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Ramsey enjoying life in the middle

Aaron Ramsey says he’s happy to play wherever the team needs him and wherever the manager puts him, but says he’s thoroughly enjoying his time in central midfield.

Having been deployed as a forward, an emergency defender, and more, a consistent run in his most natural position has seen an upturn his form, and the Welshman is eager to keep his place.

“I’m delighted with the way I’m playing and how the team is playing,” he said, before admitting he feels happiest in the middle. “It makes a big difference. That’s my position and that’s where I want to play.

“At the beginning of the season, I was moving all over the pitch, playing left-wing, right-wing, right-back. I was asked to do a job in many positions, which I’m happy to do for the team.

“If the manager wants me to play there, I’m not going to say no to that. But I’ve got my place back in the middle and my performances have been showing what I’m capable of doing there.”

And he said the team are confident they can go on and achieve the top four finish.

“We’re looking forward to the weekend. Tottenham and Chelsea still have to play each other. They still have tough games. The teams are still going to drop points so we’re positive and confident that we can finish in the top four.”

Having overcome injury and a significant loss of form, it’s good to see him start realising the potential Arsene Wenger saw when he held off Manchester United for his signature.

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Loving Ramsey’s ‘mental strength’. In sharp contrast to Gerv’s mental anguish…


You couldn’t just stop at “Loving Ramseys mental strength” and spare us the unnecessary dig at Gervinho……


Awesome comment


Thierry Henry deserves to be awarded the 40 years of PFA award. Please Vote for him.



@Midgunner it’s comments like this that lost Ramsey his confidence in the first place, just pointless and it helps no body, how can people be so full of hate for their own players!


For once the use of Mental Strength will be appropriate

[…] Meanwhile, the rejuvenated Aaron Ramsey is enjoying his spell in midfield. Having been deployed all over the pitch this season, sometimes to greater effect than others, he’s really finding some form and consistency in his more natural position: […]


Been a forever Ramsey critic but he has seriously shined in recent games and I’m so very pleased for him. He loves his club and you can see that from his determination on the pitch.

Attempted some lovely passes against Everton which was reminiscent of pre-injury Aaron.

More of the same, please..

Tamzin Baker

Oh sweet Jesus people are finally seeing it! He’s so handsome it’s kind of criminal, and only getting better with age too. Swoon. Keep it up Aaron (your current form).


Am I the only one who thinks Aaron is the handsomest lad at Arsenal? Yes, more beautiful than Giroud.

Herold goon

You’re quite right sir. But Giroud brings something else to the table, french! Imagine giroud conversing in french with those perfectly chiselled chins….i better stop here.

Herold goon

But that doesn’t make up for his terrible ball control… arseblog though, thinks It does.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

Boy, filling the void left by RVP must be near impossible.

glory hunter

At last, Ive been saying it for ages, while everyone was swooning at HFB, he’s got nothing on Aaron.
Blogs has a thing for French men, 1st Pires & now Giroud, all he needs to complete the set is the signing of Ribery 🙂

A N Other

I think thought of ribery alone would put him off mankind altogether.


“He’s well fit”, or so my sister tells me. Through her I’ve seen some of the things posted about Rambo on Tumblr and other sites of the like online, and some of it has made me blush. Wonder if he is aware of it?


Whenever I have to resort to a poor quality stream I can hardly tell the two apart – Especially as Giroud finds himself chasing balls and supporting the team in the midfield a fair bit whilst Ramsey gets forward. It’s baffling

Merlin's Panini

chasing balls…ssssssccmmmmmpppphhhhhhahahaha!!

Olivier Giroud

I disagree.

Jennifer Toh

He is so fit I can’t even. My best friend who isn’t even a footie fan follows Arsenal partially because of me but mostly because of him.

I think we should coin a new nickname for him. If Giroud is the HFB, is Aaron our HFW?

Arsene Wenger

If HFB stands for Handsome French Bloke/Bastard, what does HFW stand for?

I believe you lack the spirit and mental strength to think properly.

Jennifer Toh

Unfortunately you are correct Arsene, given that I might have been quite tipsy writing that. I guess HFW = Handsome Friendly Welshman? No? haha


Ramsey seems a little more quicker recently like he has got that little burst in pace back and his attitude is top notch.

