Thursday, April 25, 2024

Infographic: Why Gonzalo Higuain would be a great signing

In the latest of our infographics, we look at the reasons why Gonzalo Higuain would be a great signing for Arsenal.

Click the image to enlarge it fully.

Gonzalo Higuain infographic

Previous infographic: 5 reasons why Aaron Ramsey is better than a scorpion

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Master Bates

He’s also a 100% not a granny fucker


To one mr. wayne wooney, everyday is a bad hair day.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But he parties with the women of “Gran Hermano”, one of whom is called “Floppy” (though in the photos she didn’t look too floppy to me)


Have a read at this and honestly its makes a lot of sence and brings everything back to earth!!!

I don't comment here often

Hey grannies need love too. Not from that pasty, six-fingered shitbag Rooney, mind.

Of course it all makes sense now!

Gunner From Another Mother

It’s just science. Can’t argue science.

Brian Mendoza

Oh you

Harish P

He’s also not TGSTEL.


Isn’t there some God particle named after him too?

i like trains

Loving the star wars reference

Mongolian Gooner
Gunnersaurus Rex

His name is not robin van cuntie


I don’t know what I was expecting.


Help us Higuain Kenobi, you’re our only hope


don’t think anyone’s gonna come up with a better one than that.

Double Canister

This is the stiker you are looking for.


Interesting that is!


Gon Zalo shot first! Gon Zalo shot first!!!


Tbh I don’t need infograph to tell me whether i’d prefer higuain to rooney. Even if im just woken up, middle of night, knows nothing about football then rooney and higuain be paraded infront of me in which case I have to choose who will be in my team. we all know who i’d pick, the one with athlete-like qualities obviously, hair is a plus too….

Yvan C

Word #COYG

Unyoke the ox

Has his own hair

Ba Ba

OK so he’s no Giroud (who is?), but you wouldn’t exactly say no to him.


Btw, am hearing news that he has arrived at London airport this morning, is this true ? Pl let it be 🙁


Those are his travelling clothes. Oh and he brought his autograph testers aswell, what a great guy.

Cyril Washbrook

Oh, for goodness sake.


I don’t think this inforgraphic is fair, one is obviously a human being the other has shrek-like qualities. I can’t quite make him out….


When did arsenal become a modelling agency? Signing all these top male models…whats next? Givenchy our next kit sponsor?

Arshavin's Dietician

Bring back the days of Merson, Morrow, Pates, Jensen. Some real lookers.



Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If Givenchy offer the dosh I’d say we should take it. They have a good name and a nice line of products. Class sponsor for a class club.


f*ucking sh*t, he’s wearing a Chelsea shirt on the pic!
thank you, Wenger, for once again missing out!!!!!11


Dear Mik …

The asterisk in “f*ucking” kind-of misses the point of one of the time-honoured uses of asterisks.

And the shirt thing you mention … requires a significant and speedy re-evaluation for your credibility’s sake. (What’s left of it.)


about the asterisk, just a typo as you see i’ve used it correctly in the word “sh*t”. sorry.

as for the rest: what?

Merlin's Panini

I think he was joking Eleanor.


So was I.

Merlin's Panini

are you sure?


As much as I can be.

Merlin's Panini

I think you might need a lie down 🙂


Consider it done.

Wenger's Waterbottle

That would make a quite excellent song title: “I think he was joking Eleanor”.


Eleanor, I think you deserve an award for the most comprehensive comments on this article which collectively make a small essay. And of course we would all like to thank you for pointing out Mik’s grammatical errors. (Can I use “And” at the start of a sentence like that? It feels right but maybe it isn’t.) Wasn’t Arseblog looking for an editorial assistant a few weeks ago?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, you bloody well cannot start a sentence with “And”.
And another thing…..

Double Canister


Naija Gunner

Let’s just hope for the better. I really want him here with his scoring booths though!


“…scoring booths…”

Should that be a reply to the scoring in nightclubs comment above?


That is the worlds best infographic, they actually must have been invented just for this purpose.


Because, with his arrival, robin van persie will like the direction that this club is going even less next season.

Why tungsten?


Tungsten … sometimes called Wolfram (which I like much better) is hard … very hard … extremely hard.

It has an astonishingly high melting point … (3,422 centigrade).

And it’s the heaviest element found in living organisms.

It’s the stuff super heroes are made of.


i thought that what adamantium ? wolverine where are you!


F**k Wolverine.. Deapool is the shizznit!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Tungsten has much in common with Rooney.

It is very dense.

In one crucial way it differs greatly from Rooney.

It has a very high melting point, whereas he boils over every time a ref’s decision goes against him.


hang on, tungsten is a pure element? I thought you were messing with me.
This is very interesting.

