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Report: Arsenal 1-1 Man Utd

Arsenal earned a valuable Premier League point with a 1-1 draw against Man Utd at the Emirates this afternoon.

Arsene Wenger kept faith with the midfield that started against Fulham, with Tomas Rosicky preferred to Jack Wilshere, while Lukas Podolski started up front in the absence of Olivier Giroud.

And the Gunners got off to a great start going ahead in the 3rd minute. Robin van Persie, whose first touches were roundly booed, gave the ball away in midfield. Arsenal worked it into the midfield, Rosicky played it through to Walcott who was just about offside, but he took it on, and finished close to the near post. 1-0.

Arsenal had the early wind in their sails and Tomas Rosicky fired a shot wide before Santi Cazorla forced David de Gea into a great save, his left footed drive from 30 yards was going into the top corner.

With Rosicky and Ramsey getting stuck in in midfield, much to the ire of Alex Ferguson, Arsenal looked the part, but might have been pegged back when Phil Jones headed wide with the goal at his mercy.

It was the visitors who found themselves on the wrong side of referee Phil Dowd with Jones, Rafael, van Persie and Evans in the book before the half hour mark.

De Gea made a good save from a Podolski after good work from Aaron Ramsey, and when United did come forward they found Arsenal in stubborn move. Nani found space for a shot but by the time he’d got it away two Arsenal players had throw themselves in front of the ball, and from the rebound Kieran Gibbs ensured he won the 50-50.

The traitorous Dutch Skunk had his’s best chance of the half with a close range header that Wojciech Szczesny saved with his face, before Phil Jones was presented with another close range header which he somehow put over.

For all the good play Arsenal gifted United the equaliser, Bacary Sagna’s sloppy pass put van Persie through,  he raced back then chopped down his former teammate inside the box. It was a nailed on penalty, and the Dutchman made no mistake from the spot to equalise as the teams went in level at the break.

Arsenal had the first chance of the 2nd half, after Sagna blocked a Nani shot, Rosicky came the length of the pitch, exchanged passes with Ramsey on the edge of the box and he curled a shot just wide with the outside of his right foot.

Van Persie then drilled a low cross which fizzed across the 6 yard box with Rooney sliding to get a touch, before Rafael fired a shot not too far over Szczesny’s top corner. Wayne Rooney then headed straight at the keeper from 6 yards out as United piled on the pressure and Arsenal struggled to match the intensity of their first half performance.

Sagna was lucky to escape a second yellow, sliding in on Evra but thankfully referee Phil Down played on, as Arsene Wenger brought on Jack Wilshere for Tomas Rosicky, and a short while later Gervinho for Podolski.

United looked most dangerous, threatening on the counter attack but Arsenal’s passing was poor, often putting themselves under needless pressure. United brought on Anderson for right back Rafael while Arsenal took off the hard-working Ramsey for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The visitors squandered chances down our right hand side, the quality of their final ball was lacking, and when Rooney did shoot from distance it was easy for Szczesny.

Santi Cazorla tested de Gea again with a shot from just outside the box that was going into the bottom corner, before Ryan Giggs almost won it after a clinical break. The old man’s shot was going in but for a timely deflection off the knee of Oxlade-Chamberlain.

In the end neither side could find a way through, a point might feel a bit disappointing but I think most would have taken that before the game.


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Surprised Koscielny had space in his back pocket to drop Hernandez in after Rooney and van Persie had firmly made themselves at home.


Too bad Sagna joined them in there…


What’s happed to the usually reliable Sagna? Get Jenks some game time and move him on in the summer. Weakest link of our defense, never in a million years would I think I’d say that. Just doesn’t seen the player he once was.


He’s been a fine and loyal servant for the club, but I think the clock is fast approaching midnight for Bac. I just hope that some poor performances recently don’t overshadow the great work he’s done on the pitch in the past- they certainly shouldn’t.

Arty's Art

Moment of madness, don’t turn on Sagna now.

