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Wenger denies PSG link…again

Last week rumours in the French press suggested Arsene Wenger would soon sit down with the Paris Saint Germain board to discuss the possibility of taking over the managerial reins at the Parc des Princes.

Unsurprisingly, the boss has given short shrift to the speculation asserting, as he always has, that he does not walk away from contracts.

“I’m preparing for the next match [against QPR] and next season with Arsenal,” Wenger made clear again after yesterday’s 1-1 draw with Manchester United.

“I’ve always seen my contracts through, and it’s not at my age that I’m going to change.”

With a deal keeping him at the Emirates until the end of next season it looks almost certain that the Frenchman will be at the helm for at least another 13 months unless of course the board have other plans.

Despite the unequivocal denial of any interest in the PSG job you can fully expect the papers to run another story linking him with the post once Carlo Ancelotti walks away/gets the chop (delete as appropriate) this summer.

It is after all only four months since he last had to deny this story

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Hope he goes enough is enough.


every big club in Europe wants him. The board should go or give the man the resources he needs to succeed!


I don’t think there is a manger who can do what Wenger has done with the resources he had. If there is, let’s hope he succeeds Arsene.
I also don’t think there is another manager who has earned more respect from his players.
If next season is his last season, I hope he gets the resources. And if we don’t get fourth, I know we will do better, new signings aside we have stability with no key players expected to leave.


I thought the same but then came Jurgen Klopp. But the difference is before not many clubs were after his players, now they’re. Lets see what he can do now.


i would give him “the resources” 🙁


I trust in Arsene.. I don’t know if all the people who have come to criticize him in the last few months are really Arsenal fans.. Wenger did not have the finances, still he continued to face criticism while keep us in the champions league for so many years. People need to understand that the difference between the finances of the other clubs and ours is massive but the difference in Arsene’s team and the other teams isn’t massive.. We have the money now guys, lets trust Arsene to spend it wisely this summer.. 🙂 Let us all stay together… Read more »


“lets trust Arsene to spend it wisely this summer..” …? Really?

And what about those pounds spent for Squillaci, Chu, Gervinho, Santos, etc? There’s almost 30 mln there, actually threw out of the window.
But I’m sure you can find a good reason why the manager if he didn’t spend wisely in the past.
Too many justifications, no progress at all for our Club tho.
(and I won’t mention he plays players out of position, we don’t have a B plan during the game and so on..)

Reality check

His strategy is similar to how spread betting works..

Instead of going big on one or two buys and potentially ending up with a Torres or Carroll, you buy more players of a lower value who you believe have potential and increase your chances of getting good quality for money. Obviously the names you have given haven’t come good, but equally there are loads that have!

Now that we seem to be more financially stable, I would expect him to take bigger risks and try land those big names.. Well, I hope so anyways!


How about Henry, Fabregas, Persie, Cazorla, Chamberlain and many many more..
You just quote the ones that did not suceed, what about the ones that did ???


All managers have players that were bad buys. Even United.


As others already kindly pointed out, you mention the flops, but ignore that the number of succesful transfers far exceeds those. And in most cases those players he has bought have been at a significantly cheaper price point than the going market rate (compare the usual price for a good CB like Luiz, Jones, etc. with what we paid for Koscielny who’s maybe the best in the league in his position. Same also holds true for Santi vs. Mata or Silva. Every bit as good as those players, but cost us far less)

Midfield Corporal

All managers buy the occasional duffer, but Arsene has to take full responsibility for giving them wages that they wouldn’t receive anywhere else. The great man deserves credit for bringing success, beautiful football and overseeing a fairly smooth move to a new stadium, but he has to accept critiscm for how he chooses to apportion his playing budget. Giving Bendtner and others of similar ability/attitude £50k a week is crazy. I bet Hernadez at Utd isn’t even on that and he’s twice the player.


lack of funds meant bargain buys. he risked some cash on last minute transfers for in form players – chamakh and gervinho, but their form soon evaporated which made the buy look pretty bad. on the flip side hes bought some gems too recently, cazorla being the icing, so you cant criticise the man too heavily. theres more at play behind the scenes than we know, i wish Arsene writes an autobiography about his time at Arsenal one day, theres a lot I’d like to know: the move from highbury, budget restrictions (think he said he had to make £15m… Read more »


