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Sagna: Contract talks ongoing

It’s usual for Arsenal fans to deal with speculation about high profile players leaving.

This summer there’s a dearth of that, with only the contract situation of Bacary Sagna casting doubt over where he’ll be playing football next season.

He’s been linked with moneybags Monaco, PSG and Russian side Anzhi Makakakakakalelele, but the French international says he’s still talking to the club about a new deal.

“We are still talking ,” he told Gulf News (via Sky Sports).

“I never said I wanted to leave the club, but there are some journalists who want to speculate as I have just one year to go. The fact is that I am still at Arsenal and I am looking forward to playing next season.

“Arsenal made me grow as a player and as a man. People have been talking about me going back to France, but at the moment I am at Arsenal.”

So there you have it, we’re none the wiser really, but Arseblog News would quite like to keep Bac, even if he didn’t sign a new deal.

Another year to mentor young Jenkinson wouldn’t do him, or the team, any harm at all.

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Gooner of Navarone

I really would like to see Bac and Tomas retire at Arsenal. We need to get that culture back.


Would be great to see both of them winning the title with us, i think sagna know we’re very close to winning it now than ever b4, the major reason behind his U-turn.


Hehe, I like your optimism. I’m guessing he saw a chance to win the title due to the numerous quality signings this season LMFAO 🙂




I think idiota! is more hurtful.


Jenkinsons a better player then how. Can cross the ball without hitting the first man for starters !


jenkinsons definitely got great ability and potential but sagnas one of the best right backs in the game imo.


No no no, Jenks is great and very promising but experience matters, especially for the back four. Having Jenks mature under the tutelage of one of our most consistent and experienced players is good for everyone at the club.


If Jenks was the best how come he was not used in the last ten crucial games? Jenks is totally unproven.


Jenks better?
That would be true, if crossing was the only measure of being a right-back.


sign the contract and get it done. it would be a big loss if he leaves


meant now ****

mare nel sol

yes, but how????


My only problem with Sagna is that we are too dependant on him in our attacks. We always tend to pass the ball to him and force him to cross. He should go forward a lot less, and we should put some emphasis on our left side, which is too often left out of our attacks.

master floda

the reason he seems to be stuck so often is a lack of support: theo tends to drift inwards and that leaves sagna alone out on the wing, often against two opponents, without any options than trying a cross. so either theo sticks out there (which robs us of that additional man in the box) or someone from midfield goes out to help sagna out.


Navarone makes a fine point about club culture, and who better to hand over to Jenks and Bellerin (see Only Olly below)?

But I reckon you’re right about the problem that needs to be solved. Perhaps the way Wally plays (coming inside) exacerbates things. If/when we get a clinical striker in, maybe he should concentrate his pace out wide?


Oops, and see Master floda above. Basically just see everyone else.

The only olivier is giroud

Surely a year longer of having him mentor Jenkinson is worth more than the money we’ll get from him. Think those leg breaks are catching up with him in all honesty.


Sagna has been one of the most loyal members of the team. Never questioned the commitment of the team or Arsene Wenger and always, always gave 110%. Yes, he made mistakes but everybody does. The one thing we all know is, he’s a fighter and he bleeds Arsenal.

Perry S.

We said the same thing about many before him. Look what the Skunk did. Have not an ounce of faith in the words player say about their “beloved” club anymore. Keep them while they are still committed, get rid of them when you see that commitment waiver. Simple as that.


While I agree most players er twats I don’t want to see the game that way. I want to believe that some of them is loyal to the club, not just the money. And while RvP surely was i kick in the teeth, I do think some of them are decent people and true gooners. I want to believe, because for me the game looses some of its magic if I dont.


I agree re: the magic. There was a lot of talk when RVP left about all players turning out to be cunts at some point, and maybe it’s true, but at some level when you support a team you have to suspend that feeling, otherwise its just “some cunt on, some cunt off,” even when it’s an Arsenal sub. Whatever happens, Bac hasn’t been a dick about his contract, and if he leaves he won’t be a cunt–he should have the respect of every Arsenal fan for life. That header against Spurs last year (BAM!) was enough to earn him… Read more »

Perry S.