That would be so unhelpful.

Jenkinson is a great prospect, but he isn’t ready.


Don’t forget that he made a goal saving challenge of phil jones. It was pretty obvious he was shaken after that incident but sagna has saved us on so many occassions, he is only human.

Bould's Eyeliner
Midfield Corporal

After Sagnas second leg break did the surgeon transplant Bac’s foot for a wet fish? If I have to watch one more of his weak flat crosses hit the first defender I think my brain will pop. Jenks offers so much more dynamism going forward. At least Sagna offers defensive solidity I suppose………oh wait! It’s sad his Arsenal career is petering out after being so solid for years. He doesn’t look interested in even trying to stop crosses being delivered, I thought after the silly challenge in the second half which should have seen a second yellow he’d have got… Read more »


Everybody make mistakes. Sagna did some very good tackles throughout the game. Have have a good heart for the red and white and I will not downplay the contributions he gave to date.

But I agree, times are coming in fast. It’s time to unleash the Jenks.


His commitment to the club used to be exemplary, but when we sold Van Persie, he criticized the club and hinted at a desire to play elsewhere, at a club with some ambition. I don’t think his heart has been in it this season. Today was not the first time this season that he’s played a stinker.

Ninad Kuchekar

Actually I think, apart from the horrible pass and penalty given away, he didnt do too bad. Yes, he is passing his peak, but he is still a beast and he did well to keep Nani and Evra fairly at bay. For me he is still one of the top 3 in the league if not the world.


You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villian.


what you don’t seem to understand is Sanga played very well and made 1 or 2 silly errors borne of frustration, and maybe he should have been taken off, and if its obvious to us how much more obvious do you think it was to say ARSEN WENGER , you know, the world renowned coach wanted by countless clubs? don’t you think he’d have made the change if there wasn’t a reason not to? YOU don’t know the details of Jenkinsons fitness so give the boss and Sanga a break, you disgust me the Arsen haters and ‘fan’s heaping crap… Read more »

Clock End Mike

Reminds me of the situation with Lauren 6 years ago. One of our great right backs, like Sagna a dependable stalwart of the team, and a member of that great defence that was Lehmann / Lauren, Toure, Campbell, Cole / Flamini, Gilberto. But he was moved on when no longer at his best in 2007, the same summer as Bac arrived.

Read into that what you will.


The fuck are you saying?


To keep it simple. Koscielny was fucking brilliant.

Arty's Art

Also Ramsey was outstanding today. He is quickly becoming my favorite player. So much so I may have to consider my username.

But Arteta….

Its a nice problem to have.


Ramsey’s shoulder barge on Nani was classic. I think the ref would’ve blown for a foul but was laughing too hard 🙂


Ramsey was brilliant in midfield but his decision making is sometimes awful. We almost certainly would have been 2-0 up if he had passed it to Walcott in acres of space instead of putting Podolski through in a tight situation.


Ramsey was truly everywhere on the pitch, always on the action, it was unbelievable. He was fantastic again. Kos and Per were also brilliant, they dominated the game, made nearly no mistakes, and the few times they lost anticipation challenges to the Skunk they quickly regrouped to defend the counter. Quality stuff! We played very well overall. Just have to find a way to break sides sitting in front of the area, gotta finish more often instead of playing through the crowd.


Rvp took a half celebration run after the penalty then remembered he’s not supposed to celebrate.

See guys he might not be a full cunt, but certainly part cunt.


a cunt is as a cunt does. but he still remains a capital CUNT.

Midfield Corporal

Is that from the Directors cut of Forest Gump?


Go along with you on that frrred if he puts Chelsea to the sword next week.

Ninad Kuchekar

I dont care if he celebrates or not…not celebrating doesn’t make him any less of a traitor.
I might sound Schadenfreude-istic, but I was just hoping that Koscielny or Per would crunch that left foot of his in one of the tackles…just to remind him of the old times when he would spend his career on the treatment table and turn up in the office to collect his paycheck!
Maybe next season…

The Car2n Goon

Being called half a cunt is worse than being called a cunt because half a cunt has no use to anyone

Midfield Corporal

Actually half a cunt might be of use to someone who already has only half a cunt- two halves make a hole!