Same old arguments; Squid, Gerv, Chu, Santos. What about, Cesc, R*P, Walcott, OX, Nasri, Cazorla, Henry, Bergkamp…. This list is to long for me to go on. But you get the point. 15 years, of course there is bound to be some players that does not succeed! Grow up and take a step back to see the whole picture. An amazing manager! We have been lucky. VCC


Wenger makes a profit out of almost everyone he sells. The list below totals almost £200m

Van Persie – £20m
Kyle Bartley – £1m
Alex Song – £14m
Lansbury – £1m
Clichy – £6.5m
Fabregas – £35m
Eboue – £3m
Nasri – £6.2m
Traore – £1m
Adebayor – £18m
Toure – £16m
Diarra – £5m
Henry – £6m
Larsson – £1m
Cole – £5m
Viera – £10m
Pennant – £2.6m
Marc Overmars – £18m
Anelka – £22.5m


He will never go to PSG. They are sponsored by Nike and that would mean he would have the same puffy jacket with the same shitty zip on it next season. That goddam jacket is the real reason we are looking at new kits next season.

Double Canister

Peter, spot on but we sold many of those players for WAY more than you suggest.
AW built that stadium with his bare hands. And a lot of sold players. That’s the price we have had to take, no council house or sugar daddy gin palace for us.
Now we can expect to move on. “No more players will be sold to manure” AW.


Walks away? Why is that an option. As soon as someone more high profile becomes available so long to Mr Carlos haha


Arsene Wenger will leave Arsenal that is certain. One day ha ha ha.

Bould's Eyeliner

Yeah, no one lives forever. But laugh, when we win the title in a few years, shoot yourself in the foot. Take that bleeding foot, stick it up your arse, and maybe you can find the Arsenal in you again.


Where is your sense of humour. Lol.

Bould's Eyeliner

sorry mate just not in a laughing mood after this weekend

Double Canister

Where’s yours?


I swear he is the only guy in football who kills a rumor (s) every time it is mentioned. Never flirts with the idea or uses it as a pawn for personal gain.

Whatever you want to say about him the guy is a class act throughout.

A N Other

Fair point. He has clearly not tried to gain advantage of any speculation in the press like so many of his players had previously.

Midfield Corporal

Good point Aero


I trust in Arsene.. I don’t know if all the people who have come to criticize him in the last few months are really Arsenal fans.. Wenger did not have the finances, still he continued to face criticism while keep us in the champions league for so many years. People need to understand that the difference between the finances of the other clubs and ours is massive but the difference in Arsene’s team and the other teams isn’t massive.. We have the money now guys, lets trust Arsene to spend it wisely this summer.. 🙂 Let us all stay together… Read more »

Donut Maestro

This is a repeat post but the content deserves repeated likes. Hence, I obliged.


I know i am sorry, it was actually meant to be posted once but I posted it in the wrong place first, hence the double post.. Thanks for obliging though 🙂

come on you Gooners.. 🙂

Why is my name required

i hope he doesn’t go…you see its not him that needs to go, its the board that needs to fuck off. i dont think there is a better manager than Arsene who can guide us to consecutive champions league spot. the team are starting to do well and we are undefeated for in the league for many games now. At least he has shown some ruthlessness now to put underperforming players on the bench


I agree with you that it is the Board to blame rather than Arsene but would another board have done any better unless they were a sugar daddy? I have no idea – maybe the stadium is to blame as that choked us financially – Actually I take that back – I just remembered all the dilly- dallying over Mata and all the countless other players we have missed out on over the years simply because a few million more needed to be spent. The board have been stupid and lazy. The fact Arsene has put up with is more… Read more »


He’s earned the right to battle it out in the coming transfer window. It’s probably the most important one of his career, and it could well be the last if it doesn’t go well . He’ll know that. Excited to see what happens, because this time we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


Yeah, spend it wisely and buy kondogbia…..who the fuck are these people we get linked with. Only top top players will bridge the gap between us and the mancs! No paper overing the cracks


Every great player was an unknown once. But I take your point: a Jovetic or similar would be a most welcome addition to the team.


Arsene. You’re my hero.


He could take away the pain and make me feel whole again.


Only if there was a bid ivan and co might have accepted it.

gooner odst

Just to throw a light hearted take on things. The picture of Bale holding his 2 awards looks like King Kong grappling 2 damsels (say…Pulis and Suarez) about to scale the the Shard building.