I love Sagna as much as the next Gooner, but all I’m saying is money talks.


I wouldn’t mind making him stay then letting him go on a free. What will he be worth by next year anyway?

mare nel sol

he has one of the most impressive engines i’ve ever seen for a player. surpasses cafu, and fit for comparison with that of zanetti. keep him for another 10 years i say.


Would love to see Sagna become our Zanetti. And Rosicky as our Totti- including the brutissimo “tackle” on Balotelli bit!

Perry S.

I really hope they get that contract sorted. Really would like to see Bacary stay.
He keeps insisting that he is staying so let’s hope the board comes up with another few years on Sagna’s tenure.


Sign him up Wenger! Would hate to see him leave. Granted he’s happy playing second fiddle to Jenks for at least 50% of the season. Can’t stump the youngsters growth now can we? Wouldn’t be awfully Arsenal of us…

Bodom After Midnight

Sort it! Sagna have at least two good seasons left and will be a great mentor after that. I want to see a testimonial for him.

mare nel sol

What makes people think that if a player is good and around his 30’s that he’s bound to make for a good mentor? 🙂

I ask because in order to be a good mentor one has to first “be fucked” to be a mentor at all. So what on earth makes people think that he cares in the slightest for that role in the first place?

mare nel sol

Scene: Sagna is sitting cross-legged on his favourite window-seat in the team bus, reading what appear to be a copy of deleuze’s anti-oedipus while listening to heifetz’s take on bach on his headphones. Jenkinson bursts into the scene and takes the seat adjacent to sagna. An aura of zest radiates all over him. Jenkinson: “Bac, bac, how do you do it? How not to shit in your pants when messi is running at you? How to direct one’s inner hatred of spurs, in a manner most efficient so as to produce fuck-you-goals such as you do? Bac, how to best… Read more »

Gunner Rik

Sagna’s been a rock for us during a period when we were lacking them. I by no means want him to leave. True Gunner and he deserves silverware more than anyone who would like to see him gone.


We could really use his leadership and the man certainly gives it his all. Remember that FUCK YOU header against Spuds two years back? Thats one I will remember for the rest of my days! The versatility bit doesn’t hurt, he could play CB in a pinch.


I’d be willing to keep Sagna even if he doesn’t sign a new contract. I’d even be happy to see him leave for a big final payday at the end of next season. By that time Jenks will have become more confident in his ability and Bacs can move on for one final lucrative contract somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong I’d love him to stay and retire here more, but understand that in the next 1-2 years he may drop down the pecking order. He’s a great player and a great person to have around the squad. I’d miss… Read more »


Love Sagna always have even this season where iv found myself defending him which is only fair this is his worst season and hes been a rock in our defense and by far out best defender over the years.

Hes loyal and wont speak to Adebayor and RVP what more convincing does the board need?


To be honest, as harsh as this sounds, I am not bothered in the slightest if he goes. He had an absolute stinker of a season, and I think it’s no coincidence we improved massively defensively when we benched Vermaelen, Sagna and Szczęsny. I thought Jenkinson was way better than Bac and I think it’s time for Jenks to take over if needed. Of course it wouldn’t hurt to keep Bac around, the man who turned it around against the wankers down the fucking fairy lane two years back, but, being ice cold, I’m happy to say thanks Bac and… Read more »


“I am not bothered in the slightest if he goes” i read your comment to here and couldnt be asked to read the rest of the rubbish you have obviously wrote.

I see make a example of players who show loyalty by shipping them out after one bad season after seasons of consistant peformances?

No wonder players dont show loyalty to the club based on this logic.


Two fractures in six months would cause anyone a dip in form. But even so, his centre-back performance against Sunderland and his match-changing header against Sp*rs (when we were in deep, deep, trouble) were highlights of the last two seasons it is impossible to forget.

