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Boss backs returning captain

Thomas Vermaelen sat alongside Arsene Wenger at the pre-game press conference in Munich, and answered questions in a way which suggested he expected to play against the German champions.

Instead, the captain found himself dropped unceremoniously to the bench and he remained there until called on as a substitute in the wake of Per Mertesacker’s red card against West Brom. The BFG’s suspension means Vermaelen will come back into the side for tomorrow’s game against Norwich, and he’s drawn praise from Wenger for his reaction to being benched.

Speaking to the official website, the manager said, “He is a great man and I didn’t make him captain by coincidence. I knew there is something mentally special there. He responds in positive situations and in less positive situations like when you don’t play.

“They know there could be rotation with the three centre backs from the start of the season, depending on good and less good periods of any individual player. He took that remarkably well.”

As the door closes for Mertesacker, it opens for Vermaelen, and here’s hoping that a spell on the sidelines refocuses him and brings him back to something approaching the form we know he’s capable of.

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Good game for Ze Germ to get suspended, and good came for the Verm to stage a comeback!


Interesting to see what AW does with the armband. Keep with Arteta and let TV worry about his own game?

Either way, he and Kos need to be communicating, much like Adams never shut up all game, even when playing with a more senior CB like O’Leary.

He might be limited, but wardrobe-turned-footballer Grant Holt can put himself about, so these two need to be on it.


To be honest I hope Arteta keeps the armband and lets Verm focus on the basics first.


Hopefully the Verminator got whatever nuts and bolts were loose fixed. He’s certainly capable of playing well, so here’s to him showing his class on Saturday!

damien joyce

A bit off this topic i know, but does anyone else get the feeling that Podolski has seriously slipped down the pecking order??
I know transfer speculation is 95-99% bull, but ever since the rumours of him leaving for Italy arose, he seems to have played a lot less than his previous favourite 70mins. I wonder if it is just form that is affecting his place in team, I can’t believe he hasn’t been given same opportunities as Giroud as lone striker. he is for me still the best finisher we have


I’ve heard he’s scheduled for surgery in summer and assumed that the two ( lack of playing time and injury ) were linked. It’s only just occurred to me that t that was the case, then why is he playing at all? Surely the medical staff wouldn’t allow it, look at how precautious they are with jack and rosicky.


As I remember he wasn’t a starter for the German national team, so I think it means nothing. And IMO it would be better if he will be healthy for the next season.


The German media says he requires surgery, while the English media says he wants out. The former may speculate with or without evidence, but the latter fabricates with only one intention: to harm.


Remember what the BFG said about the English media?
“There’s more speculation there than in the stock market.”

Haha. Gotta love Per.

SS Gooner

Didn’t he even reiterate his intention to stay in London too? (take that for what its worth)

el bahja

BFG knows how things work cause He’s German


Most people who know how *things work are usually chinese.


Tomorrow’s game? We are playing on Saturday!


Its ridiculous that only Arsenal players after being dropped, straight away get linked with moves away. I’ve always thought the dropped players (in this case and many others) would work extra hard and win their place back instead of plotting which club to move to next…… Have I been wrong all this time? if media bollocks is to be believed I think I have been 🙁 .

Big Chief from Antarctica

Vermaelen got the Verminator look in that picture. BRING THAT ATTITUDE ON THE PITCH!


Can someone please help me,do we want these cocks to win tonight?sorry I just vomited.


When you’re sitting next to a club captain who happens to be a Shanghai warrior you better only have good things to say about him!

Bould's Eyeliner

I’m sorry, I ignored the random/harmless comment about Made in China, but now Vermaelen is a Shanghai warrior? What does that even mean?


He dressed as one for the Asia tour a year or two ago. He looked rather scary in it but it was funny.


@boulds eyeliner you should get out abit more.


it would be great for tommy v to pitch in with goal too…we’ve quite missed them this season…


^^^ how do I get this friggen picture off? Seriously…


just quit your derping right derrrrp


no seriously… I don’t know how to get it off. Is it associated with the email I selected or something?


Lol you really look like shit in that picture.
Try going here upload another gravatar and select it as user.


I know.. It was more of a joke than anything. Then I realized it was everywhere. Frick.

Thank you so much! haha


wasn’t derping!


I just had a feeling that Adebayor would miss his penalty he hasnt been great all season.

I think thats one massive blow to Spurs season its going to be hard to pick themselves back up now.


Adebayors penalty just landed in my backyard.

Eric Irish gunner

Fucking great and that prick missing makes it even better


BREAKING: All flights suspended over Europe tonight, as Emmanuel
Adebayor’s penalty is still rising.


Ferguson on Adebayors penalty: He could have been killed! (refering to a certain dutchman miles away in manchester)


Heh – that made me laugh 😀


The return of the Verminator


I get the feeling that he tries too hard. But I’ve always liked his attitude on the pitch. He never gives up. Besides for those errors vs Spurs (which any defender could make) he wasn’t playing too bad.


Oh when the wheels come falling off….

Santi Claws

I know we go on about HFB’s chiseled jaw and abs of Adonis, but, shit, Vermaelen has the “oblique smouldering Calven Klein model” look down to a fucking tee

Glory Hunter

Both have nothing on Ramsey!


Boss backs returning captain. Wow that is a surprise. Like he is gonna say “I made a big mistake signing this Klutz and I would rather play Squillaci” . I make a bold prediction that the boss will say ” if we score more goals than Norwich we will win the game. Lol.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


how about squillaci?


Yes Squillaci for manager. Lol.

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