hairs, 3rd place is as good as ours if like you say we keep these results up

Rad Carrot

How the hell did you get this out so quickly Blogs?! Great work, as always.

Good result, not the best performance but solid. Santi and Jenks were superb today.

Swansea didn’t even register a shot on target, the first time this season they haven’t managed that. Good defensive display. Let’s chase down those pretenders and be the best team in London once again.


He writes it during the game, probably directly into wordpress. Much of the commentary is pulled straight from the live blog.

Poliver Girolski

Great game, I was getting worried until Nacho scored that we had fallen back into the same old routine. Shame we didnt get to see the best from some players, but 4 points behind the Spuds with a game in hand… 🙂

What’s that sound… it’s the sound of spurs cracking under pressure once again!!


Gervinho changed the game when he came on for us, injected that pace that Walcott wasn’t providing. In games where opposition are right to our players and not much space gervinho should start every time as he is brilliant at working something with seemingly no space around him.


Gervinho is great at getting into positions to cross or shoot, his only problem is that he often chooses the wrong option or doesn’t make his mind up quickly enough. He’s got everything in his locker to be a quality player but needs to improve his decision-making.

Mate Kiddleton

For someone who has such pace, good close control and first touch, it baffles me why he is so indecisive – it’s like – dude, you’ve just completely skinned two players, the hard part’s done. Now just the easy bit: you just need to pick a pass or shoot… and he messes that up. Not today though, hope that goal gives him plenty of confidence!

arsenal DNA

jst hoping sir balls dont appear 2day!!!plz o plz!!!!!


He’s eating his balls up top

Eric Irish gunner

Great result another clean sheet, need to keep same back 5 if their consistent and soon we’ll catch the chaves and spuds

Butter my Arsenal


We’ve got a former attacking midfield maestro in charge of protecting our back four; we’ve got a keeper that doesn’t really want to play for us; we’ve got a sprightly young right-back from League Two; we’ve got Gervinho; we’ve got a leggy, lumbering, lackadaisical lump in the centre of the park; a BFG…

Bunch of friggin’ mis-fits but I bloody love ’em.



Also, the biggest change with Ramsey is that he looks a million times more clinical and composed on the ball, right now he should definitely start over abou. Elated to see him putting in some quality performances now that are befitting of his talent.


The game time and lack of injury he’s had this season is definitely a huge part of that. I’m glad to see him making his mark, I really rate him and the best thing about him is it’s up to him how far he wants to go. One of the most consistent performers of 2013 I feel.

Mate Kiddleton

It was notable how much better organised we were in midfield when Ramsey came on. Plugged all the gaps, available for a pass, driving forward when needed…


Right on, Rambo for Diaby. No question.


Another clean sheet with the Fab-ciel-ski axis. Looked much stronger at the back. Great result, and Southampton did us a favour too!


Mert-ciel-ski even


Brendan Rodgers did us a favour every time he spouts off about finishing in the top four they drop points.

Prof Von Gunner

Another solid away performance, another clean sheet… do we really need thomas vermaelen back? Swansea were poor, but 9 more results like that and we surely make the top 4.

Rectum Spectrum

9 more results like that and we’re 3rd mate, no question.


And before anyone complains about Giroud not scoring, remember that he let Ramsey loose down the right for Gervinho’s goal, and stopped the ball for Monreal’s. Obviously I’d rather he score a hat-trick, but he’s definitely not useless.


Put Giroud between wingers who will not be reluctant to cross/pass the ball to him where he wants it, he will get more goals.


I like Giroud, but he has had a dip in form (to be fair, everyone has). Yes, his link up play is still good, but he’s not finding himself in shooting positions. Hopefully he sorts it out – he’s a top player and should be scoring more, or at least having opportunities. To be more specific, twice during this game he was on the far post after a winger (first Theo, then Gervinho late on) had a run to the byline. Typically you want the striker to be running near post in those situations. Obviously I’m nitpicking, but I’d like… Read more »


@chinaman, for my money, at least during recent play, it’s the other way around. Crosses have been decent: Olivier is making the wrong runs.


I know what you are saying. What I also find is, many a times when he is in position, the crosses fail to arrive. And when one does come, he is not there to make the best of it. As if he wasn’t expecting a cross to come. I feel there is a lack of understanding between wingers and Giroud. Which is why I said, “wingers who will not be reluctant to cross”. Watching videos of his goals for France/Montpellier, I found he scored when his mates found him with crosses where he wants them. Seemed he runs into the… Read more »


Yeah, maybe it’s just down to a lack of understanding on both ends – the winger and the CF.


I kinda agree with you! Arsenal seem like a team which find it so hard to cross. Guess its because they never had a target man before. But I think the crosses have been extremely poor! We should probably play more to Giroud’s strength and put more crosses in! Anyway good win today! Keep it going!!!


You mean nearly wasted the chance by not letting the ball run through to ramsey, giroud is a good sqaud player but we need better up front


Oh what a win that was.
Brakes and handbrakes have come off … our players finally believe in themselves.

Come on Ye Gunners, onwards!


Those ten looong days were a blessing. Whatever happened in that time we’ll never know but we are happy today because of them.

Henry's beard

Cazorla and Gervinho were the key today. Both were outstanding. A great result.

Frantic gooner

Ramsey and Gervinho haters..where you guys at? 3 points are exactly what we needed, onto the next one. COYG!


