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Trio depart as first team clear out begins

Arsenal have confirmed that Andrei Arshavin, Sebastien Squillaci and Denilson will all leave the club on June 30.

Full statement here.

The departures, which don’t come as a shock, mark the start of a first team clear out which is expected to claim several other second-string squad members.

Arseblog News isn’t really in the mood to celebrate the departure of players who’ve failed to live up to expectations.

They came, they didn’t conquer, they were paid handsomely and now they have the chance to get their careers back on track elsewhere. All the best to them.

As a means of accentuating the positives here’s our favourite moments from the trio’s respective Arsenal careers.

Arshavin – Playing badly and netting 4 goals at Anfield during that 4-4 draw at Anfield. His winner the following year in the same fixture was pretty ace too, while the winner against Barcelona will live long in the memory. In a way, despite the fact he’s been an abject failure, it’s difficult not to have a soft spot for him. He certainly has enough soft spots of his own.

Squillaci – Scored the only goal in a win against Stoke City. We’d all love to do that.

DenilsonDanced quite nicely when Gilberto and Baptista made music. Also scored a decent free-kick against Hull when that angry, orange-faced Phil wotshisface was in charge.

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Yeah, not a shocker.

Few more still to clear out, please, Arsene.


Let’s hope their wages are distributed among the younger, better and hungrier players that come in (fingers crossed).


Thought we were already doing that, nah makes them lazy when it comes to finding these kids new clubs.


good luck to them!
i will miss arshavin the cheeky lazy talented bastard


I think Arshavin has still got it. He just needs motivation elsewhere. Good luck to them


Same. I’d like to dream that one day he’ll make a Pirlo like return 🙂


Not celebrating them leaving but I must say I’m delighted that we are promptly handling business that needs to be handled. I wish them all well wherever they go.


Didn’t handle any business that needed to be handled. All we did was not resign them. Yes accomplishing something by doing nothing can count as getting something done but it is hard to look at this as some new efficiency in the board room


Very good point… I’m going to try and keep a little optimism though and hope it isn’t proved unfounded.


Great start…. should knock well over £100k per week off the wage bill.


Actually £175 per week will be knocked off the wage bill, that maybe will go to rooney salary that is mention in the tabloids, plus the sale of bendtner and djorou to go to rooeny as well for sigining fee bouns. (just rummors )


My gut feeling on Rooney is throwing up. Thankfully, there isn’t a chance in hell we’d pay £250k/week plus a £20m fee for that fat, shrek-headed, hair-plugging, diving, mercenary.

Mind you, if United threw Howard Webb into the deal, I’d listen.


Have a thumbs up for the Howard Webb remark. Quality.


Everyone talks like they wouldn’t welcome Rooney at the club.

I think he would be excellent for us.

We’d have 6/11 of a potential England first XI as well.
Jack, Theo, Carl, Gibbs, Ox, Rooney.



I’d rather have 6/11 of Spain’s or Germany’s 1st XI.


Would rather keep Arshavin than get Rooney!


Arshavin is lazy but that aspect has been exaggerated (his non-performances are not much different to Walcott’s), while he has genuine creativity and is a very likeable character. Rooney, by contrast, has been made to look good by those around him (Ronaldo, United’s hardworking midfield etc), and is in terminal decline with little motivation, with a fitness level similar to Adebayo Akinfenwa. And he’s a petulant little cunt who I would like to see Joey Barton beat the fuck out of. We surely won’t buy Rooney but there will be fan anger if the unthinkable happens.


That’s not entirely true is it?! Rooney is a class act, or was rather. At Everton he was excellent and in his early United years he was but the ego or attitude whatever it was that developed all too quickly at United has hampered his career since.

It’s strangely reminiscent of the Beckham saga.


Beckham seemed to be doing ok until skeletal spice got involved, that was the turning point.

As for Rooney, if he got fatter, slower and lazier with advancing years, he may end up going the same way as Arshavin. Best to avoid.

Edu's Braces

We need to make things difficult for Chamakh so he fucks off. No more free grease for his hair, ban layers in training and no creepy hugs, he’ll be gone by August


Since we don’t celebrate players leaving here, I would say “releave” them off their Arsenal duties. …you have the list of 2 or 3 already, – yes, those ones. Senior enough to play but don’t play due to their limitations.

Pele of Romford

Toto was pony, but denilson had his moments 6-1 at Goodison and the jig after scoring, and arshavin was class mostly and there will always be this thing that he was played out of position. Anyway here’s to the new lads


Ray Parlour in disguise?


He was only ever played out of position for like three games and that was at CF. he’s always been a LW who can play CAM when needed like for Russia.

Dark Stein

Like how we’re getting down to business nice and early this year. Certainly seems like Wenger and co have had a lightbulb moment and are going to be more clinical and dare I say ruthless in this summer’s tranfer market. It’s early i know but i’m going to start brewing my optimism for next season already.



