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Supporters group backs Wenger stay, question Kroenke

According to the results of the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust (AST) annual survey for 2013, Arsenal fans are overwhelmingly in favour of Arsene Wenger remaining Arsenal manager for at least one more year despite harbouring worries about his sway over the club’s transfer and wage policies.

After analysis of 627 completed questionnaires, 71% of the AST’s members confirmed they think Wenger is the right man to lead the Gunners to the conclusion of next season with a hearty 39.9% strongly backing the Frenchman’s credentials.

Despite 62.5% being dissatisfied with Arsenal’s performance on the pitch in recent years, 68.6% concerned about Wenger’s influence over transfers and 73.1% thinking his ‘socialist’ wage structure is flawed, only 5.4% of members strongly believe the manager should be replaced before the new season kicks-off.

Ticket prices proved contentious with 40% of respondents saying they were dissatisfied with prices and 18% highly dissatisfied against satisfaction levels of just 19%.

With only one-year left on Wenger’s contract at the Emirates CEO Ivan Gazidis, has recently hinted that the board will look to convince the manager to put pen-to-paper on a new deal in the coming weeks. While 25.1% believe this should be a necessity before he spends on new recruits this summer, a huge majority (74.9%) are quite happy for the boss to enter negotiations at the end of the season when his contract ends.

As a further show of confidence 80.3% of AST members believe Wenger should be offered a place on the board when he does finally move on from his coaching duties.

On issues of governance and ownership, 63.2% of the AST’s membership remain dissatisfied with Stan Kroenke’s custodianship while a whopping 94% are frustrated at the American businessman’s continued failure to clarify his vision for the club.

The club’s decision to pursue a self-sustaining financial model remains popular amongst the AST with 61.4% in favour of only spending earned revenues although 78.8% believe the club should explore the possibility of a small rights issue.

Although the survey was conducted prior to Peter Hill-Wood being replaced by Sir Chips Keswick as chairman of the club, 93% still believe that the board must be injected with new blood with 77.6% in favour of Alisher Usmanov’s Red & White Holdings being given a place. While the Uzbek continues to make overtures about what he’d do were he in charge, only 15.6% of AST members would strongly welcome a full takeover from the Moscow-based oligarch.

As for the future, over 52% claimed to be somewhat optimistic with 19% extremely optimistic in light of the club’s stature and new commercial income, and although more than 70% of AST members felt it was very important that Stan Kroenke gift the Fanshare scheme 125 shares to show his support, Arseblog News puts the likelihood of receiving such a present (worth around £2m) at a resounding 0%.

AST Chairman Glyn Taylor commented on the results and called on Stan Kroenke to clarify his vision for the club, saying, “Once again AST members reiterated their concerns about Stan Kroenke’s ownership of the club.

“During his takeover Stan Kroenke made commitments to meet with supporters and supporters groups which he has since not kept. The AST once again urges him to engage with fans as part of a process of strengthening dialogue and understanding of supporters views to help make Arsenal a stronger club.”

Cup of tea and a Mr Kipling round Stan’s, anyone?

To read the full report, click here.

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W Dobson

Interesting read. Kroenke is a toupee wearing twat.


That I can live with as the alternative – brother Usmanov is hardly smelling of roses. Having said that can anyone think of any prominent Club owner here or in other countries, that would be appealing ? What really worries about Kronke – aside from his dire toupee – is that he completely lacks any feel for Arsenal as the historic institution that it is ; and his sports teams’ records in the US are dire. Plenty of hot dogs and pop corn sold; trophies won – zilch. So I’ll believe Hilguain and Fellani if and when I see it.… Read more »


Not bothered myself.
My view is that, these days, if you are a successful club some rich bastard is going to buy you. Given that, being bought by some rich bastard who’s happy to lock the shares in a safe, watch the matches and leave the club to carry on running itself is probably the best option.

Usmanov strikes me as the type who’d want his grubby mitts on the controls….


That was brave dude, the mostly partisan crowd on here can’t have you saying a negative about Le Prof. I, however, agree with you wholeheartedly.

