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Walcott : Giroud : Arteta – player reaction

Arsenal’s players have reacted to last night’s 2-0 win over Bayern Munich, speaking to about the game, the performance and a result which should be a real confidence boost going into this weekend’s clash with Swansea.

Oliver Giroud

We’re very disappointed tonight because we played well – with pride and for our fans. I think we deserved much better and we showed a good response after a bad performance in the first leg. The third goal we conceded at home made the difference tonight.

We almost played the perfect game tonight. We scored in the third minute and played as well as we could against one of Europe’s greatest teams. We succeeded in scoring a second but it was a bit too late after Bayern had done a good job running the clock down. We’re very frustrated because we gave our all and kept our heads up.

I think Bayern have a great chance of winning the Champions League because they are very good technically and they have a big squad. They’re my favourites, along with Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Mikel Arteta

It’s mixed feelings. Obviously it was very hard to come here with the result we had in London. Whenever you concede three goals at home, it’s going to be tough, especially coming here. We tried until the very end, though. The early goal gave us confidence and created a bit of uncertainty on Bayern’s side. After the second goal it was game on.

We talked before the game about how if we could score in the first 15 minutes it would give us the belief we needed and the game could go our way. That’s what we tried to do. It was a very psychological game and physically very demanding as well. It was tough and we got a good result, but it wasn’t good enough.

It’s disappointing because the way we conceded the goals at home was not good enough and you’re going to pay for that in the Champions League, playing against top teams. We won here, but we are out and we can’t be happy – although we can be proud of the reaction we showed.

Theo Walcott

It’s just so disappointing. The mistakes we made in the first leg cost us. You can’t do that at the top level, but you have to give the guys credit for tonight’s performance. We went out with pride, worked hard and worked for each other. We need to do that more often. It’s a weird feeling at the moment.

Bayern are a top-class team. They can hit you on the break and they’re very well organised, but I felt we were very well organised too and we matched them all over the park. It just wasn’t meant to be. It was very difficult out there. The pitch was quite slippery, but that’s football for you. I think the guys have got to be happy with what we did.

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cant really argue with any of it. Except i doubt wenger will keep vermaelen out the team which is a shame. So the defence will be same old come swansea. Typical of our season. Great performance, beat one of europes best team and then we will struggle against swansea. They’re our new bogey team : /

Limp Bar

Didn’t we beat them last time we played them?


Swansea isn’t the bogey. Stoke have been called our bogey team as they try and impose their style of “football” regardless of how we play. Swansea, instead, are dependent on how we play, each time we’ve lost to them came through counterattacks. And it’s more of a coincidence that we’ve tended to play them when we are on poor form, eg January last season eg our 4/5 game winless streak this season in November.


it’s been our crappiest season for 15 years probably, but if we can play like that for the next 10 games then we can end on a high.
if we can play with that level of teamwork and spirit then i dont see why we cant get 30 points, and that will see us 3rd or 4th.
and that would include beating those manu fuckers, lets salvage something from this miserable season by beating them and getting back in the champs league

Alex Cutter

Which match were you watching?

23(5) – Shots (on goal) – 5(2)
13 – Fouls – 25
6 – Corner kicks – 1
54% – Time of Possession – 46%
3 – Yellow Cards – 6
0 – Saves – 5

It’s pathetic how far this team has fallen that people are getting so excited about a match that could have easily gone 5-2 the other way.


5 goals for Bayern? How many of their 5 shots on target really troubled Fabianski?

Alex Cutter

Why are you ignoring their chances at missed the net?


Why are you including long range shots that didn’t look like going in?

They didn’t have 5 shots that looked like going in all night, so where did you get that number 5 from?

Watch the game next time, and not just read the stats and comment.

Alex Cutter

“Why are you including long range shots that didn’t look like going in?”

I’m not.

“They didn’t have 5 shots that looked like going in all night…”

Again, if you ignore clear chances they had that missed the goal.


