Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Wilshere an option as Wenger weighs up Arteta loss

Arsene Wenger hasn’t completely ruled Mikel Arteta out of Sunday’s final league game of the season against Newcastle United but admits the chances of the Spaniard participating are minimal.


With 42 starts to his name across all competitions the midfielder has been a stable figure in the heart of midfield and the club’s de-facto captain in the absence of the benched Thomas Vermaelen. It is likely that Aaron Ramsey will deputise in the holding midfield role with Wenger confirming that Jack Wilshere could well make the trip north with the club prepared to postpone the removal of a screw from his ankle for one more week.

“For the weekend, we have the uncertainty over Mikel Arteta, who had to come off just before the end of the Wigan game with a calf strain,” Wenger told

“Honestly, his chances of being available are minimal. I have to be realistic and prepare for another solution. Everybody else should be alright. There are no other real uncertainties.

“He is an option yes,” continued the boss, referencing Wilshere’s inclusion. “We will monitor him until Sunday and I will make a decision very late over what I will do.”

Olivier Giroud will also return to the squad having served the three game suspension for his red card against Fulham.

Injury forced Arteta to miss the last four games of last season’s tense race for a Champions League place with his teammates stumbling to three consecutive draws in his absence before regaining their composure (just) against West Brom to snatch the 3-2 win that sealed third. Naturally he’ll be a huge loss again this time, but with Ramsey improving after a lengthy run in the side we should have enough to cope.

It’ll be interesting to see who the boss selects as captain and presumably he’ll have to nominate another penalty taker.

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I wouldn’t mind a Coq in the side either.


way to get your Twitter handle out there


way to reply to yourself




I hope we never know what exactly happened here


@simonruff – Safe to say I’m too concerned to follow you on Twitter.

Merde Bag

I wouldnt mind seeing Vermaelen given a go in the holding midfield role

Arty's Art

Not sure if this is the game for experiments.

Furious Styles

Yes lets try out something crazy for this game just to see how it works out

Why is my name required

If Arteta doesn’t make it, i suspect the captain to be Sagna … it could be his last game for us as well, lets support the boy, he’s given his all for Arsenal football club. He was interviewed during the end of the Wigan game and he seemed to imply that he wants to stay, i hope he does.

As for a penalty taker, it seems like Rosicky or Poldi is the best option

RC Motors

How about Ramsey as penalty taker. Just look at his penalty in the wales – scotland game. (skip to 0:40)


I forgot about Arteta’s nutzy pens. I’ll send you my therapy bill.

We must be due a pen or three too.


Are you kidding me, one of the most important, most stressful games of the season AWAY, and you would experiment with someone, who is off-form as a defender, just because he can pass the ball, and shoot from long distance?

Vermaelen wouldn’t make a good midfielder. People need to understand that you need stamina, positional awareness and faster touch as a midfielder.

Just because Giroud is tall, and can head the ball it doesn’t mean he could play as a defender.


Giroud is actually a pretty good defender. Set-piece saviour this season lol!

Merde Bag

Granted it was the end of the game, but Vermaelen did replace Arteta against Wigan.

Unorthodox maybe, but given the type of game we have to play against the toon, I wouldnt see it as a massive risk to shoehorn a defender with a goal threat in there. & this one has scored more goals for Arsenal than Arteta and Coquelin combined.


Vermaelen relaced Arteta, but I think we went 3-4-3/5-2-3, rather than him playing holding midfield.

I don’t think he’s short of the requisite technique/ability on the ball/stamina to play holding midfield, but it’s worth noting that the holding midfield position requires a lot of positional awareness.

Considering that positioning has been one of our main issues with Vermaelen, not sure how suddenly sticking him in a position that’s crucial both defensively and offensively could work out.

Zorro in the box

I think people look at the likes of David Luiz, Yann M’Vila (remember him?) and Alex Song, as well as Jan Vertonghen and think Vermaelan is something similar.

I think he could probably do it, he’s intelligent and technically skilled but I’d rather see him shift there after a summer/pre-season where he’s practised it.


