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Boss credits ‘calm’ Theo and ‘sharper’ Szcz

Arsene Wenger has had paid tribute to both Theo Walcott and Wojciech Szczesny after the duo helped Arsenal to a vital three points against QPR.

Having watched the England winger score his 20th goal of the season, the first time he’s reached the landmark, the boss underlined that the 24-year-old’s maturity is helping him stay calm in and around the box.

“He’s more mature in his finishing,” Wenger told press after Saturday’s 1-0 win at Loftus Road.

“[Against QPR] he scored a bit of a similar goal to the one against Man United. It’s a short backlift, he makes good runs and he’s calm now in front of goal.”

Harking back to the days when young Theo couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo (although he was so innocent back then the thought of patting a farmyard animal with a musical instrument probably had him in tears), the boss continued:

“You certainly remember him when he arrived – in front of goal, the ball could go anywhere. Now you see every time he hits the target. He forces the keeper into a save. That’s why his numbers are so much better.

“I use him on the flank because I try to put a player in the middle who can score goals and having another one on the flank who can score goals gives you a little bit of security. We finished with him in the middle.”

While Walcott’s early goal proved decisive against Harry Redknapp’s band of relegated mercenaries, if it weren’t for a fine diving save by Szczesny from Loic Remy’s late curling shot the Gunners may have dropped two vital points.

Restored as number one after a spell on the sidelines the Pole has kept three clean sheets in four games, proof according to the boss that he is now in good form.

“It [competition] is very good for him. You know him as well. I must give him credit because in this competition [from Fabianski], he responded very well, worked hard and when he came back, he was sharper when I left him out, from the first game on. He has responded very well.

“That’s what you’ve seen with people like Seaman, with Lehmann when I took him out. They always came back stronger. He does that well. He’s in good form now.”

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that was a match winning keeper performance on Saturday. lets stop all this nonsense about old iron arms not being up to scratch.


You could argue it was a match saving one against United last weekend as well; putting his face on the line and all.

It is worth remembering that the only goal he has conceded since coming back is the Dutchman’s penalty


@Rufusstan, dutch skunk you mean?


Man Utd lost yesterday before a ball was kicked. Cunts.


‘he couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo’

How do you come up with that, blogs?


Only Chelsea could of delt us a blow so bitter.

Now we have to route for the very same team we wanted to lose to Man u.

Im sorry no other way of putting it if Tottenham beat chelsea we are fucked!

4th place lol

We are so bad 4th spot is an achievement and it has become our main goal for the last 6 or 7 years.its a joke and us as fans put up with it i dunno why cos when we get there all we do is make up the numbers and this is ok for arsenal fans
well not for me id rather not make 4th spot then people might wake up wenger
has lost the plot he thinks this s

Arsene Wenger

We didn’t ‘make up the numbers’ any more than Juventus or Barfa this year.

4th place lol

We make them up every year thats we do juve and barca both won domestic titles what did we win s.f.all again same story next year muppets


Spud fan


Realistic Arsenal fan IMO…


Your grammar is atrocious. Have you not read the comment policy?


Of course he hasn’t; with grammar like that do you really think he can read?



4th place lol

Squad good enough he has to go

El blondo

Please articulate your comments you make no sense.


…or don’t comment. That’d make sense.

Colon Explorer

Some credit to him at least – at least he didn’t write 4rd place. Well within his grasp, however…

Merlin's Panini

Well I still hope we can come 3th…

Arsenic FC

Arsenal’s terminal decline summed up this week as we watch Chels v Spudz from behind the sofa, with sweaty palms, swearing at the TV. We are reduced to supporting those fuckin Chelsea cunts. This is what it has come to. Selling RVP, Cesc, Song and Nasri is all that will be spoken about for years if the unthinkable happens and we finish 5th…..Chels can afford to even lose 10-0 and still qualify. This mindset means they’ll get turned over. We are in huge trouble.

Arsene Wenger

Really? Every team’s league position is dependent on others’.

Besides, the Chavs will feel they need to win this so that they can leave Hotsperm behind and so they can rest players in the Villa game, ahead of the EL final.

