WBA 1-2 Arsenal: By the Skin of our Teeth Numbers


26 Minutes of Panic

B.M.R. = Before Mertesacker Red
A.M.R. = After Mertesacker Red

This chart is for Arsenal:

B.M.R. A.M.R
Passes Attempted 373 46
Passes Completed 310 17
Pass % 83% 37%
Passes in final 1/3 90 2
Passes Forward Att. 197 32
Passes Forward Suc. 151 7
Clearances Attempted 20 21
Successful Clearances 13 6
Clearance % 65% 29%
Headed Clearances 8 10
Successful Headed 4 3
Tackles Attempted 12 3
Tackles Successful 11 2
Fouls 15 1

4.5 – Arsenal successful passes per minute B.M.R.
0.65 – Arsenal successful passes per minute A.M.R.
1.29 – Arsenal successful passes in the West Brom final third per minute B.M.R.
0.08 – Arsenal successful passes in the West Brom final third per minute A.M.R.
3.2 – WBA successful passes per minute B.M.R.
5.1 – WBA successful passes per minute A.M.R.

Individual Weirdness

Giroud really struggled in the game and his struggles were exacerbated by the Mertesacker sending off. He only managed 12/22 total passes on the day and just 1/4 passes in the final 26 minutes. Moreover he led all players with a whopping 5 turnovers.

It didn’t help at all that he had no one to pass to and that Fabianski’s service in the final 26 minutes was very poor: only connecting on 5/13 kicks in pucker time. Prior to that, Fabianski was 19/31 which isn’t particularly poor for a keeper, though not at the rate that Szczesny offers (Szcz is a 70% passer, Lukas averages 51%). Mertesacker is Arsenal’s second most reliable passer (92%) and provides the keeper with an outlet when the forwards are covered. Arsenal failed to adjust to Mertesacker’s red card in that regard, Vermaelen was 0/3 passing and Lukas didn’t attempt a single short pass in the entire second half. The result is an Arsenal passing graphic that looks remarkably like Stoke City were playing for the last 26 minutes:

(HT to @Miko_Gooner and the FourFourTwo app for the graphic above)

It also didn’t help that Giroud took that shot in the last few minutes, that kind of decision making infuriates Arsene Wenger who nearly popped out of his jacket when he saw Giroud’s hopeful poke in the 95th minute.

The midfield attack of Arsenal really sparkled in that first 65 minutes or so. Gervinho started slow with a few turnovers (2) and some rather loose dribbling (1/4) but in the end he was nearly perfect in all his passes, created two shots for teammates, and had an assist. Gervinho also had an important tackle, stripping the ball, and starting the counter which may have fizzled but was still very promising.

Rosicky, of course, was on the end of the Gervinho shot/assist and left the keeper flat-footed with a thumping header. That was his first goal for Arsenal since the loss to Olympiakos in December and his first League goal since the 5-2 win over Spurms. Today’s two goals was also Rosicky’s first brace for Arsenal since his very first season when Arsenal beat Liverpool 3-1 in the FA Cup.

Defensively, Rosicky didn’t have any tackles or interceptions and instead committed 4 fouls, but he did have a goal saving block off the line. I’ll take that! Oh and since I know you’ll ask, Rosicky didn’t have a single successful dribble (0/3), a single successful cross (0/1), was 85% passing, wasn’t particularly forward passing (17/40). But he did carry the ball forward nearly every time and that isn’t measure, YET!

West Brom were distinctly average until they unleashed the Lukaku in the 62′.  Romelu became the focal point of the Albion attack and along with Ridgewell tortured Sagna and Gervinho down the right with their size, pace, and trickery. Lukaku tied all players with 4 shots and probably should have had a goal but just didn’t put enough curl on it. As you can see from the West Brom passing chart below they changed focus in the second half to concentrate on Sagna/Gervinho:

WBA-final3rd0-69 WBAfina3rd70-96

I also want to mention that Romelu Lukaku is just 19 years old.

And finally, those two graphics above illustrate just how much pressure Arsenal sustained in that last 26 minutes of football. Arsenal only managed 2/14 passes in the Albion final third in the same time that Albion worked in 46/53 in our final third. Worse still, one of the two passes Arsenal completed was that hopeful punt to Giroud in the 95th minute.

From all that possession, West Brom managed 7 shots in those last 26 minutes but none of them were on frame all going slightly over, wide, or just shy of the mark. West Brom will probably feel a bit hard done by and wondering what might have been had any of their last 7 shots been on target but I can’t help feeling like “yeah, well, who cares, Arsenal won!”


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Jim Jimminy

yeah, well, who cares, Arsenal won!


Weee Love you Arsenalll

we doo

Wee love you Arsenal

Ohhhh Arsenal we love you!

Baggie Bird

Feel like saying yeah well who cares 7 years and you still won nothing


Boing boing off.

We have no issues with West Brom, and you have no reason to mock our trophy haul.


Its a free world i can pass an opinion i have no great dislike for Arsenal just think there a fading force. I hope you qualify for champions league but can you see Arsenal winning it ?. or winning any other trophy whilst we are at it

Frantic Gooner

If we hold onto our key players (which is almost a 100% certain this summer) and make a few good signings, we’ll be right back up there. Can’t say the same for you folk can we? Now fuck off.