I’ve watched David Luiz in the holding role with some interest and can report that he’s not all he’s cracked up to be. His positioning is poor and his passing inaccurate. He tackles well, but he wouldn’t have to tackle so much if he knew how to shield his back 4. He’s a reactive holder rather than one who anticipates and controls games. I’d rate him a step down from players like Arteta, Carrick and John Obi Mikel.

Parisian Weetabix

He’d be like David Luiz, but less ambidextrous and less good at long passing. And David Luiz is useless as a midfielder. I don’t think he’s suited to the role.


David Luiz is excellent in midfield

Dan Gunn

Vermaelen doesn’t even know how to play at centre-half…

Arsene's Zip

He’s just out of form… he didn’t become the captain of the greatest club on earth playing in that position by accident.


When did he get signed by Accrington?


Drop Ramsey deeper and play Ox along side him.


Not sure I’d go for that in such an important game. Probably best sticking with what we know, however that sounds a potentially tasty future midfield.

master floda

The captain won’t be such a tough decision, probably Rosicky, maybe Wilshere.
And while i really appreciate Ramsey’s work rate and development into a really good box-to-box midfielder, i think he still lacks the necessary calmness, defensive awareness and precision in his passing to replace Arteta in that most defensive midfield position.
I’m wondering if Wenger shouldn’t put the coq in there, he would be the most natural replacement on that position.

Arty's Art

Agreed, simple switch like for like.

That would be the best option.


Captain Mert!!!

Zorro in the box

It was Mertesacker the last time, reckon it’ll be him again.


Mertz should be the Arsenal Captain. Verm will be better without the captaincy


Well I remember when Arteta was out for 3 weeks during the winter time, Ramsey filled in the role just fine.


Lest you forget Ramsey deputized in Arteta’s absence earlier in the year to quite some effect, the first one being against West Ham. He can do the job if its asked of him I think.

Coquelin is a bit dry on first team games let alone starts, so I’d be a bit hesitant to risk him for this game.

And no way its Jack who captains the side, it would be way inappropriate. It would have to be either Bac or Rosicky in my opinion, maybe Per but he’s too ‘junior’ I’d think.


too junior??? Arteta and mert joined the same year and mert has captained the side before when either of verm or arteta were injured and the other was being substituted(i think arteta was injured for the game and verm was being substituted).

den ice berg kamp

Big loss for the last game , nothing our jack can’t sort out !


He played in the last game so no reason why he should not start. Arsene said he would play Jack if it was a key game. This is a key game.

Jack's Right Foot

Pressure is really on Ramsey so act as the metronome between defence and attack. Jack is an excellent midfielder but he’s more of a rampant dribbling terrier than a lego-haired consistent chocolate labrador.


You sir have a way with words in describing our players.

Mikel Artekkers

Why did you have to bloody reproduce?

Yankee Gooner

I wouldn’t mind someone slathering horse placenta on Arteta’s calf.


Though side-effects include increased cuntishness, backstabbing-ness, spit-in-the-face-of-fans-teammates-and-manager-who-have-supported-you-your-whole-career-ness, and greying of the hair.


Greying of the hair!! OMG! No! Not Arteta’s perfect hair!!


Do you think that if we actually tell RVP that it was 3 day old spunk from Eboue (great little trickster) and not horse placenta, that all his injuries will come back?


Mertesacker will probably be the Captain, won’t he?


I think Rosicky deserves the captaincy. Sagna would also be a good choice but if he is leaving this summer, it doesn’t send the right message to give him the armband. It’s important to give the role to somebody who has a past AND a future with Arsenal.




Wouldn’t mind Sagna being captain for what will probably be his last game for us.


True but this is not a testimonial game this is the most important game of the year.


Yes I know but I don’t think Sagna would be too far from 3rd choice captain anyway in my opinion, do you really think it would make that much of a difference?


Ramsey deeper, Jack in. 3 Points please.
Come on Sunderland and Everton!

Arsene Wenger

I think Lord Di Canio publically threatened to drastically reduce Sunderland players’ holidays if they did not perform.

master floda

he’ll probably send them to a special training camp, where they learn to concentrate.

Lord Di Canio

I wasa waving to my friendsa in the standsa, leave it outa!

