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Team news: Only Monreal back for Swansea

After an energy sapping battle with Bayern, there’s no good news in terms of injuries ahead of the trip to Swansea on Saturday.

Although Nacho Monreal returns, having been cup-tied in midweek, Bacary Sagna and Lukas Podolski remain sidelined with knee and ankle problems respectively.

Jack Wilshere, of course, will miss ‘three weeks’ with his ankle, while Kieran Gibbs may miss out as a precautionary measure having aggravated something in his thigh last night.

According to the manager, after Bayern, “There are bumps and bruises after a game of that intensity but that should be it.”

After the Swansea game there’s an Interlull which should give us a chance to get some of the injured players back from the run whilst hoping that none of the fit ones get knackered away with their countries.

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Emannuel Eboue

When I read only Monreal back, I expected the worst. All of them were out injured for Swansea. Scary 10 seconds.


I was imagining Monreal having to play all on his own against Swansea.


Fantastic username!


It’s rare someone on a football site picks up on the reference… Thanks, from a fellow fan.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

gibbs was so important against Bayern. He’s a good player. Need him fit. He nullified there threat from the left superbly.


Does this also mean SZCZ is out of the squad for Swansea? Still “resting”?


Strange how little we have been able to see of Nacho so far, although what we have seen looks promising
Will certainly be interesting who starts when him and Gibbs are both fit and eligible


he does look good, does need to work with centre backs more with communication and language though


Yes, I agree. But the CB’s also need to realise he is new and do more to help with this.


With regards to Monreal not tracking Lennon for his goal, I don’t understand the criticism. He tried to smash the spurs cunt off the ball, that’s something that should be commended!


I dont think there is any Criticism on his effort to ‘track’ back with Lennon, more on his lack of ability to communicate to TV that Lennon was coming.

Nacho is a good addition to the squad, and has given us much needed depth. Communication was always going to be an issue however…


I agree he looks good and great to have him, but I think Gibbs will be better if he can stay fit. In fact i think Gibbs will be one of the best in the world if he can address his injury problems. he is quite an athlete, with a sweet left foot and good in the air. And he will only improve with games


I hope we try playing Gibbs and Monreal in the same team sometime, as it will solidify the left handside which I feel we are countered a lot of the time. Monreal at LB and Gibbs LM, with Carozla in the middle where he is more effective, especially in the absence of Jack.


Cazorla doesnt press enough(pressing required when you play swansea) and often drifts in and out of games. If jack is absent, it has to be rosicky in that cam role. I personally am an advocate of playing rosicky in that role even when jack is fit. Jack could play in the double double pivot alongside arterta or ramsey

Jenkinson's horsepower

Monreal looks the business to me. Hopefully with time the back four/five will become a sturdier unit, which should give him the freedom to show us his attributes going forward. Good competition for left back when gibbs is back. Up the arse.



Although I have a feeling Ox or Gervinho might start instead of Rosicky. Only including Vermaelen because Wenger said there’d be rotation, otherwise I’d keep our best pairing or Mert-Kos.

Boris Cro

One player too much XD


Note the / between Arteta and Ramsey.

gooner odst

i would continue to ‘rest’ Vermaelen, drop Arteta for Coq and because Rosicky didn’t have the kind of crispness we were hoping for, I wouldn’t start him. Put Cazorla in the middle till the obvious 70th minute shake up. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about Walcott or Giroud due to lack of suitable options, so they start. The problem is how to motivate these players to bring the same intensity they showed in Munich. Stats show that we are good at deflating very easily for whatever reason (management, coaching, dietary?). Maybe this rotation in personnel will provide that… Read more »


Rosicky was boss v munich. Great wide passing and brilliant build up to the 1st gol.

Perry S.

Boss for 3 minutes of the match and then made certain to miss every other pass he made. I love the Czech, but he picked a day where everything else was going right for us to decide he forgot how to communicate with the rest of the team.


Rosicky pressed hard, which made everyone else start to press. Thats something Carzola doesnt do, for all his greatness in attack.

I would prefer the same lineup as against Bayern Minus Gibbs.


Our captain needs to go, way to slow and constantly embarrassed by players that leave him for dead or that he simply doesn’t now are there.
Let’s not get carried away with one spirited performance, we are in deep shit and need maybe 10 players into the squad 1st and 2nd and of course a new manager.


Good to see wenger is taking some precautionary measure, because we will need all players fit and in their best form for the last stage of the season….. Arsenal 2-0 Swanshit……


I’d will be interesting to see who Wenger picks in the centre of defence and if TV will retain the captaincy.

New blog
A few arsenal friends and their opinions and write up of the games.

(sorry if you’re not suppose to mention your own blog on here, we don’t know what the ‘rules’ are so sorry if we’ve broken any)


Oh! Sorry!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

47 + 30 = 77 = 3rd place

My God, has Lukas Podolski been ‘Arshavin-ed’? I don’t believe this ‘injury’ information one bit.

