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Wilshere to miss ‘three weeks’

There are some measurements in life that can never be fully known.

How deep is a hole? How long is a piece of string? How high is the sky? What does it mean when injury suggests a player is out for three weeks?

In the world of Arsenal than can range from three weeks to infinity to infinity plus one, but ‘three weeks’ is the early estimate regarding Jack Wilshere. The ankle injury reported yesterday will keep him out of Arsenal’s trips to Munich and Swansea, and beyond that who really knows?

He could make a speedy recovery and be back in time for the majority of the run-in, or we could discover that alien bacteria are devouring his muscles and replacing them with a substance that is unpronounceable in English and has the consistency of warm jelly.

We here at Arseblog News remain sanguine about the whole thing. That’s because we’ve been here before. And will be again. It’s only a matter of time before injuries are so commonplace they spread to the fans.

Ow … shit … there goes my carpal tunnel.

Back in three weeks.

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not that handsome french bloke

Not ideal at all, but I think Rosicky can come in and do a good job!


Yes. Rosicky, Arteta and Cazorla in the middle, with Ramsey and *cough* Diaby as options to rotate.

There’s only 10 games left. Why rotate? :S


Whenever things haven’t been going Arsenal’s way during games (every game) I find myself screaming at Wenger like a luny to get Rosicky on and every time he has he’s made the difference in terms of creating space and chances. Whether Wilshere’s out for ‘three weeks’ or a little bit longer (let’s just prey it’s ‘three weeks’) it’s now Rosicky’s time to step up and show his class – it was around this time last year when we saw the little mozart reborn which effectively got us in the CL places.


It is all set up for Rosciky to shine!! Give him the role behind the striker, his directness will give Bayern a tough time surely!


I AGREEE!!!! What we are missing is TR7 in the fucking line up. He has that passion in him that some others do not. For example, when losing to spurs, he tried to motivate the rest….and when the game was over…you could see the dissapointment in him…unlike some who just fucking walked off the pitch nonchalantly….he might be as fit, but he has more heart.


Except that Wenger is allergic to playing Rosicky, preferring Ramsey or Diaby.

It boggles the mind, just like everything else he does with this team. Ramsey works hard for the team, but going forward he provides very little. Diaby is plain useless, a burden on the squad on and off the pitch.


Oh balls!


Thumbed you up just for your name!!

Agent Smith

Do you hear that Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability. That is the sound of the Europa league.


Sad, but true. This injury–to one of our only bright lights this season–rings the death knell for our top four finish.

Jack Wilshere

My name … is Wilshere!

Jack's Right Foot

We were fucked anyway, even before this. This might be a kick up the arse, you never know.


Yeah it is righty! You should do some more work for jack. No wonder his left foot is bollixed


Wenger explained: “Jack Wilshere is out. He has an inflamed ankle, the other ankle to [the] one he injured. He will be out for three weeks and will not be available for Munich, Swansea and not for England.”

I may be being WILDLY optimistic, but it doesn’t seem too bad

A Yank

Really? Because, given the math of recent-injury-news-to-actual-time-out I’m inclined to think that Jack’s injury is probably career ending.


He’s obviously dead.

A Yank

My bad. That actually makes more sense.


I’m not normally a religious man,but if your up their Superman…


Save us, Jebus! Save us!

Gearoid Kelly

Jesus, Allah, Buddha, I love you all!

Fed Up

The famous three weeks :-/


Is this Wenger’s new catchphrase now that ‘handbrake’ is on the decline?


“The other ankle”

Thank fuck for small miracles. Lad needed a rest timing could have been better though. Rosicky 2.0 to the rescue

santi's panties

actually I think it’s Rosicky 4.1 beta


He’s only 2.0 in footballing versions.


I work at a bar and I wept when i heard the news on my lunchbreak, but luckily i found solace in Stevie G smashing past a penalty to beat the spuds on the telly 20 seconds later.


sir you work at a bar, you have endless amounts of liquid courage available to suppress your feelings unlike most of us lol


I don’t have time to search for the info, but I would love someone to find out how many of our players were out for ‘3 weeks’ and how long they were really out for.


