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Wenger: we weren’t stupid

Arsene Wenger praised the fact his side weren’t ‘stupid’ as the Gunners overcame a dogged Norwich side to secure three points that moved them up to third place in the Premier League table.

Mikel Arteta’s penalty calmed the nerves of the Emirates faithful with a leveller with only six minutes remaining before a scruffy Giroud/Bassong effort and a Podolski curler rendered Michael Turner’s opener worthless.

Speaking after the game, the boss talked positively about the momentum his squad have developed on the domestic front.

“It is a question of nerves and I think the win today was a balance of nerves, quality and intelligence. In the end we didn’t do anything stupid when we were 1-0 down, and kept facing our game. That side of the game will be important of course.

“What is important is to keep our run going and the consistency of our wins. That is important. The position [3rd in the table] at the moment has no real meaning. It means we are all tight and the team that is the most consistent will get there. At the moment we have that consistency so we want to focus on that. We have another big game on Tuesday night [against Everton] and we have a good opportunity that we want to take.”

Having thrown Lukas Podolski, Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain into the fray after going 1-0 down Wenger played up the influence of his substitutes.

“They had a good impact, yes. They came on with a good attitude and a good spirit. Once Norwich got a bit tired, they made a difference.

“The luxury we have is to have Podolski, Walcott and Chamberlain on the bench. We have offensive quality on the bench at home, so once you get the team under pressure it is very helpful.”

No questions were asked in the post-game press conference about the ridiculous time wasting of Norwich keeper Mark Bunn but Arseblog News assumes that Wenger would probably have retorted with a slow hand gesture the likes of which are usually reserved to describe gentleman who indulge regularly in self pleasure…

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Wembley Gooner

One game at a time boys 3rd is a very realistic target. Did not seem that achievable a few weeks back but how things change! One thing that does not change is the number of heart attacks this team gives us!!




this team really gives us tons of heart attacks..

i need my courage!

Jigga man

I need my mummy


Been saying we’d get top 3 for weeks. We have the know how. Just need this sort of mentality all season.

Went to the game today and have to say that it was amazing the amount of time Bunn managed to waste, truly remarkable! Also have to point out the Rambo was quality, really needs to be given some credit and slack as he is a young guy whose getting better with every game!


Holt and Bunn would’ve been booked for time wasting but because the ref was more than 5 yards away he wasn’t allowed to give it


And what stupendous cunts they were, I know it’s a competitive sport and all, but that’s as low as it gets in terms of time-wasting and trying to be a huge dick while not hurting anyone. It was great to see them being all sad and cheered on when we were 2-1, and then 3-1 up. And to think the commentators called Holt’s disgusting time-wasting “experience”, I’m just hoping they’re too good at deadpan delivery of humour and didn’t honestly mean it.


Smart substitutions in my opinion. I don’t blame him for the line-up he started with, form and all that. Wenger actually switched my two biggest concerns from early in the game with exactly who I felt should come on (Podolski + Walcott > Wilshere + Gervinho) and it especially paid off a great deal with the final substitution, in the surprise of bringing in the Ox for Sagna.

Credit where it’s due, good decisions Mr. Wenger.

Now, sort out the bloody set piece defending, and we’re pretty much solid!


Yep, thought the substitutions were very well done today. By half time I had decided what changes I thought we needed and was wondering how long Wenger would wait.

I love both that Wenger made the changes early and not as a reflex reaction to the goal (Walcott was already about to come on before they scored). That was secondary to the fact that I predicted both.

The OX at the end was just inspired; I just thought he would take Gibbs off.


Mate, when I saw the time and realised it wasn’t the 75th min when Wenger began subbing, I was in awe of the moment. So glad he went for it.

I wont lie, I had no idea who he could take off for Ox though, but it paid off bringing off Sagna. Maybe to rest him for Tues night? Maybe he was iffy after clattering the cunt who broke his leg the second time last season? I don’t know. But Ox’s contributions and the resulting… Er, result, told the story.


At this point it’s enough said.


I only have good memories whenever Ramsey slots in at right-back, must be a sign!


I’m sure he wouldn’t be near as solid or good at right-back if he hadn’t been forced to play on the right wing for so long.


Heh I didn’t even notice, just assumed we were playing 3 at the back and packing 27 in midfield.


Ramsey was just brilliant today, period!
Wilshere didnt look himself, but it’ll come.


I think it works better when the subs are normally starters, as they are itching to get on, compared to players who expect to be on the bench. Now that our reliance on a core set of players is lessening our subs will be more effective as time goes on.


