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Bayern 0-2 Arsenal: by the numbers

23 – Games since Bayern were last beaten in all competitions (Bayern 1-2 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 28 October 2012)
18 – Home games since Bayern were last held scoreless at Allianz Arena in Champions League football (Bordeaux, 3 November 2009)
2 – Goals that Bordeaux scored in that game
90 – Minute in which Marouane Chamakh scored the second goal in that game

How Arsenal did it?

5 – Total Arsenal shots
21 – Total Bayern shots
3 – Arsenal shots on goal
8 – Bayern shots on goal
2 – Arsenal shots on goal from inside the 18 yard box
1 – Bayern shot on goal from inside the 18 yard box
2 – Arsenal goals
0 – Bayern goals
66 – Percent conversion rate (shots on goal/goal) for Arsenal
0 – Percent conversion rate for Bayern
27 – Arsenal Champions League season average conversion rate
12 – Arsenal tackles
13 – Bayern tackles
25 – Arsenal tackles which were instead called as fouls
10 – Arsenal actual fouls (estimated)
13 – Bayern fouls
9 – Fouls called on Mikel Arteta (led both teams)
7 – Interceptions by Arteta (led both teams)
7 – Fouls that Tomas Rosicky drew (led both teams)
1 – Number of offsides Arsenal were called for
1 – Number of Arsenal offsides which were clearly fucking onside, everyone in the stadium could tell Theo was on

With a solid defensive lineup and a ton of hustle (such as Rosicky and Ramsey busting their hump to get back every time Robben had the ball, which doesn’t show up in the stats) Arsenal basically forced Bayern into a lot of speculative shots from distance. They only allowed the Munich side to get 8 shots off in the box and only one of those shots was even on frame. So many of those long distance shots from Bayern were always going wide, it might not have looked it on television but in the stands I never worried. The only times I worried that Bayern were going to score was that one scramble in the box where Bayern must have had 4 shots, and Robben’s breakaway which was snuffed out by a combination of Flying Jenkinson and Diving Fabianski.

A word about Koscielny. I didn’t include his stats here because, well, they were poor. One tackle, 4 interceptions, and 7/14 clearances aren’t the kinds of numbers that you normally associate with the kind of game that most of us, I think, saw from him. As I will tell you, stats don’t tell the whole story. No one ever said they did. Koscielny had a great game, full blooded. If there were a stat for that, he would have led both teams.

And finally, in attack, Arsenal only took two shots from distance (one from Giroud which drew scorn from Ramsey) and the other was Cazorla’s effort from a free kick. A large part of the reason Arsenal struggled to get shots was because Arsenal had real difficulty getting the ball to Theo Walcott. Theo only had 19 touches in 72 minutes (yes, one touch was for an assist) and Ox had 17 and Gervinho 16. That’s proof to me that Theo wasn’t defended exceptionally well but rather just kept moving into the wrong spaces. Or maybe his teammates kept putting the ball in the wrong place. I’ll let you all debate that.

Lots of people say “the only stats that count are the score” but I’d like to add one more stat that I felt counted: the number of Arsenal fans who traveled to see their team nearly overcome a 3-1 home deficit and got to see the Arsenal get a famous win over Bayern Munich.

There were 3,500 of us but we sounded like 35,000.


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I think Rosicky was good. He draws a lot of fouls always. And he earned couple of dangerous free kicks which Cazorla and Arteta absolutely wasted.

Also no one seems to mention that first time through pass (under the challenge of Martinez) he played which sent Walcott through, wrongly called for offside.

He should start as many games as possible till the end.


got a picture of that offside incident from facebook:

That could’ve changed the game right there. Although I think Walcott fluffed it unknowingly anyways.

Also Martinez should’ve been sent off for the foul on Rosicky, again. Uefa can piss off with their referees.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Considering the refs are a bunch of cunts, I feel proud as a Gooner that I can say “99 problems, but the Allianz Arena ain’t one”


Yeah but getting knocked out of the UCL (in case you missed that part) is an Arsenal problem…



Hate having a loser memtality…


No stat for “how many times a bayern player tripped over some particularly dense air that was called as a foul”? 😉


Posted a white flag in the comments yesterday..boy do i feel like a proper idiot now!


No offense mate, but if you have that type of attitude there is really little point in following Football, or Sports in general.

Yes, we may have been underdogs, but throwing up the white flag, or conceding that its over before it has begun is weak. Well that’s what I think anyway.

My late father used to say to me “the ball is round, and there are no guarantees”.


100%- The commitment of Arsenal players yesterday! Respect.


100 – How many times players slipped on the pitch

petits handbag

Walcott had so little touches because Theo does not know what playing on the right means. Doesn’t matter how much he’s paid,put someone else in the weekend.


Petits handbag you truly are a bitchy cunt.


A bit bitchy, but with merit. We looked a more dangerous side when Ox & Gerv came in and actually stuck to the lines. Both Cazorla & Theo tend to pinch in, and we lose our width.


Massive love and respect to the away fans as always.


Traveling for work, stayed up and turned on the telly at the hotel at 245am Singapore time and honestly was really moved that all I could hear were Arsenal fans, and the game was being played in fucking Munich. Then seeing the Ramsey run – Rosicky diagonal flick – Walcott cross – Giroud goal within 3 minutes of the game pushed me over the edge, I fucking love this team.


We found our new center back pairing , sorry vermealen , being captain shouldn’t make you immune getting dropped due to bad performances


And mad props to Wenger for dropping the captain and bringing in Fabiasnki who hasn’t played a first team game since I was born.


