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Hannover claim Arsenal agreement over Djourou

Hannover 96 have confirmed they’re in talks with Arsenal over Johan Djourou, and say it’s down to the player to make his mind up over the move.

Their sporting director, the rather wonderfully named Dirk Dufner (who must surely star in any sequel to Boogie Nights), said, “We are in talks with Arsenal and are on a good path. The boy must decide where is the best move for him now.”

Hannover’s agreement with Arsenal would see them take Djourou on loan with an option to buy, but the situation is complicated by interest from Hamburg who are also in need of a centre-half.

They see the Swiss international as a good fit and in terms of a financial package would be able to offer more. However, it seems that Hannover’s and Arsenal are singing from the same hymn sheet, and it’ll be up to Djourou to decide where he’ll play next season.

Meanwhile, Marouane Chamakh could be on his way to Spain with reported interest from Levante. If there are any Levante officials reading, he’s great. Honestly.

We promise.


Thanks to @SiuFay for the heads up

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Cross my heart and hope to die.

I just love Arsenal

Lavante officials, just name the hymn sheet and we will sing the same song. We promise


Cant belive djourou is still only 26, been around for years


I think that’s the problem with our current 4 centre backs, they are all of a similar age (26-28) coming into their prime years and want to play every game. That’s why signing someone like Ashley Williams makes no sense either..
If Djourou leaves Miquel may get promoted or we could sign another youngster for Bouldy to develop play Mickey Mouse Cup games and be 4the choice to TV, Kos and BFG. Another experienced central defender wouldn’t make sense to me

Malaysian Gooner

While I agree that we can afford to gamble with a youngster as 4th choice, I’d like that youngster to be a big fuckin’ youngster because if Per gets injured, I don’t trust a Kos and Verm partnership.

Indie Gunner

Levante, Chamakh is brilliant. He is. Don’t you remember his match winning performance in, erm, and the workhorse performance that was so obvious and brilliant to see in the match against *mumbles*.

He likes the hookah? Isn’t that cool?


Not sure why this^^^ is getting so many thumbs down.

Double Canister

Err, the mighty Real Reading, one of England’s most formidable teams who took Arsenal to extra time in the cuppa del milky carling capital one thingy.
yes levante, you must try to prise wonderful Chamakh away from our cold dead hands.

How much cash have you got in your wallet right now? Ok then we’ll take that.

p.s. do you want our Brazilian left back? He is Brazilian you know so he must be good. Don’t bother looking at the vids before you buy, we didn’t.


I don’t know. There was once a time when JD20 was our stand out centre-back. We’d fret when he was injured. So I’m not exactly likely to board the bandwagon that says he’s crap. It could just be that he’s suffering from Vermaelen Syndrome (loss of confidence form/class is permanent). But he needs to play at a decent level and regularly if he wants to revive his international career. He’s still only 26 and has oodles of time left in the game. Unfortunately he’s not going to get much of a look-in at Arsenal – certainly in the short term.… Read more »


Sadly most peoples’ most recent memories of Djourou are of his less than spectacular run as an emergency right back.

He’s more than good enough as a squad center back for us, but as pointed out above, he isn’t going to get many games for unless outside of injuries, and needs to play.


Agreed. This is why the loan w/ option to buy route as opposed to outright purchase wouldn’t make me sad. Can’t say the same about most of the other fringe players on our books.


He’s defo the least of the “fringe” players I’d want to see leave. He’s an Arsenal lad through and through, having been at the club for over a decade. Unfortunately even he has to accept he isn’t going to see much 1st team football at the club. Tough decision for him to make.


Wonder whether we will promoted Miquel as 4th choice CB or send him on loan.Either way he needs game time badly.Nordtveit would have been a very useful player now.Can play DM and at CB. Was there Buy back clause in his contract?


I’m torn between a loan spell for Miquel or letting him stay as fourth choice and having him rotate into the squad during cup games and league games (League games where we’re 4-0 up and cruising of course).


Now there will never be a testimonial for Djourou 🙁


52 days till Aston Villa, 38 days until the Emirates cup starts, 21 days till Vietnam 8 days till Arsenal pre season training starts. Another week and we are back into it. Yeah 🙂


Thats me off to buy a new GH20 home kit

Harish P


Sorry mate, phone was a bit fiddly and accidentally thumbed you down. Absolutely agree with what you said.

Also, Djourou is only just coming into his prime. He deserves the chance to play first team football regularly. Great opportunity to improve his game. I really hope this works out for him.


Good luck to him, nice lad


If Chamakh gets signed up before The Greatest Striker Who Ever Lived I’ll laugh my ass off 🙂 ………PRICELESS


Djust go.


Djon’t you worry child!

Djourou House Mafia

Hannover’s got a place for you?


The D is silent


Wenger won’t replace Djourou. As someone mentioned before, we have 3 CB’s in their prime so the only logical thing to do would be to promote youth to back them up. Miquel will get his chance next season, and a lot will be riding on how well he deals with it. Fingers crossed he steps up the the plate and performs.


Are we not getting a puma kit this year…i thought that was done?

Merlin's Panini

Puma will happen next year. The Nike deal lasts until the end of the coming season. The current home kit is the last one Nike will make for us. We will use that in the coming season and have a new yellow away shirt.


Cool. Well thats £50 in my pocket for now. Cheers

Double Canister

Nike have finally made a decent away kit.
Old school yellow and blue. bit like the one from 04-05, so omens are good for this season.


In more pressing news…

…it remains to be seen whether Gervinho will remain in the Arsenal fold next season. Ahem.


Good Luck Djourou. Where ever you go, you’ll still have fans here.


JD20 also produced a skill even Neymar can’t do

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


I’m gonna miss the Dooj. I wish him all the best elsewhere!

Double Canister

well done Johan,
You have two bundesliga clubs in a public bidding war for you. unlike TGSTEL.
You must have being doing something right in Germany last season.
I will be genuinely sorry to see him leave, but if he wants first team football before the World Cup, and Switzerland have a strong chance of being in it, good luck to the lad.
He owes Arsenal nothing, we owe him a lot of thanks for years of service , but if we pick up 3 or 4 million, that would be nice.

[…] small experiment, I added a line about Chamakh and ‘reported interest’ from Levante to this story. It was fiction, made up on the […]

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