Mark Bunn punched the air like they’ve won the game after his save on poldi’s 1st effort made our comback all the more sweeter


He just likes punching things, like when Arteta scored he punched the ground because he has a sickness that makes him punch things whenever he touches a ball.


Well I hope he touches himself tonight then proceeds to punch himself there.

A N Other

Very pleased with a win against a team that was fast becoming our boogie team.. Subs were fantastic and every arsenal game is throwing a new hero..

Arsene Wenger

Yes, this is what I was thinking. We can’t assume that this performance will carry over because Norwich is an anomaly; they always seem to cause us problems.


I don’t know it might be similar against Everton if we don’t up our tempo. Everton are good at being organised and know how to park the bus and frustrate plus they got a much better counter attack than Norwich. This game should serve as a warning sign for the boys.


right. everton are no doubt a better and more attack-minded team than norwich, but they been known to park the bus quite a bit. we’ll have to be careful of counters and set pieces.

damien joyce

Was in gym during game had no feed whatsoever, was very depressing to see teletext ( I don’t deem that to be a feed worthy of the name) come up with one nil down, but to see 3 goals in quick succession turn it around, with what seemed to be an important save from Fabianski in the crux of those few minutes, was very pleasing indeed, almost felt like indulging in self same pleasures myself but decided not to, will watch MOTD on mute this evening and enjoy those greatly needed 3pts for next 72 hours, when hopefully another 3pts… Read more »


Alex oxchanging-game.

Watch that giroud goal again, i’m sure somebody else would have chose to play gibbo on the left but no, not chamberlain. His direct play had norwich out of sorts and it got us a goal.

Direct play!

Parisian Weetabix

Exactly, and it’s the little things like this that win matches. A good player could have played that ball to Gibbs, and no-one would have thought anything of it, because it’s the obvious option. It’s having the skill to execute the difficult option that completely changes games, and the Ox proved he has that skill. By contrast there was a moment in the first half where Jack received the ball on the right of their box. There was loads of space to run into in the centre, but he instead gave it to Sagna outside of him. He executed the… Read more »

Gearoid Kelly

Haeto put in a word here for Poldi’s lay off to Ox in the 1-2. I was his biggest critic after Bayern at home, with his lack of mobility, but he certainly has the ability to make a top class impact with his distribution, be it shooting, crossing or passing.


Ox and Walcott must play in the first 11 and podolski as striker. Giroud on bench and get in 2nd half.


Pace is very effective against tired legs. If the Ox is running at a defender who has been on for 70 minutes, the defender has no chance. I like him coming on at 60 minutes and causing havoc with the back four.

pensive gooner

Giroud hit the bar once.
Giroud set up Podolski for his ferocious volley.
Giroud flicked on the ball to Walcott from which our third goal was scored.
Giroud was fouled for the penalty which won us the game.
Giroud (scored) the goal that won us the game.

He was undoubtedly our man of the match. I do believe that your arguments are based more on your Arsenal team in FIFA13 than in real life.


Agreed, He does lots of things you wont see in the box scores, like being a target man. I like his touch on top of the box as he links up with the the middies, and gives us a target on set pieces. His goal return this season is a bonus for me, if he scores 10 goals in addition to his other contributions, im happy.

Parisian Weetabix

I personally thought Ramsey was our man of the match, but I otherwise completely agree about Giroud. If he could add awareness, decision-making, and above all pace to his game, he’d be one of the best. He’s 6’4 and attempts overhead kicks. Not many have that in their locker.


Walcott, according to Arsene, only got back to training on Friday, he was in no shape to start. Besides, he’s best as an impact sub, coming on after the other team’s grown a bit tired and especially so when the other team parks the bus like Norwich did today.
pensive gooner said pretty much all I had to say about Giroud, and I’ll just add that before scoring Podolski mis-controlled two or three good balls in the box.


I think someone’s been playing a bit too much FIFA


Nah, if it were FIFA, Walcott would be the central striker, he’s an absolute beast in there.

Red Cannon

Giroud was mon of the match, mate.


Mon of the match? Watch out, we’ve got Bob Marley over here 😀

the chosen one

Hahaha brilliant


Giroud is an unsung hero in the mainstream media. But most gooners know his value to the team, I feel. Has a brilliant attitude and it seems its only a matter of time before he starts tearing this league apart. For a new player he has integrated well with his team mates and allows many other players to get into threatening positions. He is a tacticians wet dream. I love you Giroud.


What amazes me is that Wenger made his substitutions at 60′, when he usually sticks to 70.. The guy can react.


Great stuff Arsenal. Poldi is a first eleven player!! Him and Walcott should be in for Everton.


it would have gone crazy if we have let in that chance norwich had after we scored our second goal but thanks to Fabianski it wasnt meant to be.

