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Sanogo and Diaby handed new squad numbers

Arsenal have confirmed that new signing Yaya Sanogo will inherit the number 22 shirt from Francis Coquelin and that Abou Diaby is swapping his number 2 in favour of 24.

Speculating as to why certain numbers have been chosen by (or been forced on) a player is a pretty pointless exercise, but personally we’re sorry that ‘Say No Go’ didn’t get handed the number 3…it is after all the ‘magic number’.

As for Abou, it’s never really felt right having a central midfielder playing in Lee Dixon’s number. Number 2 should be for a full-back, no question. Kieran Gibbs (28), Carl Jenkinson (25) and Nacho Monreal (17) may well have their eyes on it.

Arseblog News assumes Andre Santos will be stripped of the number 11 shirt in due course, with Gonzalo Higu….nah, not worth jinxing that any further.


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Emannuel Eboue

This means just one thing: Mikael Silvestre is returning.

( this is meant as a joke, please don’t break Mr Blog’s, erm, blog. Stop rioting, man.)


This probably means that Sanogo is going to be part of the 25-Man squad, however. Kinda happy, if he shrugs off his injury problems I truly believe we may have unearthed a gem.


sanogo cannot be part of the 25 man squad as like Wilshire, frimpong, jenkinson and chamberlain he is too young. in fact like chamberlain he will be too young next season as well.

as it stands there is only 21 players old enough to be considered homegrown or non-homegrown. that includes, park, chamakh, bendtner and santos who are surely not part of wengers plans. so in theory we could sign up to 8 players once those 4 depart.


I don’t think you can be “too young”, it’s just not a necessity to include them. Believe Gibbs and Wilshere have been included in the 25 to fulfill our quota of homegrown players.


Hopefully Higuain gets 20.
Or it could be that Sczenzy gets 2 and Julio Ceasar gets to be the new no 1.
Or maybe just maybe shirt numbers don’t mean anything big.


May be a new defender will get no2. Micah Richards?(Just a wish)
Would love to see him here, mainly because he is a gooner


The Queen is a Gooner too..doesn’t mean we should have her running up and down our flank.


I’d pick her ahead of Andre Santos though.


Ha! Epic.


Yeah but Richards is actually a genuine world class talent. No idea why caello and then hodgson decided to ignore him.


How can you say that? He is a world class player. He didn’t play much last year because he was injured most of the time. The season before that, he was voted as the runner up for Man City’s best player of the season.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Chesney throws the ball out towards the wing. Windsor picks it up on the halfway line. Cuts inside and shows the ball to Terry before rounding him easily. A burst of speed and Windsor is just outside the D. A pauses, a step to the left, and Windsor cleverly evades Terry’s lunging attempt to tackle, rounds him a second time, leaving him on his backside, before slotting a pinpoint pass to Giroud to tap in for Arsenal’s 4th of the day and his 23rd of the season. Windsor really has been the revelation of the season and has yet again… Read more »


Arsenal reportedly interested in signing Saxe – Coburg from Bundelsiga II to play just in front of Windsor.

Apparently their quite familiar with each other’s games so they should fit together nicely.

It Is What It Is

You, clearly, have never heard of FM. Squad numbers is where it all begins. Trust me.

Wooooooouu, woaaaa, whooooooptyy doooooo….


Can one get #0?

Emannuel Eboue

Chamakh’s got it.


Yes is posible and I know who will wear dat. Tgsw




Jinxed already! LoL


Alright Arseblog News – enough is enough now. No more stories until it’s the one we want to see. There’s that split millisecond when you refresh, where you know something’s changed, you know there’s a new story, and then the brain registers it and it’s about fuckin shirt numbers. FUCKIN SHIRT NUMBERS, MAN?? Oh and while we’re on it, do you earn any coinage every time we refresh? Ordinarily I’m not fussed, that’s your business, but I’ve personally earned you a boatload in the last couple of weeks, so how about a a bit of sharesies, or I might just… Read more »



Nothing earned for simply refreshing the page. Sorry.


Hey man, this man here deserves what he earns. It’s your choice to come here and read. You don’t want to read this article, then just don’t read it and don’t let him earn a ‘boatload’. You can always use google.


That’s all fair enough gooner.
The only real gripe I have with ya man is he’s never spent his hard-earned on those Sarcasm and Irony fonts some have asked for on here.


I just assume every comment here is meant to be sarcasm/irony. I think you’re looking for a serious/sincere font.


