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Wenger allays Szcz and Kos fears

Arsene Wenger has allayed fears that Wojciech Szczesny could miss the start of the season by revealing the Pole is in contention to feature against Urawa Red Diamonds in Friday’s Saitama Cup friendly clash.

The Gunners first choice goalkeeper sat out the win over Nagoya Grampus with a back problem earlier in the week and reports circulated that he could be sidelined for up to four weeks.

Giving an update on the fitness of his squad Wenger also revealed positive news about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain while hinting that Laurent Koscielny’s ankle problem is also not as bad as first feared.

“Koscielny is a big doubt [for Friday],” the boss told Arsenal Player.

“Oxlade-Chamberlain should be alright, Szczesny should be alright as well. I say 80 per cent Chamberlain and Szczesny and maybe 30 per cent for Koscielny. It’s a minor ankle problem.”

With no defensive or goalkeeping  signings in sight it’s just as well Kos and Szcz are on the mend. As things stand it looks as though Arsene is going to try and Bertie Mee the title by using only 12 players next term.

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Fuck it, we’ve got Steve Bould. Whats lehmann doing these days?


Isn’t he doing his coaching badges with us? Could do worse hes only a year older than Schwarzer…


Hah. I spent half a minute trying to figure out why you’d want Australian cricket team coach, Darren Lehmann, managing Arsenal…


I wish Wenger et al would allay all my other fears about the club!


Never fear – as long as we’ve still got Santi, all will be well…


Fuck it. Let’s see if we can take it all with no subs on the bench…..let Roma have Gerv, give Bendtner a couple speedballs, a bottle of Jaeger and lock him in a closet, get Jenk into a Michael Buble cover band, Fabianski can sub in for Mickey Mouse at Euro Disney (if it still exists), for some reason I see Ramsey as the next Mentos or Orbit commercial star, and give Chamakhattack a job at the local Micky D’s ( and by local I mean somewhere like Havana, or Beirut).


2 weeks today is exactly a year ago that Cazorla signed. That was our last signing of the summer in 2012 after Poldi and Giroud. We were crying out for more after Percie left but of course nothing doing. They really put us through it don’t they?


Well said geefive, getting rid of Ramsey (one of the best performing, level headed midfielders) especially with no new signings coming in, is a super fantastical idea.


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anyone else think they were feigning injuries to force wenger to buy someone if not upfront then at least in defence or goal. I say giroud feigns injuring himself during his next goal celebration on tour, force the clubs hand to buy a central striker. Could fall over advertising hoarding or pull a diaby and collapse after a shot.


Good thinking – I’m sure Giroud’s absolutely desperate for Wenger to buy a striker to take his place in the team. Forget those confidence-building goals he’s been scoring in every game so far, what our main striker should really be doing is worrying about transfer dealings, am I right?


True, but his point is is obvious one, that we should be concerned about the lack of transfer dealings, and Wenger and the board should do something before its too late


Most injuries can be confirmed medically with technology, faking is largely a thing of the past.

It’s so sad that pretty much the only good news so far is that our players’ injuries are not as bad as we feared.


Far, what a serious Predator / Alien hybrid the Kos has become in that picture. It’s a decent deterrent though, to be fair. Striker bears down on the Arsenal goalmouth, notices laser mark directly from Kos to striker’s forehead, striker deliberately and immediately shanks ball directly out for a throw and looks at Kos with strained, desperate laugh-of-comradery/fear. Alternately, striker bears down on goal and hears hiss of Alien Kos, realises that Alien Kos is in the process of biting off own tail in order to produce acidic blood with which to splatter aforementioned striker. Striker duly gets down on… Read more »


A crappy Sp*rs side lost to a crappy Sunderland side 3-1 in a crappy pre-season tournament in Hong Kong.

So, not all bad news, eh?


We shouldn’t insult the Chinese. We’re not the power we once were.


United lost in Australia too, their second of three games after to loosing to a Thai team 🙂


Don’t forget that United lost in Japan, their second of three games after to loosing to a random Thai team 🙂


U don’t need to be a great football manager b4 u know we need a versatile defender, and someone who has everything that diaby has except the injury record, why the fuck are we making it look as if the stricking department is only where we’re having problems. This is the worst transfer window ever, we couldn’t get higuain, we’re determined to spend £40m+ for suarez, bendtner refusing to leave…. I realy hate this transfer window

master floda

I hate it too, but we had worse. At least we’re not losing one of our key players. Just remember 11/12, when we lost Cesc, Nasri and Clichy (and of course Eboue!). If I remember correctly, Jenks, Gervinho and the Ox were brought in pretty early, but it took us until the very last minute to get Arteta, Mertesacker, Benayoun and… aehm, yeah, Santos and Park. So not all hope is lost (yet), but it really would be a shame if we would struggle into the new season like we did back then just because we’re unable to get our… Read more »


Worst transfer window ever? What a very short memory you must have.