Parisian Weetabix

Gosh, imagine hoping for favourable results that benefit your team. How shameful. I bet we are the only team in Premier Leage history who has done such a thing. I bet most other clubs just blunder single-mindedly through the season, far too noble and proud to give a fuck about anything but themselves. Yet here we are, brazenly denying that meticulously well-kept trend. This club sickens me.

joey sixpack

Man, I am digging the defence right now. This momentum has to continue through to next season. Anyway, since baba the apeman has singlehandedly won 24 points for spurs and man utd fixed the match with Chelsea, we have to win our last two games..Or someone is getting their ass kicked! And by someone, I mean blogs :p


Hate to say it but ‘Come On Chelsea’ you Tosspots!!
That red faced cunt put out a shit team with no De Gea, Rooney, Ferdinand and even bought on Buttner for Evra?? Wtf
RVP should of celebrated that penalty because in my eyes he has no class what so ever.. Rant over!! COYG get us CL 🙂


Seriously Arseblog, what is your problem with Feo? If it was Giroud instead, the tone of this article would be totally different.

Arsene Wenger

Understandably, he thinks that Theo is a frustrating player.

That still, in my opinion, does not justify the snide undertones of almost every comment he makes on Lord Theo.

However, it is his blog so he can do whatever he wants in the end.


I think what Arseblog is trying to express about Walcott is that he is just so annoyingly inconsistent. With 20 goals scored this season, and with the match-winner on Saturday, we should all be praising Theo to the heavens. But we all know that he can be so much better. I can think of at least half a dozen games over the past three years where Walcott has been absolutely sensational – Chelsea away last season in particular stands out. But we simply don’t see it often enough. Against QPR on Saturday he should have been tearing up the wing… Read more »

El blondo

This could be the first time I’ve ever agreed with one of your posts fats…good perspective.


Pretty much this.

Plus, I didn’t write this post. People should look at the byline before commenting 😉


Class your getting the blame for nothing blogs 🙂 but I have to agree with the blog hound.
Consistent in patches and all that…


meh what’s the point of reading on a blog? it’s easier to comment off the title because the title says all I need to know…


Just knew United would suck yesterday. Clearly the players were way more up for the game at the Emirates, mainly because of RVP I’m guessing.

No Carrick, Rooney in the starting line up, and he gets in Anderson and Cleverley. Sigh.

Lord theo

20 goals for a winger,not bad ey expect him to hit 30 next season.

Double Canister

Lets hope they are the ‘important’ goals!

Mind you if we get CL on goal difference we will all have to form a que to kiss Feoo’s ass in thanks.

Dial Square

Ferguson is a cunt, puts out his strongest side against us, saying “we will respect the other clubs in the battle for a top four place” and then against Chelski he fields half a team of stiffs, the classless wanker!

4th place lol

Dont blame fergie we only have ourselves to blame FACT


FACT= fat arsed cunty twat


We would certainly be praising wenger had he done the same thing against man u after we won the league though..

Arsenic FC

Everyone slagging off Bacon Face Fergie….but if we lose to Norwich and Swansea, and can’t beat shite like Stoke, Fulham, Sunderland and Villa we deserve fuck all. It’s the clubs policies that have reduced us to ‘supporting’ Chels.

Arsene Wenger

Well Chelsea have had retarded losses as well. The thing most of us are angry about is the bullshit that Rednose spews about being fair, while then proceeding to play a team of bellends against Chelsea.

Surely Rednose would rather that we qualified?

Another theory is that he went easy on Chelsea so that Hotsperm would not finish in the top 4 and he could get monkey on the cheap (I personally don’t believe that but it is a possibiliity.)

Podolski's left leg

@ Random, thats spot on. They just turn up their arse for chelsea to spank using their own very ref. Lets hope the game on wednesday ends goal less with 3or4 red cards. One for apeman.


I do hope the players and AW remember this insult by the red cunts. A motivated Arsenal is the best team in the league.

RC Motors

Congrats to theo for 20 goals in a season, which is no easy feat. We can use a few more goals in the final 2 games of the season and many more next season. Here’s to progress.


Wow im hoping chelski and then the orcs win this week. Unbelievable!

Arsenic FC

I’ve paid £1300 to support Chelsea and Stoke!! Yes, unbelievable…..we are mugs.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

some people are so fickle. as soon as something doesn’t go Arsenals way it’s ‘Nasri, Fabregas, VP, 4th place trophy, Usmanov, Ramsey blah blah blah’. Yes I will be nervous on Wednesday, but wanting results to go our way is hardly a new thing. Just because we want Chelsea to win doesn’t mean we are shite, I’m sure next week there will be other teams’ fans supporting Chelsea when they play Villa. We have been in title winning form since we lost to Spurs, we won at QPR, let’s leave our judgements until the end of the season. We don’t… Read more »

Double Canister

Blogs Im a shezza fan, but I think you are being a we bit lenient on him on his return. His shot stopping is good, his positioning for longer range shots is not perfect (against villa) so this means teams take pot shots at him from distance. Thank God the clouds came overhead for the second half at QPR, I was not looking forward to shezza having to see the ball coming at him with the low sun behind it. His distribution of the ball out is too rushed, he puts us into trouble sometimes. However, he is very young… Read more »


We should by Remy. Could be a bargain. And great potential.

