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Gervinho tipped with Lyon move

Via Sport Witness comes the news that Gervinho is being tipped with a move back to France this summer.

They quote a transfer news newspaper (seriously), who say that he’s a target for Lyon and the player would be open to a move having not played that often with Arsenal this season.

He started the season brightly, scoring 5 goals before the end of October, but his form dwindled, as did his confidence, culminating in some truly awful finishing. And by finishing we mean ‘missing’.

The Ivorian finished as the club’s 5th highest scorer, with 7 goals in all competitions, but failed to get off the bench for Arsenal’s final three games of the season.

It would be fair to say that it hasn’t quite worked out as well as anyone would have liked following his move from Lille in the summer of 2011.

In a recent interview, Mikel Arteta revealed that Gervinho had suffered a crisis of confidence, well aware that his errors were greeted by moans and groans from the crowd.

And while some players need support to help them along, you don’t expect professional footballers to need a cuddle to tap one in from 3 yards.

With Arsenal planning a busy summer in the transfer market, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Arsene Wenger try and recoup some of what he paid for him while trying to improve the squad, but time will tell.


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Lets face it, would be no great loss. Useful squad player, but most certainly replacable.


yeah, but that’s the point, isn’t it??…… walcott-podolski-cazorla-ox are our most preferred wingers…….. so if we replace gervinho with a better and classy player, he won’t be happy sitting on the bench most of the time……. we need a squad player for that who is decent player,happy to stay at club like arsenal and play only a few matches…….. and gervinho certainly qualifies……. and let’s not forget…….. as exasperated as we might get with both of them…….. arsene still has good faith in the abilities of gervinho……… and although he still hasn’t improved on making typical gervinho misses…… his most… Read more »

Edu's Braces



Actually I thought Girv was joining Div 1…. going across town to join Brentford , 🙂


U like dots, U own a dalmatian?


think horseshoes bring luck?


nope…… using dots is a psychological trick…….. when you put dots after a statement it gives the reader that millisecond extra time to digest what he has read, analyse and create counter-arguments if possible………. because i dont like imposing my thoughts on others…….. i just want to share an opinion and give you a fair chance to disagree……


I just didn’t appreciate the amount of fullstops you used, should have added abit more imo.


So anybody who writes using proper sentences and paragraphs is imposing their thoughts on others? I don’t need half a dozen periods between two sentences to be able to think for myself. What the hell do they teach you kids in school these day?


With Gnarby, Miaychi and Campbell I dont think that d be a problem.


“if we replace gervinho with a better and classy player, he won’t be happy sitting on the bench most of the time”

I thought decent competition for places was a good thing, no?!


decent competetion like gibbs-monreal in the defence is ok………. but it is a completely differenct thing for the attack…. if the team plays well and scores goals in a match, you can’t just chance the players for the sake of roatation unless they are really exhausted…….. and considering walcott, he won’t be happy at all by playing just half the matches…… the attacking unit of a team needs to be consistent so that they have understanding….. you can’t keep rotating the forward three and the midfielders every other match…

Unknown C

It’s called “Competition” – we don’t just keep guys in the squad to make up number. You either fight for your place or bugger off. Wenger should accept any price they offer and replace him with someone worthy of the armband.

damien joyce

I accept the thumbs down, but for me he is not even a useful squad player,
I would be happy to see Djourou, Squid, Santos, Bendtner, Arshavin, Chamakh, Denilson, Park, Diaby and Gerv all leave for good, all but Gerv and Diaby contributed nothing but £000’s on our wage bill. For me, Diaby’s injury was deveststing for the poor man, but he is no longer any use to us, and Gerv is just holding back the likes of Eisfeld, who I honestly think would be better for us than he has been.


I think diaby should be given a role in the backroom staff. I feel so bad for him that his talent has been destroyed by a stupid tackle and wish his body was up to the rigours of professional football, but sadly it’s not. Maybe a role as under 18s couch would suit him and us a lot more?


Coach* I’m not sure his legs would be up to providing a couch for the under 18s.


he had continuous injury problems throughout his teens, that tackle wasnt the start for abou


Maybe he could enroll for medical papers to work in the treatment room? Certainly has the experience


I’ve only ever seen him NOT rush his shot a handful of times since he joined Arsenal. He’s quick and a good dribbler but his finishing is appalling. We should sell him and buy someone like McManaman.


McManaman has had 1 good half a season. Don’t think he’s up to it just yet.

Dick Swiveller

More like half a dozen games, he’s not the mac we should be getting from Wigan, McCarthy has been impressively understated whenever I see them play.


Yes, having McManaman in a team already susceptible to broken legs by shit challenges, is just what the doctor ordered.