Runcorn Gooner

Arsenal must have the most number of ways to chuck away a lead in the world…..and they were playing so well.
Still we have the potential easiest run in.I believe we will make 3rd or 4th


arsenal win the rest of their games, +9 = 73
spurs and chelsea draw
chelsea draw with man u, win their other 2 games, +8 = 73
spurs win 2 draw 2, +8 = 70

arsenal to finish 3rd on goal difference and spuds out 🙂

Double Canister

Yes, we will do it on GD and I hope it is a massive 8-0 for us against twitchy next sat. Chavez have to play manure and they hate Rafa so they won’t ease off on Chelsea.


no more dropped points, gotta finish with 9 in the final 3 games


Not if Sagna can help it!

Joey Sixpack

The defence minus sagna was absolutely solid. BFG-KOS is a winning partnership. Also, f**k spurs and van persie. And rooney and bale..


Which is a bit like saying that the Space Shuttle Challenger was awesome minus the explosion part.


And John Terry

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

sorry but why is it that we NEVER beat United? This team doesn’t have enough quality. Manchester United came and had nothing to play for, yet in the second half it seemed as if we just didn’t want to win. I don’t know what Sagna was doing today. I’d pick Jenkinson from now on. Sagna gave the ball away to THAT cunt. Then brought down THAT cunt. Then let THAT cunt score and then very nearly got a second yellow for an equally horrible challenge. As an Arsenal supporter at this stage of the season and at home, I fully… Read more »

Fuck You. Some of the best shots were done in 2nd half. MU were lucky.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

no need to fuck me for for that. I don’t believe we played well in the second half.


Lets keep it a little classy. That’s a fair point he’s making.


I mean invincibles that is…

Midfield Corporal

Second half we were average at best, and even when we were looking more dangerous in the first half we let them have at least 3 clear chances.

I think the reality is that we’re a good team, but not a great one. We shouldn’t really be surprised to drop points to a team like United.

Mikel Artekkers

I think what hurts though is that we used to be a great team. We were capable of tearing teams apart with our quick passing as little time ago as the 2010-11 season (we were top of the league for half of it!). And now look at us, can’t pass our way through against Stoke, limping to a 1-0 win against 10 man Fulham. Now when we try and pass the ball we do it so slowly that teams have time to get ten men back and intercept it. The decline is what saddens me the most.

Did he ‘let THAT cunt score ‘? I didn’t think he could do much to save it….

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

I fucking hate Manchester United more than any other team in the Premier League.

Anyone who doesn’t, from ANY other team, has no soul. FACT.

Yeah it’s a toss up between them and Stoke for most hateable cunts. Like choosing between a shit salad and shit soup.


Double Canister

Suds have been irrelevant for 52 years. Their best team since their grandands first heard of the Beatles still is shitter than an arsenal team of so called average joes. They are truly mooks but unworthy of hate. Stoke are just a nuisance pretending they can hang around with the big boys and be all hard and shit.
The scum sing THAT paedo song. Nasty evil gits .


Chelsea takes away the “CUNT” trophy for me.


I really fuckin hate Manchester United, but I hate Manchester United fans even more. Sorry excuse for fans, most don’t even live anywhere close to Manchester. Fucking cockspanners.


James Nesbitt lives just down the road from me in South London. I always wondered why he was such a cunt!


Herne Hill?


I see him in Brockwell Park too often to be healthy


He’s on Stradella Road, I think. I had a friend who lived there, I used to see him occasionally. Had I known he was a filthy red I’d have posted something unpleasant through his letter box. Assuming I could find the right one…


i dont live anywhere close to london either .. on england or europe for that matter. whats your point? oh they are fucking yeah true that


*fucking cunts


I live in the States, but I know way too many United fans who are absolute pricks and don’t even watch games.

