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Gervinho to ponder future after Marseille show interest

Gervinho says he’ll have a think about his future this summer as speculation continues to link the Ivorian with a link away from the club.

After his return from the African Cup of Nations, the former Lille man featured sporadically, scoring a couple, but wasn’t relied on in Arsenal’s last three games. And he says lack of playing time gives him pause for thought.

“It is true that I had little time to play on my return from the CAN,” he is quoted by “But it is the choice of the coach.

“Now, it’s the holidays. I’ll relax for a while and then after I will look to the future, to see what I should do. There are still three weeks before pre-season. I really have time to think about it later. If I want a new start, I will not fail to garner interest.

“Marseille is one of the leading French clubs, and I have a good relationship with some people there. I can not say yes or no, but it is always flattering for a player to know that there are a lot of clubs who are interested in him.”

It’s a bit of a change from his position a couple of weeks ago when he said he was going to stay and fight for his Arsenal place, but that’s the way things go in this silliest of seasons.

Tomorrow: Gervinho: Why I wanted to take over as Chairman.

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It would be a shame to lose the African Messi.


the messy african?




Quality starting striker he is not, but as a 70th minute sub when the game needs directness and energy? We could do a lot worse than Gerv.

I’d miss the forehead too.

Arsebloggers 80s half-shirt

I think a move would be best for both.


That money can go towards the Higuain fund


We not need a fund




We not need a correction. We understand


If we sell him we must buy a winger. Walcott, Chamberlain and Podolski are not enough.


Or move Cazorla to wings and buy a CAM


I think we still have interest in Grenier. Oh, and that Cesc bloke.


How about Miyaichi, Gnabry and Eisfeld?


Gervinho is a strange one. I don’t want to see him go but I REALLY don’t want him to stay. :S

glory hunter

@ Melo:
Basically you just don’t want to see him 🙂

Mikel Artekkers

So he wants Bischoff basically.

Mate Kiddleton

I want to see him play well. Is that really too much to ask from a player who actually has ability, but for some inexplicable reason does everything right until the final ball/pass/shot

Blurred Lines

I’m exactly on the same boat. I think of the impact he can have as a 70th sub at times, especially during the run in this season. Then I think of Bradford and THAT miss that had Gibbo grasping his head in shame walking away. I just don’t know!!

Big Dave

He’s a good guy with a good attitude, does some good things… but he makes me create noises that I cannot explain when he falls over his own feet. Cash in and find a new out-and-out exciting winger.


Hazard cost 3x the price but you’d have to say, he’s probably three times the better player. Hopefully that’s been noted; We got what 10m ish from Ligue 1 buys you in today’s market really.

Wenger's Waterbottle

An anagram of Gervinho’s forehead is ‘Feverish hero gonad’. #justsaying

Perry S.

Am I the only one who laughed really hard at that? That is brilliant stuff right there.

Arsene's stylist

“I really have time to think about it later”
It must be the same thought process when he has the ball and has no idea what to do with it until he puts it out for a goalkick.


Some players aren’t cut out for certain leagues – he’s one of them, let him become a world beater at Marseille (while on loan) then let City pay 27m for him.

One can dream.

Arsene's stylist

Can someone please post a gif of THAT miss? Please 🙂


Please don’t

Arshavin's Dietician

It was offside anyway, so doesn’t matter

Arshavin's Dietician

What is the world coming to when mediocre players like Gervinho are weighing up their options due to lack of playing time.

We paid £13.8m for him, we would be lucky to get half of that now.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Gervinho and Barton reunited. Hilarious.


If only he could finish and be consistent in his game play….



Yeah sell him get a new winger and give more chances to Gnabry next season 🙂

just here

Yu can kiss my ass all you want, gervinho is a gud player. @least for ivory coast


Just that he is not suitable for Premier league. He was pretty good when he played in Ligue 1


With Arshavin now gone and with LPod inconsistent in his first season AW must already be looking for someone else in his position. Walcott and Ox are predominately right-sided … as is Gnabry. Yaya Sanogo is a central striker … as is Giroud. The only other options we have are Rosicky and S. Cazorla – both of whom are better in a more central role. Plus Miyaichi is injured and very unproven. If Gervinho does leave it may reduce our options not increase them. So be careful what you wish for unless you really think the club will get in… Read more »


Now let read about the players we have sign

g clake

Arsenal fans want a 35mil striker for11mil winger another player ruined by arsenal morons


uh, what? On yer bike, spud


It seemed like an odd rumour, and seems to have quietened down of late, but Nani for Gerv for would be an upgrade. Net cost probably £5m and 20-30k a week on wages? So worth it….


Probably an upgrade, but I don’t want that man utd scum thanks!


No way Nani would be an upgrade…only in hair-issues

The '92 Away Kit

Thriller was a great album, probably his finest era.


Dimitri Payet looks good to me. Would be a shame to see Gerv go without fulfilling his potential because I think that he could have been very good, but if we can replace him with someone better then this is the window to do it in. I feel a big season coming for us (at last). Never really rated Nani so hopefully AW will resist the bargain price and go for someone a bit more exciting.


Girvinho loves his salary so wont go any where unless he gets a similar salary


Unfortunately I can’t see Girvinho doing much better than he’s done already.
Love the way he can’t be marked by just 1 man, but all those misses…
He adds an extra dimension as an impact sub kind of but I can’t say I’ve ever been overly excited to see him come on

As others have pointed out, we’ll need to make a decent signing to replace him if he does leave or we’ll be left way too lacking in options


Strange fellow to assess really. Good in spurts but unimaginably bad at times. I wouldn’t mind if he stays another season and starts working hard on his final delivery/finishing.. His unpredictability is an asset for the team. Only that Wenger needs to find ways to use him effectively during the season.

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