“Team news, Arsene”?
“McManaman has unfortunately broken Ramsey, Diaby and Sagna’s legs again in a rascal like training ground challenge. He is ze top top quality we needed, in breaking legs”.

Arsene Ill

– Poo-flavoured ice cream…
– Fish-filled Mars Bars…
– Urine-infused hobo sock…

All have worse taste than this comment.

So don’t be harsh.


I think we don’t need any replacement for Gerinho,if we goes. Eisfeld, Gnabry and Miyaichi deserves a chance to prove themselves.


I wouldn’t mind seeing eisfeld or gnabry take his spot next year. Even miyaichi would be an option.
Or podolski or chambo
We have plenty of wide players I think it’s time to trim the fat


You mean trim the Crap.

Toure Motors

Swap for gonalons?


Maybe add the Coq on loan as well since Gonalon is their main defensive midfielder, he would get more game time in his preferred role.


With all due respect to the player who scored some need goals and gave some great assists for us – I hope this move happens, and I truly wish him the best.

He’s done so well outside of Arsenal, I don’t think the Premier League is ideal for him. Would be good to see him shine elsewhere.


It does seem a dramatic drop from winning ligue 1 with Lille to the bench and missing sitters, he always shows glimpses of his talent at afcon, but rarely here. I hope he does well, I would have liked for him to turn good, but to be 26 and need so much to learn, I think it would be better off giving time to someone like Gnabry.

twisted cuntloks

If he has ambition, Gervinho will leave and go on to win a few titles back in France. If he decides to sit out his fat contract we will end up with another Squillaci.

Was it just me that pissed my pants when Wenger stated Gervinho was the best player at the African cup back in January ?


I thinks its just you, Gervinho is always sick at Afcon, you should look at some of his goals. I think its because when he plays for his country they always support him and give him the confidence. I think theres an interview where Drogba says hes the most talented player in the squad which is saying alot. Its just as soon as he takes off his no 10 for Ivory coast and puts the 27 for us hears some boos he seems incapable of putting in a consistent performance.

twisted cuntloks

you know what, I think you have probably hit the nail on the head.

mental fragility


“Gervinho is always sick at Afcon”

He should probably drink bottled water and avoid the local food then.


How about if we AFCON branded all the advertising boards at the Emirates? Think he would have a blinder of a season


What good is a striker who can shoot to save his life? These are the players who hold us back.
Wenger didn’t trust him in the run in even when Giroud was suspended. Let’s sell him before he becomes another Arshavin.


wenger didn’t trust gervinho in place of giroud because he has learnt as well as us what happens when we put him in a position of scoring goals……… he is decent enough in the typical wing position(unlike walcott wing postion)…….. and you can’t compare him to arshavin as he is 5-6 years younger, willing to play football and very un-fat……….


Are we really planning on a “busy summer” or is more of a day dream?


It’s okay though to get “busy”in your head. I for example have already purchased Falcao, reus and Casillas and we are winning the league.


Who will score all our goals in pre-season now 🙁


We’re doomed!


One day we will win the Emirates Cup….


Let’s do it. He’s far from the level we need to win the title.

Dave Gooner

Correct. I’ll happily drive him to the airport. And Giroud can come along too, if he wants.

Nice lads I’m sure, and certainly committed to the club. But just not good enough.


Giroud had a great first season! He’s a good option and a good signing.


Shame but would be a positive move all round if he went (for him and us).

Will show that if you can’t be fully relied upon and don’t have that ‘mental strenff’ stuff, you ain’t gonna part of the new Arsenal.

Jack's Right Foot

Bull shit I reckon, I think he’ll want to prove himself.

I wouldn’t hesitate to swap him for Steeeeed Malbranque…


Best footballer name ever.

Eboue's Perfectly chiseled b a l l s


North Bank Gooner

Bit of deck clearing? Wonder who has his berth for next season??

Good luck Gervais, shame you never worked out here.


Things ain’t exactly clicked for Gervinho at Arsenal. Whether its do to with nerves or the way we are set up he has often frustrated.
But unlike some of our other under achievers, there does seem to be an untapped potential in Gervinho.
I can see why Ligue 1 teams would potentially be interested & believe that he could possibly be a big hit somewhere else.
If Gervinho moves on this summer I think it will be if the player himself wants to go & feel that Wenger would lose him with some regrets.


Totally agree.


This is one of those transfer rumors that’s just to good to be true. Although in all honesty it would probably be a great move for both sides and I wish Gervinho well, unfortunately Arsenal’s just not the club for him and we all know that by now. I wouldn’t at all be suprised if it was a deal to exchange players though, Golalons/Grenier < All though I think Wenger should aim higher (Capoue comes to mind).


