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Wenger: We must dream the impossible dream

Arsene Wenger insists his beleaguered Arsenal side should dream the impossible dream ahead of Wednesday’s second-leg Champions League clash with Bayern Munich.

Needing to score three goals at the Allianz Arena following a 3-1 humbling at the Emirates, the Gunners are rank outsiders to qualify for the quarter-finals. Nevertheless, despite the fact Jupp Heyncke’s side have only lost once in the Bundesliga all season, the boss insists he’ll send his squad out with an ambitious plan in the aim of overturning the deficit.

“We’re chasing the game in a very difficult environment against a team that has no doubts at all,” the manager told Arsenal Player.

“But our mentality is to go there, not resigned, but ambitious and provoke things, not go there and think ‘we will not qualify anyway’. No, not at all. We will go to Munich and have to go there and give ourselves a chance to qualify with everybody believing we can do it.

“We have to behave on the football pitch like a team who wants to do it. That will be the task in the preparation. How will we go into the game tactically? I haven’t decided yet. It will be with an ambitious plan, that is for sure.”

“There have been a few wins in the Champions League that we are all very proud of,” continued the boss, reflecting on last season’s 3-0 win over AC Milan.

“We just have to convince ourselves that we can do it in Munich as well. Yes, the chance is small, but the chance makes the impossible possible. That would be a great credit for our team to do it. We have to try to achieve it.”

Such positivity from the boss has been reflected by Gervinho who has emphasised that with 90 minutes remaining, the tie is only at half-time.

Perhaps influenced by the manner in which he and his teammates have so often gifted opponents a head-start in games the Ivorian stated:

“This is a completely new match. We are only at half time in this tie, and we must go there with belief. The players will go and give absolutely everything. We have to believe in our talents.

“Personally, I still believe we can make it, I know it will be difficult, but I still believe in us. We are going through a tough period at the moment, but there is still a really good spirit with this group of players. Just because we lost the first match at Emirates Stadium, we will not give up.”

Well you can’t fault the spirit…now let’s all enjoy some Andy Williams.

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Thats how Arsenal’s attitude shud be.


That is the attitude Wenger sells us before every game. If we showed the stuff Wenger has been talking about in his pre- and post-match interviews regarding our mental strength and quality, we would have won back-to-back trophies…

Wenger’s interviews only exist on paper, our team on the pitch is a completely different planet.


I’m sure he says the same things to the players but if them full international players make silly little mistakes that cost us the match then its not completely his fault. He can take 1 or 2 out but can’t take 5 or 7 out. Biggest difference between this season and last season is obviously that cunt who’s name I’d not say but the form of the players. Song, sagna, kosienly were on decent form all season. Rosicky was outstanding in the second half of the season, chambo everytime he played done pretty well and even benayoun who was consistent… Read more »


I’d rather not say* but I’m sure yous knew what I meant

So Arsenal should try to claim a personal victory by opening their mouth first?

We do it every game while the opposition piss in our very mouths!

Andy Mack

If he’s asked the question, what else should he say.
He didn’t say ‘we will win’ he says ‘we have to try to win’.

I don’t see why that’s wrong!


Mental strength, passion, quality, determination

The ultimate middle finger to us Arsenal fans is talking about having all of the above then never actually showing it on the pitch.

8YRS AGO....

we’ve always dreamt the impossible and its eight years and counting


win or loose Jst give a real gud fi8… i will be happy wid that…


Now dont crucify me with down thumbs for this idea
Dani alves hummels mertesacker gibbs
Wanyama wilshere
Walcott rosicky cazorla

Would this not be a stong line up worthy of the Arsenal jersey? Maybe not szczezney

Dave Gooner

We will know the truth of AW’s words when we see the team he selects for Weds.

If it is our strongest starting eleven, we will know he means what he says.

If the “spokesplayer” quoted in the article is involved in any capacity, then we will know he does not mean what he says.


Keep selling us that dream Wenger…


Oh god, we are gonna get thrashed!

David's semen

As long as we can keep the score below 3-0 for the sake of respectability


That’s still 6-1 over two matches…

David's semen

better than 8-2


Is a 5-2 away win an impossible dream?


Yes. And if you keep dreaming such crazy dreams then you are in for a rude awakening Bavarian style….


I love wenger’s sense of humour. Haha.