Hasn’t been mentioned on Blogs, but Daily Mail reported that Poldi is headed out the door this Summer, either to Juventus or Atletico Madrid.

What on earth did Poldi say-or-do, to warrant such wrath from his boss?
– Borrowed his coffee-mug without aking?
– Placed a whoppee cushion on his office chair, just for a laugh?
– Demanded to be deemed with role of the German ‘debt collector’ ahead of Mertesacker?

Rectum Spectrum

Ah the daily mail. See other story in news re: daily mail and how the podolski transfer rumour def wouldnt be them stirring shit because thats not their style.


Why do Arsenal fans keep on believing the rubbish printed in the press it’s purpose is to ferment reactions in Arsenal fans to turn against the club and Mr Wenger. Look at the reports of a weakened team for the match last night and and fan reaction which was stoked by anti Arsenal counts.

Gunsen Gunner

Apparently Podolski has an ankle problem which requires surgery but its being put off until the summer because we need him to play.


“but Daily Mail reported”

Fuck off, seriously.

Perry S.

He’s not going anywhere. He’s on the shelf and that’s the extent of it.


Loving the new ‘Latest’ bar at the top blogs, keep up the good work!

Naija Gunner

Scary opening there blogs, I thought everyone was injured!

Last night was something else though.

Rectum Spectrum

Keep the back 4, swapping gibbs out for monreal. If rosicky is fit I’d play him he needs games. Maybe see diaby in the latter stages. Starting gervinho ahead of santi? Too much? With jack out we need him fit. Gervinhos pace down the left could be useful against swansea. Maybe more balls into the box for giroud.

santi's panties

Gervinho? Balls into the box?



Arsene Wenger

Yes, I am proud of my January purchase. He was, after all, going to become the first-choice SPain left back, until Jordi Alba decided to show up.


He’s also a top, top player that plays without the handbrake on, right?


top top top quality with mental strength…


I would actually start Arteta and Coquelin against Swansea. I for one and surprised how little Francis has played, we need his tenacity especially since Jack is out. Drop Ramsey and play Rosicky on the left, with Carzola in the middle.

James Goontown

Arteta, Ramsey and Coquelin could all rotate for each other in those two defensive mid spots, don’t you think? But then again there might be a reason the Boss isn’t starting Coquelin that we don’t know of, the same way that the Boss was seeing things in Fabianski’s game that we didn’t in the lead up to the Bayern game.

Personally speaking I think Ramsey and Coquelin would be a combo that we should try out. I think there might be something to that mix.


There must be something going on with Le Coq, he must be so disappointed watching Arteta playing in his role. Remember the days of Fab and Flam providing so much energy in midfield? Not saying they touch Fab but we miss that drive, energy and tenacity. I even think Diaby can play Artetas role, its not hard to pass square for 90 minutes.


Every summer the Arsenal owners, CEO, Board, Manager and players tell us that qualification for Europe is a minor concern. This season we will win major trophies like the Premiership and the Champions league they promise. Seven months later after so much frustration and disappointment Arsenal is again out of contention for any trophy. The same Owner’s, CEO, Board, Manager and players as usual now tell us that a third or place finish is indeed the goal for Arsenal and we the fans should be happy with that. No doubt this summer we will again be told that 3rd or… Read more »


Please dont use this kind of title though it catches attention but can give one heart-attack. I really thought with what i saw yesternight, the players are all injured since Nacho didnt feature thats why he is fit

Podolski Sklep


Perry S.

Please for the love of Arsenal, sell Aaron Ramsey at first opportunity. I’m tired of all the apologists out there, he’s absolute shite. How many times did he give the ball away in the final third yesterday? How many times has he done that before? There is no such that as a “good use” for him, because such a thing does not exist. He is worthless in my book, injury be damned.


Aaron Ramsey, when playing in the Box-To-box midfielder role, is a good player. I do agree, he hasn’t had the best season, but he has shown some signs of improvement over the past few weeks.

I feel that we dont give him enough chances in the middle of the park


He has been fantastic since the beginning of the new year. As a sub or starter, he’s put in really good shifts.


You sir, are a complete and utter idiot to think that Ramsey is shite.


Sorry friend, we signed him on a long term deal so he’s here to stay, and that’s a good thing.

Christopher Wreh

Play Cazorla on the left as he doesn’t press enough which is what you need to do against Swansea. Besides, when he cuts inside and swings ’em in, Giroud will win headers. And even if he doesn’t, midfielders, because they will be looking to stop the counter, should be in a prime position for the second ball. Rosicky looked rusty on Wednesday, but his energy and drive go some way to making up for what we’re missing with Jack out. Bring Monreal back in as he is more defensive minded than Gibbs, start Fabianski and Kos again, and Ramsey actually,… Read more »

Christopher Wreh

According to Wikipedia I got 3! Scored so many in my time I’ve lost count.

Christopher Wreh

Fuck me! To be fair I was fucked out my head when I scored this, hence the back flip.

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