Assassin Arshavin

Isn’t Arshavin leaving for FC Khazar to become the highest paid footballer or something?

Sajid Kasem

I sympathize for a player of Arshavin’s quality who ddnt get enough game time recently and was not being played at a position where he desires/is more effective. I really hoped he would do something last season to help his chances of showing us again why he has given us so many wow moments, but it wasnt to be. He still has a good few years left in him. Good luck to him. And as for the others, good riddance!


Can everyone fuck off with this out of position shit?

Do you see Ox resting on his laurels for not getting his chance to play behind the striker, or those lazy abject performances the little Roosky gave us coming from Podolski or Ramsey?

I’m glad the wanna be fashion designer is gone; such a waste of talent and a massive financial strain on the club for someone who didn’t even warm the bench.

Sajid Kasem

Sorry but the one thing I will not question about Arshavin is his attitude. He could have left earlier to get first-team football elsewhere, but he chose to stay and fight for his place. Even after winning a trophy on loan, he still wanted to do well at Arsenal. He did not live up to the promise he showed in his first season, but he gave us enough good moments to remember him in good light.


It depends on what you mean by “fight.” If by “fight” you mean “happy to stay in order to collect lucrative salary knowing full well there’s not a chance your tubby frame will ever start for Arsenal again,” then yes, I agree with you.


You want to talk about “fight,” look at what Ramsey did this year. From Denilson 2.0 to Flamini 2.0, and a whole lot of abuse from fans in the meantime. That’s some serious fucking character right there.

Sajid Kasem

Thats a pretty accurate description of Squillaci, who like a true fag declined some move which meant he’d have to take a more than 50% wage cut, so he quite conveniently chose to see out his contract, so any club with some sense in their head would not pay him that much (I dont know why we paid him that in the first place). Maybe I am biased towards Arshavin, who knows. But that’s my view. His form had gotten so poor that he could not amend it any more. I dont know what the problem was, but I will… Read more »


Everyone one had a soft spot for Arshavin, he was on fire at the Euros an did well for us until he his form dropped and he got fat. He’s not a fighter if I’ve ever seen one. But do we really need to start calling players like the Squid fags for simply not being good enough? I honestly couldn’t care much for his time at Arsenal. He came in as an older player, to give time for Kosc to develop, he definitely didn’t make the grade, but to be honest he never really looked like he would. It’s Arshavin’s… Read more »


This scathing hate we have for our own players… I thought we hated spurs. I thought we hated spurs!!


You don’t question his attitude because he didn’t leave to play first-team football. Really?

It Is What It Is

At 27/28 years of age, it’s hard to become a winger especially when the role you have played most of your career has been that of a playmaker. With a free role (no great work ethic required). And the key to the city. With millions of tongues up your backside (sorry for that image), while your ego is caressed. In the Russian League. Yes, the ballet, tennis, bars, his family’s reluctance to love London and his attitude all contributed to his demise. But Arsene was partly responsible. I say, thank you and good luck AA23I don’t blame Arsene either. Sith… Read more »


You’re telling me that it’s ok to buy a player who all his career has played in one position and then expect him to perform in a completely different one? Don’t get me wrong I think Arshavin proved lazy but I think it’s arrogant bordering on ridiculous that a player is bought to suddenly be switched. Arshavin was phenomenal through the middle but wasn’t really given a chance with us. Santos, has never until we signed him played as a left back. Look how well that worked out. I just hope that we’re not going to see the same with… Read more »


“Do you see Ox resting on his laurels for not getting his chance to play behind the striker” – yes i have lots of times this season infact. I always felt the likes of Arshavin and Podolski in particular, the fans are quick to critisize them after one shite match, AW would also follow suit and drop them, and some players get away scot free even when they’re not playing well. Also not playing consistenly, or being brought on with 10 mins to go expecting them to perform miracles, and when they dont , drop them again for another 5… Read more »


Whats going on?! We are doing what needs to be done this summer?! Feels weird.. Next time you gonna tell me we signed Higuain, one physical midfielder who can also operate as CB comfortably and Sagna will stay, no?


Ooooh wait these guys are not all of them, i let myself got carried awayyyyyyyy.



Nin Mung

Will surely miss Arshavin! Got a soft spot for the guy even if life didn’t turn out the way we’d all wanted! Attitude as a person and loyalty probably one of the best attributes bout him! Now we need to adequately replace him! we need someone who can do a better job than Gervinho! especially when it comes to scoring goals n not overdoing the dribbles!

Exclamation mark

Leave me alone.


Good luck at West Ham boys.