We will probably lose again….and after that i’ll join Arsene and have some of what he was having before this interview..


Dream the possible dream Wenger,buy players of genuine quality and win a trophy.

Tenacious Defence

Man he looks old in that photo. So different to the eager young man who arrived in the 90s.


I don’t ever remember Arsene looking young,he just has one of those faces.I bet he looked that way when he was born.


Bet the nose came out first.


He looked like puyol in his youth. There some clip in youtube of that time.


That sounds like a bloody good reason to get old as quickly as possible.

Von Biggles

Come on you Gunners! They are nothing more than a foreign, more talented, disciplined, illustrious, confident and successful Reading.

David's semen

With a vastly superior coach

Johnny Jensen's Bender

Just no.


Guys finished my 3D animated arsenal logo if you have a chance to check it out

David's semen

Very cool! You should put it up as a screensaver. I’d subscribe!


Thanks, will make a pan for it 🙂

North Bank Gooner

While there is still time in the tie we have a chance, a slim one, but still a chance. Come on you Gunners!!!!

(cue the stirring music from the Honda Ad)

David's semen

(cue Chopin’s Funeral march)


While laughing I thumbed you down by mistake, which made me laugh again.


I believe that we will go ang give a really good account of ourselves. If that’s enough to win the match I don’t know. We have been in this position a lot in the champions league and have really put a shift in to try and get the result we need but that has not always resulted in is going to the next stage. I personally will be happy if we just give a really good account of ourselves and that we can leave with our heads held high regardless if we go through or not. During big games you… Read more »

David's semen

I don’t think anyone doubts that we could score a couple of goals out there. The trouble is we are more likely to concede as many if not more.

So game over.


We need Tomáš Rosický!!!


Is Gibbs fit? He could well be the difference + plus ofcourse the other 10 players actually turning up!


Three week injury mate so we probably won’t see him again this season.

A Yank

I know that’s a joke. But also not a joke. Seriously, would it surprise anyone if Gibbs didn’t play until, say, October? Fucking “two, maybe three weeks” somehow becomes nine months with alarming regularity for us. Why the fuck is Colin Lewin still our physio? And why the fuck do I even know our physio’s name? That’s how shitty a job he’s doing—random Americans have sought out his name so they know whom to curse. Fuck. Anyway, I’m not so pessimistic on the return leg. Think we draw 2-2. Of course that’s a 5-3 aggregate, but baby steps. Let’s get… Read more »

Goon Goon Goon

It’ll be hard for us and they are not going to make it any easier but we know in our day we can score goals. I just hope it’s one if those days.



The site update looks great blogs! Best football wise at least. And its responsive as well. The web developer in me is very pleased.


Just design wise?

Andy Mack

It may look good but it’s making my old pc run so slow I may not come back here again (seriously, it’s that bad).

Andy Mack

It’s making my super-dooper work PC run at a snails pace as well.


“And its responsive as well.”

What the fuck are you running? Some sort of enhanced beta release accelerated jscript engine on a fucking mainframe?
It’s dog slow. I mean ludicrously slow.
Rendering speeds like this haven’t been seen since we used to get lamp oil from whales.


It’s funny when you hear all this talk about dreaming the impossible dream…then the word “Gervinho” appears and suddenly you are brought back to earth with a bump.


Exactly what I was thinking! Why in god’s good name did they choose Gervinho for the pre match interview!? How odd.


then who would you have? TV5 talking about keeping the defense tight? you would still complain no matter who. At least gerv didnt play in the last march.


Well if they wanted to put someone who seems to be totally immune from criticism from about 97% of the Arsenal fan base, they should have put Wilshere in. Seems like even when he puts in a mediocre performance (a la Tottenham) he’s still hailed as the savior of the team. Even when there were better Arsenal players on the day but they get overlooked.

Fair play though, Gervinho has had a tough time and that was a low blow. Should criticize based on performance only, and not on stupid stuff like that.


Watching the FA-cup this weekend, I still can’t let the blackburn loss go.

Dial square

Or having to watch Swasea thump Bradford 5-0 at Wembley, stuck in my throat a bit!!

Benny M

Yeah that one along with the Tottenham loss really hurt, pretty much the worst I felt all season. Didn’t really care about the Capital One Cup in comparison to the FA Cup, so I wasn’t as gutted at Bradford.