They will be back. Like shit comes out of a hole.

gooner odst

We won against Swansea away and Michu didn’t score…hmm thats wierd. Anyways lets nick Ashley Williams off Swansea and maybe Dyer too, that would bring a bit of competition for places.

Well done Wenger for (seemingly) reinvigorating Gervinho, I thought he could never do anything of merit again.


Dyer?? You want to perfect Theo’s disappearing act? because he will perfect it…

Ashley Williams, well, he was accused of attempted murder by Fergie, and the victim was RvP… I will never slander a soul for selflessly carrying our the lord’s work.


WhT a game what a result. Now the presure is on the cunt football club.


a few things: 1. great win 2. diaby looks as if he couldn’t run a mile non stop right now and should’ve been pulled at the hour mark. not saying he didn’t have his moments and gaffers alike but he was often well behind the ball on atk and defense with little movement. I would rather he take a left footed shot that sails 10 yards over the past than us getting countered because he was timid on his off foot. 3. many will bang theo for being ineffective this game but I’d rather see the defensive effort he put… Read more »


1. Yes 2. Yes! I would have started Rosicky, who has looked quite our #4 midfielder. Not sure why Diaby gets the start. 3. Theo’s defense was his contribution today. A little worried that Theo and the HFB are having relatively minimal impact week in, week out. HFB looked like a midfielder today where he was playing. Part of our new dropping back strategy? It’s working, but creating the question always of where the goals will come from. At the moment, they’re coming from everywhere else it seems…minus our first against Bayern. 4. Jenks has got to be the RB… Read more »


two things to your reply.
I used to live in New Britain, ct but moved back to baton rouge, Louisiana where I was born and its like 75° today much more enjoyable lol. secondly, as I said its mainly for depth/injury reasons. we don’t have a reliable third rb and if you would rather spend money to get one which aren’t that many to choose from instead of keep a usually consistent sagna I just don’t think it’s plausible imo


Well, cheers mate! Once a nutmegger, always a nutmegger! It’s about 40 here today…hard nipples kind of weather. No snow, a blessing given what we’ve had this winter. I live in Newington and spent many years living in New Britski. Proud CCSU grad here. I think we should def keep Sagna, but he’ll get first team considerations at many a club. Not sure we’d be able to nail him down as a backup to Jenks. They could make a nice tandem there next season. I’d love him to stay. I just think Jenks has shown so much. And, he’s a… Read more »

Have to disagree. Theo takes up so many poor positions that he limits his attacking opportunities. Why does he constantly come towards the ball when it’s coming up the right? Given that he simply doesn’t have the skill to beat a player, he is both compressing the game and allowing the opposition defence to get over and make it difficult to penetrate up that side. That’s why we see him play so many balls back to the right back or back and inside to the midfield or centre half. Seven years he’s been at the club and positionally he just… Read more »


I’m not sure how much of it is Theo’s doing or the result of what seems a shifting tactic on Arsene’s part to bring the RB into the wing position and shift Theo more towards the corner of the area. I don’t think Arsene is necessarily giving Theo free reign to do what he is (or isn’t) doing.


I agree with you to a degree but the way we played as a whole, the front three almost played atk midfield roles since munich with everyone focusing more on our defensive duties. just my observation but idk

Emannuel Eboue

Gervinho scored. Isn’t that a warm fuzzy feeling?


Very happy. Gervinho was nervy but give him credit for being calm. I think he should now put Theo on the bench. Giroud looks tired. I thought everyone played well today.

how can i keep calm? I'm a gunner

gerv n’ rams well ill be.. great result and good performance keep this work up and when jack and the podolski get back we could have a decent chance!!! and could we please give a fair warning to opposing teams that they WILL get hit in the face if walcott takes free kicks… its getting silly.


Think we should give some props to Wenger today too. He stuck with Fabianski and Koscielny at the back, and choosed to bring on Gervinho and Ramsey which made the difference (literally) today with the second goal.

2 away games, 2 clean sheets. Spuds and Chelsea better watch out.


In Arsene We Trust!


Gervinho kept calm and slotted it past the keeper you say? What is this, what in the world is this!??

Let’s not get carried away though (okay just alittle bit) but they were some players today that we’re shocking. Diaby, who I couldn’t wait for him to come off, walcott?. No support whatsoever for Jenko and a dissapearing act that he has been so fond ever since signing dat ting’. What is wrong with him? I guess he needs some sort of motivation


Walcott earned a fk on a goal line tackle. he actually played deeper than any other point I can ever remember & that’s been my biggest critique of him besides the contract situation this season. id be interested to see his average pitch position today, so I disagree


To me if anything was made crystal clear today its that Rambo should absolutely start head of Abou Diaby. I was so frustrated with him till Ramsey was subbed on. Even Arteta looked much more solid when Ramsey came on to the pitch. And look at the difference it made.

Classy Gervais

sir balls said he would eat his own balls I can serve him michu’s too.


i think the question here is why do you have michu’s balls?


He threw them aay in a hissy fit after the game clearly.


Bah, forget the last comment. Boscielny forgot to give them back after it spent 90 min in his pocket.

Jason L

Isn’t it crazy that the tide shifted pretty closely after Ramsey was shifted in for Diaby?

Sir Donks

Nice shape, good goals, 2 0 win, gervinho, what more would want! Beautiful day!

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