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Sagna out, Gibbs back, Diaby Diaby

Arsene Wenger has revealed that Kieran Gibbs is back in the squad for the trip to Germany, and that Abou Diaby faces a late test (surprise, surprise).

Speaking to reporters ahead of the Bayern game, Wenger said, “Kieran Gibbs is back in the squad. Sagna is not available. Diaby is in the squad and will have a test this morning. He may be short but hopefully will travel.”

But all that is small fry when the subject of Jack Wilshere is brought up. Reports suggest he could be out for three weeks, but the Arsenal manager is hopeful it won’t be anything long-term.

“Wilshere has an inflamed ankle, the other ankle. He will be out for Bayern, Swansea and for England. Hopefully for the Premier League, he will only miss one game because of the international break.

“I noticed recently he has had to dig deep for us, it’s not welcome for us but he needed a breather. But it’s more preventative. We trust our people who are specialists.”

Fingers, toes, everything (except testicles) crossed.

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You call yourself an Arsenal fan?

My testicles are well and truly crossed.


I’ll even punch john cross if it gets Wilshire back for the run in. In fact I might just do it regardless….

North Bank Gooner

im crossing my testes, just in case.

makes sitting here typing a tad uncomfortable though!

North Bank Gooner

stop press: i have a twisted vas deferen, and will be out of action for 3 weeks 😉


I love how you say “something” rather than “somebody”. Why do I get the impression you’re a very weird chap, blogs?

the chosen one

Anybody ever thought about TV5 in a “holding” midfield general type of role? Would free up Arteta and could accomodate Rosicky? I think we have all realised that while on paper BFG and TV5 sre our best CB pairing, in reality we may aswell have djourou and senderos


Top, top, top quality reply!


The horror THE HORROR 🙁


A mate of mine had a push bike accident when we were at school, came down on the crossbar and lost his left ball. After that he was a Right bollocks, and became a Manure fan! True story, as far as I can remember…….!


3 weeks is Wenger talk for out for the season. The last time Jack, Vermaelen, Rosicky and the Diaby were out for 3 weeks that meant out for the season!


All other should dig deep also and do the work. Football is a team work. Whosoever is feet should enter the feed of play and play

Arsene's zip

Err… What?


I agree with bigj let’s all get pissed and talk in tongues.

Midfield Corporal

Couldn’t have said it better myself BigJ.


You know where desperate for a win when our fans start quoting from the King James Version of the Arsenal bible.


Meh , I’m just siting here masturbating


You wanker

Andy Mack

Will you Spuddies please leave this site alone!


What’s up with Sagna?, are his ankles and knees suddenly giving up on carrying that warrior body of his? Jacks out, everyone and his pet knows it’s a big big blow for us. Diaby I reckon needs regular tests, like after getting on and off the bus, breathing for 3 consecutive hours..e.t.c. He could break like 3 ribs in a breathing accident.

Merlin's Panini

probably the after effects of two broken legs in a year.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

It’s time to toast Tomas Rosicky.

North Bank Gooner

will you be enjoying Tomas with or without Marmite?

why not

Not a mention of Gibbs return in the comment section. He’s quick to rediscover form and was one of our best a few ago. A genuine positive overlooked


Thank you!

Gearoid Kelly

Huge! We lacked any sort of attacking threat down the left v Bayern.
We weren’t too hot down the right either, without Theo there.

With Gibbs and Giroud in the team, we’ll be a very very different threat compared to the first leg.


Top, top, top quality observation!


Gibbs LANS

Gunnersaurus Rex

Jack OUT!!! Fuck Me

Dr Baptiste

Are you saying Jack OUT like Wenger OUT or just stating a fact that has already been established. If it’s the former then shame on you but if it’s the latter, then shame on you.

Gunnersauras Rex

Shame on you for thinking either of the two. I was surprised when i saw the news. Exclamation would suggest that And shame on you for not giving attention in your English classes.
PS pardon my typos

Big Chief from Antarctica

GIBBO GIBBO GIBBO. Rosicky can take Wilshere’s place, no problems there. GIBBO GIBBO GIBBO!!


Genuinely hope it’s Rosicky and not Diaby or Ramsey in the lineup.

Gearoid Kelly

So, Rosicky, Arteta and….?

Assuming Poldi is still out and Santi’s on the left.