Okay, Mama, wheresa the bakeda potato recipe………


Jesus really


I’d like to see the Ox come in with Ramsey filling in the Arteta role… Not looking forward to Sunday at all…


Nothing like a strong Coq in the center…definitely it has to be the Coq!!!


It seems Arsene has done away with Coquelin. So much potential and skill about to be lost again just because the manager refuse to give the youngster some playing time. Oh well hope he has a brilliant career elsewhere.


You’d be on here complaining if Wenger was played coq more than he has this season.


With Giroud back we can put Santi in the midfield, push Ramsey back and play Poldi back on the left.


both poldi and wiltshere looked slow against wigan

Yankee Gooner

Craig, aren’t you a Southampton fan and a troll? What’s this “we,” or do I have the wrong Craig?


Could be the wrong Craig, or by ‘we’ he meant Theo and The Ox 😛


unleash your coq, wenger!


Ramsey, Rosicky and Cazorla in midfield. Poldi/Ox & Walcott on the wings, the HFB up top. Jack and Coq as options from the bench. Problem partially solved.

pak gooner

Oh Craig..



Rosicky is experienced enough to know what to do back there. Bring on Jack in place of Rosicky with about half an hour to go.


Ditto. Although Ramsey MUST do exactly what Arteta does and play completely defensive this game. Not go charging up on every attack like he could do with Arteta.


Agreed. He did it when Arteta was out earlier in 2013, and did it well. I hope he can do it again, with so many games under his belt as our b2b it’ll be tough but he really needs to stick to it and stay disciplined.


Koscielny would be a great choice for captain.


Best not to pressurize players who are not used to the armband in such a crucial game. Giving it to Mertesacker, Rosicky would be the best option because both have captained at international and club level would be smarter.


I think Per will get the armband. Maybe even Tomas


Armband for Thomas…
…what a fantastic idea!
I’m up for that.


Tomas I mean . So there is no confusion with our present cap’n.


Not such an assured team now, imagine if spurs had their best CM option out too. Oh wait we have had for 8 months

Come on Newcastle

Arsene Wenger

What do you mean ‘not such an assured team.’ We’ve shown this season that we actually have depth despite Diaby, Podolski, Wilshere and Rosicky missing large parts of the season. We, unlike Bale FC have depth, which is why we can keep going to the end of the season.

Bale FC didn’t look particularly assured with a full roster against Sotton, that too at Shite Fart Stain.


Yup. Come on Newcastle, concede atleast 5

Why not

Assured?!………….you do support spurs right?
I can forgive you for not knowing what that word means.

Arsene's Zip

Do any Arsenal fans troll on Sp*rs sites I wonder? Surely there are better things to do with ones time

Why not

well i read spurs blogs sometimes. Just to see how they see things differently out of interest. It disgusts me………….but i don’t troll. I don’t want to wear out the keys on my keyboard.


Wait you have other players apart from Gareth Bale?

(Is he going to be with you next season!?!? Oh the suspense)

Terry Smith Henry

Think he means Sandro as Bale hasn’t been out for long periods…..


Injuries to Dembele, Sandro, Mikel made a big impact on Spurs’ and Chelsea’s respective seasons. Spurs really missed Dembele’s energy, creativity, shooting and ability to link defense and midfield. Mikel helps Chelsea to control games in midfield. They’re a lot less solid without him.


Rosicky would be the best option I think, in that area. He’s far more experienced and disciplined as a player and technical ability is certainly not a problem. Wilshere and Ramsey would leave us far too exposed. Both would give their best but ultimately nether inspire the kind of calming influence that Rosicky does. Besides, Rosicky-Cazorla are the footballing equivalent of a couple of love struck teenagers on Valentine’s Day. Not to be seperated…..


We’ll need to be strong on the left, with someone tracking back to help Monreal with Ben Arfa just like Theo did. I’d start with Rosicky alongside Ramsey, we will miss Arteta’s assuredness (he’s the dependable big brother), but this means we can start with a good attacking line up, we can start the hardworking Gerv or Ox on the left or the clinical Podolski who maybe has a better partnership with Giroud.