Talented, tricky, fast player. But his final ball and shooting is so damn frustrating. We have to be ruthless. He is a player we can clearly improve on. Sell him for £8-12m. Jovetic would is also very fast, and tricky, but he has far better control than Gervinho. Selling Gerv makes sense. As for Gonalons, he could be a very good signing but I would prefer Etienne Capoue who is more of a dynamic defensive midfielder. We also need a goalkeeper to mentor Szczesny and give him some competition. Sagna should stay. He still has 2-3 years left in him.… Read more »




You ever though of becoming a patriotic speech writer? You’re quite good at it.


Haha, I haven’t thought of becoming a speech writer, but I have thought of becoming a patriotic dictator….

I hope we see some actual action from Gazidis, Dick Law, and Wenger. I would hate it if Arsene left the club after 9 trophy less seasons in a row.

Daft Aider

If he leaves then good luck and all, but that said Woohoo!


Thank God……

Remi Garde

Welcome to Lyon.


I’m a little disappointed with the lack of respect and appreciation for Gerv. I’m aware that he can be frustrating at times and his finishing had let him down. However you could never fault him for effort or commitment. Not everyone is blessed with the calmness and composure of Henry or Bergkamp. That’s a God given talent that either you have or you don’t. As fans we have to be grateful for the effort he put in. With more confidence he could easily be a 20 goal a season player. We should wish him well and remember him as a… Read more »


Think like the enemy. Imagine you are a Stoke fan (bare with me!) and you are playing against the Arsenal. What would you think (that is streching it) when Arsenal are in possesion. I know what I would think, with no disrespect whatsoever ment towards the player: Pass to Gervinho!


Imagine I were a Stoke fan? I wouldn’t be able to understand the written English language in your post if I were one: paradox.


you missed the bradford game.i take it!


I think it will be sad to see him go but it’s right for the club. What good is an unpredictable striker who is unable to finish?
Best of luck to him and I hope he has better success elsewhere.


We all want new player’s this summer so we need a clear out to make room . Sorry but if players need to go he is on my list good luck fella

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yeah well I do feel for him, as he after all potential, but ah well, better players have struggled in the english league. I think it would be good for all parties. Gervinho gets to move to the league were he was so successful, and Arsenal get an under performing and frankly replacable player off the wage bill, and get some money in return as well.

Wish him all the best. 7 mil would do nicely.


A player that just isn’t suited to the Premier League. Hardly started well for him either with him getting sent off on his debut. He just makes way too many mistakes and everything he does well it looks like it was by accident.

It’s a shame but I wish him well wherever he goes. Hopefully we can see why Eden Hazard said he’s the best player he’s played with.


Messi said guthierez of nufc is the best argentine dribbler so…
Still i think he can do much more than walcott to unlock tight defences.


I like Gervi as a player, but I just don’t see him as really being a Premiership player. He just hasn’t developed the strength or the mental resolve…As much as Theo can aggravate at times, he has a different mentality that is vital compared to Gervi. If he stays though, I will not be upset either.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened, and not just because it’s Gerv and he’s inconsistent, can’t shoot blah blah but because we don’t have space in the squad right now for another forward without getting rid of one or two. Bearing in mind that someone like Jovetic(for example) is more of a wide forward/no.10 than a striker, we can’t possibly have him, Poldi, Walcott, Cazorla, Rosicky, Gerv, Ox all competing for those positions. That said, I’d have thought Poldi would have been the one more likely to be moved on after the transfer stories about the two of them,… Read more »


Its no surprise that teams in France would be interested in a player that was a major success when he last played in that league. Lots of players struggle in different league’s and return to previous haunts to be successes again!! It’s not worked out for him here and lets be honest nobody is going to be too disappointed if he does depart, i wish him all the best for the future, unless that future involves playing against us at any point!!

Merlin's Panini

Poor little fella. I have a soft spot for him but if he goes I don’t think I would miss him that much. Not as bad as some people have said he is but he just isn’t reliable enough.
I did feel he deserved a few more chances this season because his form was much better than last. Good luck to him if he goes but, as always, just not against us if we cross paths.

Gervinho fan

Noooooooooo!!! People should watch all the goals Arsenal scored this season on that other page before saying he hasn’t contributed. Sure he’s erratic but his good moments gives us a style of play no one else at Arsenal does.


I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.


