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Chamakh: Good chance I won’t stay at Arsenal

Having spent a couple of years flirting with the idea of a return to Bordeaux it now appears Marouane Chamakh is on a full out charm offensive as he looks to draw a line under his Arsenal career.

It’s close to three years since the Moroccan moved to the Emirates from the Stade Chaban Delmas but despite a decent start to life in the Premier League it’s been pretty much all downhill since January 2011.

Despite a brace in the Carling Cup against Reading in November, he was shipped out on loan to West Ham in January and has since only played 172 minutes under the ‘tutelage’ of Sam Allardyce. He’s also been dumped at international level.

Admitting that he’s considering his future in North London, despite the fact that he’ll probably earn around £2.5 million for sticking out the remaining year of his deal with the Gunners, Chamakh spoke fondly of Bordeaux stressing that it’s the only club he’d join if he moves back to France.

“Everyone knows that Bordeaux is a club that is in my heart,” he told

“If I find an agreement with Bordeaux, why not. Yes, this is possible because there is a good chance that I will not stay at Arsenal.

“If I come back to France, it will be in Bordeaux.”

Back in October (and not for the first time) Bordeaux’s president, Jean-Louis Triaud, stated publicly that Chamakh can return at anytime he likes. For all parties concerned, let’s hope that offer still stands.

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What a useless lump of gel


It might be difficult to be nice but is there a need to hurl abuse/hatred at players who are leaving because they have failed to make a mark and are deemed “surplus to requirement” by the club?

Piers morgan

I read ^ this and went like…..oh my god give it a rest.

joel samwel

It is great shame that you aonce put on Arsenal shirt….please GO FOR GOOD.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hey guys, the man was good when he first arrived here. We have had some good service from him at first. It may have all fallen apart for him but there’s no need to go overboard.




Mind the door on the way out.


John Terry: “There’s a small chance I may be a bit of a twat”

Big Dave

In other news, people have heads.


Bear Shits In Woods Shock!

He is quite the twat, what happened to him at West Ham? It should have been ideal for his talents.

Oregon Gooner



Get him off the books!

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Dick law will probably be out in France trying to sign the cunt this summer


Thanks for your goals! Have fun at Bordeaux

(Please, God, let that Bordeaux offer still stand!)


Chances are he will leave? I’ve always loved a good chance, chances make the world go round. Now he can go and chance himself not scoring somewhere else. Buh Bye


Time to visit my old favorite shisha joint in Bordeaux!


Can’t believe he’s barely got 2 games of playing time at West Ham. Just shows how poor his quality & self esteem is right now.

big black clock

We’ve become a selling club, disgrace!

A N Other

Bye Bye Chamakh…. Hello Higuain, Jeovtic, Benteke..


Oh and why don’t you welcome in Messi and Ronaldo too?

Mike Dean

And Pele!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bog off Mike Dean you horrible referee you. You know Pele has erectile problems. We only want handsome young studly studs in our team, not wrinkled old prunes with wrinkled old prunes.

Cyril Washbrook

I don’t particularly fancy our chances of convincing Parlour to come out of retirement, but I guess it’s worth a shot.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Harry the Twitch wants Ronaldo for QPR, He’s going all out to capture Ronaldo… the Fat one.


My above statement is meant to be a cry against believing all rumours. Not that I don’t think we can buy them.

pauly bear

Wat a joke how can wenger let another player leave. Chamack under 7 coach tipped him for major sucess ha ha ha what a tool

Dr Baptiste

Off topic but what is going on with the Arsenal ladies. Really struggling at the moment

Dick Swiveller

First team has stolen their mojo, they’re going to wipe the floor with the Premiership next season whilst the ladies team are going to sneak into the top 4, harsh I know, but desperate times….

Jens Lehmann's Jester

Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

Dr Baptiste

That joke has been done already. Move along

Jens Lehmann's Jester

I must’ve missed it, Doc. Perhaps I, too, will go to Bordeaux. Thanks for your kind words, Doc.


the joke must have been really bad if i the “click here to see” isn’t allowing me to see it.


The joke is on you then because that IS the joke.

law sedibe

Thanks for the first six months…you were great. Can’t say we will miss you. We won’t!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’ll miss him, He did give us some good moments early on, and he’s been inoffensive since he went off the boil. We’ve had a few players that did more for us but left as cunts, so while I’m happy to see him go I won’t insult him on the way out of the door. He doesn’t deserve that and shouldn’t expect it from us. We are, after all, The Arsenal, and not some common club.

George Varney Jr

Arsenal have the cash, please we have wait to long let the manager spend this coming season

Dr Baptiste

You mean like waiting for the transfer window to open?