Chill mate. It’s sarcasm and nothing meant to be disrespectful, read this and his previous comments and you we see he one of most intelligent and funny posters on here.


No need for a font there mate. I KNOW you’re taking the piss there!


Sanogo for 22 Higuain for 20 A.Williams for 3 Grenier for 7 A.Santos for 23 J.Ceazer for 1 and L.Gustavo for 11


I find it hard to believe Williams is all people make him out to be. Rosicky keeps #7. And also just because a player has done well in tournament football doesn’t mean that player will play well in league football. Just look at 90% of the Italy squad and Luiz. Gustavo could hardly make it in the Bayern team and was average when he did, even last season when he played more regularly.


When he did he looked average*

Andy Mack

He looked average most of the time (not all the time!).
The couple of times I was at the Arena last season (they’re my 2nd team as much as it’s possible and I travel there regularly) there was a clear groan when he’s come on as a sub.


So who’s A.Williams?

…..I see, some bloke from swansea. This transfer season’s Samba, g. Cahill, hangaelaand. (thanks daily mail).
Still waiting to see the day when we won’t “need” a new GK, CB, CDM, to ‘shore up our leaky backline’

Dark Stein

God damn it, I only just ordered my Coq 22 shirt for this season. Fine, i’ll just have to swap it to 52.


Wise decision. You can always count on Bendtner staying loyal to the club. What a legend!

Big Dave

As long as we don’t have strikers wearing no.2 and defenders wearing no.10 then all’s cool.


Jenks will get number 2, leaving 25 open for Fellaini. BOOM.


25 thumbs up ! nicely done, nicely done indeed


dammit nevermind, I enjoy the small things ..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not a fan of le Coq then?


25 for Fellaini lol thats football massacre next season in EPL


Diaby had the number 2 as that signified how many games he played each season

glory hunter

About bloody time he changed it if that was the problem 🙂




Well 24 would be acceptable


yeah and now he has taken 24 to represent the amount of minutes he will play this coming season

I want to boff Giroud and I'm not even gay

Instead of a squad number they should let Diaby have the red cross logo


Higuain should be nr. 11 because he is a top player of 11 players. Gibbs should have nr 2 shirt and santos must go out of the team. Nr.7 Rosicky must give to Little warior Wilshere that Pires nr is one of the symbol of invicebles. And nr. 10 is perfectly fit for Cazorla. Sorry playing too much Fifa 13.

Merlin's Panini

Wilshere was given 10 for a reason. I don’t see him ever changing it.


he’ll have to release it if we use the same method Rosell used to kick Abidal out of the club.
“We are not saying you can’t have the number 10 shirt anymore, we are saying you can have any other shirt number you want…”


That’s quite a far-fetched way to go about doing the right thing here. He must be stripped of that nr 10 shirt. The 20yr old chicken, what has he actually done for this club to deserve it? There are players at Arsenal far more apt to whom that shirt can be assigned. If he doesn’t like it he can go back to practice with his age group, the youth team.


At least you admit to playing too much FIFA. A lot wouldn’t but still ramble on guided by their database findings.

For my part, I still play CM97/98, so it’s pointless me coming on here and speculating as to whether we’ll sign Warren Barton or Peter Fear.

Alf Johnson

#24 was Don Vito… Perhaps Diaby is going to see how well he does in goal?


Is this news because quite frankly I could not give a shit about squad numbers. What I am concerned about is watching all of our competitors sign players while we do nothing. If Wenger cannot do the job (and he most definately cannot) then he should be removed from post – but then again he lines the pockets of the yank when he sells our best players so he is there until he has sucked the life out of Arsenal…..

Merlin's Panini

Me, are you fat and a gooner by any chance?


I guess I can see why he’d want a change. Number 2 is a bit shit.

Andy Mack



Yeah cos that Italy squad is full of underachievers eh? With most of them Juve winning two titles in a row. Clueless about any players outside of the prem Bucks? You should commentate for ITV


Diaby the most expensive player ever at Arsenal to the lack of games, every year we hear from the fool Wenger,it’s as if he is a new signing, he isn’t he should have been sold long time ago another example of Wenger’s deadwood signings that has cost the club a fortune, the same with Bendtner, well done Wenger you clown


I really can’t tell whether this post is genuine or satire.


