Monday, June 24, 2024

Arsenal miss out on Gonzalo Higuain

You know the score, use the following details to fill in the template where necessary…

Name: Gonzalo Higuain
Age: 25
Nationality: Argentine
Nickname: El Pipita
Position: Striker
Old club: Real Madrid
New club: Napoli

Arsenal, and other clubs, but especially Arsenal, have missed out on the signing of [player name].

The [country] international has been in sparkling for this season for [current club], scoring [x] goals and helping his side to reach [semi/final]/ and/or lift [trophy/championship].

The [position] wizard/stalwart has long been linked with a move to the Premier League with Arsene Wenger said to be desperate to bring him to the Emirates after [x] trophyless seasons.

But once again, the Gunners have been gazumped as [new club] announced today they had reached an agreement with [player name] and [current club] for a sensational summer swoop.

[Player surname] signed a new contract with [current club] in [year] and was scouted numerous times by Steve Rowley, Arsene Wenger’s main scout. It was thought that Arsenal would meet his [figure] buy-out clause, but the man nicknamed [nickname] has decided his future lies elsewhere.

It is now thought that Wenger will turn his attention elsewhere with [cheaper option], [even cheaper option], [ludicrous made-up option] and [racist-bitey bloke] all in his sights.


As if the above wasn’t enough of a kick in the gonads we’ll all be able to watch Gonzalo make his Napoli debut against Arsenal at the Emirates Cup next week.

*shakes fists at the Gods*

In the meantime, do your homework for the next installment of ‘Arsenal miss out on…’, when we’ll be featuring … Luis Suarez.

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harry rednapp

All arsenals eggs in the suarez basket #risky

Gooner For LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFE

Truly makes me sad, He was a classy forward, very good finisher, strong, good pace and in my opinion with room to improve under Wenger. No baggage and down to earth, For 31 million… Arsene in my mind has this agenda, you dont fuck with him or he’ll turn everything around even if it hurts him, and consequently Arsenal. Real unfairly upped the price and Wenger got pissed, so it seems like he said “fuck it, I’m going for Suarez now you bastards”. If only we had bagged Higuan. Now our only? option is Suarez with 50+ million. Could have… Read more »


I know, and people who prefer Suarez for 50m, ask yourself this.

Would you prefer a player who genuinely wants to come play for your club, who stalled a move to another club just hoping we came back for him, or someone who’s just coming for Champions League football with a hefty price tag and might fuck off to Madrid or elsewhere if they come calling in the future?

I have always been proven wrong by Wenger, but I think, he’s seriously fucked things up by letting Higuain slip.


I don’t think we’ll get Suarez anyway. And I’d be glad about that. I’m getting to the stage where I think we’ll end up with pretty much the same team as last year (taking into account those who have already left, players coming through etc). Also, I wouldn’t put it past Wenger not signing anybody. If that happens you all know well enough that the atmosphere at the Emirates will be a timebomb, especially if Man Utd get Cesc (that won’t happen) and Sp*rs add Soldado and keep Bale. Taking into account the amount of players that have declared that… Read more »


Higuain isn’t a 30mil improvement on Giroud. Giroud’s main criticisms last year were that he doesn’t take people on, he’s missed a few sitters and he goes missing in the big games. All of these things are entirely true of Higuain. If we’re gonna get a new striker it has to be both an improvement and offer something different.


typical arsenal we always find a reason to rationalize things. but i guess we don’t have an option. As soon as the season starts i hope napoli regrets and Giroud sets a record of 40 goals in the season.