That was what I feared !

not that handsome french bloke

a good point.. Diaby has been “out for 3 weeks” for the last 4 years haha


This season has been farcical.

We need the spirit of John Jensen out there.


I think a result in Germany was always hugely optimistic so the rest will do him some good I think. The Swansea game is the real kicker for me but we have players to come in ie rosicky but we’ll miss him there. Fingers crossed for the run in!


3 weeks = the rest of the season
He’ll be like a new signing, in August


I guess we splashed the cash already huh?


For once and only ever this once, the international break may be a blessing in disguise! We should be able to cope without him for Swansea and Reading given that it is actually three weeks and not ‘three weeks’!


I trust our medics on this, with their top notch professionalism he’ll probably be back earliest August!


I’m hopeful that this is a strategic choice to give young Jack a rest over the international break. Munich is a lost cause and we should be able to beat little cocup winners Swansea without him. Post international break jack is back and raring to lead us to the UCL amidst a Sp*rs collapse. Am I blind but hopeful? Probably!

Judgement day (once more)

Sooooo… no Wilshere for the rest of the season then..?

Bollocks to this season, I mean really. What good have come so far? We beat the spuds 5-2 and had a couple of descent 5,6,7-0 wins but that´s it. No beating of United or City, no cup-finals, no dramatic CL semi finals and only a desperate race to finish fourth in the league. Fuck me, thats sad..

But either way, bring on the slick Germans!

David's semen

As one door closes, another slams in your face

Judgement day (once more)

And while that door slams your face, a window is closes on your fingertips.


I think it might be time to whip out the Coq and move Arteta forward, and have Tomas in the middle as well. We need to move forward and quickly. Put Santi and Theo on the wings an distract Neuer with the HFB. The defence just needs to be switched on for 90 fucking minutes tomorrow PLEASE! I don’t think we are going to go through to the next round but lets not look like chumps out there.


The Film? Don’t you mean the actual Alamo? And no, not the car rental place.


It’s Ramsey time!


Think you were being sarcastic but now is the time for Ramsey, Rosicky, Coquelin and Arteta to step up. More so for Coquelin and Ramsey since they are the young ones of the lot. Think they will.


I hope his injury is not overly serious- if he was for example only actually injured for only the next week or so it would be in arsenals interest to say it was 3 weeks to encompass the international break. Prob out of champs league and losing him for 1 game vs Swansea not a disaster in wider context of run in. you know England will play him every minute they can he was made available. Thus optimistically i reckon its only a minor injury and if arsenal had a run of big game + no internationals it might not… Read more »

New Guy

I have to say, if we play Arteta-Ramsey-Rosicky for our very long shot mission to Bavaria and for one league match (potentially with Diaby available for a half) and it keeps Jack away from the interlull and gives him a month long break after being used very extensively since day 1 of his comeback, that’s no bad thing.


Iv just looked at our fixtures and there is no reason why we a big club like Arsenal cant go unbeaten till the end of the season.

Man United is the toughest game we got we will struggle there but all the others no excuses.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Hopefully Wenger is actually using is underused tactical nous with Jack, obviously with no input from Bouldy.

Plenty of cover for him all potentially great realistically average can’t wait for Thursday.

Nick Hayden

Im almost hoping we come 5th otherwise the same old shite about how our squad is good enough/brilliant etc will surface again and we wil probably sell Jack and buy nobody or something equally retarded


If you hope we come in 5th and miss Champs League when I don’t now what the fuck kind of Arsenal fan you are. I mean what kind of fan wishes his/her club to falter.


At least he’ll get a break. And he escapes the international games.


Gutted about Jack but absolutely distraught that there is going to ANOTHER International break coming up!!!

Dark days indeed…..


Light always comes at the end of the darkest day. We may see something tomorrow

Pat Rice

What the fuck will we do now? 🙁 I had high hopes due to the injury list in Bayern but without Jack it’s all going down, I’m afraid. 🙁

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The thing that irks me the most is that you cannot believe a word Wenger says regarding the injury updates so we are left in the dark to speculate the worst. I really pray for a quick recovery for Jackie boy. COYG

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