Complete lack of class, that ‘Thank you for RVP’ sign made me so god damn mad. I never truly hated Manchester United prior to this season when they signed the skunk, but now I’m a Man City fan most weeks. Lesser of 2 evils and all that. Most of their fans have put up with mediocrity for decades and aren’t complete glory hunters, unlike almost every Man United fan

Arty's Art

This is a little embarrassing sacklad, but this is an Arsenal blog, not a City blog…


I hate them mainly because as a child growing up in London in the mid-nineties, every fucking kid on the playground supported them purely because they won things and I got stick because I supported the local team. When I called them glory hunters, they’d always reply that their father/mother/dog came from Manchester. Little fuckers. I don’t much care where supporters come from but all I require is that you don’t follow a club because they win things; you support a club because you understand their history, respect their tradition and admire their philosophy. Manchester United fans are generally either… Read more »


Arsenal fan first and foremost most assuredly, anybody who’s not Man United second. Not saying I’m a Man City fan, but anybody who isn’t Man United is preferable to me.


I’m assuming you’re exempting those shit stompers at whl cuz those sperm lovers have fans who’ll swear they will finish above us and are lifetime failures


My god rvp, what a malicous tackle that was. Mertesacker SAID NO but rvp still went ahead.


They are the biggest load of cunts that come to the stadium bar none.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

Then we should stick it to them instead of allowing them to escape with an easy draw.


Errr…are you sure Mooro?Don’t forget about the cock on beachball lovers…they really are a massive bunch of cunts,without a doubt.


Positive mate. You’re quite right that they’re cunts as well but they’re irrelevant cunts. The Utd cunts come from Surrey, Devon etc and always give it large.

In summary, they’re massive cunts.


My best friend is a manu fan, n i always wanna kill him when he talks about football , even if they try not to be a cunt they always manage to be some kinda fucking troll :/ mm, unconscious fuckin kind, maybe?


clearly you need new friends…

Gooner For LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFE

definitely missed Giroud


A draw isn’t too bad. It’s how they got their goal that is a real kick in the goolies. All fixtures considered, we still got a chance for that crucial 4th CL spot.


A draw against the champions isn’t bad but it means Arsenal have failed to win any of their games against a top 6 team this season, except against a Spurs side reduced to 10 men.

The team’s defending and organisation has improved but it is now lacking a bit of bite. Insert Suarez joke.


Ironically, I would certainly not mind having Suarez as a Gooner. Say what you want about his eating habits, but he’s one damn talented footballer. Maybe Arsene can curb his cannibalistic ways the way he did when he first came to the club.


talented, but hell no. easily one of the most hated in world football and an absolutely reprehensible human being


So what if he’s hated in football. Guess what? Most people hate us!! You ever listen to what these pundits says about us?

Teri maa dhi

That is where have to improve on next season. Had we upped the tempo a bit more and been braver then we would have won this game. The fact that they targeted Sagna speaks volumes as they considered him our weakest link. But in games against top teams it is all about taking your chances and had put more pressure on them we wouldn’t be talking about Sagna’s performance too much. Really wanted the win but we got a draw and a performance that wasn’t as desperate as we have been against them in recent times. I don’t think we… Read more »


Actually, I started off hating Suarez to the core. But then after a while I kinda like him. Because he NEVER pretend! He’s just doing stuffs that most people do and he did it openly. A honest guy if you look at it. And yes I do fancy Suarez in Arsenal colors. So what if he bite off someone again, say he got pissed with Holt and bite the fucker off on his feet, and he’s playing for us – I WILL BACK HIM 100%. It will be fun to see if Suarez could bite some of that cunt face… Read more »

Gooner For LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFE

both physically and emotionally. I had no one to stare at…

Arsenes Nose

Not a bad point gained.. And I thought we really missed giroud today..His movement and the way he makes space for others..
And fucK Rvp and ManUre Fans..


defintly missed a guy with three months of shit form. subs bad but that never suprises. utd coasted second half.