David's semen

Unfortunately, Stan actually OWNS the club, Wenger THINKS he does


Let’s not kid ourselves, after 16 years of stewardship Wenger IS Arsenal.
It’s his team, his club and his vision.


Is it me or does Stan seem to be a little Cuntish?

Mrs Bendtner's Greatest Son That Ever Lived

By comparison to whom? Usmanov?


Arsene has been a magnificent servant for Arsenal and world football as a whole.
I am optimistic that we will be successful.


We all agree that Arsene has done a terrific job. And given his contribution to making Arsenal a global force in recent years with the stadium move and new deals, I feel he should be given a year or two and the financial backing he deserves. He has huge responsibility and addition of a new face , especially a legend like Bergkamp or Henry to help him out and increase the optimism within the fans would work wonders.

Ashburton Groover

a survey of just 627 people…not very representative perhaps Arseblog could conduct a more extensive poll?


Vote Green if you think John Terry is a cunt.

Vote Red if you think John Terry is a cunt.


Works for me


And if I think he’s a massive cunt?


Then you’re normal.


Then he himself agrees aswell….


JT is a great player who has won Premierships Domestic cups and International caps galore. Wish Arsenal could win something other than the fourth place consolation plate.


Im sure there’s a Cunterryblog you can go fuck off too somewhere


What’s that got to do with the fact that he’s a cunt?

Merlin's Panini

yes but, as much as he likes to pretend he has, the c*nt hasn’t won the Champions league or UEFA cup has he?

the only sam is nelson

to be fair you’d hardly expect a survey of arsenal fans to demand that wenger is replaced immediately by steve mcclaren and paul jewel in a combined manager role, with david pleat as director of football. and the thought that the second largest shareholder should have board level representation is hardly a shocker, however much of a slobbering bucket of greed you regard that shareholder as. it’s common sense, let alone courtesy. i suspect more interesting is the movement in relation to ticket prices. given the vaunted status of the arsenal “waiting list” it’s pretty obvious that people who were… Read more »


I was curious about this as well. Was it given only to members of the AST?


I’d love a more representative survey, but the logistics seem difficult. If you just do an open survey on a website like this one, you’d get a lot of trolls trying to make the club look hated by its own fans. The only way to do it is by making folks pay to take the survey, but very few would do it, even if it was a paltry sum.


Probably the best way to do it would be for to poll club members, but I doubt Kroenke would be too keen on knowing the results.

the only sam is nelson

hmmmm an poll?

let’s see now

“Please indicate your levels of satisfaction with Arsenal’s board structure by clicking a number between 1 and 10, where 1 is satisfied, 5 is very happy indeed and 10 is ecstatic”

and so on


Despite 62.5% being dissatisfied with Arsenal’s performance on the pitch in recent years, 68.6% concerned about Wenger’s influence over transfers and 73.1% thinking his ‘socialist’ wage structure is flawed, only 5.4% of members strongly believe the manager should be replaced . Arsenal fans still dream of being number one but have become used to fourth place being good enough.

Andy Mack

davidnz, are you really John Terry?
Because there’s no doubt you are a …..!

Double Canister

AST are full of muppets.
77% want Jabba the Hutt on the board.

His first item on he agenda, wipe them out. That’s how he rolls.

The retarded fools.

Oh and don’t get me started on the presumption that they have a say in the Managers job.


I think an Arseblog poll would be more comprehensive and reflect wider sentiments/opinions of fans. Please think of it..


Agreed, but see my comment above. How do keep out the trolls without making people pay to take the survey?

Gooner in Spain

I second the motion.

Tired of hearing about transfer mumbo jumbo. Meh.

Probably the best way to get a collective view on the club on a global scale.

I’d also like to know how everyone feels about appointing Diaby as the team ‘recovery’ psycologist and Djourou as the player’s PR ‘advisor’.


60000 regularly attend. This is a survey of around 1%. Not sure I really care too much what the outcome of this survey is.