“Would you prefer a player who genuinely wants to come play for your club, who stalled a move to another club just hoping we came back for him, or someone who’s just coming for Champions League football with a hefty price tag and might fuck off to Madrid or elsewhere if they come calling in the future?” === I get that Higuain was the fan’s first choice, but I think in this day and age, we just have to accept that most if not all players are there to do a job rather than bed down roots based on club… Read more »


my friend, my dear fellow supporter, Suarez is a fucking gem of a player and exactly the character we need to add some determination and nastiness to the whole of the team. His killer instinct and overzealous nature reminds me of Patrick and how he wanted to raise the middle finger to the whole of the English football establishment. Players like Luis and previously Ptarick is what wenger needs on the pitch for he is too kind and mild a person to do a fergie. Forget all the bullshit of the English media and how they character assassinate him in… Read more »


ask yourself this

walcot ——arteta—-jack—–cazorla
———–podolski – suarez————


relax buddy..its not like we missed on maradona…suarez is 100times better and hungrier than higuain anyway…suarez and falcao are the best in the world currently. both mean killers


Higuain was good for 20-22m range. Suarez@40 > Higuain@31 but if we end up paying 50m for Suarez then Higuain would have been better value for money (even at 31m)

Dave Gooner

In fairness to AW, this player is NOT WORTH 31 million.

And that fucking twit Benitez throwing 31 million of Napoli’s money at him still doesn’t make him worth it.

Walking away from this is a good, rather than a bad, decision.


you’re right, it is a very good business decision for a club still concerned with revenue, paying off debt, wage bill, etc.
it is a piss poor decision for a club that is serious about competing for four trophies next season.


bang on


Sad thing is we spent last couple of seasons selling our top players for 20-30m and now that we are ready to buy some top players they all cost 30-40m. I dont think Higuain is worth 30m and i dont think Suarez is worth 40m. But shouldnt there be plan B, plan C, plan D, plan E and plan F prepared in case our plan A wouldnt work out? And where do we stand regarding new CB and new CDM or new GK? Where is our plan B and C for those? What the fuck are you people doing out… Read more »


Now that iv calmed down…. I realize i dont support Arsenal for their ability to win trophies. In fact i started supporting them fully about 2-3 years after their last trophy.. Mainly because i liked the offensive style of play and because of the young team and Wengers way of giving young lads a chance and building a team with them.. When i learned more about the club and found about our healthy financial ways i was even more affected and the love for the club grew… And it grows every year more and more. Every season even though we… Read more »


hey juice relax man…..this club was never about the trophies…before wenger this club was in the darkness…yeah we won some but with tactics players and managers which were embarrassing to say the least….alcoholics and junkies collapsing on the touchlines and share club value at thousands while today its at millions. after spending to win between 07-2004 we entered phase of REBUILDING the whole of the club from alpha to omega…stadium, training, mediacl, scouting, academy, the whole lot. today we are world class top class football club in every aspect and department. trophies will come, trophies are the fruition of yoru… Read more »


“this club was never about the trophies…before wenger this club was in the darkness…yeah we won some but with tactics players and managers which were embarrassing to say the least….alcoholics and junkies collapsing on the touchlines and share club value at thousands while today its at millions.” I’m sorry…WHAT???????? Same old sh*t from people who DO NOT know the club at all. Worth thousands? I reckon you are a troll, because you certainly are no Gooner. Junkies? (Club legends) Embarassing managers and tactics (You mean like every European final, semi finals, Cup finals to the likes of Birmingham, and generally… Read more »


well Chelsea fans hold terry and mou as legends too you know…united fans hold that scum keanne as a legend too…and inter fans hail scum like materazzi….

Jim A

Don’t worry Giroud will have a great great year!

A Yank

I’m starting to think this is just meta-transfer business at this point. Wenger saw that we were going to get outbid by Napoli for Higuain, who he really wanted. So he’s pissed at Madrid because he probably thought they had a deal until the Cavani money seemed imminent. So what can Wenger do to retaliate? “Yeah, is John Henry there? John, this is Arsene. Do me a solid and I’ll help you get more money for your want-away striker. I’m going to bid up to the release clause, but it’s not really a bid. You just act like it is.… Read more »


PSG and Monaco


Agree with you whole heartedly, Higuain and another sigining would have fitted in quite nicely with the 50 million we’re supposed to pay for Suarez. Although I doubt we’ll get him with Madrid also in the look out for a new striker. I remember saying I doubt we’ll sign Higuain the time the story broke because Juve were in the picture. Why would you go to Arsenal when a league champion is after you??? I got so many thumbs down hehehe 🙂 Ivan should do what Voller just did at Bayer Leverkusen. Admit that the top positions are taken by… Read more »


bunburyist you talk correct. you know why the fans are like hysteric women ? because they’ve had media and rivals taunting them the past 7 years they’ve lost all perspective and faith and logic. if our fans had a spine and took it on their stride none of these hysteric reactions would happen. we all knew things were gonna be shit for a while when we moved but no the arsenal fan chose this period to complain about titles you see. I am ashamed that some of our so called fans saw a period of re[payment as an appropriate period… Read more »


Might as well throw them in the dustbin.