Great energy, pace, passing (mostly) and determination from the boys. Unlucky not to come away with the win, lucky not to come away with a loss as well. Will take it but 3 wins is imperative now.


We are also lucky to get away with a point.

Big D

Sagna needs to go, he is fucking shit


He made one or two crucial tackles by putting pressure on the right players at the right time, bar that one time.


Silly decision, yes. But we can´t be that short minded. Remember 5PUR2, and who made the difference – Bac. He may be approaching retirement but when that day comes he deserves a big thank you and the respect an arsenal legend deserves. He has stood by us in some rough times not choosing to sod off “to win something elsewhere”. We need players like bac to teach the younger ones what it means to be an arsenal player, and the pride that comes with it. Good point today, let’s hope St Totteringham’s day is coming soon. Cheers.

walter the goon

as stupid as his wig as stupid as his wig Barcary Sagna as stupid as his wig. what a fucking clown! !!!!!!”!


It only takes a moment’s indecision against such a good team. Sagna more than made up for it the rest of the game. So proud of the energy and desire of the team. That effort is a team that belongs in the top four, no question. Props to Wenger for the aggressive substitutions, the linesman for missing Theo’s offside, and for Koscielny’s massive, massive game.


I’m glad not all our fans ( and not even close to the majority ) are as fickle as you. One error, costly as it might be, and here you are berating a player that has been exceptional for us over the years. Filth.

Double Canister

It was not a penalty, SKY camera angles foreshorten the zone of contact, sanga deffinately got enough of the ball to concede a corner, but he did fuck up the back pass first. Sorry for him on that but he is still a top class player for us moth withstanding the mistakes he has made over the season.


Technically he got the ball first, but the reality is that the contact was so faint that no ref would be able to see it without the benefit of camera close ups and slo-mo. So we can’t really complain.
Same goes for Walcott’s goal, actually; by the letter of the law he was offside, but spotting that accurately in real time would be extremely difficult for a linesman, it’s hardly an injustice to United.

Doctor Satan

First half – fun.
Second half – *drops dead*


I know right?! First half, we were putting mad pressure on the ball, not giving them space and really well organized. For the second half kick-off we were chasing the game :s


One word for sagna?




I’m starting to understand the contract delay in regards to Sagna. He hasn’t been the same since the 2 leg breaks. We should maybe give him an extra year just to blood in Jenkinson, but Sagna is definitely not anywhere in our plans for the future.

He’s been the best right back in the league for a while, and he served us well and I’ll always remember him fondly, but I think his time is about up

Jim Jimminy

Why sagna? Why?

£oyalty for $ale

1. Self destruct button in effect, again.
2. ManU will forever be malignant cunts. No matter what happens.

A Yank

It’s like we forgot that we needed another goal to win until about the 85th.

After 30-something games, the table doesn’t lie.


well done Sagna

Rad Carrot

Actually really disappointed in that, given that we were by far the superior team on the day.

Hate to say it lads, but I think that’s any chance of third down the shitter. We might hang on for fourth, but only if we’re lucky.


Chelsea’s game in hand on us is against ManU…

Rad Carrot

They were playing for pride today, but they’ve won the league and can’t possibly break the record on points, so salford’s team line-up won’t have any cuntface or shrek. It’ll be the third-team, and the chavs will spank them.


If rednose does that my hatred for him will quadruple. But I think they will want revenge against the chavs for the FA cup exit.