Ahh we use to get something like this ,a piece of paper to grade your professors teaching in the middle of exams. Yeah engg exams.Never wasted time on that , it was always professor out.
But not with Le professor.

Ademola Master - D

Mr Kronke pls give Usmanov a chance at Arsenal board cos we need changes and trophies in Arsenalfc cabinet, the time is going and no signning yet… Why?, pls am waithing for good news about Rooney, Hinguain, Fellani and Ashley William all in Arsenal come 2013/2014 season. VICTORY IS SURE.


The good news about Rooney is if we get someone else.


Going by that photo, if he did whip his syrup off, we might find we’re actually owned by George Roper off George and Mildred.

the only sam is nelson

if we’re owned by a ’70s sitcom character, it’s Rigsby the skinflint landlord, overcharging his naive yet strangely loyal tenants


I find it funny when people talk on here like kronke or wenger read it for advice.

Ps. If the did you should take the time to spell out entire words.

Double Canister

Like ps?
Or they?

I’m no spelling master myself.


So David Hytner is fairly reliable, yeah? Read the Higuan story just released?


Like every other transfer, I won’t believe it until it’s reported on

5th Duke of Portland

We’ve got money and we’re getting Higgy with it!

Na na na na na na…


Wouldnt it be great to see our club do this kind of bussiness before pre season and to see new top players play for us this summer.

I know i should stop dreaming..

Well give me some Arsenal foootball already though! Ill take anything.. Just make Arsenal A team play the B team and make a stream or whatever..

me needs football watch 🙁

gu-tang clan

Just a minor comment, but the wording of the questions in the survey seems to be a bit misleading. Survey questions should be clear and concise, with a similar manner of interpreting the results. For example, the ‘question’ should just be a positive/negative statement such as “I fully support Arsene Wenger as Arsenal FC manager for 2013-14.” The answers are then 1- strongly disagree, 2-disagree, 3-neutral, 4-agree, 5-strongly agree. This way you can actually perform a statistical analysis of the data and try to hear the ‘voice of the customer.’ After reading through the survey, I do question why numerous… Read more »

Double Canister

hynter is a poisonous arsenal hating troll in the Manchester guardian (full title).
Shit even the Irish Times, normally a very unexciteable publication are going with the story.
FFS. Even Tony Atwood is getting excited.


thanks DC, interesting…I’ve read Hytner for a while and never saw him as a Craig Burley type (speaking of Arsenal hating trolls)…think my problem might be that I saw this Higuain compilation

almost pissed myself (actually did) and really want to believe it will happen….very naive!


He is the player we deserve, and the one we need right now


Left and Right footed! yes, please!

Double Canister

insert smile.


why don’t we just think, being selective we have arseblog arse to mouse gunnerblog lady arse hayely and grandpa gunners for limpar, ask every1 who regularly uses any of these sites and is in good standing to take the same survey, submit the results to


I do think this survey may not be _that_ statistically relevant, only 627 completed responses? That’s just over 1% of a full stadium crowd. I don’t know how many members the AST has but I feel they could try and get more of them to complete these surveys in future

Yankee Gooner

Gu-tang Clan–
Sometimes a survey attempts to derive more accurate results by asking the same basic question in a number of differently nuanced ways–when 88% love the manager and 76% hope he’d die on a fire, you know to take the support with a grain of salt. I’m not saying that’s what happened here, but that is one reason why some survey questions seem circuitous.

[…] has the results of the annual Arsenal Supporters Trust survey, which reminds us all that sometimes the vociferous loudmouths out there are very much the vocal […]

Double Canister

That’s a good point but the question of who is in good standing in rhe Goonerverse is is open to debate.
In a democracy Fat Gooner has the same vote as the rest of us.
Also season ticket holders should have no more rights than red members.
North Londeners would have no more right to a say than anyone else in the Global Goonerverse.
We Are All Gooners and all Equal.
but and thanks the Bergkamp, AFC is not a Democracy and Stan, Ivan and Wenger are in charge.
I’ve no problem with that at all.