Face it none of us fancied him anyway…. *sobs*


Napoli …We rescind your invitation to the EmiratesStadium.

I’ve watched way too much “True Blood” .. which by coincidence is our next sponsor to be announced
and our masterplan to keep Surez in check.

twisted cuntloks

right I’m gonna take this out on my spud neighbour. Its about time he got a good hiding after years of taunting. His name calling and piss taking pushed me to the edge but this has taken me over it. If he even mentions Higuain I will kick his ass around his front garden and then steal his xbox remote but I’d best be armed, he is a ruthless fucker.

you have to watch these 7 year olds of today

El Dave

You should have done it anyway to a Spud !!!


Greenstreet hooligan style

Arsenal Rising

I am fucking FUMING!!! Thats us fucked then already! And on Higuain himself the fucker would really prefer to fight it out for a top 6 position in Italy? Great spirit mate! What ambition! Clown! Hope his fuckin career goes down the shitter the bench warmer! Fuckin SICK. Knew this would happen and thats why I haven’t been reading ANY news on Arsenal for a week and a half. By the way we won’t even get suarez either.real madrid the cunts will nab him. And fuck you Wenger! And the board.u fucked us again! I also dont give a fuck… Read more »

easy tiger

Higuain had little to do with who madrid decided to sell to. So don`t tell him off, BURN wenger.

Wenger can fuck off

Wenger can fuck off

easy tiger

Apart from that, AMEN man.


I’m glad you got that out of your system! Personally, I don’t think our existing team is that bad. I’m confident we’ll be better than last season even without any signings, mostly because everyone will have had that full season playing together, and will have developed understandings with each other now. At the beginning of last season, you saw that the introduction of a few new faces meant that there was naturally an acclimatization period. We found our rhythm at the tail end of the season, and I think we’ll pick up where we left off. Too many people are… Read more »


(…which isn’t to say we couldn’t be even better with some quality signings…)


title winning form? we definately had good form against the teams under us since we had the easiest run-in but against elite teams, did we even win a single match? title winning form is when you beat big and small teams. our team isn’t bad, but other clubs are signing players and if we are just going sitting on our revenue then we ain’t going to advance any further than 4th. its a shame really, this season is the season that can change alot. yet we still act like a woman in the transfer market and refuse to maximize our… Read more »


Hey, I’m as frustrated as you are. Just wanting to point out that saying “we’re fucked” if we don’t sign a striker like Higuain loses sight of our current quality, which is there (and I don’t think “fucked” is finishing in the top four; “fucked” is much worse). The thing people forget about new signings (you bring up other clubs making signings) is that they are not guaranteed to be a success nor gel with new teammates. There can often be a troubled period while things settle down and understandings develop. As to your criticism of my phrase “title-winning form,”… Read more »


Perez that son of a b…. What a shame higuain isnt coming to Arsenal. But i must give it to Wenger on The Price. 42 mill is too much for higuain.

Wenger can fuck off

Rose tinted glasses…..


@Wenger Can Fuck Off,

Then what glasses are you wearing when people say we’re “fucked” because we didn’t buy Higuain?

And by the way, I was citing the team’s 11-game unbeaten streak. It doesn’t take rose-tinted glasses to point out a simple fact, does it? Nor does it take a blinkered optimist to say that such a streak implies that the team gelled after a rocky start.

I’m not saying we don’t need signings. We do. But I think we have a great team here, which doesn’t warrant vile attacks on their doom that are based on nothing really.


Title winning form?

Arsenal do the same thing every year, when the pressure is off and there is no chance of winning the league they go on a run. You also conveniently forget the quality of the opposition in these games and the fact we came close to losing a few of them anyway!

