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Coq off! Arsenal confirm Freiburg deal

Arsenal have confirmed that Francis Coquelin will spend the 2013/14 season on loan at Bundesliga club SC Freiburg.

The 22-year-old midfielder has made 43 appearances at the Emirates since moving to London five years ago but struggled for first team minutes last year following the return of Jack Wilshere and the resurgence of Aaron Ramsey.

The move to Germany is the French under-21 international’s second loan spell following a year spent at Ligue 1 side Lorient in 2010.

Speaking at his unveiling, the Coq told Freiburg TV:

“I’m very proud to sign for Freiburg. First of all my aim is to add up well with the teammates, I’ve not met them yet. Then I want to have a good season with Freiburg.

“I met the coach and a few people in the club, everyone has been very nice to me up to now, so as I say I’m very happy to be here and now I’m waiting for the season to start.”

Coquelin is the second Arsenal player to make the move to the Bundesliga in recent weeks after Johan Djourou agreed terms with Hamburg (also confirmed today). It remains to be seen whether Nicklas Bendtner joins them.

Arseblog News laments the loss of another pun-tastic player name but wishes the Coq a swell time. Stand tall little man.

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That’s 3 places in the squad empty.

1. Arshavin
2. Squid
3. Coq

Also, Diaby looks unlikely to play any part for Arsenal this season.

That’s 4 incoming players. Higuain, Cesar and hopefully Fellain with a Center Back.


4 Players! Forgot Don Vito.

No Neck

how dare you forget the don. Gandolphini will be turning in his grave!! eh th th th th

Long Dong Silver

What about Denilson?

gooner odst

…too soon


I think its time to promote Miquel instead of signing another center back. Play him or he’s going to be off…I rate him highly


Because u need four center-backs for injries/subs/squad roation, etc. but if no injuries occur then three center-backs are more than enough, then the fourth one that we wil buy, will sit gathering tummy fat……… so we have to take that chance and trust miquel to perform in case we need him………

You totally ignored the article — Djourou coq’d off too.


I’m surprised that either no premier league club wanted him on loan or we didn’t want to loan him to one. Would have been nice to see him in the EPL. I think he’s quality.

Andy Mack

The problem with other EPL clubs is that they already have reasonable sized squads and can’t guarantee that they’ll play him enough. Whereas the BL is technically good but not very strong. 3/4 top clubs but quite weak after that, so there isn’t the pressure on the manager which prevents younsters being tried, like in the EPL.


A coq on loan is a good coq.


I’m hoping that when he comes back with a full season of top-flight football under his belt, he’ll be the bollocks.


Me think a coq performing regularly is a great coq. Our coq will surely be back, stronger and better

Christopher Wreh

Tidy little player I think. Remember the 8-2 and he was the only one who looked like he gave anything close to a shit.

Hopefully Coq-will-earn some valuable experience, but don’t think we’ll see him in the red and white again.


Mr. P

I’ll wager Freiburg can hardly wait to unleash Arsenal’s former Coq on the Bundesliga. Now they’re going to screw with everybody!

AFC Chairman

Ohh My coq is gone. I cannot live without my coq please

Zorro in the box

Good luck to him. Gunnerblog suggests this is a good indication of a defensive minded midfielder coming in and as much as I’d like to believe that, I’m not sure it will be the case. I think if Arsene doesn’t get who he absolutely wants, he’ll not go for second-best. He’ll change tactics and play up the “pivote” idea with Arteta and Ramsey I reckon.

There are some gaping holes in the squad, we can’t go to war for the title with 15 players!

Then again, “you’ll never win anything with kids”…

master floda

it’s not so unusual that you leave a gaping hole when you pull out le coq


Wish you all the best Le Coq, I hope you come back bigger, taller, stronger….. Now Bendtner…what to do with you? I mean Anelka just signed for his 30th club…


Arsene doesn’t sell his hard man coq, but you can borrow it for a while…

Merlin's Panini

It’s always in out in out in out with Coq, isn’t it?

Fergie the Gooner

We might have let the Coq slip through our fingers this time though. If he doesn’t get regular use he might not be able to perform on the big stage.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Hopefully he injects abit of forward thrust in that freiburg midfield. Tearing through opponents, rock hard in tackles. yeah.


Freiburg is a good place to learn for him. They’re one of the underdogs of the league with consistently the smallest budget, yet they also consistently punch above their weight. Tactically very adept and well organised he can learn a lot playing there. Next season will be hard for them since they got picked apart after nearly making the Champions League, they lsot half of their starting eleven.
I’m not sure he has a future at Arsenal, his tranfer probably means we’re looking for reinforcements in central midfield, but who knows.