I’d rather see Rambo alongside Arteta, than Gervinho in the front 3.
Or maybe Ox in the middle. His form out wide has been disappointing, but remember his Milan performance last year??


He’s pregnant is he?


I reckon with Gibbs at Left-back, Carl at Right-Back and Rosicky in the center, it is a team that is a lot more un-predictable than we have had recently.

To be honest, unpredictable is what we need against Bayern. I hope The Ox gets a bit of game time too, I have a feeling he’ll turn up for this one.


Sure.. Like he (OX) did against Milan..


Top, top, top quality optimism!

[…] pahemmaksi millään tapaa. Tässä olin kuitenkin väärässä, sillä uusimman tiedon mukaan Wilshere on sivussa vähintään pari viikkoa. Väliin jää varmuudella huominen Bayern ottelu, Swansea viikonloppuna ja sitä seuraavat […]


Is this just to give Jack a rest and keep him away from the England team? Just my two penn’erth but a possibility.

Merlin's Panini

I hope you’re right.


Yes, I wondered if it was that, especially if the rumour is right that Szczesny is also being rested. And possibly Podolski, assuming the small injury he mentioned on twitter (to what he didn’t say) is so small it doesn’t exist.


I can’t remember the last time TV5 scored, he’s due a brace or two sometime right?


Any recent news of Podolski? He said on twitter a couple of days ago that he had a small injury and the Guardian report he’s a doubt. Since he never plays 90 minutes anyway I suppose it’s not a huge loss. Can’t imagine who’ll start on the left, though. Cazorla perhaps but knowing Wenger it could be the latest torture for the unfortunate Ramsey. Diaby was once rather effective playing there but I’d guess he’ll be in the Wilshere position (well, for five minutes) with Arteta ‘holding’. Why the Ox and Coquelin are ignored is a mystery.

Dr Baptiste

Surely having Podolski on the field for 70 minutes is better than 0 minutes


I’m not a big fan of Podolski but since we’ve spent good money on him and in many people’s view he’s the most effective striker we’ve got, it seems strange that we’ve used him so little this season. I can’t think of many games in which he’s played 90 minutes, can you? It’s not like he’s a kid who needs to be introduced slowly and given plenty of breaks; it’s not like he was injured earlier in the season or has any history of being lacking in stamina or injury-prone. That was my point. Some players we work into the… Read more »


Knowing Wenger he will play:

Jenks BFG Vermaelen Gibbs
Ramsey Arteta
Walcott Cazorla Gervinho

Fingers crossed Podolski is back and plays instead of Gervinho!! And I’d love the see Rosicky in the team.


See thing is I’d have no problem with that line up, except move Cazorla over to replace Gervinho on the wing and get for god’s sake get freaking Rosicky out there!


Hmmm, seems a damper and damper squid the closer the game gets. I just had a horrible thought, Gervinho. If Podolski isnt fully fit? Gibbs in for Monreal I like but would guess Gibbs will start on the bench, Rosicky for Wilshere is pretty much like for like, if the rumour that Fabianski will play is true then this game is being conseeded. I understand the point that Shez needs a kick up the ass but this IS the most important game of our season again! If he comes flapping again his Arsenal career is over and so are our… Read more »

Cygan's Anal Beads

Damp squib you wally


I don’t know, Squids are relatively damp with where they live and all.


It can’t possibly, possibly be Fabianski, can it? I can understand (well, sort of) that Mannone deserves a go every now and again, and he was decent when Szczesny was injured. But why pick on this game to use him? Talk about sending out a signal that we’ve given up before we’ve even started. I can understand that finishing in the top four is the priority and that players need to be rotated but what happened to using the domestic cups for resting key players and blooding the kids? It’s not like the kids used to do any worse than… Read more »


Yep, looks like it’s Fabianski from the pics of training on arsenal dot com. No news of the travelling squad yet so we can continue to hope for a little while yet that those pics are a cunning psychological trick to make Bayern even more complacent than they’d otherwise be in the hope and they’ll go completely to pieces when ten minutes before kick-off Szczesny or Mannone appears.

Otherwise . . . Perhaps we tried to bring back Almunia but he said he was busy tomorrow and regretfully had to decline.

Arsene Wenger

I look at you, because you spread misinformation.