Thump up diaby has been useless, ever since he joined arsnl. He nid 2 b swapped with diame/wanyama

Rad Carrot

:Offtopic: So, my spud work mate comes into the office and asks me if I’ve heard the news about Higuain. I’ve got sky sports transfer clicker thing open and I refresh Arseblog constantly. So I say no, I’ve heard nothing. He says yeah, he’s at the Emirates having a medical. I say, no. No he’s not. He’s in Spain, just come back from his hols. He assures me that he’s there. I again say no. This goes on for a number of minutes. Eventually, he says, yeah, he’s there, but he’s failed his medical due to asthma. Apparently, it’s due… Read more »


Depends, you didn’t clarify which side of the bars you are.


If he requires bail money, then it is quite obvious which side of the bars he is on.


Have you taken a look at the prison system recently?


How does coquelin go on loan, diaby shud damn go on loan…loan him to intensive care unit cos hes always injured and never plays…


How the hell do you expect an injured player to be sent on loan?


Well, West Ham took Chamakh.

We just need to remind them that those photos of Sam Allardyce and Sepp Blatter in the bath are still on file.

Goon Goon Goon

Just goes to show what they are planning for Diaby and the Coq. Well down the pecking order


Wouldn’t that put Gibbs low on the pecking order, despite him being our first choice LB?


pls.. when is Gonzalo coming to arsenal.. Am sick and tired of all this Rumours… Arsene so some thing good for ones…


He is not coming – just a rumour perpetuated so Arsenal can say “we tried to buy the best players” and as usual it will be believed…


Me, you’ll get thumbed down into oblivion….but you have a point, given what’s transpired in ten or so previous transfer windows. Not so sure whether it’s relevant to Higuain, though. This one might actually happen.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I still can’t remember any official word from Arsenal that they are actually trying to buy Higuain. Wenger saying he admires a player is not a declaration of intent to buy. Too many folks take transfer rumours as gospel and then when they don’t happen they blame the club.

I have it on good authority that Wenger wants to buy C Ronaldo and L Messi to play alongside E. Windsor in our front line. If it doesn’t happen by Tuesday you should call for Wenger’s head.

If it isn’t on then it is purely speculation, guesswork, or press bollocks.

AFC Finance Dept.

Fair shout GD


I cannot for the life of me understand why Wenger still gets the support he does – every summer without fail we get the same messages about “warchests” and “challenging for the title” and every year the naive arsenal support buy into it and pay for the highest season tickets in Europe to then see our premiership challenge end by November – every year this happens and this one will be no exception. Higuain ? Rooney ? Fellani ? Dont make me fucking laugh – we will get yet another French nobody from nowhere.


Lets leave aside the constant argument of financial capability and ambition etc. Look at it this way: there is enough misery and pessimism in the world. And we all want to enjoy our lives so isn’t it best if we exhibit optimism? Is it worth fighting, swearing and insulting over? Because, after all, we are only watching a sports entertainment.

Also, I think you may put too much stock in what the newspapers say. I for one have not come across any official Arsenal media saying “we have x amount of money for our transfer war chest”.

North Bank Gooner

As you are struggling to figure it, I will give you a couple of pointers. 1. Arsene does not have a bacon face. 2. Arsene is not Stuart Pearce. 3. Arsene has kept us competitive despite a 9m net spend during our trophy drought. We have qualified for every CL under his tenure, and we are the only club to have a golden miniature premiership trophy, as the ONLY team in the Premier League to go a full season unbeaten. He has been quietly building a quality team, and is just about to realise the final part of the plan,… Read more »

Silent Stanley

2PM Per Mertasacker

Is Cesc coming back? 4 is now available.

Djourou is on loan, Higuain will get his 20.

The Coq goes on loan, we’ll definitely buy a CDM.

Predictions Predictions… 60% will come true.


Random tactical/positional questions, please answer without ridiculing my ignorance. What’s the difference between a center back and a center half? Similarly, what’s the dif between a full back and a half back?

Silent Stanley

CB is the guy between RCB and LCB in a 5 defender formation and Center Half is either the RCB or the LCB.

Full Backs are RB and LB while Half Back are LWB or RWB in a 5 defender formation because they(RWB and LWB) push forward more.

*not quoting any source as this is what ‘I’ think they are….I might be wrong though*


Centre Back / Centre Half….same thing in my experience. Both terms were used for the same position in teams that I played in / for.

The middle of a back three (in my experience at least) was either a Sweeper behind the other two, or a Stopper in front of the other two.

It’s semantics, basically. Positions seem to be re-named or re-invented every generation or so.