Glasgow Gunner

Where is mourinho in all this? A little odd he has not expressed an interest. Here’s hoping juve bugger off


well, hes a bit of a cunt, and he’s being influenced still further towards cuntish behavior by king chav cunt terry, and so i assume he’s going to throw buckets of cash at any1 wenger shows any interest in whatsoever.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, that’s City nowadays. Chelsea are on the slide.

Double Canister

moe benched the Hig Boss one (like it?) when he was making a shit job of running Madrid.
Not likely either of them want to see each others face anytime soon.

A hat trick against the Chavs at the bridge would be nice thank you note, Gonzo!


Out of what’s out there maybe Higuain’s the best bet. He doesn’t come with the toxic baggage of a Suarez, Rooney, Ronaldo, or Tevez. Nor with their ridiculous price tags and egos. He’s accessible unlike Falcao or Neymar. He’s not going to be a Premier League flop like Cavani and/or Jovetic. He’s going to score oodles more goals than Carroll, Villa, and Torres (Tahiti excepted.) He’s not going to Bayern next year like Lewandowski. He’s not a categorical has-been like Gomez, Dzeko, or Llorente. He’s not an over-priced one-season-wonder(?) half-wit like Bale. He doesn’t have a stupid name like Hulk,… Read more »

Mongolian Gooner

He’s not going to be a Premier League flop like Cavani and/or Jovetic.

now now, we don’t know about that yet do we?


Bit nutty to assume Cavani and Jovetic will be flops. I would like Jovetic Or Higuian.


Since neither Cavani nor Jovetic are coming our way then perhaps it’s a bit of wishful thinking. But whenever I’ve seen Cavani play for Napoli this season he’s not been that impressive either against AC Milan or Juventus – really the only other two teams in Serie A. He does work hard, I’ll give him that. He also scores goals, but much of that has to do with his supporting midfield – particularly Marek Hamsik who’s been outstanding (and to a lesser degree Pandev). If he does go to City or Chelsea then it’ll be interesting to see just how… Read more »


agreed with almost everything – except I believe Rooney to be a mighty good player(agree that he would be expensive)
I think we need 4 players to be title contenders;I would go for Higuain,Rooney/Fellani,Williams and M”Villa


M’Villa? what does he do again?

pak gooner

Ah. Lovely!


Love the pie chart!

The window licking is a bit harsh on poor old Poldi though.


Love that picture. That face and his koelsch accent combined makes for an unflattering view of Western German footballers. Mad Jens was from around there too. Hmmmm.

Btw, I don’t get the media harping on about us not having signed any decent players for ages. They rubbish Poldi and Cazorla to suit their own agendas. Twats.


Higuain reminds me a lot of Ricardo Villa the way he plays.


Wash your mouth out.


with acid!


Harsh on Podolski’s efficiency. should be around same with Higuain. Also, what is window licking?


I know its not official but realistically he is joining us for sure, right? 🙂

Unyoke The Ox

I bloody love that picture. that’s what I’d be like if I was on the bench for Arsenal.


Seconded, UtO. I’d be the same.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s not window licking. That’s what you look like when you see Gervinho making a hash of things and realise you are going to get on the pitch much sooner than you originally expected.

Go on then, tell me I’m wrong!! 30 minutes played, Gervinho only has the goalkeeper to beat. Gervinho rounds the goalkeeper. Gervinho narrowly avoids bumping into the corner flag. Gervinho shoots 10 yards wide. Podolski grins as he fancies himself for a goal that day.


‘window licking’, please?


Nah (no need to have a dig at the disabled), great blog but you let yourself down sometimes.

Merlin's Panini

It’s kind of an offensive term which means he looks like a mentally disabled person, the sort that would lick the window of the coach/bus on a day trip.


Gutted. Here’s me thinking Podolski was into Aphex Twin.

Merlin's Panini

I really hope this transfer happens. Higuain is a fantastic player who scores fantastic goals. He will also be the first Argentine we’ve had since the legendary(!) Nelson Vivas.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Nelson Vivas. First appearance for Arsenal. Comes on as a sub and within 60 seconds had executed a bloody awful nasty foul (He ‘was’ that sort of a player). I remember screaming at the telly, yelling at Arsene Wenger to “substitute the fucker” and “sell the dirty bastard. We don’t need shit like that coming from Arsenal players.”


I remember Vivas for losing sight of Hasselbaink at the far post.
Pricks, both of them.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

Technically speaking, Park Chu Young only scored one solitary Carling Cup goal for Arsenal. Therefore his “weeks gone by between goals” should be infinity.