Let’s not forget that the points record they were trying to break still belongs to the chavs. Given suralex’s determination to break the record, they might still want to thrash the chavs and send a message. And it might even work in their favor if they drop Rooney, going by his performance today. From Chelsea’s point of view, they play Basel on Thursday night for the Europa before their trip to the old toilet. Rafa might be a bit distracted also to know that he still has to play the Spurts mid-week after that game. Knowing that they have 3… Read more »

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

I say there’s a very strong chance of getting champs league spot if we win all our remaining games – against relegated QPR, Wigan at home and a faltering Newcastle away. But it’s 9 points or no champo league next year. Even if we win all our remaining games, we can still get 5th if: Chelsea beat United and Spurs beat Chelsea. This is assuming they both win all the other games, although Spurs have a potentially tricky game at Stoke, and Chelsea have Villa away who are in the scrap and Everton home, though I expect them to win… Read more »

Double Canister

No rad, the mancs hate the Chavez more than us, and they ducking loath Rafa. Expect a full on home performance from them against Rafa, might be a draw. Good for us.


I’m positive we can make 3rd with 3 wins. Chelsea have a difficult run, with Europa League in the mix! Chelsea and Spurs are dropping silly points too, look at Wigan or the late Suarez goal. They have a game in hand, but beyond that we have the easiest games on theory, and our form is good. We have to show we want it more, simple as that.


Chelsea has: @manu, spuds, @villa, Everton, +europa league

spuds have: south, @chelski, @stoke, sund


Not really mate. Chelski and Scum are yet to play each other, and Chelski also still have the Mancs. Don’t rule us out yet. Horrendous indiividual error aside, we could have won this one and if we keep playing like we did in the first part of the game, all our 3 remaining games look easily winnable. Keep the faith!


Don’t be to hasty carrot Chelsea at old Trafford next week.

Jim Jimminy

Dont manure get the trophy next week, surely theyll want a win for the “fans” before the presentation? Surely?

Arsene Wenger

I though trophy presentation happened on the last day of the season.

Jim Jimminy

Even though theyre away for the last game?


Oh Sagna. What have you done… 🙁

A Yank

Lots of Sagna bashing, but really, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the inexplicable open-header-into-own-goal by Diaby against United a few years back.

So, that’s a bit of a silver lining.

Jim Jimminy

Except that sagna didnt make one mistake by scoring an own goal. He gave the ball away, and fouled a skunk who was going no where. Thats 2 mistakes.

A Yank

I was being facetious.

Jim Jimminy

I wasn’t


For all the doom and gloom. 1 point is quite good. Chelase have to play Sp*rs and Utd right after there Mickey Mouse League SF and then they play Everton on the last day. Sp*rs will be Sp*rs and I think will drop points atleast against Sunderland (And Chelsea). 3rd place is still very much possible.
And for the team today – An A for effort.

Arsene Wenger

CockandBall will get Di Canioed


Wenger, you cheap cheap man please go out and buy a decent striker in the summer.

Glory Hunter

A striker that can create & finish is imperative! Im sure even Wenger if he can be honest with himself knows it!
Poldi’s performance explains why Wenger has always been reluctant to play him up front, he was more anonymous than Theo in the home game vs Bayern.



Theo Walcott

??????? – oh, wait…




I feel disappointed with the result, back to dominating but not scoring. Manu were opened several times but no one takes advantage, especially when Wilshere walked into the box and there was no one to pass to. Need to win the last 3 to definitely make champions league, with that performance im not sure, the less said about Sagna the better.


The best and the worst of the worst of Arsenal. Why the fuck is Sagna still on the pitch after the first 45?


Agreed. I wouldn’t take him off for playing poorly, it’d just destroy his confidence. But he should have been taken off as he seemed on a mission to get sent off.

Just to clarify, I’m not jumping on the ‘lets all hate Sagna’ bandwagon. He’s still a quality player, just on a poor run of form.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

Yeah, perspective is needed in football. Knee-jerk reactions lead to bad things – I personally believe that losing our most experienced defender in the summer is a bad thing. Plus, I doubt we’d get top dollar for him, so we’d have to eat into our transfer kitty for a new RB who would probably not be as good.