Sue My Chin

Would happily compare trophy cabinets mate.


Shouldn’t you be comparing trophy cabinet’s with the likes of Man Utd Chelsea Man City. Five years ago the baggies would never stand a chance against Arsenal now there’s little between us. You won at your place through Cazorlas dive of the season and an incompetent ref at our place this season like last you hung on by the skin of your teeth.
Smell the coffee mate only dust is going to be on view in trophy cabinet for a long time to come


Would also happily compare trophy cabinets with Chelsea and City. Pretty sure we have more top-flight trophies than the two combined.


On what basis should we be comparing with teams who have twice the spending power we have, who are expected to finish above us every season? Even still we trump Citeh and Chelski…

Come back when you know what winning something actually feels like… and I’m not talking about the Coca-Cola Championship 😮


those stats don’t mean nothing, when u get 3pts away from home. thats the best u can do. when arsenal get those well deserve points, some people thrive on the negative. all the same 3 pts is 3 pts no matter what the stats in the last 26 mins tell u.


1 – no of a toned arsenal left back (monreal)
6 – pack he has.


2 – no of a toned arsenal left backs
Have you seen Gibbo? So dench
hes got a nice 6 pack too


DENCH! Even if Frimpong does not make the grade at Arsenal and is eventually sold, he will always have a lasting cultural influence upon the club

The Arsenal Gypsy

My bloody heart is still beating at Concorde speed.
But who cares….. Arsenal won


The moment when Fabianski bravely went down to get the ball in the 88th minute reminded me of the spirit shown by Gibbs with THAT tackle against west brom last year.


Makes you wonder why Steve Clarke left lukaku on the bench.

Either he was not 100% fit or Clarke hates sp*rs.


Must be something about him though, Chelsea can’t be stupid enough to send him out on loan with only Torres and Sturridge as strikers, could they? Always looks a step up from Torres though.

The Car2n Goon

Sturridge has been sold to Liverpool and replaced with Ba… Ba scored a cracker against United in the FA Cup that even the Dutch cunt would’ve been proud of…


3- points we needed from this game
3-points we got from this game
3- position on table we are now
3-defensive substitution we made today (never saw three defensive subs for us before)


We’re only fourth unfortunately, but give it time and we’ll be up there. Chelsea are busy being Chelsea and Spurs are looking like they might be embarking upon their annual comedy of errors. I honestly believe we’re in with a good chance of third spot now.


I love stats as long as we win…


Giroud certainly got no love from the big bald Brit with the whistle. I recall one call in his favor in the middle of the pitch throughout the entire match. Olsson could push Giroud in the back at will with no foul, but if Giroud was near any of the Baggies and the ball came in the air, Webb blew against Giroud. To be honest, I am rather surprised that Arsenal finished the match with 10 men on the pitch.


It’s true. Still though, he hardly had a good game, though he hustled hard enough, and the flick to Ramsey was sublime.


We should give ref stats as Webb had a fucking stinker today!
It looked like he was looking after the underdogs to make him look good the cunt


Funny how everybody was defending Girouds game in the match report thread, I thought he looked pretty poor and the stats back that up. On Arseblog it is OK to slag off Gervinho and Walcott (who certainly deserve the criticism they get) but it is not for Giroud. Meh. The last 20 minutes makes me worry for Arsenal, when the BFG was sent off I thought OK, Arsenal just need to hold the ball and stay calm, that went out the window. I don’t think they strung three passes together for more than 25 minutes. Win is a win, and… Read more »


LOL you and your drugs 😉

I mean come on you worry about Liverpool??

Trust me Everton Spuds and Chelsea are all a threat but not Liverpool.


I should probably cut back on the drugs, but then again, last season we conspired to throw away a comfortable lead in third place, leading to that memorable game at West Brom that we did not deserve to win in least (goalkeeper was at fault for at least two if not all three of our goals). After a game like tonight (at least the last 30min) I begin to think that Arsenal got lucky, I would rather have confidence in the team than hope for more luck.


Yeh AW is speaking sense we shouldnt be focusing on Spuds and Chelsea’s fixtures but focusing on our own games and not worry about everyone else.


One of their goals was offside in that game

caveat emptor

I think what Arsene means is that if we win all our games, we go through to CL qualification, since one or both of Chelsea (+2 points) and Spurs (+1 point) have to drop points. As they play each other.

jack jack jack

As above Giroud’s poor stats were qualified by the poor distribution/supply and complete lack of support he had after Per’s red card. He was receiving poor hoofed balls and was usually 2 or 3 on one. The stats never tell the whole story, and he should have an assist with that wonderful flick for Ramsey. His link up play is brilliant but he isn’t the type of play (ie Henry) who you can just punt the ball up to and expect him to do it all by himself. We showed good character to hold on but I don’t understand why… Read more »


as long as we keep winning these games, we might not have to worry about what chelsea and spurs are doing. We simply have to structure ourselves to have each match in the bag as it comes, then the stats, red cards, and our london rivals cannot stop us being at a ucl spot.


somehow you know Wigan will survive everytime, no matter how hard. Arsenal too is a top 4 specialist in the same regard(no matter how hard), Spurs and others just have to accept it as that.