It’s in our hands. Let’s get the job done!


With Giroud returning, I’d start him as the striker, move Podolski out to the left wing, bring Cazorla into the midfield to pair with Rosicky, and simply drop Ramsey a bit deeper,
It’s a must win game obviously, 4th place is in our hands. We can afford to be a bit more offensive…


A few months ago i would have called myself a cunt for what im about to say… it goes..

Ramsey for captain


…be nice.


I think the captain needs to be ones of the ‘Bosses’. Kos, Mert, Wilshere or even Szcz.


I agree. Bosscielny for me I think. To think he was playing in the second tier of French football when Arsene spotted him. Would Chelsea make a signing like that? Bollocks would they.

New Guy

If being boss is the criterion then it has to be Kos.


Wilshere and Szcz DEFINITELY not. They are not “bosses” either. Just because Wilshere bleeds Arsenal, that doesn’t make him a good captain, not right now for damn sure. In the future, in 3 years or so, very possibly.

Kos, why mess with someone who’s been doing so well. Same would go for Ramsey.

Per, maybe but just for god’s sake go for Rosicky or Bac and make it easy, they are the natural takers in my mind.


NIce idea. Why not?


the partnership pairing of arteta, rosicky, carzola and ramsey has been solid in the past few games. if arteta is then out due to injury, droping any of the remaining three to the bench makes the communication network weaker in midfield for me. i’d rather drop ramsey to the holding with rosicky also droping to support him and at the same time supporting the attack. on the wings i’d prefer walcott on the right with poldi on the left because of of his defensive awareness to assist gibbs from been plundered by ben arfa with giroud been the lone striker.… Read more »

A N Other

My penalty taker would be walott or podolski and captain would be Per as wilshere/rosicky would probably be used for only a part of the game.


I’d go for Podolski. Calm, German and a hammer for a left foot.


Mertesacker should be captain in the absence of Arteta… If Wilshere’s fit enough, maybe play him? Or possibly push Rosicky back, put Cazorla at CAM, Poldi on the left and Giroud up top again… After scoring a brace, I think it would be unfair to bench Podolski!


I think it might well be a dilemma that will spread on to next season, it would be extremely unfair to criticize Arteta who has been a fantastic pro and a solid addition to the squad but lets be honest, he is no where near to the Vieira/Gilberto type player that the side so desperately cries out for. As well as another goalscorer i think a defensive midfielder will be on top of the bosses transfer list. The little Mozart will take the band, Mr Wenger normally goes with the player who has been at the club the longest when… Read more »


I have a horrible feeling that our games and Spurs’ game will both be nil-nil until the 80th minute. That would be excruciating. A late chimpanzee special would be all it took…..


I think its a mistake to Drop ramsey or rosicky deeper. They are much better further up the pitch, Ramsey’s all action constant forward runs have been helpful for the team, he couldn’t continue to do this against Newcastle if he takes over from Arteta. Rosicky’s ball control, dribbling and shooting for me is also best utilised in a more advanced midfield role. Keep the system and the players as similar as possible and the changes as few as possible. I would play : Szc Sagna Mert-Kos-Gibbs Coq Ramsey Rosicky Walcott Cazorla Giroud If Wenger doesn’t think le Coq is… Read more »


Nowt so exciting as a Coq in the box!


[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I would put Coq there any time. …well, maybe I would think twice about this particular game. Nothing to do with his capabilities though, it’s just the ‘mental’ impact of the game. God willing, it should be a comfortable game for us and let him get some minutes (if not the whole game). That’s how much some of us love him. Same applies to Ox. Jack is a bit different, only injury worries on him. Let me tell u – I’m not a big Arteta fan but I so want him for this game. Nobody else for that position. …How… Read more »


Whilst we need to be secure defensively the main worry is it being goalless with 10 minutes left. I think Chamberlain played very well alongside Song in the win against Milan last season, no reason he shouldn’t play well against a depleted Newcastle team. Rosicky should keep his place, whilst he doesn’t always play spectacularly he really sets the tempo for our pressing.

Sagna Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs

Ramsey Ox


Walcott Cazorla

Pat Rice


Capt: Rosicky

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