Top Gunner

I agree Remy, Is a realist target, and he would definitely improve our squad!
Faster & better technically than Giroud, I don’t see why anyone would oppose/thumb down his signing.


Szczesny looks a whole lot like Gareth Bale. Both handsome and both very talented players. Just saying.


Please never mention one of our players in the same breath as Gareth Bile


Wilshere, bale


Please repent for that you tool


I like the pic.

Looks like Walcott has just brought back the stick and dropped it and is trying get SZCZ or the BFG to throw it again.


Yeah good one TeeCee. They all look happy and really together.


The Arseblog News Hound.


I fucking knew that bacon face would roll over to the Chavs from the moment Wenger said that he hoped Manure would play the rest of the season like they did against us. What a bunch of cunts, here’s hoping Spuds get turned over on Wednesday night. On another note why is MOTD so biased against us? They never ever give us any credit or even spend much time talking about us but sit there drooling over monkey boy and his retard chums. Talking especially about that 4 eyed cunt Murray and twat faced Shearer. Hopefully nest season we can… Read more »


Rather you than me as I am totally against sticking anything up shearers ass unless its hansons head


We’d need to get Shearers own head out first Micko.


Well that’s true 🙂

Lord theo

Theo is our source of goals and i agree his general play sucks and he cant play as a lone CF but sagna must go and we must buy a younger ,faster RB who wil cover theo because most wingers who score goals eg cr7,robben etc have a good RB covering them and theo cant play as a normal winger he cant dribble,tackle so its better 2 play him as a striker on the right 2 avoid defenders attention


What about Theo being in his proper position for Sagna to pass the ball too?
Theo drifts inside more than he should and leaves Sagna on his own!


You ever played rb having to basically cover the wing by yourself and then distribute the ball without your ” winger” on the wing providing width to open the pitch up for you? I have, it’s not easy so I disagree.


Szcz has made such a save and many more good ones before. I personally thought his bad form was just highlighted by bad defending. Majority of the keepers suffer the same. …the ‘mental’ thing could have gone worse though. Good luck & long live our young keeper!


If only Vermaelen could come back as strong as Sczcesny has!

The Car2n Goon

Blogs, Would it be possible to do a statistical analysis of the leagues top midfielders? I’ve been having an ongoing feud with Gooners that do not see the correlation between Ramsey’s move to CDM, his improvement in form and the 20 points out of possible 24 in the last 8 games… It would also be interesting to compare the first and second halves of the season to track the improvement. The comparison against Carrick in the Manure game has got me thinking that the second half of the season Ramsey has been the top performing CDM in the league. I’m… Read more »


That’s too much information for a blog…
Please keep to simple facts like 3 points win a match and we win they loose and that is all we need at this stage of the league!!!


Sorry but I’m Irish and need simple facts please not stats as they make no sence to normal folk…

Double Canister

Mr. Blogs’ Irish too.
As am I.
Don’t generalise.

…………..and mine’s a Guinness, while your at the bar.

The Car2n Goon

As am I…


When Szcz taunts Tottenham saying they “do not have enough quality” (article on BBC), he really is playing a dangerous game. Surely that only motivates them. Their game against Chelsea is not not winnable. These comments only give them motivation!! Every time our players come out with stupid comments like this we lose.

Double Canister


Yes, he seems to have really riles them up when the BBC webshite made it an open comment blog.
Looks like spuds don’t like being called a bit shit, who’d have thought it when that’s what they’ve being doing to us all season.

Shezzy should have shut the fucked up until after their game.
Christ, even his Dad had more sense.


If you had to choose between Arsenal finishing 5th and Spurs 6th OR Arsenal 4th and Spurs 3rd, what would you choose? Champions league or finishing above Spurs?

Personally I’m one of the fans who believe that Wenger has a point when he says getting CL qualification is a trophy. But I’m also petty in believing that finishing above the scum is one of the most important things in the world. Thankfully we don’t have to choose. And finishing above the scum definitely means CL qualification this season.

Double Canister

Scum = the red nosed old git’s salford crew.
Spuds = a fucking joke of a club who won the league in 1961 and made a DVD of when they beat our kids in a carling cup game. They are gobshites but not worthy of hatred, they are not fucking relevant to us.


I call all our rivals scum. In this context I was talking about sp*rs.


I like the photograph.

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