Arsenal need to avoid doing daft things like sendings off that could cost us everything.

Arsenal vs Everton that will be a tough one cause their fighting for David Moyes who might leave at the end of the season then we have Man U and god help us we dont win against Man U often .

I dont think our fixtures are easy by any means we need to play at our very best just to give ourselves a chance.


1 – the number of points seperating us from the spuds. Just incase you forgot.

Davey Jones
Goon Goon Goon

Very tense towards the end but I don’t blame Big Mert for his red card. He had to go for it and I think it would have been a goal if he hasn’t (they scored the penalty but that late on its worth the risk).

Anyways, good win. Just need Sp*rs and Chelsea to mess up now. Here’s to a potential good weekend.


That’s why I love the BFG!!!

Enrique Vasquez

I think only I and another understood your comment 🙂

Gunsen gunner

I don’t think any of our player were really at the races today apart from maybe ironically Gervinho.Rosicky was direct but our general play lacked a bit of sharpness.However,i thought our full-backs and Fabianski really shone after Per’s unfortunate sending off.Our performance today reminded me of a quote from that average Rocky movie that came out a few years ago:

“it ain’t about how hard you can hit,it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep coming back,that’s how winning is done!”

Keep teaching those boys how to win Arsene and make next season one to remember.

[…] WBA 1-2 Arsenal: By the Skin of our Teeth NumbersArseblog News (blog)Giroud really struggled in the game and his struggles were exacerbated by the Mertesacker sending off. He only managed 12/22 total passes on the day and just 1/4 passes in the final 26 minutes. Moreover he led all players with a whopping 5 turnovers.and more » […]


Giroud works hard and at this stage of the season and the situation we are in its a bonus but he is not and will never be the answer to out problems up front.
A decent player who works hard yes but we need a proven top quality striker or two and no
Matter how Rosie you want to look at it giroud is not of that quality.

Dial square

@vold, agreed, but he’s probably the best we could have got, for the money we were willing to spend…


Benteke and Michu were cheaper, the two together cost as much as Giroud.

Still, Giroud has been decent in his first season; scored a few goals, made assists (more than Benteke and Michu), shown nice movement and he can win long balls out from defense.

g clarke

First season for giroud works his socks off will get better top strikers cost twice and no guarantee arsenal look to be bringing another bentec looks the part

Dial square

Give us half a chance mate, put a commer in now and then ffs!


I just watched a repeat of an idiot abroad and this reminded me of when the egyptians list all the drinks they have in their bars


and fuck cuntard webb i hate him soooo bad!!!

anyway we won thats what matters



If you hate webb so hard, then fucking do something, compile. Youtube video and make it viral, or just fucking send a death threat or something. Dont just fucking moan as a keyboard warrior here. Arseblog is not a place for you to vent anger.

Dial square

Send a death threat ? You twat, this is exactly the place to vent your anger and give opinions, is that not what we’re all doing here?


You could see that goal coming, in all honesty. We were excellent until we scored the second, and then we took our foot off the gas, and were content to conserve energy and see the game out. They started passing it long between our CBs, and they had a couple of good chances before the red card occurred. I remember a game not too long ago, Sunderland I think it was, where we went down to 10 men while a goal up. In that game, we put in a sterling performance – despite being down to 10 men we were… Read more »

[…] report – By the numbers – Player ratings – […]

Santi Claws

Jesus McFucksford. Pants = browned. That match was as pleasant and relaxed as a coiled rattlesnake hopped up on meth and skittle bombs.

[…] 如果你已经看了我们的数字矩阵就会发现罚下一人对我们的影响有多大。红牌之前,阿森纳的373次传球成功了310次;红牌之后的25分钟里,我们46脚传球里只成功了17次。在我看来,这仅有46脚传球中大多都不是为了找队友组织进攻,而仅仅是想倒倒脚让皮球离自家球门尽可能远一些。 […]


I’ll be honest, lukaku scared the shit out of me

Sue My Chin

Compares Ramsey’s finishing with Gervinho’s please. I can think of 4 or 5 sitters Ramsey’s missed this season too. While Gerv gets so much stick, god forbid anyone criticises poor Ramsey…


I suppose thats the difference a midfielider and a forward, the forward is paid not to miss.


If only Giroud was half as good a finisher as Eduardo…..I watch this clip and shed a tear for the big loss Martin Taylor brought on us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz_R5rUQUzk


It seemed like going one man down was new to the team and something they’ve never experienced before when surely part of their defensive training (the whole team that is!) should be to know what to do when they go down to 10 men: try and keep possession; and wind down the clock by, for example, heading off to the corner flag (and NOT taking speculative potshots at goal.

We were very very NAIVE after the BFG got sent and lucky to get away with it.

Great first 70 minutes, however.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


100 – % of Arsenal supporter hiding behind couches for the last 20mins

Touched Your Mother

0- Appearances from Podolski… does anyone know what happened to him?