Here’s the thing: Chelsea played like absolute pig shit last season, and came away with Big Ears. They managed that because, in spite of it all, they could fight and grit their way through tough situations where they were constantly outplayed, and come out the right side of a win.

While we’re still a fair way away from that, we just beat/fluked/grinded out/enjoyed a 2-0 win over fucking Bayern Munich. That’s something to fucking build on.


Did it go the other way? Did it go?
Yes, agree that we have fallen but that doesn’t mean we cant pride ourselves with this gutsy performance.
We lost Tottering Ham game while dominating major part of it, so according to you we should happy about losing that game since hypothetically we might have won it. No right? same way, we won this one and should be happy.
I will give you one stat that matters
Bayern 0 – 2 Arsenal. Peace

Alex Cutter

Whatever. Be happy about the end result against a team missing three of their best players, and who forgot how to put a shot on target.

Play like this against Swansea and theyll be lucky to get a point — not to mention what MU would do if they had half the chances BM had yesterday.


We also missed Jack and Poldi. And by no means of imagination MAnUre is better than Bayern. And you got be crazy to say swansea can convert chances that bayern couldn’t.


And yet, when the boot’s on the other foot (Arsenal losing players to injury/suspension), it’s all an issue because of the depth in our side.

We beat Bayern Munich. At Munich. Without Jack Wilshere. Fucking moaners.

Alex Cutter

“We also missed Jack and Poldi.”

The same Poldi that doesn’t get playing time when he’s healthy?

“And by no means of imagination MAnUre is better than Bayern.”

If you say so.

” And you got be crazy to say swansea can convert chances that bayern couldn’t.”

They didn’t seem to have any problem blanking us 2-0 at our place.


Podolski usually gets 70 minutes when he is healthy.

Bayern are far better than Man Utd.

Swansea fluked that result at the Emirates, and you’ve said that you don’t base your conclusions on fluke results, so you can discount that.


Ohh man. So according you if we win the league some time. We shouldnt be happy becasue what will happen in next league.
If we wni champions league we should not celebrate becasue who knows what happens in the next session
Live in the moment brother. We won. who knows what will happen in swansea match but lets be proud for now.


Pathetic or not, we have fallen, accept it, realise it and move on with it and the better chance we have of getting this club back to where we all feel it belongs. We are not the invincible’s anymore, nor the double winning sides, so pining for those days is going to do nothing for you. Whatever the reasons, we are where we are and this is where we need to build from. If you cannot find heart, or enjoyment out of yesterdays match then I feel sorry for you. The stats you have so confidently shown here could easily… Read more »

Alex Cutter

I have moved on — in terms of expectations. Which means that I don’t draw delusional conclusions on that state of the club based on a fluke result.


I repeat what I said previously. I feel sorry for you and glad I don’t view my club the same way I do.

Not trying to insult but rather point out how I can’t relate to your views one bit.

Nacho Vermertesagna

Many of those shots from Bayern were pot-shots from distance, and many of the fouls and bookings called against Arsenal were from a referee who was clearly out of his depth and seemed a little biased towards Bayern.

At the end of the day, we took the few chances we had. Two goals from five attempts is very good indeed.


They should have a scheme where referees have to referee a handful of games in foreign leagues. Maybe this will help cut out ridiculous freekicks we are seeing, especially in Europe.


they won the game statistically, but the truth is that they genuinely came through the defence and close to scoring barely a couple of times……. Rest of the time they were just making layoffs to each other from outside the box or catching up on loose balls and taking shots from anywher between 25-35 yards that rarely looked to genuinely trouble fabianski……
the reason they had so many shots but no goal because arsenal had the back four sitting deep ( i guess arsene trusted fabianski to stop long range shots…)


i thought that fabianski looked really confident and determined, all this talk of him leaving looks premature now.
he certainly deserves to play on saturday and for the rest of the season if he carries on like that

also great to see rosicky, he was maybe a bit rusty at times but he’s fearless about receiving the ball and taking on opponents, always got his head up, positive, making tackles. he needs to be at the heart of this team