Everyone needs to calm the fuck down. Let Wenger and co. do their work and see how we’re looking before the season starts. Everyones an expert and Wenger knows nothing all of a sudden. Give it a fucking rest. He’s forgotten more about football and team building than you or I will ever know. If he thinks Higuain isnt worth 30 mill he’s probably right. Too similar to Giroud though a tidier finisher. In Suarez he sees someone who could help us to take MASSIVE strides forward. Hence he’s worth the extra millions. If we get Suarez we will have… Read more »


IMHO there is no better time in the year than July/August to put serious pressure on Wenger and the board to make transfers that we want/need. Anytime from Sept-Dec and Feb-May any pressure would be in vain and destabilising to squad morale; there are generally fewer options available in Jan; anytime from May-June and we would be accused of overreacting too early. As much respect I have for Wenger (and as little for the board), July/August is the time to let him know what he has done so far is unsatisfactory and will have heavy consequences, and to give him… Read more »

Fingers crossed

DangerMouse- I couldn’t agree more with you. Finally, someone with faith in our team.


I fully support Wenger. It’s not as if he could completely fuck up the deal to sign Higuain by stupidly playing hardball with Real Madrid. And now he wants to sign a disloyal, back-stabbing, cheating, biting racist for at least 15 million more than he’s worth. Wenger is a genius.

Who couldn’t fail to fully back a man who has probably cost the club a fourth place finish.


Who’s to say Wenger fucked things up with Higuain? Why not go with Real Madrid being general dicks and forcing us to up our price for a player who’s not worth near £40m? The only problem we’ve really had is that we boasted about our godforsaken ‘war chest’ and now every club wants a little bit more.


So you say Suarez is is not worth his price tag, but were fine with Arsenal paying 34 million for Higuain, about 12 million more than he’s actually worth? Madrid knew Napoli was flush with cash through sale of Cavani and held out.

Also there’s no official confirmation we ever bid for Higuain, according to RM and others. His dad and brother were the only ones openly talking about it – and they had every reason to if Napoli was indeed Higuain’s main target from the start.




Hello, I thought that our players’ injuries not being so serious was good news, no?


Our guy Suarez got an assist in Liverpool’s match against Melbourne Victory today. What a fine young man he is and he has lovely teeth! A snip at £40,000,001. There was something I didn’t like about him, but I forget what it was now.


Oh yeah, he is a racist cheat with no loyalty and a penchant for biting people. If we sign him it will make us a better team but it will at the same time move us in the morally reprehensible direction of Chelsea and all their vile ilk.

A Scouser

I agree it’s a similar direction but we’re still Mary Poppins compared to that sack of throbbing wank bandits.

On Suarez, I don’t like or trust him as a person but he is an outstanding footballer.

First get the deal done and let Le Boss do his magic before we judge him please.


just watched d liverpool game n if facial expressions says it all then i guess we have a new striker called SUAREZ…


We play Sat-Wed-Sat-Wed-Sat with at the start of the season with one match somewhere in the deepest corners of Europe. I think we may have a full medical room by the time International break comes 🙁

The Higs so gone

For example, Higs, Bernard, Fellaini + backup defender and goaly (quick sale Gerv n’ Poldi).

How we looking?

Me too.


Official Higuain is going to Napoli. Wenger and gazidis out. Im sick and tired of those 2. Looks like no top 4 for us.


What’s up with all the back injuries problems. It looks we don’t have a back-up? one?I’ll take my coat!

this is the season(hopefully)

Nothing i detest more than anti wengers,first you guys complain bout lack of world class players,then complain at the first concrete sign that wenger is actially trying to sign One, u guys want morals or titles? What if we dnt sign suarez you think anyone will be congratulating arsenal on their good morals when we dnt win anything for another year,fact is we need suarez


On the other hand, we let it get to the point where it’s Suarez or nothing, in terms of strikers.

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joey barton

Arsenal are going to win the league I can so feel it. Arsene Wenger is a genius he’s going buy world class players that are better then heskey

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