@Harsh. But surely if we get a better winger/ striker we hope that player proves he is good enough to start ahead of Walcott, Podolski etc? That is exactly what this squad lacks: real competition for places. How many times have walcott and podolski in particular been lacklustre but known they will start the next game because the back up hasnt been good enough. The money i hope we spend will go towards strengthening this squad and providing a real competitive edge which is what we need. Ps. Not knocking any of those players inc Gervinho but surely no one… Read more »


Gevioo bruv your finishing is too bad, Arsenal fc needs better player. Thanks for ur service at the club


Walcott is only slightly better than him. Gervinho can do everything better than Theo outside the box – he can beat his man.

Theo is easier to bully, a simple shoulder barge and his opponent is the winner. But goals are what matters and fair play to him. He has improved and whether he can improve is yet to be seen.

Gervinho is respectful and he always gave everything on the pitch.

I look forward to seeing Ryo play.


He tried – but he was never good enough. If he does go it will be good: for him and us. But I hope it’s not a loan: we’ve got too many players still taking money while playing for other teams.


I blame Gervinho. From missing open goals to the economic crisis….its his fault.


Don’t forget climate change, horse meat in supermarkets and Chamak’s hair cut…


Goal conversion rate statistics (EPL + Champion’s League) via
Cazorla: 9.5%
Giroud: 10.9%
Walcott: 16.9%
Gervinho: 17.1%
Podolski: 24.0%

Although this doesn’t include FA/Capital One Cup stats, I think it’s clear that we as Arsenal fans are overly harsh on Gervinho’s finishing. He missed some absolute sitters and that’s all that fans remember.

All that being said, we can do better than Gervinho (and Giroud) and hopefully we spend some money this summer.


What’s wrong with giroud?? He has had an excellent first season in the prem! Good signing if u ask me


That’s perhaps partly because a lot of his misses consist of swiping at the air, hence not registering a shot in the first place


I wish clubs could sign players on a pay as you play basis. Why the f##k are players paid 50-60 thousand pound a week whether they play or not. The system is totally Sh#te. I reckon we need a rigidly enforced salary cap which would make the whole league more even as well.

Merlin's Panini

erm… they can. They just don’t do it much. Only when the player is crocked and old like Owen Hargreaves or Michael Owen. Hmmm… maybe it’s only for people called Owen?


The story would have been tha Squiiaci has Retire, Park,Denilso, AA, Bendtner etc. Than any of these stupid players stay and collect money. Then i rely on Gervinho 100%.

Lord theo

If only this guy was just half as clinical as theo he would be good player,just look at theo he stands like statue but when a gets a chance he makes sure it goes in.


see my post above. surprisingly enough, Theo and Gerv had basically the same conversion rate this season. The lack of ‘clinicalness’ that we all perceive is Gerv not taking a shot at all when he should, combined with a few horror misses in Cup ties.


Lets be honest (and no disrespect to the lad) but he just isn’t good enough for this level. Lets get as much as we can for him (no more bloody loans) and focus on a better quality replacement.


I’d rather give Gervinho another season to sort himself out. Come new seasons we will be competing on at least four fronts. Keep him on the roll for Capital One and FA Cups and let him redeem himself. Keep the core team fresh for 110% commitment on Premier And Champions League.

I have faith in Getv for as long as he showed the passion for the club.


I think Arsene should push up Gibbs as a winger and sign Luke Shaw as cover for Nacho Man! Gibbs played there when he was younger and showed he can still do it (think Southampton, forced 2 og’s)


Just realised I’m on arseblog (windows phone app) and at the bottom of the screen was an ad to sign up to MUTV??? Sort it out!


This is bollocks.


There was one for BT which had the ape and the traitor on it too. I know Arseblog relies on advertisements for its income, but come on!


Hmm… Let operation Chamberlain and Gnabry commence!


We wouldn’t sell Gervinho unless we had a replacement. And to be honest the club must be prioritizing selling Chamakh, Bendtner etc. before Gervinho.

I personally like Gervinho, yes hes frustrating but he can create something out of nothing.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Cannon fodder

Bite their hands off. Gervinho has enough talent but all the mental strength of the average fruit fly.

Michael Douglas

3 Signing. Lets have Fabregas back please. But if we have Cesc, we need a clever mover to meet those cutting passed. My favourite mover/finisher is Javier Hernandez. That failing, Loic Remy. A decent right back in top of that and we’re on a winner. Simples?


Would have no complaints if Gervinho, Squillaci, Djourou, Bendtner, Santos, Chamakh, Mannone, Fabianski, Park never played for Arsenal again.

Sentiment and the fact I think he’s a great player keeps me from adding Diaby.

AA is out of contract so he’s gone and I’d take money for Sagna if offered as he’s in a ‘negative spiral’ (well not quite but definitely in decline.

Getting £25-30m for that lot and freeing up some wage budget would be good business imho.


Gervinho is going nowhere. Period. (What I think, Mr. Arsene Wenger thinks)

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