Oh dear! What sorry times for the great Arsenal Football Club. Of course, the real problem for the club is BOTH Wenger and Kroenke. This Yank majority share owner is a parasitic waste of space who simply sees our club as a reliable source of income. Unlike Abramovitch or those Arabs at City Kroenke was never in the least bit interested in winning anything, no surprise seeing as he’s a lover of that tedious bollocks which the Americans call football – but is really just brainless rugby. A nice profit at the end of the financial year is all that… Read more »


Does not collecting a management fee mean nothing to you? You are entitled to your opinion (and Klopp as the next manager is something I would love to see) but you ignore FACTS.. It’s clear you don’t have a grasp of the reality of our financial position over the previous years, whcih basic research would give you. Show me the evidence that Kroenke is lining his pockets with AFC profit, I dare you.
And you think Cazorla, Giroud, Podolski, Arteta, BFG, Kos, Monreal etc are bad signings? I wonder what you will say if we do sign Higuain..


Plev, your reply hinges on the premise that Fats can analyse properly. We do not have any confirmation that supports that assumption.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

Plev, yes you are correct it is a ‘fact’ that Kroenke has not taken a penny out of the club in dividends since taking it over. BUT, it is also a ‘fact’ he put the highest priority on REPAYMENT of the Emirates Stadium MORTGAGE in only 5-6 years, as opposed to the 10-20 years which is normal. What happens if you or I try to repay the mortgate on a recently-purchased house in only 5-6 years? If it succeeds, after only 5-6 years we own our home outright therefore the ‘equity’ in it is massive. However, in order to achieve… Read more »

Andy Mack

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!! said ‘highest priority on REPAYMENT of the Emirates Stadium MORTGAGE’

And when you get a mortgage you’ll understand the need to ‘break the back’ of the debt.


He will probably still complain.

Merlin's Panini

Haha. Fatgooner, I’ve decided to start reading your posts as someone who is either completely senile or pretending to be Stewart Robson and now it makes me laugh. Keep it up! 🙂

[…] paguyuban suporter Arsenal Supporter Trust (AST) untuk tetap memberi dukungan kepercayaan padanya. Situs Arseblog merilis berita mengenai hasil angket yang diikuti sekitar lebih dari 600 orang, dan sebanyak 71% menyatakan […]

[…] for today, the results of the AST survey are out with most backing Arsene Wenger for another year in the job at least. While 627 responses […]

Stroud Green Road Boy

So a majority are unhappy with Wenger’s performance, transfers and wage policy, but want him to stay on. Sounds like they want someone who looks like Wenger, sounds like Wenger, but doesn’t act like Wenger.


Every morning i read arseblog news and every morning davidnz, fatgooner and their ilk ruin my day, make me want to kick the cat! Pleasr, please, for the love of all that is holy, piss off somewhere else and annoy people that enjoy punishing themselves. Your comments are just so so effing boring! Meh

Merlin's Panini

I kind of enjoy reading them these days as much as I disagree with almost everything they say. They make me laugh with their extreme bitterness. It would be boring if we all agreed wouldn’t it?

Merlin's Panini

I’ll have a lemon slice please Stan.

[…] 来源:【arseblog news】 […]


Fatgooner makes some good points. This is a free country not a police estate its his opinion. That doesnt mean hes right or wrong its just what he thinks.


Problems with Arsenal. 1. wage structure 2. poor defense and goal keeper 3. money available but spent on new stadium projects, property and other infrastructure (e.g. enhancements to Club Level, “Arsenalisation” projects, new medical centre) with more planned for development at the Hale End youth academy. Since 2007 Arsenal have generated a very healthy £376 million operating cash flow, but have spent £71 million on capital expenditure, £110 million on loan interest and £64 million on net debt repayments, while the cash balances have risen by £118 million. Astonishingly, only 1% (one per cent) of the available cash flow has… Read more »

[…] viikolla AST (Arsenal Supporters Trust) julkaisi vuosittaisen kyselynsä ja siinä Wenger sai kannattajien tuen 71 prosenttisesti jatkaa ainakin ensi kauden vielä. Noin […]

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