I love arsene,i really do but to be honest he is not the right man to make us challenge again we keep blaming the board,pls i need evidence that he was not given money to spend our wage bill suggests we should always be in top 4 yearly and while i think it was a good thing from wenger doesnt make it special how many UCL’s have we won?how many semi finals? Look at the invinsible squad,that team should have dominated europe. So now if truly he honours contract then by 2014 we can start to build to compete although… Read more »


“Our wage suggests we should always be in top 4 yearly.” Well we have been in the top 4 ever since Wenger took over. What’s your point. Arsenal does not have the money to be a world beater, we can simply hope to over-achieve every so often and win the odd thing, whilst challenging often. There are only a few managers in the world, ever, who over-achieve to the extent of Wenger. Alex Ferguson, Mourinho and Brian Clough. If we replace Wenger with a manager that simply ‘achieves’ then we can expect to hover around the 4th place mark. (i.e.… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I think I probably agree with you OGL but I think he deserves to see out his contract given he’s turned down opportunities at super clubs to stay with us. Also, I don’t think it as simple as saying either The Board or The manager are to blame, I think it’s a bit if both. The board hide behing this self sustaining model so Kronke doesn’t have to risk getting his wallet out, but then historically boards at The Arsenal have never been risk takers. I hope Arsene makes a couple of really exciting signings this summer, sometimes the fans… Read more »

Jim Jimminy

They certainly didnt take a risk in appointing an unknown french bloke, managing a team in the renowned footballing hotbed of japan

Midfield Corporal

That was certainly a bold move but that was Dein’s decision, he was the man who knew what was happening in football outside these shores. I don’t think anyone can argue that our boards have been conservative in their decision making-Sir Henry Norris being the exception.


our wage bill suggests we should always be in top 4 yearly

The last cross-club wage bill figures I’ve seen (for 2010/11 season) had Liverpool slightly above Arsenal with United, City, Chelsea way out in front. Using wage bill as a benchmark the most we should (realistically) expect is 4th, least we should expect is 5th. Seems to me Arsene Wenger has met or exceeded expectations every season he’s been at Arsenal.




The amount we used to buy chamberlain and gervais was the same amount chelsea got Mata.

Look at this past january window.


Great, one isolated example.

The amount that Chelsea got Mata for, we got:

Szsecney, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Eisfeld, Podolski, Arteta, Frimpong, Djourou, Bendtner, Chamakh, Joel Campbell, Chuba Akpom and Serge Gnabry.


We also got two players instead of one. If we went for the Mata rather than the Gervais/Ox combo in every position we would barely be able to fill a subs bench.


Comments before mine have already pointed out your absurdity, but we got Santi for a quarter less than Mata as well.

You can take the best transfers from other people and the worse from ours and it would make us look like QPR.

Except we’re not like QPR.

Double Canister

Mata was nearly in the bag, transfer fee was not the issue, wages was. Or are you one of the bitchers and moaners about our wage structure too?
Chavs, the scum and citeh offer far far higher wages than Arsene can offer.
So guess where we are each season?
I’t does look though that the purse strings are about to be loosened and AW deserves the chance to pick some new ‘top top players’.


A move to PSG would be the best for both Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. It would allow Wenger to rebuild his reputation after the last eight years of failure at Ashburton Grove. With unlimited spending power even he couldn’t fail to win something. At Arsenal we desperately need a fresh new start. Wenger’s methods have seen the club slowly decline to the point where we are now just a mid-table side. We need somebody to come in and give the club a massive shake up. Kroenke, Gazidis and the Board just have to ask themselves a simple question: can we… Read more »

Recreational Hugs

Could you explain how we are a ‘mid table side’?

Recreational Hugs

Not that I completely disagree with what you’ve said


We are currently 21 behind the champions, Man United. We may not even finish in the top four (although I believe we will). We have won nothing for eight years.

In my book that makes us a mid-table team.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Get over yourself. Even by the standard definition of mid-table (To finish consistently between 5th and 15th) were not even there. Since ’97 top 4.


Only team in the world to have shut-out Bayern Munich this season. We currently have the best form in the premier league. We have a very good defensive record (equalling Man Utd). Arsenals lowest points total under Wenger is 67. (Average 75.5). The 15 years before Arsenal came our average Points total was 66.5 (62.1 if you take into account the 42 game season). We can quite confidently assume we’ll make 70 points, like we did last season. This is better than 9 of the 15 pre-Arsene seasons and better than 13 of the 15 if you adjust for a… Read more »


before *Arsene came


Fats – Your definition of a mid-table side is mid-table quality.