What’s a Chamakh?

Merlin's Panini

Kind of a camel/llama thing. I think someone tried to get one to play football once. It was quite funny actually…

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

I think we should put Chamakh, Park, Denilson, Santos, Bendtner, Arshavin, Squillacci and Gervinho in a box and leave it outside Tony Pubis’s house and run off

Spurs are whack

Everyone is forgetting he was banging goals in for fun before RVP the judas came back he was left on the bench and his confidence dropped big time!! Good luck pal and stop the shisha smoking 🙂


Chamakh sums up everything that is wrong with Wenger’s management over the last five years. He was a rank bad buy who was never good enough to play for us. Now, like many others, he is sucking up precious wage money whilst doing nothing for it. The truth is we can’t give him away, so we’ll have to carrying on paying him for another year until his contract lapses. Whatever happens on Sunday, we need a new manager this summer – and his first job will be to get rid of Chamakh and the rest of the dross which is… Read more »

Donut Maestro

Enough already. No need to take out your obesity fuelled anger on the team. Just move on along to Le Grove. They will love you there.


don’t think I’ve ever seen a comment by you that hasn’t been hate filled bullshit. GO AWAY!

Merlin's Panini

As much as I disagree with FG on an almost constant basis he is entitled to his opinion so just leave him be. I’ve grown weirdly fond of him being here. He’s like the weird uncle you don’t like being around but, you know, he’s family.

Mike Dean

In fairness to Fatgooner it would be pretty dull if we all just agreed. He is the ying to our yang.

Midfield Corporal

I sometimes find myself mulling over Fatgooners musings and almost agreeing, then my nurse medicates me and I return to sanity.


FG, Wenger is going nowhere so no point even worrying about it.

He’ll at least see out his contract and has the support of not only the board but is publicly backed by Usmanov as well.

Dr Baptiste

So what you’re basically saying is that Wenger can’t get rid of players that are difficult to move on but a new manager wouldn’t have any problems… Do you actually read what you write first? Also, a few of the dross, as you call it, are out of contract this seaso, so will be moved on anyway and off the wage bill


I completely disagree, at the time Chamakh was playing well and was scoring at a very high rate for Bourdeax. He also had CL experience and had scored against some top calibur teams in CL too. The fact that Chamakh respected his contract with Bourdeax then chose to come to Arsenal on a free also showed that people still respect us as a big club. If you don’t remember, he was also pursued by West Ham and was offered a hefty contract, but Chamakh turned it down. I thought it was a prudent buy at the time and it worked… Read more »


There are ways of getting players out of a club, but soft Wenger won’t use them. It just amazes me how many of you idiots still support Wenger after EIGHT YEARS of failure. He’s past it. This summer the Board have to make a decision about Wenger’s future. They either have to give him an extension or let him go. Allowing him to work the last year of his deal would be a massive mistake – he would be a lame duck manager. But how can they reward almost a decade of failure with a new contract? As I’ve said… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

No need for personal abuse mate. You have your opinion and that’s fine. …Wrong, but fine.

Arsene Wenger

Want doesn’t get. Klopp is not coming.


Is it Wenger’s entire fault these 8 years haven’t gone as planned? Cesc wanting to go home, Toure/Adebayor/Nasri/Clichy bailing, RVP being a general cunt. The board have sold those players. They have limited his resources and made the club suffer. Any other manager would have walked a long time ago, left us in shambles and would have almost definitely dropped us out of top 4, making us get less money the following season. Wenger has stood by the club when the board let him down. Let’s stand by him, at least for this final 2013/14 season. It’s all we (as… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually HitsMan that isn’t strictly true. The limited resources resulted from the building of the stadium and that was something that Wenger pushed for very strongly and was very involved with. Don’t bash the board to defend Wenger over our spending. They are no more or less to blame than he is for our reduced budget as the larger stadium was essential to our future development. Circumstances outside our control, and not really predictable – Would you have predicted in 2002-3 that football teams in the PL would become the newest must-have toy for foreign billionaires within a couple of… Read more »

Donut Maestro

You are different. We get it. You are deranged. We understand. You have lost your marbles. We can deal with it. But when you start spouting personal insults, what we see is an extremely angry, mentally 16 years old, frustrated, directionless, hopeless, and gutless little brat. If you stay on your keyboard, these are problems you will never fix. Go out in the world, make some friends, and inculcate some future. Maybe then you will learn to not insult arbitrarily on a constructive forum.