He is constantly pressing the opposition and making it uncomfortable for them.

On top you can see his confidence has grown as some of his touches and passes have been excellent. He is a quality player and one I can see being long term starter for us for a long time.


I Definitely agree with you. It is probably a combination of confidence, self-belief, fitness and playing regularly. I have always liked him and since 2013 he has, for me, been our best player (saying a lot when you are in a team with, Arteta, Cazorla, Podloski, Wilshere and Rosicky). Although I have time for him I would have not had a problem with him being dropped, when he was not playing too well but the manager saw something and that confidence in him is being paid back. It is like Ramsey has reached a point where we will never see… Read more »

glory hunter

I agree with everything you wrote apart from getting my vote as our player of the year, that surely has to go to Cazorla. I remember a comment on this site from John(i think) who said that this team needs Aaron Ramsey on form cos he gives us something no one else in the squad does(he is the epitome of box to box) his contributions in the final 3rd will improve and he’ll start to score more! Which is good for us but bad for celebrities worldwide, but i sure we can all live with that, Unless you’re a celebrity… Read more »


I fully agree and expect that Cazorla to be our Player of the year as he has been so effective but I was just saying that Ramsey would get my vote as his attitude and application and subsequent influence on the team has nothing short of incredible.


Ramsey appears unperturbed by criticism or praise. Hallmark of a highly balanced individual, something that will take him places with Arsenal. Talent & effort, both are great aspects of his game. I had started to think that he would go downhill as a gooner but the development of his
game is now there for all to see.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

Unperturbed? I don’t think so. Imagine every time you touch the ball, 60,000 people groan. And they’re your own fans. After coming back from a broken leg, the dropping of the Wales captaincy (admittedly by a moron) and the death of your mentor to suicide, Gary Speed. I don’t think he was unperturbed because he didn’t play great for long periods, not for Wales or Arsenal. I think he has shown determination and fight to get back into the team, but he must have felt like shit sometimes. I think a lot of people should be grateful he still wants… Read more »


I am really grateful that he plays for us and am glad he signed a new deal along with other British players. It augurs well for Arsenal. Unperturbed i meant, he went about development of his game despite that horrid injury from that Stoke c*nt :). Yes i do agree with you, he would have certainly felt the excruciating pains of boos and aahs (unnecessary at most times) coming from the fans, the irreplaceable loss of his mentor Gary Speed (almost a father figure) and the losing of the captaincy armband for his national team. Those i would like to… Read more »


He’s a good lad. I have a lot of respect for him and how he has turned things around. And it feels like he is now playing how he should be, not just in a purple patch or something.

Dave Gooner

100% correct Mr Skins. He really is this good. This is not a ‘purple patch’, but how good the guy really is.

And he looked like a player who was going to be this good – and better – right before Frankenstein’s uglier and stupider twin brother smashed his leg in front of a crowd of leering, soon to be relegated, orcs.

And now he is this good again. All talent and solid solid hard work. He deserves full credit for this. Well done Aaron Ramsey.

He has the genuine admiration of this Gooner for one.


Ramsey ialong with Arteta and Cazorla is becoming one of our most reliable players now. Asharvin is on the way out, Diaby is probably finished, Wilshire is not 100% fit, Podolski and Rosicky have niggling injuries while Walcott, Girvinho and Chamberlain are in one game out the next. Is Ramsy’s rise because he is playing much better or because the so calleds stars are struggling?


Simple question to answer. Look at the other 8 players mentioned. If they were fully fit, how many would displace Ramsey from the role he currently plays? Wilshere is probably the only one who could do the job (OK Diaby, but sadly….), and there is no one on the pitch right now we could shift into Ramsey’s position to give room for one of those guys to come in. Something that was really telling that slipped out of the BFG’s interview over the weekend. He called Arteta and Ransey our two Number 6s. As much as I’ve argued we play… Read more »


Good post. Ramsey has all the qualities that we have been asking for.
There are countless games that we drop points in or struggle with and afterwards we wonder where the determination was.
We would be a far poorer team without Ramsey.

Rosicky's twin

According to stats, Ramsey has completed the 3rd most through passes after Cazorla(of course) and Silva. I.e Aaron has more than Mata(Jesus Christ!!!), Gerrard, Carrick, Hazard, Wilshere, Stoke, Qpr, Norwich, etc.