Jim Jimminy

Mid-table teams don’t play champions league football.

I expect a reply along the lines of “whats the point in being in it, we wont win it blah blah doom doom”



If Wenger leaves, can you, by the virtue of your bubbly fat, make Klopp or Moyes appear? And if they don’t do as well as Wenger does with the same limited resources (quite probable), would you, by the virtue of your bubbly fat, hold your flabby hands up and say you were wrong? And would you jump your fat arse to another ship like Manure?


Can you explain to me how you found enough cells in that relic you call a head to type such deep truths? Klopp and moyes are your two examples. Ask the management of those two clubs if they’d take arsene over their current manager’s. Mid-table club my sandwich!! You’re not even a mid-table wanker.

James Goontown

If we’re a mid table team that’s in the top 4, what is ‘top table’ in your mind?

Also, in what seriously deluded world do you think Moyes, let alone Klopp, will come to Arsenal next season if Wenger leaves? They both have their reasons for staying with their respective clubs. Let’s talk in reality here, not a disillusioned fan’s world.

Wenger is our man next season, end of. And I am happy for it.


What makes you think his ‘methods’ are the problem?

Stop selectively ignoring all the other factors (like finances, the elephant in the room) so freely, it clouds you’re judgement.

Jim Jimminy

David moyes? Ha! Good one. You would be the first to jump on his back when things went pear shaped.

Dont you think mr wenger deserves a chance to spend the money that is now available, after having to scrape by for so long?

Midfield Corporal

8yrs of failure is a very myopic way of looking at things, it doesn’t really take into account the stadium move and boardroom issues.

Double Canister

8 years of failure is fat’s school report!

Double Canister

Sort out our defending,
Yeeeeeeah, fats.
we are fucking useless at the back, are we not this season.?


I was at dinner with a french football agent at his chateau near Bordeaux last New Years , and he told me then that Wenger had a verbal agreement to join PSG in the Summer. He was adamant it was a done deal

chamakh's barber

“verbal agreement” ,sounds solid to me


I was chilling with the Beckhams up in their luxury villa in paris ( me and dave go way back you see ), Arsene came round for dinner and said he is definitely going to manage psg but his words but made us pinky swear to keep it quiet because we are such close friends all of us together we usually hang out like every day and have jammysleepovers.
– That is how incredulous your story sounds, stop it. This is not the dailymail.


Sounds legit. I also heard similar stories from my mate ‘Dave’ at the local boozer.


You “in the know’s” are hilarious.


My friends sisters cousins hamster told me its true.
Honestly, this is remedial class nonsense.

Burn Baby Burn

Because agents are so trustworthy and reliable

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Not only is Wenger one of the best managers currently. But also he is one of the best managers in history of Foot ball. No manager equates his endurance, loyality and patience. Fuck the board; But wenger’s position in Arsenal is non-negotiable. Arsenal’s and Wenger’s relationship is like a marrige from which there is no DIVORCE. He is the face of Arsenal.


@pete yeah,cos dortmund are the richest club in the world? Hahaha and my point is consecutive CL qualification is not special without winning it wenger has only won 7 trophies in 16+ years period and you say he over achieved? Plssss if they were indeed balancing sheets then chamberlain and gervinho were bought for £23m and that is the same amount chelsea bought mata the board didnt buy park,squillaci and his fellow brotherhood the board didnt persist with diaby when everybody knew diaby cant play 16 matches in a season surely kroenke and the rest have faults but doesnt mean… Read more »


Dortmund only have to compete with Bayern. Which this season they singularly haven’t.
arsenal have to compete with the only genuine financial leviathan in English football, United and two financially steroid enhanced clubs in Chelsea and Citeh. My understanding is that German FA or law itself prevents such oligarchic buyers from investing and skewing the league.
So it appears to me that the analogy is wholly inaccurate and inappropriate, much as you might like it to be true.


Before Wenger it took us 26 years to win 7 trophies.

So if we win nothing for another 10 years then he is still doing alright! 😉


7 trophies in 16 years is pretty fucking good. Its not Arsenal’s god given right to win a trophy every year. And that his hell of a lot better than our record before Arsene. I also firmly believe that most of this team will be around the day we win our next trophy, the core of our team is really good, as is our British core.