If it was a tactical decision and long-range shots were expected, it was a good call to start Fabianski. He caught all (I think) shots from distance that were on target. I can’t imagine that Szcz with his record for shots outside the area and suspect parrying would’ve done as well.


And now let’s knock spurs off their fcuking perch

Gunsen Gunner

Perch or basketball?hmmmm


7am, do you have any stats regarding the passing rate, because i felt like we gave the ball away far too cheaply and i’m interested, if that’s reflected in the stats

andy_gunner 31

Unbelievable grit shown last night its so nice to be able to praise our team. There are to many out there saying dont think its all better just because of the one game but all we need to do is take it one game at a time and that was a bloody good game.


What a loser mentality this club has instilled in our supporters.

We win one game, which still shows that our best isn’t good enough to qualify, and y’all get giddy like little school girls going to a Justin Bieber concert.

What a sad lot we are these days, getting all excited about getting knocked out of another competition.

Thumb it down boys all you want, as we won’t be able to get all giddy next year when we don’t have the opportunity to get knocked out of the UCL again.


2 – Brass balls in each of our players shorts! Stellar perfomance and how we should be playing every game until the end of the season.


Not a great performance but not a bad one either. We need a quality striker to challenge Giroud. He put effort in but what else?


Some fans are so quick to say we’re brilliant when we win and claim doomsday when we lose

Gooner downunder

I always thought that chicken was standing on a Beach Ball.

Arsene's Nose

I really am getting a lot from the column now the stats. are accompanied with a summary/explanation, many thanks. As has no doubt been stated many times already since the final whistle, the two legs sum up not just Arsenal’s season but our seemingly perpetual state of being these days (well, for the last 8 years at least). Failings in the first leg include a lackadaisical approach and defensive errors (the team as a whole, not just the keeper and the back four) followed in the second leg by an organised, determined and defensively committed performance. The inconsistency of this… Read more »


Wow I never thought of it this way, but the two legs ARE a summary of our season. Its a bit of Jekyll and Hyde really, one minute I don’t recognize the disjointed team on the field and the next I see the world class team I know they are and can be. Granted I will say I didn’t think they were piss poor on the first leg or at WHL for that matter, but they were piss poor at times this season; at Villa, Bradford City and Norwich this season come to mind. All that said, after last night,… Read more »


Not sure I want to know, but how were our passing numbers? I couldn’t believe how many loose and untidy passes we had. There were so many simple passes which could have been played on the floor that were instead popped up to a teammate who then had to control it taking that half second which allowed bayern to close them down.


Not related, but have a question. Why is Podolski so under utilized? What’s going on? I think more time on the field is what he needs. His conversion rate is closer to RVPs than Rooney or Suarez. Just looking at league form Podolski has 8 goals from 42 shots (13 overall in 34 appearances most of which he didnt play 90 mins). RVP 19 from 98. Rooney 11 from 72. Suarez 22 from 158.


Before anyone says it – I understand he was injured. This is a question about the season in general.


most passes to walcott were either played behind him or they were too fast to begin with, which explains why there were so few touches

Dick Swiveller

True, the service to him wasn’t exceptional but in a team that was pressing hard and runnning their arses off, his lack of effort rather stood out. If you’re a defender and have Theo running at you, you’ll know you have very little time to do whatcha going to do, if nobody’s told him to close down players yet, they should probably have a word.


Was brilliant how we didn’t let their defenders play the ball into midfield and made them try speculative over the top passes. Seemed like a proper tactic that might have been discussed before the game in order to nullify their threat. And it worked. So why is it so rare that we seem to have proper plans going into normal league games and simply assume that we’ll just go out and win? Really hope that we can build on both the performance and the tactical approach and will be a bit more serious in preparing for the rest of our… Read more »

Ibrahim Helsony

Did you see the Ramsey track and tackle against Lahm? Fucking amazing stuff especially because Lahm is one of the best defenders in the world! Our midfield and defense did well to stifle their threat.


This has been by far the best tactical display by Wenger this season. This really shows Wenger has still got his wengerball skills in him, maybe even stepped up his game.

Besides that, i really loved reading this article. It was very enjoyable to read and i read it more than once hahah.. I really enjoyed your tone in that it was as if i was reading my mind voice. Great stuff pal, keep up the great work


A few folks have asked about the passing stats. As you guessed we were way below standard. Arsenal average 86% passing in the League, they were 76% last night. To contrast, Bayern were only 1% below par. The reason the numbers were so low is that Bayern flooded the middle of the park and cut off Arteta and Ramsey who were Arsenal’s most prolific passers with 49 attempts each but also well below their averages completing just 78% and 76% respectively. Rosicky and Cazorla also struggled with both below 76%. Arsenal’s most reliable passer last night was the BFG. In… Read more »


Walcott is really annoying me recently..The moment he signed that contact he has refused to run except if he’s bein put thru on goal. Refuses to track back and help whoeva is right back(notice sagnas form) since walcott has created a new position on the pitch which is a false 7 but not a 10 or 9′. His goals have been important this season but even games wen he has scored a hattrick his actual contribution to the team has been as poor as it always has been. Hate seein the number 14 on his back. As much maligned as… Read more »

Ibrahim Helsony

I agree, but I think you are underestimating is Ramsey’s and Jenkinson’s actual talent. Both are very talented footballers. One is 22 and the other is 20. Hardly the finished product, and are already starters at Arsenal.


Think most reasonable Arsenal fans would agree that Ramsey and Jenkinson are amazing prospects for the future, both are still very young.


Watched the match on the telly! Our fans clearly outsang Bayern’s. You guys even silenced them a bit. Kudos!

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