Merlin's Panini



It didn’t last long, but when Arshavin was near the top of his game, he was one of the most exciting players I’ve seen for us. Genuinely unpredictable; no matter how off his game he seemed, he was capable of game changing genius. It’s just been overshadowed by his oversized shadow and his evident loss of enthusiasm. Still, 31 goals and 41 assists in 143 games isn’t too shabby – involvement in a goal every two games overall.

Merlin's Panini

So who’s gonna be the new Squid?
Squid was the new Sylvestre
Sylvestre was the new Senderos
Senderos was the new Cygan
Cygan was the new Stepanovs

Maybe that’s a little harsh on Senderos but, you know, he didn’t cut it.


Well our current captain has been aspiring for the position for some time now….


It was a joke …

You c*nts .

Now bring on those thumbdowns I’ll show you where to stick them.


It was Phil Wotsit-Face. That’s how orange he was.


I’m amazed at how many of the comments on the official Arsenal facebook’s post on this are negative and complain about Wenger selling Arshavin. I thought this was great news, finally clearing up he squad and wage bills!


official arsenal facebook page is just like any other facebook page for any club… its a case of the empty barrels making the most noise. it tends to be the more fickle ones who are quick to talk.


yes you are fickle


Arshavin – hugely talented, showed that in fits and bursts, had the chance to go elsewhere and actually play football (ie what he does – his job) but turned it down to collect his wages. Squillaci – see above other than maybe the chance to play elsewhere. Didn’t moan so maybe that’s something. Denilson – at least had the good grace to be sent/go on loan to play football (ie his job), albeit whilst being supplemented by The Arsenal. Wages saved as a result (conservatively, saying they’re on £50k each per week) circa £7.8m per year. This is good news… Read more »


Arshavin is definitely not on 50K a week, more in the region of 70-80 I believe. Its shocking how much he made last season given how much he played. Respected him when he was worthy of respect, but at this point its a good thing for both club and player that he moves on.

Ben Arfa's older brother

As of last season arshavin was 2nd highest earner on 90k then podolski got 105k then theo signed new deal to get same as pod

im a clock end

Nice indeed to see us get getting the tidying done early. Shame arsh and den didn’t work out. Skill actually no was a shocking buy in the first place, and the second place.

Funny seeing people welcome the selling of players, slightly ironic. Hey ho.

Ben Arfa's older brother

No one has actually been sold, their contracts ate up or been terminated


Yes that’s right its not a clean out per say, we are just lucky their contracts are up.
Until Bendtner, Chamak, Santos, Park, Djourou and Diaby are off the pay roll there is still an expensive pile of deadwood holding the club back. Wenger’s pile of deadwood to be more precise. As for Denilson how much are we still paying of his salary.


Now to get Chamakh Bendtner Park Djourou Mannone out of the club.


Aw I’m hesitant to put Mannone and Djourou in that same category. But yeah I get your drift son gotta clear them decks out.


How the fuck did Djorous name get there .. He is EASILY good enough to be 4th choice at Arsenal andI argue he he could mach any of our rivals 4th choice .. In fact he would probably be 3rd choice CB if he was around. I’m not saying he is the best in his trade, but he is very far from the worst and has had very few bad games for us playing at centerback. Still I know he is to be sold it must be done but had he not been moved, he would have been the longest… Read more »


Actually £175 per week will be knocked off the wage bill, that maybe will go to rooney salary that is mention in the tabloids, plus the sale of bendtner and djorou to go to rooeny as well for sigining fee bouns. (just rummors :D)


£175 a week! That won’t pay for Rooney’s “luxuries”

mr man

very nice dancing there


*sigh* at last,I say good riddance!


If its a clear out then Gervinho and Walcott should have also been sold as they aren’t exactly top class wingers.


So, our leading goalscorer and one of our top 5 most effective players isn’t top class and you want him out? You should take Wenger’s job. You sound like you know so much about what you’re talking about.


Old Trafford. Barcelona. Anfield. Wigan. Blackburn debut goal.
Backheel vs some CL team.. Shava scored some beauties.

Will always love the lazy fucker.


When they were on the job they did it well!

I can’t bring myself to call it great business that Arshavin and Squid are on their way out, as their contract is finished (though I’m incredibly grateful that they didn’t offer contract extensions), but I’m proud of the staff for compromising with Denilson and simply shifting him from our books. 3 more and we’re in a fantastic position as a squad and financially (for summer signings).

The summer looks sweet!


Harsh on Arshavin blogs. He was unplayable the night he scored 4 at Anfield. Sure didnt play bad for me. Shame though. Such a supremely talented footballer. If he had continued in the same vein he started life at Arsenal, who knows we might no longer be talking about a trophy drought. Will always have a soft spot for the guy but the club is more important than any individual. Exciting times ahead hopefully. And how I hated Arshavin for tearing Holland a new one during Euro 2008!


Fuck yeah.


I remember the day we signed Arshavin.

It was snowing.