I actually believe this guy can become as good as Jack in future if they both develop well, maybe not as good but very very very close…


You can’t compare the two per se, they are developing into different players and will both be immense to the team in their own rights. The thought of an Arsenal with a 25 year old Jack Wilshere and a 26 year old Ramsey dominating midfields across the UK and Europe makes me uncomfortably happy.


Ramsey has been a pleasure to watch lately. Just love the way he fights to get the ball back. He and Arteta make me forget Song a little bit more each game.


Haven’t thought of Song once since he left, very surprised how easy he has been replaced, only goes to show the huge defensive shaped holes in his game.


If we had 10 ramseys on the pitch, the opposition wouldn’t string 3 passes together


I fucking love Aaron Ramsey.


Need goals from Aaron to reach the next level as he gets into great positions but seems to ‘Ramsey’ them wide.


I agree and I think they will come for him.

60 + 15 = 75pts = 3rd place?

Ramsey is no doubt Arsenal’s “most-improved player” this season. Nice to see everyone is happy for him, even some of his biggest critics in the past. But after the grueling physical torture suffered by our starting-11 against those Everton thugs on Tuesday, who does Wenger start against Fulham on Saturday? It’s all good that Spuds play City and later Chelsea so they’re bound to drop some points, but that’s no good unless we can win our remaining fixtures. We certainly can’t afford to drop points due to fatigued players underperforming against a mid-table team like Fulham: – Jenks in for… Read more »


Too many changes can also disrupt the form of the team. The team played well against Everton, but just could finish the chances.


That team would have been able to rest a bit before Saturday so I would be hesitant to tinker with the starting 11 too much. Maybe move Cazorla into CAM (CM next to Arteta would NOT be a good idea) and play Poldi out wide, with maybe Ox opposite. Giroud up top. OR, Rosicky at CAM, Cazorla out wide, Poldi up top, bench Giroud. Ramsey and Arteta as our double pivot, our two CBs stay put, and maybe Monreal for Gibbs (though maybe not) and Jenkinson for Sagna (maybe might be a good idea?). Jack and Theo on as 70th… Read more »


he has made a flamini-esque turnaround

Merlin's Panini

as long as he doesn’t make a Flamini-esque exit I’m happy.


Just my opinion but I think Ramsey seems more loyal to Arsenal than some fans deserve.

Merlin's Panini

Agreed. The amount of abuse he’s had in the last year or so has been ridiculous. He only needed to find his feet again, which was going to take a while after a year out. It’s great to see him back to something like his best, and hopefully now he can push on even further. He’s a very tidy player and Cesc even said he had the potential there to be better than him! Let’s give him full support, and Gervinho, and everyone for that matter. I know it can be hard not to show frustration when someone messes up,… Read more »


He has clearly won back many fans. Didn’t think i would be one of those but hats off to him. My only worry is how badly Jack has played the CAM role. More than form, i think his fight and drive game is more useful in the position Rambo and Arteta occupy. His current position requires quick thinking, flexible change of direction and keeping an eye on the runs made by the forwards all the time which i think suits Rosicky and Cazorla better. With the way Rambo has played he should be starting on merit but the problem is… Read more »


Thing is I don’t think Wilshere is suited to Ramsey’s role at all, not anymore with this team’s make up, not with Arteta as a partner. He lacks the awareness in defense and discipline in positioning to do it. He might have done well with Song, but those days are gone (with today’s news, are they to return???) – the fact that Mertasacker singled out Rambo and Mikel for praise as the #6’s makes me think that really, Jack’s place is CAM – it also seems like he’s being groomed for that role, just as Aaron seems to be being… Read more »


I remember years ago I was excited at seeing the prospect of our very own Xavi-Iniesta in Ramsey-Wilshere but because Rambo got injured, followed by Wilshere’s lengthy absence, I thought this dream had died.

Now Wilshere is one of the best at the club and Aaron has improved so much, I can see it coming back to fruition.

The best bit? They’re so fucking young.


Sorry, but I just can’t join this love-in.