Shame the two shite results came so close to one another.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Bayern is arguably the best team in Europe now. Arsenal is the most inconsistent team in Europe. I wouldn’t count on it but experience has taught me that you just can’t place a bet on Arsenal. Let’s hope for the best. That Podolski goal showed that Bayern’s defence isn’t that that tight and Mandzukich goal was just absurd. Besides most players played in that AC Milan match. Unlikely yet it wouldn’t be Arsenal to make us fans sure about a result. Any result, for that matter. COYG.


Yes,its possible Arsene,provided you are ready to take bold decisions to match you dreams.How about starting Rozza at the apex of midfield?He was instrumental in that position in our mission impossible against AC Milan.And how about dropping Santi to the bench?I have said this before and still firmly believe we are not putting forth our best team combination .Arteta as anchor,jack in the box to box role,and Rozza at the apex,with poldi on the left and theo/ox on the right should be our first choice formation,as it gives much better PENETRATION to our play,something we start lacking when Santi and… Read more »

Benny M

I’d actually like to see Arteta dropped to the bench and see Ramsey as our anchor. He filled in really nicely for Arteta during his injury absence, and Ramsey’s engine and tackling is far better than Arteta’s. To me Mikel has been a bit lacking in several games of late, since he got back from his injury in fact.




Lol @ Alex song…… The bench Wizard! Lol
“I love barcelona, the bench is rather smooth”………this is one of the funniest things in football, what a tool.

You guyz can continue now…….lol!

He's got no hair but we don't care...

When your season is already over and you’re reduced to hoping an FA Cup tie against 2 inbred rivals ends in a red card bloodbath, it’s very sad footballing times indeed.

Andy Mack

So now you know how most supporters of other teams feel.


Can anybody remember San Sirocco turn around. I think we were 3:1 down from the first leg and return back with a victory 5:1 I think. I dare to dream

David's semen

There’s no law against dreaming. Just don’t let it replace your sense of reality.


That was in the group stages. We lost 0-3 at Highbury but got revenge with the 5-1 win.

David's semen

“How will we go into the game tactically? I haven’t decided yet. It will be with an ambitious plan, that is for sure.”

Give us a fucking break. ‘Tactics” and Wenger do not go hand in hand.

Never have. Never will.

We will follow Man U out of the door this week. But for entirely different reasons.


Just because he never has us sitting deep and lumping it forward doesn’t mean he doesn’t do tactics. Our tactics are normally driven by player selection and instructions. I’m not happy with Arsene’s performance recently but to say he doesn’t do tactics and never has is ridiculous, the kind of thing you’d hear from Jamie Redknapp.

David's semen

Don’t you listen to the man during his press conferences? What did he say to the journo who asked him what plans he had for Bale?

“We make no plans for anybody” was his reply – or something equally as stupid.

He has no plan A let alone a plan B and for that reason we’re finishing yet another season empty handed. Not even loosing finalists. FFS

Yankee Gooner

My impossible dream is success with gravatar–seems so simple!


Gervinho will save us!


Am going to sleep now… I hope I have I dream…

David's semen

an impossible dream…………


I think we should start with rosicky; leave arteta on the bench. I wouldnt mind the energy of coq either. Giroud can be the difference.


Don’t worry lads, this is Arsenes last season because I’m sure he will never change, as a result the remaining supporters he has left will finally see the light and desert him.


I wish. But he’ll say something like “we’ve learnt our lessons and I think our mental strenght has increased and blah blah blah”. And of course his fans (nt arsenal fans) will be @ ur throat if you point it out.


How does he not know his approach yet? It’ll be a great plan once I think if it? This doesn’t bode well. Reminds me if his pre-Spuds presser.

David's semen

precisely Steve. Are you reading this Vino?

[…] 来源: [Arseblog News] […]


Since we changed to this 433 formation we have only had one tactic and thats attack and out score the opposition team.

I remember 2007/08 when we played 442 with Gallas, Toure, Clichy and Sagna at the back and we was solid, why cant we go back to that formation?


The way we have played recently, with Theo and Giroud both as strikers, I thought we had reverted to playing 4-4-2, have we not?


I dont have a clue tbh not going to lie.

If so we can get a good DCM and a good CB.

That should help a lot and work on some defensive organisation.