What are you lot smoking?

Unbelievable revisionist stuff, and EXACTLY why Wenger is under no pressure and a demagogue at the club.

You would literally buy anything the man says.


you know napoli got 2nd last year right?

Arshavin's Dietician

Exactly, he has gone to a team that does compete.

Perhaps Napoli was always has preffered choice

Wenger can fuck off

So Higuan is in for a Trophy or what!?


You know Napoli finished a distant 9 points behind Juventus?
I thought, based on the general consensus in the ‘Arsenal dont compete’ camp, that only first place matters – Not winning the league but qualifying for the Champions league is still a failure because there is no trophy?


you can fume all u want ….you still know sweet f.a about football son.

wengers last chance? muahaha…..ants don’t tell wengers what to do


You are definitely a troll.

TN Gooner

Would almost rather lose without Suarez than I would win him


Right, because one player is more than a club…

Bleeding hell.

The phrase “would rather lose” will never, ever be in my terminology for how I feel about Arsenal Football Club.

Wenger can fuck off

We got nothing too choose from, not even Suarez would join this fucking mess. I thought that Cardiif were a mess but this is a new low.

By the way; support the Bluebirds against one of the worst things an owner has ever done too a club:


not even Suarez would join this fucking mess


Based on what evidence, exactly? Seems you’re wearing those poo-tinted glasses, again.

TN Gooner

Would almost rather lose without Suarez than I would win him


Right, because… Never mind!


Wenger is on a thin fucking line. If he fucks this up, he can fuck off.. Witout a fucking statue.


wenger is arsenal;s god creator provider father. now shut up fool


Fuck off Wenger, fuck off, i’ve had it, you can fuck off.


I’m fucking sure that fucking Wenger fucking cares what you fucking think, especially when you’re fucking opinion is so fucking erudite and fucking balanced that fucking everyone at fucking Arsenal should give a fucking fuck.


Wenger has been swore at almost just like this at games,he hears it and does give a fuck,trust me,after last seasons horrible start and after we’ve all realized the 4th place trophy hasn’t brought in player x,y and z more swearing will commence and if Wenger does not pull of a mini miracle he will be gone……..I swear.

Aaron Ramses

Oh well that settles it, then. Wenger does give a fuck. Thanks for clarifying. We really had no idea.



Well Arsenal have done it yet again, missed out on a quality signing that we were supposed to have “agreed” a deal for ages ago, gone to a club willing to pay market rates. There’s no way we’re going to get Suarez for less than £50m, what’s Wenger’s backup plan then or has it always been Sanogo when we end up not spending anything all summer!


So what WAS the market rate?
If Madrid ALWAYS wanted £35M then why did they agree a (rumoured) £25M fee with Arsenal? We were reportedly hammering out personal terms with his advisers which would imply that a fee HAD been agreed.The general impression seems to be that Perez upped the price AFTER the deal had been verbally agreed once another club (Napoli) showed interest.

But say we HAD simply dropped our trousers and bent over the desk by agreeing to pay the new fee, what message would THAT have sent out to other clubs we want to buy from?


This news is literally worse than Hitler.


You either don’t understand what literally means or you don’t know who Hitler was. But yeah, pretty bad news.


There’s a 3rd option. He is aware of both but was making a joke.


Yeah, but literally means ‘I’m not actually joking. I really believe this to be true’.

gooner odst

I am literally turning hulk green in anger at you, 49er.


literally, you should all be using the word figuratively instead

Arty's Art

Fuck off and die


It really is, when things could’ve been so much easy and better, and if this time we end up not signing a top striker, Wenger has to be blamed for letting this happen. It seems he went after Suarez just out of spite for Madrid.


This summer is actually worse than summers before. At least we knew that we had little money so we wouldn’t spend bit.
This… this is just bullshit.


Lies and misdirection

Arsenal Rising

Yea! And seasons before we always had important players to replace so more pressure and lees money and we still got decent players like Santi

2013-2014 = 2003-2004?