Ramsey is a decent squad player who is, at last, being played in the position which suits him best (it’s only taken Wenger three years to work it out). But he is not a great performer. That miss at West Brom kind of sums him up: nearly, but just not quite good enough.

I would love to see Wenger bring in a really good defensive midfielder to bolster the squad. Oh, I forgot: we still have Diaby.

Piers Morgan's punchable face

There always has to be one.

Merlin's Panini

there only ever is one. And the same one every time. 🙂


Probably one of those castigating AW for not making Walcott sign-da-ting soon enough.

the only sam is nelson

do you ever actually get to a game? i’m curious as to what you base your opinions on


Very disrespectful to Wenger to say he has only just worked it out. Previous seasons, Ramsey was always played in the middle. At the start of this season, with Walcott’s contract distraction and Ox’s lack of form or fitness along with the competition in the middle was probably why Ramsey was ask to play on the right. I think there is also a over emphasis on having a ‘real’ defensive midfielder. Not many teams now have a old fashion holding midfielder, more often a deep laying ball player is more common and Arteta does a fine job at that. The… Read more »


Folks, surely Fatgooner knows best (FKB if you will,) better than Wenger, that “took three years to work it out” – not that maybe Wenger had a game plan, give him exposure on the wings to get him training as an overall player, get him a better understanding of space on the pitch and how to work with it. I mean I’m sure you know best, having managed a top side for the past 16 years, right? I mean kidding aside, you are of course entitled to your opinion, but I have to disagree with it. Yeah I agree the… Read more »

Arsene Wenger

That miss against West Brom does not sum him up, that’s the first mistake he’s made in a long time.

I suppose Henry’s miss against Barcalona in the Champions’ League final summed him up as well did it?

Cazorla's Left Foot

I’d rather you did not bring up that terrible memory.

Midfield Corporal

So glad Aaron is starting to reach his potential, if only because my Welsh wife had his name put on the back of my 7 yr olds shirt and I’ve spent the last 18 months feeling sorry for him running around in it while his friends have all got Wilshere and Cazorla. At least she isn’t from Morocco, imagine the humiliation of having Chamakh on your shirt…..I bet someone here got one when he was good.

Merlin's Panini

I’ll see your Chamakh shirt and raise you a Park shirt.

the only sam is nelson

lucky that they weren’t selling named shirts when we bought clive allen, hey

Midfield Corporal

A signed Park shirt will probably be worth something as a collectors item in post Armageddon Korea.

Clive Allen- only The Arsenal would sell the most promising English striker to buy a Defender.

the only sam is nelson

give me a left-back over some mimsy goalscoring nonsense any day of the week

Corona X

I’ll see your Park shirt, and raise you a WATT shirt 🙂
Beat that if you can!

Midfield Corporal

Tom Watt? 😉

Cliff Bastin

I think its fair to say Ramsey’s place in the team is more secure than Wilshere’s at the moment. Who could have imagined that 3 months ago?


Everyone who supports the team and the players.

Henry's no14 shirt

I think when Wilshire is match fit, he would be one of the first names on the team sheet.


I agree with you in principle, but there’s a hitch. I honestly thought Wilshere’s absence from the team after Tottenham was our deathblow to the season. Instead, the team has flourished. It’s made me re-think Wilshere’s supposed influence on the team and his place in it. Of course this doesn’t mean I’m doubting his quality – hell no he’s so freaking talented and a true asset. But, the way this team is structured and the way we play, we might have to fit Wilshere in very carefully and not just nonchalantly simply because he’s our “best player” – which again,… Read more »


Thierry Henry deserves to be awarded the 40 years of PFA award. Please Vote for him.



Thierry Henry deserves to be awarded the 40 years of PFA award.
Please Vote for him.


[…] 来源:[arseblognews] […]


Ramsey for arsenal player of the year?
I can dream now can’t I? Or santi maybe i’mglad either way.


I want them to share the award. I hope there’s some recognition for Aaron for what he’s had to overcome. And for Santi who has just adapted seamlessly into the EPL.

[…] 另外,迎来人生又一春的拉姆塞很享受在中场活蹦乱跳的日子。本赛季他曾在场上各个位置间游走,有时比旁人付出了更为艰辛的努力,如今在中场持续获得首发位置后,他又重新焕发了光彩: […]

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