But I’m not sure if that’s because Walcott just drifts in whenever he feels like it, and sometimes just gives fuck all about tracking back and helping out the RB, there are times this season where I have seen Ramsey or Jenkinson patrolling the entire right flank by themselves; its a good thing these lads have solid engines.

David's semen

might be something to do with the fact that the team and formation was built around Fabregas. He’s not really altered his thought process since the guy fucked off to Barca


Am I the only one who reads Wenger’s quotes in his voice?


I think everyone does, he is a very intelligent, articulate man with a distinct way of putting things. Always compelling listening/reading.


C’mon Mugsmashers! Smash’em Sp*rs!


This current squad seems to struggle with the possible, so the impossible is hardly going to be err…





Yeees fair play Liverpool you are good for something after all. Now the gap can be slashed to 4 points and thats right the spuds still have to face Man City, Everton and Chelsaea.



Shall we all go on spurs blogs like they all do after our losses, and fill it up with spam and hate speech? …nah we won’t debase ourselves by going to their level. You’ll Never Walk Alone! Cheers Liverpool.

chamakh's barber

Let the spud’s breakdown commence!
Really need to get some pts against manure to build up the pressure on chelsea and twats

David's semen

shame we have to rely on other teams doing us a favour.


Tbf sp*rs do get generous with points around this time of the season. So look at it as um nature taking its course.



Big Chief from Antarctica

Sweet liverpool. Bless them.


They’ll finish above us.


The Arsenal Premier league – Champions league double is still alive.

Podolski Sklep

Never before have I supported the evil Uruguayan Beaver… I feel so dirty- think I’m gonna sit in the bath with the shower on for a few hours.

Still- COYG!


Arseblog great new design but please change the grey color of the comment icons my eyes hurts/

F.A cup…….. Blackburn v millwall = Wigan, wembley——– feel sick


Dont we would of lost in the final anyway against City, chesea or Man U.

You have to earn it and we have earned the right to be in the final let alone win it.

I really hope Wigan do it cause i love their Manager you will never find a more happy optimisitc Manager if you tried.


Right. We could have – and should have – got to both finals.

Fuck you, Wenger!


AW is a very good public speaker but to player a weakened side against Blackburn just to lose the game and then go and get beat by Bayern anyway was madness.

Just start the strongest team get ahead them make the changes it was AW fault I dont care if there was 11 internationals dont matter cause its a team gamr you player the best players in the best form who are playing the best together at a team.

If their internationals or not doesnt matter.


On an unrelated note, I’m really starting to feel better about us selling Van Persie. I suppose only Wenger knew that he had such a weight problem, but when you make Rooney look anorexic you know you have a problem. The fact that he’s out of form to the point where he’s gone from ‘definite golden boot treble winning player of the year’ to ‘not Gareth Bale’ in the media helps of course.


What weight problem, what are you talking about!?

Is your tv on the correct ratio?

A N Other

I would rather like Fulham to dream the impossible and beat spurs 5-0 in their own ground..

Eric Irish gunner

Good day all round, mug smashers beat the spuds and Chelsea and utd have to play again before the winner plays City,the top 3 spots still all to play for


Yes we can do it if we had a striker. This team has the best midfield right now. The defence is not as bad as people think, if only wenger would stop using stupid tactics (highline for bale and lennon, really?). Look @ d goal suarez scored today, giroud would av poked that ball into the stands. Get a good striker and giroud as backup or switch to 4-4-2. Wenger has lost it tactics wise.


Scouse cunts beat the cocks.First good news in these parts for a while!


An excellent Sunday! Spurs lose, and Man United’s treble has taken another slip.

Like I’ve said, Spurs have a habit of bottling it when it comes to the crunch. We just have to make sure we don’t fuck up too.


We will fuck it up.


Lol fatgooner, your gravatar couldn’t be more accurate. Look at that big fat chin that’s all over tha place!


They will bitch slap you for dreaming like that!
I wish all, player and manager alike, shut their mouth and receive their slapping without any fuss.
This club talks a lot and does nothing this days.


Whether we will be fucked by munich or not. We can atleast look forward to the next weekend with the hope of closing the gap between us and filthy spurs (who to my absolute delight lost todayp. Hopefully we don’t fuck it up vs Swansea. We probably will though….lol but no.


I have a dream too, that one day this club will rise up and live up to the true meanings of its dreams.

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