Having studied every single YouTube available of both Gonzalo Higuain and Stefan Jovetic… it was clear to me that Jovetic was the better striker and I was already fuming when he signed for City for only GBP21mm. Criticism that Higuain is ‘just a poacher’ is somewhat true – you hardly ever see him create a goal out of half a chance. I can kind of understand why Wenger rates Luis Suarez so highly. He’s got a quickness, unpredictableness and deadliness about him that will get opponent defences shitting themselves every time they play us – the “fear factor”. RVP Judas… Read more »


RVP was not in jail for rape for a week,he was accused of rape,massive difference,we did not sign Tony the drunk driver,he had problems whilst with us,so our responsibility to a point,the “is a cunt anyways” bit,is this an un funny joke?
Ive got some miserable old folks around my way,fancy hitting them over the head with a tennis racket?
after all there so are grumpy,so that’s ok


I simply cannot understand how all of this has happened, this is absolutely beyond me. I simply don’t get it. As regards Suarez, I have to say I am completely with Arseblog on this one (sounds like the easy way, but I’m honest). To put it even clearer: I don’t want to see this player in an Arsenal shirt. I actually doubt that I will honestly cheer for his goals. Not only do I dislike the person, I don’t understand how Arsenal, of all clubs, all of a sudden splash all their cash (that we have been collecting carefully over… Read more »

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

We are just being lied, cheated and scammed to sell more Season tickets.


Don’t write that, some fools will actually believe it.


To be fair, it does look like we are not losing any of our starters and can expect to see Pod, Cazorla and that handsome french bloke kick on in their second season. We do have a fit Rosicky, a very keen Chambo and Ramsey, and at least three youngsters pushing hard for inclusion. We also are trying to do to Loserpoo what has been done to us the last few years, and a 40 mill offer sounds a lot like a warchest does exist and intention to strengthen is there. But yeah, mope around and pull your hair out… Read more »

easy tiger

The board and AW did see the situation with RVP. Got 4th nevertheless and now will try to get 4th with an even weaker team. We as fans are getting butt fucked like hell. And the worst part is that most fans seems to enjoy it…. Kill me now Jebus.


reason we are splashing the cash on suarez is cos we know we ain’t going to get him. i even suspect its probably another excuse for the clubs to say “we tried”.
to sign a player that has no chance of coming in unless we send 60+ to liverpools bank account is not trying. why do we even bid to let suarez know when the player have no power to decide his own transfer with 3 years left? its either we are really stupid or the club think we fans are stupid.


It may be… oh, God…it may even be worse that John Terry.


News: Hitler.

Is that news?

some dumb american

Can’t wait for this year’s deadline day shopping spree! Who knows what we’ll end up with! It’s the mystery that makes it exciting.

Dark Stein

benayoun on loan again maybe?….

Wenger Brigadier

Benayoun–Ha! Bendtner is finally going to give in and Wenger will renew his contract with a 20,000 pound increase.


At least Benayoun has a fair go at it when he’s on the pitch, unlike others who are quite happy to be paid whilst practising their sitting down exercises.


I was at west brom two seasons ago and bennyoun played a blinder. Always gave 100 %. Have total respect for the guy. Loudest song of the season was for him at the end of the game. Him and bentner could not be further apart in the food chain.

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

i was suppose to hit the ‘Thumbs Up ‘ button but I hit the ‘Thumbs Down’.
Do you think I can make it in Arsenal negotiating team.


I have a secret fear that it might be Torres.

some dumb american

Thanks, now I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight.

It Is What It Is

At this point, I’m tempted to do a Suarez. Only as back up to Giroud though.


Yeah, 45 mil for a backup.
Makes PERFECT sense.


Darren Bent.


David Brent




We’re only a few minor administrative errors away from signing Nicklas Bendtner on a season-long loan.

For double his current wages.


Ah yes, the transfer bag of mixed candy. Who knows what we’ll get.

Maybe Jimmy Bullard will be at the bottom!


I want to die.

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

Me thinks you are a brand new arsenal fan and this is your very first transfer summer.


You thinks wrong. Do brand new arsenal fans remember good transfer summers?

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

Oooooops …I stand corrected. Wenger Out then??

gooner odst

ah Gonzalo, we hardly knew ye. No more justifiable reason to google your missus anymore too.