Not a bad game and not a bad result. Great team spirit


I’m not actively going to claim that I want Sagna out…

but I will say I wouldn’t shed too many tears if he was replaced this summer


A hungover united and a an Typical 2013 Arsenal . Proper result.
Need more ball players who will not just stand in one place but do something with it and yes if we are getting some next summer get ones in their peak or experience one because we have plenty young dribblers in our squad.
4th not in our hands now.


4th is still definitely in our hands. If we win our last three game, Spurts need to beat Chelsea and Chelsea need to beat Manchester United for us to end up 5th.

In fact, the ideal results would be for Spurts and Chelsea to draw against each other. That coupled with Chelsea losing to Manure would mean that the chavs will be responsible to boot the Spurts out of the champs leagues places for a second year running!

Double Canister

Yes it is, do the maths.

Double Canister

Fuck fuck fuck, Just redid the matches myself, apologies. I had forgot a nightmare Scenario of Chelsea loosing to the spuds and still gives them 65+9 =74. I forgot thy have a game in hand but the game in hand is at Old Trafford where rafanis not we’ll regarded. Best AFC can get now is 64 +9 = 73. Spuds win all games 62 + 12 = 74 including beating Chelsea. If Chelsea beat spuds and manure (unlikely) they could get 77 and spuds could get 72. A draw gives spuds a potential 73 points but our GD should stay… Read more »


Damn you Sagna. No excuses from here on out. If Arsenal can’t win the last three matches against bottom of the table clubs they don’t deserve Champions League football.


Fair enough. We ought to be able to win the next 3, however the form book for the tiny totts shows that they are bound to drop more points this season (again). Hopefully, we will celebrate St. Totteringhams by beating Wigan at home. 🙂


we did not deserve to share the points. fuck…


I think we could have won this if not for that horror moment by Sagna, who to my mind saved our season last year.

We had more shots on target, more shots off target, and kept Manure to just 2 corners against our 7. And before we talk about them missing those 2 headers, remember neither of their strikers are prolific with their head. We did what we had to do defensively, and it was ultimately another match that showed that we still need to work on the concentration levels of our defensive unit.


disappointed… but no hard feeling. just what if we do not active that mode… what a shame that SAGNA made that stupid mistake!


Take the point and hope the dutch skunk and his band of assclowns take 3 from Chelsea.

Good effort all around Sagna not his best effort obviously. Point well earned now move on and lets win the rest. Thats all.



A point gained, i think.

We missed Giroud. Podolski is a winger. Gerv should have started in the centre.

A nervy final three games to go. The lack of goals is concerning. Ox should start next game.

COYG!! It’s a funny situation because we might need Spurs or Chelsea to win when they play. We need Man Utd to win against Chelsea so they go into the Spurs game needing a win.


If Manure beat the chavs, a draw between them and the Spurts would be the best result possible. If we can win our last 3, it might see us in 3rd! Would have loved Sagna not to have had that moment of madness, but mostly because it would have been sweet if we had won the game due to an offside goal and great defending. But it definitely is a good point gained at home this one.


Why did he take Rosicky off? think he was one of the better players on the pitch.

Jim Jimminy

Think he was probably knackered


how is he always knackered. if this is athe case sell him too. if he cant contribute for 90minutes after so few games we needa replacement. we cant enter next season with a team half full of so so players

Arsene Wenger

I thought Jack actually justified the substitution with his performance.


How so?? No seriously what could make you think taking Rosicky off was the right thing?

Arsene Wenger

Calm down you impotent little man. I never said that Rosicky had a poor game, I thought he was excellent.


No need for name-calling. He just had a different opinion to you.


He put in a proper shift as he does all the chasing down.
Carbon copy of last week as soon as he went off with the intensity going down the toilet.

Fed Up

What the fuck are you doing there Sagna?!?

Joey Sixpack

What happened to mr reliable aka sagna? We always seem to make defensive mistakes against utd and get punished.