Question: why’s it important to be the top four?
Answer: to be in the CL, which earns us 30 million pounds.
Question: so what do we do when we get there?
Answer: use it to rest players.
Question: why do we need to rest players ?
Answer: so as to be in the top four to earn 30 million pounds again…


Couldn’t give a shit about Bayern, gutted about Swansea, and glad about England.

Come on Jack, we need ya!


Don’t worry lads the loyal Mr Arsene will sort it, win the game 2/1 and its all good again for an other campaign next season! Oh I forget we don’t even have the players to get us into the top 4 this season.


Giroud hasn’t scored since the Liverpool match, assuming he’s fit why not play Walcott and Podolski through the middle with Rosicky and Cazorla on the wings cutting in?

Jenks BFG Vermaelen Gibbs
Ramsey Arteta
Rosicky Podolski Cazorla

Wenger will never go for it but I can dream 🙂

petits handbag

Either has Walcott…..


Didn’t Wenger start with Theo as a striker in the first leg? Remind me, did Theo do enough to be given that role again?

Andy Mack

I’m a big fan of Rosicky but he’s far too slow to play on the wing.

Silent Stanley

We wish all the injured speedy recovery.

Wilshere, Diaby, Ryo, Afobe, Sagna…

kevin c

Diaby is anything but short…


my humble suggestion

jenks bfg koscielny gibbs
rosicky arterta coquelin podolski
carzola walcott

NO fabianski, NO ramsey, NO diaby, NO gervinho, NO giroud, NO oxlade

We gonna have a chance this way


and NO TV too!!


Can I ask, what has Ramsey done since the new year to be on that list? He’s been on great form, and been a real workhorse for the team. I don’t get the Ramsey hate right now, he was dire as a winger, but since he’s been returned to the middle he’s been great, consistently putting in strong shifts and was one of our best at Tottenham. He’s even been serviceable at RB which saved our asses at Sunderland. Jesus what does this kid have to do get credit.


Bayren did everything in the first game to close down wilshere they knew he is our best player and threat to them and I think that we can take advantage of wilshere missing the game I think bayern will relax in the middle now when they hear that wilshere will not be playing and rosicky cant take full advantage with his runs trough the middle especially whit schweinsteiger missing the game.


This would be my formation :

Jenkinson – Kos – TV5 – Gibbs


Rosicky – Cazorla

Walcott – Giroud – Ox

We need kos speed in this game because we will attack constantly and the can caught us on counter and per is to slow to defend counter attack and we need this offensive formation because we are down 1-3 .


On paper it looks good.

But unfortunately, Walcott no longer plays as RW. He likes to roam around inside the box. We now have a non-functional right wing.

We could perhaps give Poldi, if he is in the mood, the chance to play in the place of Ox.

For nothing less than a 5-2 will do.


Ox on the right, Poldi on the left and Walcott as a sub for TV5 to add his pace in the second half when they are getting tired.

They played on Saturday, so we should have stamina advantage.


I put ox on the left because poldi is out with ankle injury .


Leaving Arteta alone at defensive mid is not a good idea, especially with the shape of our defense right now. Take either Giroud or Ox out and put in either Ramsey or Coq.


Don’t forget we have to score 3 goals.

It’s risky not having a strong defensive midfield, but they’ll just have to cope.

Jamesy Boy

RE: our best CB’s are TV and Merterswagger…

Am I the only person who thinks Koscieleny is our best defender?
I play in defence myself (albeit on a slightly lower level) and to possess his pace and ability to nip infront of the striker to claim his pass to feet is immense.
TV is powerful and Per is positionaly wise from set pieces and reading the game… But they lack Laurents all round ability. Sort of a Kolo of new that has good attributes all over.

Merlin's Panini

how much lower a level is “slightly lower”? just out of curiosity.

the chosen one

Mert is intelligent, TV is an all round athlete, i just dont think Kosc has the mental ability….no offence he just doesnt look like the brightest fella


Let’s go for something like and we’ll overturn the deficit.
Yennaris Kos Squil Monreal
Coquelin Diaby
Ox. Akpom. Gervinho

Merlin's Panini

This is a joke, right?


Let’s go for something like and we’ll overturn the deficit.
Yennaris Kos Squil Monreal
Coquelin Diaby
Ox. Akpom. Gervinho
Stop your crazy dreams fellas!!!


enough of this shit.ramsey is shite!!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog news] […]


Tired of the Ramsey bashing.

Richard Davis

I just hope Ramsey is upfront tonight.

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