Steady on there. I’m not THAT upset.


I feel like he was a top Arsenal player and we decided to sell him.

Like An Old Departure?

meh dont even know


“I want to die.”

We’re working on it.


So what’s stopping you?


What an abject failure we have been in the transfer window

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

please don’t over estimate our negotiating people and the manger by saying…we missed out on this player and that. We never really were in the market in the first place. Next Breaking news will be Suarez signs for Madrid for £40m+2 .
Someone rightly tweeted yesterday…”…the negotiating people don’t handle hostage situation!”

They would be brilliant at hostage negotiations the aggresses would probably shoot themselves after a phone call with that team.


or laugh themselves to death or glory

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

*Arsenal negotiating people

Dr. Phil

For cunt’s sake

Loop A Hole

Funny, I was thinking why’s this guy mentioning that dutch muppet here ..

Ill Ting



Missing out on a top class player. That vile racist better not be the alternative


At least he’s not running away from being a sub to borini like some guy i know. Suarez any day and not that fat chubby guy running away from the dutch cunt!


I believe I can explain our seemingly bizarre transfer activity: a) Transfer window starts with us linked with Rooney and Higuain. b) Arsenal fans over the moon about Higuain link, disgusted and appalled by Rooney. c) Wenger wants Rooney, but doesn’t know how to win over the fans. d) Wenger instructs board to make a bid for Suarez that will never persuade Liverpool to sell. “Throw in that extra pound note just to make sure they turn purple with rage.” e) Arsenal fans apoplectic about possibility of bitey, racisty, demon-spawn, cheating Vampire of Uruk-hai joining Arsenal. f) Wenger buys Rooney.… Read more »


Humor aside, if we miss out on him. I’ll be more than gutted. Still can’t believe we bid £40M for Suarez but not £30M for Higuain.


He is the son we never had.


This is getting silly now! i honestly cant see us bringing in any ‘quality’ signings. Loosing my faith in wenger, and to think i just spent a stupid amount on a season ticket!

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

Ivan and Wenger 1-0 fans


This is my nightmare


No no we are still after his brother.


But is his brother available…?

*wry smile turns to tears*

some dumb american

And negotiate a deal with MLS titans Columbus Crew? Good luck with that, sir, we couldn’t even make a deal with Real Madrid.

Arsene's Zip

Hang on… have we actually missed out yet? Have you got confirmation that he has actually signed for Napoli or something?


Yep, he’s definitely gone. Here is a video of the Napoli fans greeting him as he arrives at the airport.


You sadistic bastard.


See the article on Marca’s site. They sound pretty happy to see the back of him and have the money, incidentally.


first frey now this ffs! Wenger out!!

some dumb american

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)


┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻


من أجل الملاعين

Pete The Gun

I’ve just punched myself in the gonads…. Fuck sticks.


Fuck me… I feel like shit.

I’ve always defended Wenger and its sensible ways, but i really thought he was gonna realize Higuain was perferct for us and spend what he costs, and now we’ve lost him to Napoli…

What if we can’t land Suarez, who the fuck are we gonna buy? I thought we had money available, but i think we clearly don’t how how to actually spend the fucking cash…


Yea lets fuck the shit out of eachother. Might as well go all out being in the hell that is Arsenal + transfer “windows”.


Well, i don’t know about that “Petfucker”, think i’ll rather pass on that


Apparently, the alternatives to Suarez would be….. Osvaldo and some Savio- some winger playing for Benfica. Very, very disappointed with the transfer negotiating team. Also I’ve heard we may lose out on Bernard to Porto.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)


It’s almost like the club bid on Suarez, knowing dam well Pool wouldn’t sell, in order to say see we tried! Gazidas probably would have shit himself if Pool accepted. I hope we bring in somebody!


I have mentioned before that I think our negotiating team are rubbish, but I also think that RM did not want to sell him to us. I reckon there are still open wounds relating to Vieira and Henry. Or they are just wankers!

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

Please Sir,don’t THINK the negotiating team are useless and bunch of idiots. They are just useless and bunch of idiots and they have been proving that for many transfer windows. All we fans need to do is to accept it ASAP.