Parisian Weetabix

Aye, he’s barely had a save to make since he came in against Bayern Munich, but when it comes to saves he has an honest chance with he’s been absolutely flawless. His catch in the 2nd half when Martin leathered it at him might not have been spectacular, but to catch a ball so solidly is exactly what you want from your keeper. I’ve seen a lot of comments with the phrase “quiet consistency over sporadic flamboyance” on this site. I’ve got no doubt that Fabianski is capable of some spectacular saves if needs be, but it’s that solidity he’s… Read more »


Podolski’s left foot is absolute gold. I think a central pairing of Giroud-Podolski, Podolski-Walcott, Walcott-Giroud would brilliant. Giroud needs a support striker, and with that bullet of Podolski and brilliant finishing of Walcott, he’ll set up even more chances.

I think this 4-3-3 is too mainstream now.


If we’re talking mainstream, 4-4-2 is much worse. Unless you were thinking of a 4-2-2-2 like City’s, or something of the sort.

I couldn’t believe that shot he blasted from the left hit the woodwork, would’ve made a great 1-1. But we won anyways and he scored the 3-1, so all’s well.

Gearoid Kelly

4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, these are all just labels.
Two “4-3-3s” can be very very different, we’ve even seen that within our own club this season.

Any tweaks with the formation will only be minor, until some stupid commentator decides to change the label of our system.


mainstream is good.. as long as we win.

Mayor of the Woolwich

Arseblog! Where’s the match report? I enjoy having it here hot and sizzling, even though I saw the match. Can’t wait to read it please. Good job up here blogs!


It was posted a couple of minutes after the game ended. Here’s the link to it:


Truthfully, Wenger having players fit and in form right now is making all the difference.

Having options won us the game today.

Seeing Wilshere and Gervinho having an off day early enough to do something about it is one thing.

The fact that we now have Poldi and Theo ready to bring on to fix it is so cool.

I have been saying for a while, keep this lot together, add a few extras and next year could be special.


I have only got across to the Emirates a couple of time. One of them I spent at least 8 minutes of the 100 or so watching Kirkland faf around with the ball wasting time. Arsenal were losing but I remember being mostly pissed off with that twat. Mark Bundle can suck all the dicks


A while back, when keepers started time wasting, the while North Bank started counting together to pressurize them.

I wish they started doing it regularly, if nothing else for the look on the ref’s face.


Surprised there’s been no mention of how good Ramsey was today. He’s learning buckets from playing alongside Arteta.


We missed Rosicky driving forward today. Usually Jack can do that but he clearly wasn’t 100% today. We needed a player turning and testing that defense.

Good 3 points though. made my day


Gervinho almost cost us the game. Also why d hell was everyone complaining that the linesman made the call. Did he pull girouds shirt? Yes. Is that allowed? No. Hence? Pk. End of discussion. Arsenal should get some luck too you know

Merlin's Panini

Well that was a massive win. Fuck those idiots Garth Crooks and Neil Warnock for their bitter whining that the linesman was the one who gave the penalty. It was clearly a foul. The guy had a massive handful of Giroud’s shirt. The right decision was made, even if it took a little longer.
We’re back where we belong, now let’s close it out and stay there.


These ‘pundits’ all have there own agenda, it makes me laugh (with an evil glare) at how transparent their ‘analysis’ is. Its a shame we don’t have many ex Arsenal players in senior pundit positions. You can guarantee then, they will bring some balance to the onesided views that PISS us off almost every week. But like the boss says ‘lets do the talking on the pitch’ thats the only way to get back at these vampires. Its telling at how a lot of them got all hot and bothered at us winning the game…the slimy bastards!!! These are the… Read more »


For me its all about confidence building and winning mentality, and with our defence it will never be as good as it was back in wenger’s earlier days. Big money needs to be spent in the summer to change the sequence that we have been in for several seasons

Double Canister

News- 14 away goals conceded, that the lowest in the league. Including all the CL candidates.
And that a Rafa fact.


Same as always like Newcastle and Krul before, the cheating, time wasting and tactical fouls are all part of the game and as frustrating as it we all have to accept it, but so is fouling our HFB as he’s about to shoot so shut the fuck up Norwich and you huge Tosser Gale. COYG!

Tom 1883

What a win, I legitimately thought we had lost it. Massive kudos to Ramsey who I thought was superb, and massive kudos to our subs, Ox especially, and to Wenger for making the right decisions at the right time. Love it all.

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If we are talking about formations then I say redknapp in and just let everyone play where they want, for sure, terrific, for sure!

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