Sorry, but i dont see the pun? Either way he seems to have a good attitude and clearly being loaned out at his relatively old age hasn’t rubbed coq the wrong way

Merlin's Panini

Now Coq is a Freiburger maybe Santos would be interested in joining him?

Merlin's Panini

That joke also works with Djourou, of course.


If only he was a couple of inches bigger.

Merlin's Panini

For old times sake:

As he’s so good on the ball I would like to see Coq push up, playing in the hole. The other team will definitely need protection when he’s around.


glory hunter

Jheez i don’t think i’ve ever seen so many departures in 1 summer!!!
This could only mean 1 thing right?!?!
Yep we are skint lol


Arsene wouldn’t let him go on loan for the entire season unless he was very confident of signing a quality DM.
I would love it to be Lars Bender.

size don't matter

No way Bender will cum now Le Coq’s gone


A defensive midfield duo of Coq Bender would’ve been cringeworthy.


I don’t understand this move. Coquelin is a very useful squad player who can play almost anywhere at a pinch. He’s the sort of guy who can come off the bench and plug a hole (no pun intended) in an important game. And I love his attitude: he always gives 100%.

Unless we are signing a similar all-rounder then this is a mistake.

Merlin's Panini

I would prefer he stayed too but I think it’s more down to the player’s will on this one. The Coq is itching to play much more regularly and is probably not content sitting around waiting for a chance to get stuck in in any old hole here or there (sorry I just couldn’t resist). It’s a shame but for him to continue his development properly it’s essential. I hope he returns ready to step up more regularly. Rosicky and Arteta can’t last forever as good as they both are and I think in a year or two, if he’s… Read more »

gooner odst

Im sure Coquelin reads the news about the signings were linked with; Bender, Grenier etc all who would supersede his position in the squad if they were signed. He needs to step it up and you can only do so much in training.


I think he came at a wrong time, when Wenger doesn’t have much trust in almost every other player anymore. We all saw what he can do whenever he played. Stylish and lovely to watch at times. Not the same can be said about Ramsey, for example. Yet they have the same weaknesses. The team needs overhauling. The boy wants to play, not being embarrassed watching mediocre players picked ahead of him. I think he’s ‘bothering’ the manager, wanting to play. So, better on loan. I wish him well and hope he comes back to Arsenal. …or any other big… Read more »


This is a curious one. The return of Ramsey (how awesome was that to watch) has definitely sidelined Coquelin, but I’d have to think that Wenger wouldn’t let him go on loan if he didn’t have at least a like for like replacement lined up, or perhaps something even bigger. As it is we’re letting folks go left and right, so logically speaking I’d like to think that Arsenal are reasonably placed to get some decent/better replacements, otherwise they wouldn’t be culling the squad the way they are, right? I’m sad to see Coquelin go, but to me it was… Read more »

this is the season(hopefully)

Coq wasnt feeling the bender


I hope the Coq unloads on the Germans! He could learn how to finish better, “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!”


Now we know how John Bobbitt felt.


Good luck to Le Coq….he is such a good and versatile player and its unfortunate that there is no space for him in the Arsenal team right now….but the loan move will be good for his development and i hope he comes back sronger.

pat rices left nut

Our coq is off to germany.


Gonna miss him

Some dude with free time

coq went to get bender in germany coz he knows thats where all the best benders are

Dial square

Looks a decent player to me, but if Arsene doesn’t think he warrants a place in the first team squad now, you have to wonder, at the age of 22 if he ever will.

I want to boff Giroud and I'm not even gay

Oh well once again I will have to shell out for German satellite tv to watch some quality coq action

Silent Stanley

We are definitely buying a CDM. If the reports that our bid was rejected in Germany were true, loaning the Coq is a big signing we are in for a new CDM. I don’t know how that will affect Arteta and Wilshere.


Alternate column title: “Freiburg take Coq”


Just the other week I got my coq out for Frei to get some experience and now I’m on the f@&king sex offenders register

Coq loves a dirty sliding tackle from behind, going in full steam during squeaky bum time.

Judgement day (once more)

Hard man this Coq must be,
going to Germany voluntarily,

Unload his thrust he must,
while thinking of the one and only KOS!

While weak when standing still you might find,
He grows strong and fast when tickled from behind,

Fuck me I´m bored…

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