A N Other

I was really hoping Wenger extends his stay at Arsenal but at this moment now I am not so sure. All these years we bought into that ‘lie’ that club has no money to spend.. I think the truth is that club doesn’t know how to spend.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ.

Cannot believe this. A huge disappointment.

Black Hei

Since you can turn water into wine, pray do something about Giroud and friends.


Thats it…Wenger and gazidis are plain useless. If they cant sign Higuain, what hope do they have of signing Suarez?? They’re no world class strikers in the market anymore…prepare for europa league guys!! Wenger please leave and go kill urself


Grow the fuck up you idiot. You want someone to die because he didn’t sign the player you wanted? I’m gutted by this news but, seriously, get a fucking life.

A Yank

No, even better, we’ll win our qualifier, then draw into the same CL group with Napoli and get to watch Higuain/Napoli/the Fates sodomize us both home and away.

Walk away from Suarez. Buy a DM, a CB and a keeper. Save the rest for January.


Oh well. Take a deep breath. Time will tell if he ends up in the “Mata” file or the “M’Vila” (or whatever his name was) file. On other fronts, Madrid can’t buy Bale AND Suarez (if you’ve looked at Marca’s site you’ll know what I’m talking about–that’s what this summer has reduced us to, looking at fucking MARCA!). This apart from the fact that they’ve already spent 80m or so on a bunch of teenage midfielders. I think Arsenal will have to go 50 to get Suarez though; that or convince him to bite Gerrard in training. It would be… Read more »


But if RM decide they don’t need Bale then Suarez is theirs for the taking, leaving us without any world class strikers and Spurs with Bale.

All I need to see is…
“RM sign suarez”
“United sign Fabregas”
“Arsenal sign Rooney”

then I will probably boycott football


And that sir, would really show up the transfer negotiating team to be a useless bunch of cunts. However, I could be content with Fabregas, Suarez and Fellaini.


But if RM decide they don’t need Bale then Suarez is theirs for the taking, leaving us without any world class strikers and Spurs with Bale.

All I need to see is…
“RM sign suarez”
“United sign Fabregas”
“Arsenal sign Rooney”

then I will probably boycott football


100£ on Higuain to score against us then!


If and when we miss out on the buck tooth racist, is there any other conceivable option out there or is that it?

some dumb american

Maybe show Lewandowski the tape of Arsenal beating Bayern?


Jesus thats really all there is left in the ‘proven striker market’ and lets be fair why would he want to join Arsenal. United have a better chance than signing Cesc.


I honestly think Lewandovski is impossible for us. Borussia Dortmund has been way more active in the transfer market than us, for one. They also don’t play UCL playoffs. They have won trophies recently too. Leaving Dortmund for Arsenal makes no sense.


An they have some of the best fans in world..


No. There are no other good strikers in the world. Anywhere. Except the ones we already have.

A N Other

Michu? I just don’t understand why Wenger can’t tempt Swansea with £25m bid for Michu just like he is doing it for Suarez?


Because he was found out after a good tart tot he season, he had the surprise factor but then the better defenders learned how to stop him. That’s why we need a true top draw striker.


Afraid not mate, Grant Holt already signed for Wigan 🙁


Peter Odemwingie’s move to Russia looks like it might fall through….


We’ve been linked with Osvaldo at Roma a couple of times. He’s like a good Argie version of Bendtner.


Don’t be surprsied if there’s an August 31st bid for Remy.


No, no. It’s all a smokescreen. This will flush out Madrid good and proper now.

Now they’ll have no choice but to sell him to us.


This “transfer saga” is one of the most depressing of recent years. Obviously none of us know what really happened, but my perception is that it was done and dusted until their reigning president/thundercunt moved the goalposts.

Really disappointing to lose out on a player of his caliber, especially considering the relative scarcity of top level strikers who are realistically available right now.


Nobody moved any goalposts, Napoli was willing to pay more.

they always knew Cavani was going, and they had their target


madrid was in no hurry to sell to the first bidder. they thought they could get more than what arsenal offered, so they waited. makes a lot of sense from napoli’s perspective. they traded cavani for higuain and 20mil essentially. not badat all.