He’s been with us since 2007 and is a true Arsenal player.

Whatever happens he deserves our respect and support.

Bloody marvellous, I tell you. As great a player as we’ve ever had.

twisted cuntloks

really pleased there might be a possibility of him staying on despite 2 broken legs. More often than not he has been outstanding and is probably our best defender

Goon Goon Goon

Another season of him ahead of Jenko would be ideal

Harish P

If Sagna decided to see his contract out, I’d respect it, but I would prefer to see him retire at Arsenal, and eventually help coach future full backs. I predominantly would love to see him lift one of the major pieces of silverware. He’s earned it, and truly worked for it.


Top player please sign him up till he retires .


I want Sagna to stay, but if he leaves, i will not be as upset, like i have been at Cesc, Na$ri and r*p. We do have a natural replacement in (Corporeal) Jenkinson, as opposed to when the others left when we had nobody…


A natural replacement who is not ready to be our first choice RB. Sagna must stay, at least for one more season, if not through to his retirement.

Mach III

Bacary must retire with us! What a legend.


Do you think he may be holding out to see if Arsene is renewing his contract? Don’t like the sound of the Fabio deal at PSG.

Double Canister

Come on Bac, sign da ting!
It will be outstanding work this summer to keep all of our defenders, and hopefully all fit for August.
He’s a Gooner now and one of the most senior players.
at least a two year contract extension should be on the table.

Ps Kos, tell your agent to shut the fuck up. Arsenal and Wenger have made you what you are.


Bac has been the best RB in the EPL for years. If the manager and the rest of the team had shown the same consistent quality and commitment we would have won many trophies. He has been Arsenals best value player since Cesc.

pauly bear

I dont care which of them can put in a better cross. I just care who can stop them coming into our box. Sag = legend


He came in my restaurant just 2 nights ago with his wife. I had a chance to have a quick chat, and it seems not even he knows what is happening at the moment… I asked if he is staying or going, he said “maybe yes, maybe no”


he must have been talking about whether he’ll be staying in the resturant.

[…] Bacary Sagna says contract talks with the club are ‘ongoing’, which makes for an interesting situation. […]

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

Here’s an idea. Bacary Sagna is 30yrs old, has sustained two leg breaks recently, and the modern-day fullback is expected to sprint up-and-down the pitch constantly for 90 minutes. Why not move Sagna to centre-half? – Carl Jenkinson has been patient and I think he’s ready to be 1st choice RB – Hector Bellerin has the intellgence despite his youth which reminds me of Gary Neville… no reason why he can’t be fast-tracked to 2nd choice RB – Sagna’s intelligence and experience would be an asset at centre-half, as shown in the 1-0 over Sunderland. – Ashley Williams is a… Read more »


Why do you wanna break the partnership of Mr Debt Collector & Bosscielny?

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

We’re going to have periods of up to 6 weeks when there are 2 matches-each-week. In order to compete on four fronts, some sort of ‘rotation’ is necessary. Plus, BFG and Kos are both bound to suffer knocks/bruises/injuries and/or suspensions at sometime during the long season.

I’m think this would be a good way to a a) avoid spending money on Ashley Williams, and b) keep ‘Mr. Consistent’ Sagna and all his experience and leadership at Arsenal.


Im sorry but this has got “PSG deal fell through” written all over it. A contract now is better than no contract at all.


Still very culpable to mistakes this jenkinson and with the right amount of big game experience as the season progresses he’ll eliminate that from his game.

Speaking of mistakes. sagna to dutch skunk….prrrt. PELANTY. still hurts!


Can’t believe the negative hype behind Sagna, he was the best/most consistent rb in the prem for his first 4 years. He got pipped by Zabaleta in the past 2 and had an inconsistent season past, yet hes in his prime age for a defender, so 5 consistent years followed by a poor 1 equals hang him to dry…

[…] 来源:【ArseblogNews】 […]

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