I do think Cazorla is immensely talented, but the lack of squad rotation is showing. He’s not quite as crisp as he was earlier in the year, and I think it’s because he’s played too many games. His passing is not quite up to the standard he set earlier and recently he has given the ball away more than usual. That being said, I still love the little Spaniard, I just think we need more depth so he can rest more often next season


now do all the giroud haters understand why he should be playing cf above theo and podolski.


I quite like Giroud but I seriously don’t think he would have made any difference today. Plus there is no point going on about a player that is suspended for the next two matches either.

Arsene Wenger

I would have taken the point before, but given our performance, especially in the first half, I am left extremely disappointed.

The mistake by Sagna is exactly the type of event the media has been able to use to make out our defense as terrible.


What happened to the pressing in the second half? But alas great, no fantastic first half all undone by one idiotic passage of play…

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A valuable point and a fair result after 90 minutes. Sagna had a poor game and was lucky to still be on the pitch (as was Robin after his two footed lunge so I guess it balanced out). Ramsey was outstanding but I’d say Chesney was our MOTM. He didn’t have as much to do as I thought he would and pulled off one of the saves of the season. Against the champions we did well, and without a fully fit Poldoski, Wilshere and with Giroud suspended we provided plenty of attacking threat. There was much to be positive about.… Read more »


man of the match : Sagna ?????????????????


Your a funny fella


I thought sagna did well before the backpass. Good determination from the team, positive mood, podolski could have shoot more often.. but all and all.. a very valuable point.

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Drink much??


I’d have taken a point before the game, now pissed off we only got a point.

One moment of beauty; one of madness.

The best thing, it felt like the Arsenal — Man U games of 10 years ago where it was kill or die rather than lose.

Hopefully thats the last points we drop this season.

kiss my arsenal

it is fair to say that at times, we are infuriatingly toothless as fuck up front, we desperately need a top class centre foward in the summer, we must purchase one…koscielney, what a hero, motm such a shame judas had to score that penalty…how i loath him..and another thing, those commentator on sky boil my blood…once again, the old ‘haven’t won anything for eight years’ dig was thrown in..why do they feel the need to mention it every fucking time? it was as if they wanted to see us lose and for van bastard to score the winner, bunch of… Read more »


the frustration is not with the result but with the fact that we huffed and puffed and played brilliantly in the first half yet united somehow snatched the draw.

Arsene Wenger

It’s how they’ve won the title.


Wenger’s substitution needs to be explained, I didn’t understand it!


He wanted the win?


Really felt we could’ve scored a second goal but the players were maybe more nervous about protecting the lead. In my opinion, Wenger took off the tired Rocky, Podolski and Ramsey who had run his socks off and replaced them with more direct players hoping that they would be able to spur the team on to taking the game by the scruff of the neck.

Alas, if only we had brought a top-class striker in Jan. But still, if we win our last 3 games, we would be in a great position to rectify our mistakes!


Not Sanga’s best day, Kos definitely MOTM with Ramsey, Arteta, BFG and Wolli putting in a shift. Wish Wenger had taken a punt and gone with Jenkinson he really does deserve a spot in the starting XI given Sagna’s form of late. Highlight of the match: Skunky falling on his ass, conceding possession that resulted in the goal. ARGGGHH should’ve had 3 points.


I suppose it seems like a good decision in hindsight, but Jenkinson was the player who got sent off in the 8-2, and that might be playing on Wenger’s mind in selecting the team.

Still, I’ve got lots of time for the young lad and wouldn’t mind if he played instead of Bac against either QPR or Wigan.

Arsene Wenger

Now, if you’ll excuse me, i have to teach the boys how to convert 1 point into 3.

Arsene Wenger

Anyway, I think we’ve fared quite well. We have taken a point from both of the toughest games in our run-in (ManUre and Up North Rugby Club).

However, straight wins are necessary at QPR (who really have nothing to play for as they are pretty much confirmed to be going down), Wigan (tricky, but we should be able to win on current form) and Newcastle (who will hopefully be safe and have nothing to play for by the last day of the season).