Also, it’s sad to see Poldi rate so low in the ‘handsomeness’ category with what looks like only 2% of the vote. If Poldi were in competition with Didier Drogba and Wayne Rooney (instead of Olivier Giroud and Gonzalo Higuain), surely he’d garner 98% of the vote!


Podolski’s handsomeness is seriously out of place. I mean he isn’t Giroud’s level, but nor is he a Gervinho to get such a rating….

Alex Partridge

Podolski is a German, therefore his efficiency is a minimum of 99%.


….that must have been a joke too.


Park<Chamakh<<< a twig <<<<<<<<Rooney<<<<<<Higuain

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

A twig has never scored for Arsenal in the League Cup. Park is better than a twig you cheeky Jessop you.

I know there is a beach ball with a better record than him in English football, but a twig? No.

Glasgow Gunner

The point about mourinho, was that of surprise considering he managed the player that is now looking for a new challenge yet the idea of higuain following him to Chelsea hasn’t been mentioned.

Bromley goober

This has got to be the most amusing thread I’ve ever read, the thought we might sign a genuine star and really contend next year has brought the best out in all you funny f*uckers 😉 up the Arse and thanks blogs for years of just being… Well, you!


I still think we need to sort out the defense tbh im realisitc. We only had such a good defensive record cause after the Spuds defeat we sharted playing very defensive and didnt attack like we did the start of the season. The question is next season we will go back to our routes imo with more attacking players added to the squad tho it will be the same story a high line with Mertesacker not very deep with lack of pace. Our old defense used to go into the game knowing at the very least we would get a… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Whilst we were more careful at the back for sure, I feel it was a lack of attacking options that really did for our goalscoring, we were hardly banging them in before that run either.

Also coincided with Rambo coming back into the team, so indirectly I agree, we need another ‘defensively sound’ midfielder to help shore things up back there but that’s all is needed back there imo and it’s the forward line that needs some care and attention.


Yeah perhaps your right tho im not getting my hopes up yet considering not to long ago we was talking about how Arsenal dont practice defending in training, its important that we make sure we keep defending this way.

Yeh Gary Neville analysed our attack and said we need a striker than will run into the space and score thats what we are lacking up front.


This is why Arseblog is the best.

Dial square

Why would Chelski need Higuain when they have got top international goal scoring hit man Torres??


I’d say the window licking part is probably accurate. Once overheard two Germans debating who was thicker – Poldi or Schweini. I know who I’d rather have round for dinner though.


Silvia Meichel? She’d be my choice of German around for dinner.

omosh wenger

higuain,fellaini and williams will be perfect


Just the first two, thanks.


Your method of describing everything in this paragraph is really
good, all be capable of simply understand it, Thanks a lot.

Essex Goon

Could be complete rubbbish. Not you, Essex Goon, rather the contents of the daily comic the article is from.

Easy Big Boy

Great comment thread here, from actual Real supporters who have seen Pipita play…


I hope their right he should score a lot fo goals considering the number of goals we create all we need is a striker to put them away. Consider we have challenged with RVP out for a season with Bendtner carrying our attack with Cesc keeping our seasons going with injury problems of his own. With Santi instead of Cesc and Higuain instead of RVP if they both stay fit hopefully it will be a high scoring season for us. Hoping Wilshere and Ox will stay fit and improve and Walcott looks a better player we should be a lot… Read more »


Santi will be tired at the beginning of next season as he’s played every game and had to deal with the confederations cup fuckery.

Need someone to share his load. Has to be Tomas early on. Wilshere may not be completely match fit after his op and rehab. Unless dm comes in and Arteta moves up to cover.

Also Arteta for captain.


So I had this weird dream where RVP gets kidnapped and gets strapped to a chair in a dingy square room with a hole in front of him. Then I saw a small telly in top corner of the room turn on, and fucking Mertesacker wearing a Jigsaw mask comes on starts asking why RVP left Arsenal. And each time RVP would try to answer his question Podolski would strike a ball straight at RVPs face through the hole in the wall.. Weird fucking dream. Do I have problems?


No more problems than the fella commenting under me, for starters.

Sex Fabergé

An anagram of Gonzalo Higuaín is:

hi gonzo anal guí.

Almost works…

Sex Fabergé

An anagram of Gonzalo Higuain, Arsenal is:

I, gonzo anal nailer, shag u.

It’s fate, written in the stars…

Double Canister

No shit ‘trademark’ goal celebration.
That’s a major plus.

Brilliant move by Arsenal, give Madrid cold hard cash.
Then with the folks run up to shite hart lane with the pounds burning a hole in their wallet and ask to buy Chimpface.

Double win for Arsenal.

Love hearts everyone.

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