I particularly remember the nervousness that we might have screwed up the paperwork.

Which only goes to show.

(Not a Haiku by a very long way.)


So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow.

Happy Dave

Always sorry to see players fail but lets hope the next batch will be a little more focused on us winning


I agree with blogs he will be remebered for THAT game and THAT game. To bad that his last game v Chelsea wasn’t there with THOSE games. I’d rather have workman that is consistent but without exciting skills then a lazy genius. But wait we have Santi who is hardworking,consistent and a genius. So long Andrei and thanks for all the fish!


good we need to get rid of a few more…Bendtner, Chamakh, Park out


Finally seems we’re doing right this summer; They say wenger has a 70 million warchest, I believe if he’d spend that on only “2 or 3 quality” say cavani (release clause 54*) or wanayama (no release clause but maybe around 10-12) that kinda quality (not hyped/english kind)… I know thats not like us but come on! Just think; if we have that much (and we can also make some more room by lettin likes of chamakh bendtner and gerv … go) we have a deep enough squad and only 1 or 2 top (star) player will send out “the” message!… Read more »


Arsene will never pay €54m for a player. Ever.

New Arse

Ha ha ha. Phil Wotsit Face. Fantastic.


Whatever happened to fat frog and fat gunner? Have they gone on their holidays?


Arshavin will be a massive loss…

where are all the jokes on the podcast going to come from?
Hope for god’s sake the greatest striker that ever lived stays on the books or we’ll be really screwed!

Double Canister

LANS Why are we looking at strikers with worse goals per game records than TGSTEL? I’m not a big fan of the Danish Drunk, but this summer the pickings are really thin if you discount us getting the really really overpriced strikers: falcao, cavani, shrek. Is there anyone on the market this summer? Torres? We have lots of wage money to offer someone now and no one is really outside our price range, I’m really surprised we haven’t made more of an effort to fight Bayern over Lewandowski, or at least force Munich to spend far more than they intended… Read more »


Good thing you are not in charge of running the economy then.


Guys any thoughts on the Higuain story? I signed him up on fifa 13 and personally iv seen better 😛

But seriously is there any chance of this happening?

Let me make something clear Rooney will never join Arsenal.

Wage bill is a killer and me personally id never except Rooney at Arsenal the idea of him in a Arsenal shirt makes me sick.

Rad Carrot

Be happy with Higuain, and the rumour mills and ‘ITK’s are churning with lots of stories about him and us – so the likelihood of it ACTUALLY happening is very, very slim.


If Rooney was signed and bursting the net every week you would

Arsene Wenger

Only thing he’d be bursting is his shirt buttons.

Silent Stan

I only read comments with higher thumbs up.


[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


squil, denilson arshavin down

tgstel, diaby, park, chamakh, santos, gervinio to go




omosh wenger

my opinion is we should keep chamakh

[…] the club announced that three players would be packing their jewel encrusted suitcases, laden with bullion and rubies […]


2 More players join the Exodus Denilson has started from trophy-less Arsenal this summer.

Like rats on a sinking ship Arshavin and Squillaci are to leave Arsenal, who haven’t won a trophy in 8 years, at the end of the month…

( You heard it hear first and not those headline seeking asshat newspapers 😀 )


haha my first thumbs down.. yay go me 🙂


This just goes to show how badly the playing budget has been handled by Wenger over the last few years. Only by reaching the fourth place trophy in recent seasons has masked what a disastrous job he has been doing. The myth that we have has no money in the last four years is finally being shattered. Rewarding potential and sub standard players with lucrative deals has proven to be completely wrong. ‘Socialist’ wage bills do not work in modern football and Wenger is generally out of touch With the exception of Arteta and Carzola, his recent signings have been… Read more »


Arteta, Cazorla, his dreaminess and Podolski have all be excellent signings recently. Don’t believe the pundits and papers saying Giroud and Podolski have had mixed seasons,thats crap. Theo has been with us for years and until this year had been putting in worse seasons than those two did in their first season. As for Wenger – the man is a legend and possibly the best manager in the history of the EPL. Pick any Manager, on the planet that could guide a Football Team to the top table of Football every season (all-be-it by the skin of his teeth at… Read more »

Long Dong Silver

People who have seen me post know that I’m not an anti-Wenger type of guy but it is striking that our wage budget is so much bigger than Sp*rs and it is just so big in general. If we weren’t rewarding potential (which in turn makes players lazy), we could be saving a lot of money while also keeping the youngsters hungry.

Look, i don’t know the specifics, I just can’t help but baulk at our wage bill.

Double Canister

Long Dong
5pud2’s wager bill is a year behind ours in financial reporting.
their wage bill has gone way up last year.
also AFC is a far bigger football club than those mooks up the seven sisters road in every possible way.
It’s a players and agents market, if we want the best we’ve got to pay the top dollar.

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