What a clown. I’d expect him to be still stinking up the place for his 2.5 million a year. If he does go it’ll be on loan again probably to France with Arsenal footing the majority of his wage. Unfortunately I think we’ll just have to put up with these guys until their contracts are up as with Arshavin, Squillacci and previously Almunia. The money that they are on is just too good. It’s a poor reflection on Chamakh’s hunger and ambition that he could not even get into the West Ham team. What a poor signing, the lack of… Read more »

Steven pienaar

All you knobs forget how well he started and was dropped as soon as the Dutch c*nt was fit again.


bear in mind he i a confidence player, he did well until van purse strings came back and was understandably immediately dropped, but just think, a few of our players are confidence players, like gervinho for example who on a good day can be brilliant, yes i know they can be frustrating but given the popularity of arseblog, the fact it often comes up on the arsenal home page, and the fact that it is readily accessible why on earth would any fan want to slander said confidence players destroying their confidence and lowering their effectiveness? OK so they’re not… Read more »


The problem with Chamakh and the others that I mentioned is that they look like they have just given up, couldn’t be arsed, just pick up their wages. Chamakh hasn’t played well since the skunk came back from the injury that you mentioned. That was over two and a half years ago!! Do you mean say that with hard work and application that he could not have forced his way into Arsene’s / Fat Sam’s / The Moroccan’s Manager thinking. FfS Arsenal have had practically one specialist striker for two seasons now, surely there was a gap there for Chamakh… Read more »


What are you lot arguing about? Chamackh aint good enough. Simple as that. Buy him out his contract and fuck him off.


First it was aliadere, then chamakh, park and now Giroud. Surely Wenger has lost his thumb for nicking good french based strikers. Anyone?

Merlin's Panini

Giroud is much better than you give him credit for and doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with that lot.
17 goals in his first season in England is a decent return. He’ll only be better next season.
I do think we need to bring in another proper striker to compete but I’ve been quite happy with the HFB.


I must admit I find it a bit difficult to understand why so many fans have so much hatred towards this guy – obviously its not working out for him here, I’m sure he’s just as well aware of that as anyone else – but its hardly fair to assume that the whole situation is entirely his fault either, I would think he’d much rather have done well here than have things turn out so bad! End of the day, most people were happy enough about him joining, considering he came on a free – and for the 1st half… Read more »


Bon-voyage, au revoir, ciao, but we will probably have to pay some of his wages to make deal happen.
major case of self destruction these was a half decent player in there but has disappeared


This sums up the task Wenger has had over the years.

He sells Adebayor for 30m and instead of being able to spend the money on a top striker he has to wait 2 seasons to get chamakh of a free transfer.

And what a shower of shit he is to.

Sorry, but if I was Chamakh, I would fucking sit on my arsenhole and rack up TWO-POINT-FIVE-***MILLION***-FUCKING-POUNDS from the dummies who gave me that contract!!!!!!!!


Can’t understand why we are thinking of selling Chamak. I mean he has scored one league goal over the last two years. He is one of our top top top buys. Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madrid, PSG, Chelsea, Man City and Monaco can just wait. Besides the club asking price of ten fat goats, 20 sleeping mats and 12 lengths of copper wire has scared the prospective buyer off. Although mega rich Workington are preparing a bid.


You ungrateful bastards talking shi. He did try his best you know. He wasn’t playing shit when he was replaced by “hey that guy” and every time he’s came on the pitch he’s done his best. He was signed for free and he could have gone anywhere for free but he chose us. For what whatever reason he still deserves respect from some of you cunts.


He has been largely poor, has shown a lack of commitment, and is now leaving. Not sure why you expect much respect for him on this board, given the treatment dished out to other ex players who were considerably better quality.


He didn’t actually get the chance to prove himself cause that cunt came back from his sick bed. And he didn’t actually do that bad for his first season when he got the chance. It’s fair and fine the cunt was much more effective. I’m just perturbed by some fans here reaction as the guy finally decides it would do him better to leave. He took a loan last season something Andre refused to do and he could have done the same. You’ve never heard him talk shit about us like the idiot nasri. He’s been by and large respectful… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

When did he show a lack of commitment? He showed a lack of success, yes, but we see time and time again how that happens. You get dropped (for some other player who hasn’t played for months but who is a favourite) and you lose the edge that they call match fitness. Then you get a game and can’t perform to your best (See every player that ever came back from injury and wasn’t given at least two full competetive games with the reserves). The fuckwit fans in the crowd start to mutter to eachother that you weren’t as good… Read more »

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

I’m with the Fat Gooner on this thread. The amount of AKBs on this forum is scary. If I was of a suspicious mind set I’d say some of these guys work for the club. Just my opinion but anyone who still thinks Wenger is the man to take the club forward is either a ringer or just mental. LOL.


How fans easily forget!

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