Dortmund is relatively wealthy in Germany. One of the richest, in fact, although Bayern’s ahead by a country mile.

If you must compare domestic achievements, then at least put them in context.

Otherwise Celtic must the best team around, if we just compare number of trophies.

Arsene Wenger

Dortmund has not been singularly targeted and dismantled for a decade. If Klopp can stickk by Dortmund through the nonsense and keep them competitive in the following decade despite losing stars, then he is indeed on Wenger’s level.


We will never know if he is because most likely Klopp would cash in on his success with Dortmund, leave for a bigger club not facing similar hard times, while leaving the board and some other schmuck manager to take the blame for lesser achievement in the lean times.

Who but Arsene has ever stuck around through such difficulties?

Double Canister

Bayern are prepared to van Persie them now they see a genuine German rival.

Fit Gooner

Fat Gooner.Did you say Jurgen Klopp and David Moyes. really? I am pretty sure that fat floats in your brain and not a scrap of rational thought You might as well have said mancini & Redknapp. No manager in history has built a team that went on to become unbeaten a whole season let alone 49 games not even Guardiola, Morinho or even the mighty Johan Cruyff. Being fat is no excuse to being bitter & stupid.


Unbeaten, 49 games, blah, blah, blah

Wenger is past it – fact.


This is a fact – fact.

Jim Jimminy

Your opinion – fact

Double Canister

Fat, your the missing ‘c’.
Klopp is doing wonders at Dortmund and they are a wonderful club. Moyes is a negative git and Everton are a walking eyesore to watch play kickball.


Am guessing you dont know that it was the same season/period/window/summer we bought gervinho and the ox for combined £23million that chelsea bought mata for the same price and the young ones couldnt perform also in their age group tournament. Out of your lists,give me a player that can change a game like mata on your list. Joel hasnt played for us yet and you included him,why not include wellinghton silva someone is paid £7.5m per year to get top four and you said he is loyal. 16 years 7 trophys. Meanwhile you start blaming vanpersie for leaving,if wenger stays… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

you obviously don’t know anything about

– the arsenal
– football in general

oh wait you’re an obvious troll, being obvious. my mistake, do carry on


Lets wait till wilshere is sold for footballing reason,by then you would know who the troll is.

And if you by any chance know about the arsenal then you should know that our “star players” would be sold cos they want to win trophies.

the only sam is nelson


your post doesn’t actually make any sense


And what the hell is your reasoning behind comparing transfers on the exact same transfer window? Different teams are at different stages of the cycle and have different needs on each transfer window.

At least try to make sense.


people going on about buying Mata and comparing to some of our buys with the argument that we should have bought the Spaniard. I remember at the time a lot of speculation that we did try to buy him but he went to Chelsea. Its all well and good saying we should buy this and that but this is nt football manager here not just so simple. You can make argument about why such players may not want to join but quite simply building/paying a new stadium and concurrently trying to compete with billionaire owners who completely scew the market… Read more »


If anyone’s interested, after silence of months, here is a new article by the Swiss:


I think this is Wenger’s last contract with Arsenal. He won’t leave in the summer but will run down his contract and go to PSG, Madrid or Barca

Double Canister

That would never happen.
He has Class.
If he ever leaved us it would probably be back to Monaco. Don’t see that happening just yet.


I hold my hands up I was on his back before but I would hate to lose him he is arsenal fc and that’s that

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

some dumb american

Either way, the board had better start putting together a shortlist of potential managers. I feel like they are going to be completely clueless on what to do whenever he does leave (this summer, next summer when contract is up, when he get’s in a freak accident, whenever).

Fit Gooner

You are right he is past it but that should show you that:- If wenger is given the chance and the recource to build his DREAM TEAM he will not fail like Mancini. [Fact not Fiction]. Even Guardiola being the best manager currentley is spending massiveley on an almost perfect Bayern Munich.


I don’t know this, but you seem to be arguing that he’s not past it.




Err we sold nasri for £24M how is it make a £6.2M? Did we buy him for £17.8M__ A club record that I don’t know of?


Something like that yes.


He will not walk away from his contract period.
However if the board are not willing to back him next season and the offer comes up again I hope he takes the PSG job and spends a load of their cash to win the Champions league as nobody deserves it more than Arsene.

[…] He was asked about on Saturday after the game, and said: […]

[…] 周六赛后温格被问及这个问题,他说: […]

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