Monday, June 5, 2023

Arsenal’s Helsinki clash with City confirmed

As Arseblog News reported last week, Arsenal will conclude their pre-season preparations with a game against Manchester City in Finland.

Last year the Premier League duo played each other in Beijing’s Olympic Stadium as they looked to raise their profiles in the Far East, this year though the pair head to Helsinki for a showdown on Saturday, 10 August.

A statement from City reads:

“Manchester City FC are delighted to announce the final first-team pre-season fixture ahead of the 2013/14 campaign will be against Arsenal in Helsinki on Saturday, 10 August.

“The ‘Super Match by Carlsberg’ will kick-off at 5pm local time at the 40,000-capacity Olympic Stadium in the Finnish capital and will be the final game of the Blues’ pre-season.

“It is the first time two Premier League clubs have met in Finland and ticket prices will start from €29.”

Great news for Finnish Gunners.

UPDATE – Ivan Gazidis on the trip to Finland (via

“We played Manchester City in the build up to the 2012/13 season in the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing and know that they will provide the team with a very competitive match as we finalise preparations for the 2013/14 domestic campaign.

“We have many passionate supporters in Finland, and it will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with them all in what will be our first-ever match in the country.”

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Break Na$ri’s leg.


I’d prefer we break the leg of a talented player instead, not their leading expert on being rich and chinless.


Disgusting comment.


would rather he stay fit and continue to be useless. Why give him an excuse.


Giroud hat trick


‘Super Match by Carlsberg’
That’s odd. I’d have thought that if Carlsberg made football matches, they wouldn’t have Citeh in them……probably.


Maybe Carlsberg don’t do football matches in odd locations between good guys and oil doped, morally bankrupt swines…

but if they did

dot dot dot

Runcorn Gooner

Isn’t Carlsberg like making love in a boat…’s [email protected]&£ing close to water


Lets beat the fuckers!


This is so awesome – welcome to Finland Gunners & Gooners!!


On behalf of all Gooners i thank you

i can’t speak for Gunners. They are splitters.


Higuain score hat trick too


For who?


YYEESSS!!! Never before have I been exited about a friendly.


hell we could as well sink those stingy moneybags.


€29?! Might just take a trip to Finland for the fun of needing a break about then. Would be great to see the lads ending their pre-season warm-up.


Next stop Australia ? Maybe ? Probaly ? Please ? …… Ok


It takes 7 days for normal people to recover from a flight from Australia so finely tuned athletes will be more or less or the same.
Thats my medical opinion.

It would be more an end of season jolly rather than a pre season jaunt as Wenger is being forced to go to the far east as it is…

plus there are huge spiders in australia and dingos would eat the players babies.


Now are there scorpions out there? Because if so, given the Aaron Ramsey infographic, Wenger might have a field day over there recruiting new talent.


Welcome to Finland! Arsenal Finland- facebook page can help any visiting fans with any questions.


Why are we playing a friendly with this shower… ? I don’t feel freindly to these oil doped, morally bankrupt swines The players will probably share a hotel and the city lads will be out with their payslips hanging out. Gareth “I’m shit and yet get 6 figures a week” Barry and the lads We have just sold all our Darren Dein clients and now we will be thrusting our entire squad into his hotel lobby whoring, web of deceit and cocksuckery. Why not play Celtic or i dunno, a local finnish side where we steal their Jari Litmanen or… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

Why no terrible puns in the comments yet? I’ll make a start, someone else can Finnish

*gets coat*


Thats what Chamakh said


Well not the coat bit unfortunately..


the only sam is nelson

Speaking of flops, Squillaci has apparently just finished his first novel, inspired by his nickname “Squid”, it explores the existential angst and nightmares of an adventurous squid, who leaves home for untold riches far away, only to find his route obscured by nasty octopii.

The English translation is out in August, entitled “Hell’s Inky”

*runs like fuck*


I’m so glad we’ll be playing against them. It’ll be an opportunity for us to play with someone good. Let’s beat them and tell the whole of d league the old invincible, indomitable Arsenal is back.

Arsene Wenger

I don’t think Pellegrini (who is incidentally an excellent coach) has ever got the better of me.

Have you seen my clock?

I do enjoy Sir Blogs news posts, I find them informative, truthful yet funny but the highlight of a news posts is scrolling down and getting my hilarious fill of comedy from the comments section.

Thanks now.

Arsene Wenger

I posted something similar on another article but i just wanted to dump it here instead: ‘Plastics’ are the reason why some clubs are bigger than others. I’ll be the first to admit that I started to support Arsenal during the successful Wenger years. The fact of the matter is that North London is not a massive place and a club needs a big fanbase unless it is funded by some Russian. Fans want to see their club succeed and if we are shown blatant disregard by the board and club, we will eventually get sick of it simply because… Read more »

Absentia rose

Welcome to Finland Gunners!!


Well I hope we don’t get spanked, what with Man City spending big again for world class players, and Arsenal buying, wait what no world class players for the [insert number] number of years.
It could deflate our confidence before the new campaign kicks off.

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