I agree about Rosicky, he didn’t run the show as I thought most of us thought he would but you can be sure after a run of games he will get better and better. LANS……


Defensive performance was good but the attack was abysmal in my opinion. Hopefully the midfield can start clicking again. Can point to anybody in front of arteta who put in an above average performance. Giroud hardly got a sniff after 3 minutes. Kos is better than Vermaelen. Fabianski is really good at hanging on to shots which is even an understatement given the pitch and ball were covered in crisco

Podolski's left leg

I hope Rosicky and Fabianski get a prolonged run of play. Kosielny too. We’ll get to that fouth place trophy with a good ending to the season and we can all laugh at 5p*r2


id def agree with you on ros and kos, fab i think we need to look where hes stronger/weaker than ches (cant for the life of me spell his name) and simply play the keeper best suited to the opposition


Luckily we were abit more like pistorius yesterday. With a great defence and more lethal attack that had considerably more shots on target.

Mr. Boner

If you steal a joke at least tell it right. It’s supposed to include ‘lost over two legs’.


Haha sorry I had a shit source, they dint include that.


I thought Pistorius lost exactly two legs?


Vermaelen is class. But we need to leave him out against the swans. Otherwise last night will look as tho it was just a rotation exercise for a match we had nothing to lose in. Doesn’t carry the same weight… same with szcesny.


I swear the last 3 games (maybe more) we have played without Vermaelen have yielded clean sheets. He’s simply the worst of our 3 main CBs and not a natural fullback. IMO he has to be tried in midfield or moved on next season. Quality footballer in many ways, but not the great CB people seem to think he is, and never has been.


verm is very good, hes just not as good at working with merte and bear in mind kos is also very good and mertesacker’s reading of the game makes him vital

Glass half full

Vermalen hasn’t looked class, since 2009-10. Two average seasons, and one out injured before.

Mate Kiddleton

Slippery pitch indeed, both sides were sliding all over the place.


this is the team which shd finish the season and the bench.pls wenger alter not.spirited.


We didn’t go trough but i knew we could win the game !! COYG
Very proud of the lads, just what i wanted the heart on the sleaves and leave with head high!
Great result regardless if the k.o.
If we can beat Bayern away, we could beat anyone in the league!?
Hope they truely realise that too!!

Next year…next year!
Up the ARSENAL, bring on Swansea.


Great article by Arseblog today; sums up just about everything that most of us think about out current situation. We’ve become a “nearly” club. Just look at all the things that we’ve nearly won over the last seven years: 1.We nearly won the European Cup, only to lose after Henry missed an easy chance. 2. We nearly won two titles, only to collapse when ahead. 3. We nearly won the League Cup, only to lost to Birmingham by a ridiculously soft goal. 4. We nearly beat AC Milan last year, only to miss out when the Skunk missed an easy… Read more »

Jim JImminy

Nearly beat barcelona, except for TGSTEL.


From what I saw of the game, Jenkinson also deserves more praise for his performance last night. I think we got a glimpse of his future. He looked athletic, confident and completely comfortable with the level of competition. There were times he was chasing down these top level players and simply bullying them off the ball with ease. I didn’t see the whole thing, so I was hoping to gain confirmation/denials from people who did see it from start to finish?


He was awesome.
His best moment was probably when Robben got clear through. He bust a lung getting back and across, forcing Robben to shoot earlier than he would have liked and making the save possible.

Had it not been for that the score would have undoubtably have been 1-2 rather than 0-2.


Thanks mate, that’s great to know. I did see that challenge actually. He looked so quick to react to any danger and so confident when faced with an opponent as though nothing would get past him. Looks like we have someone to take over from Sagna, whether he stays on to next season or not.


Eboue is in the quarterfinal with Galatasaray.


gotta say bad idea selling him, versatile we could use him

Tony Adams morning breath

And Nacho and Santi would have been if they had not moved on to a “better” team.

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