I recalled W. Gallas wearing 10, Diaby with 2, shirt number MISUSED. Although it dosent matter. If Cesar comes then 40 IS GOOD FOR HIM…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

MISUSED ??? Fucking Hell. Wenger is a Shirt Number Cheat!!!! There is NOTHING WORSE in Football than MESSING WITH SHIRT NUMBERS!!!! The FA Must Hear of This Callous Infraction of their RULES WRITTEN IN STONE!!!!!!!!, !!!!!!!!!! and more fucking !!!!!!!!s



Unleash the rage or don’t, when I read your sentance back I was yelling to myself in my head.. then speaking normally, then yelling again… very off putting..

.. or it could be voice number 4 humming the tetris theme tune..


petits handbag

A left back cannot be number 2 Arseblog…..left back should be number 3. I reckon Jenks might be getting the number promotion.

petits handbag

A left back cannot be number 2 Arseblog…..left back should be number 3. I reckon Jenks might be getting the number promotion.


Perhaps @me should be wearing the ‘0’ shirt. It accounts for his/her IQ.


Alex c.

No. 25 used to be 4 KANU (exempting ADEmoney) an attacker. Wonder y it was given to a defender. Would luv Gonzalo to wear the no. 25. And jenks get the no. 2

Alex c.

No. 25 used to be 4 KANU (exempting ADEmoney) an attacker. Wonder y it was given to a defender. Would luv Gonzalo to wear the no. 25. And gibbs get the no. 3. Sagna 2. Jenks 20

Maiko M.john

T-shirt numbers have significance in a team for example Bendner he is known to waste 52% of the chances that is why he took no.52 , let Santos be stripped no.11 and be given to Giroud , Ceasar no.12,Higuain no.20,Diaby 24, Jekinson 2,Gibbs 3, Wilshire 17,Carzola 10,Monreal 13 ,Grenier 19 and fellain 25

Andy Mack

He wishes he only wasted 52%
He’s over Adebarndoors 75% wastage level

Bendtner's ego

I think anyone worrying about which squad numbers play certain positions should stick their tongue out on their desk and have it smashed with a hammer.

It’s an entirely archaic idea born from a man who wanted a way for crowds to understand the sport.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But what about the windows? Who will lick the windows while all the Shirt Number Nazis are having their tongues hammered? It’s not actually archaic as it only started in 1924 (1928 in England). The numbers were originally tied to specific positions in a standard team in theory, but even before it was implemented a few teams were already playing with non-standard formations and tactics (including Arsenal, who were at the leading edge of such innovations). You could say that the standard numbering system as first devised was never really appropriate to Arsenal’s preferred team setup. It fitted best with… Read more »


Diaby – 24. Number of hours spent in the medical room in a day.

There you have it.


No.2 is always a RB number not a left back – so Jenks has it in the bag!

Fellaini will get 11 of FatAndre’s back – when he signs – and he will!!!

higuain broke my f5 key

too many egos in football for shirt numbers to mean anything meaning full.

Dial square

Diaby should be number 2, it represents the number of crutches he’ll be using 20 minutes after kick off!!


When is gonzalo higuain coming? I’m sick & tired of all this inauthentic news here and there.


when you tighten up your butt a bit more.

Naija Gunner



blow me.

Ghana Gunner

If we will get all the players we are linked with (Julio Cesar, Marouane Fellaini/Lars Bender, Gonzalo Higuain), I think this would be the squad numbers.
1 Szczesny
2 Sagna
3 Gibbs
4 Mertesacker
5 Vermaelen
6 Koscielny
7 Rosicky
8 Arteta
9 Podolski
10 Wilshere
11 Giroud
13 Cesar
14 Walcott
15 Chamberlain
16 Ramsey
17 Cazorla
19 Monreal
20 Higuain
21 Fabianski
22 Sanogo
23 Jenkinson
24 Diaby
25 Fellaini
26 Frimpong
27 Gervinho
30 Santos
Its just my opinion though

Weed Wisdom

Our line-up next season: Cesar; Sagna, Kos, Williams, Montreal; Bender, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott; Heguen 1 keeper, 4 defenders, few midfielders, some strikers.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You idiot!!!! Why do you want fo force the team into a rigid structure? The team will consist of 1 keeper, SOME defenders, SOME midfielders, SOME strikers.

Now that is a line-up none of you will ever better.

…but I’ll be interested to see you try 😉

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

See how I cleverly arranged all the players who will be here next season, and omitted all the players who won’t be here next season?

I can see into the future, me.


Some strikers? What? As in more than one striker?

That’s a fairly radical Arsenal formation you have there.


Hmmmmmmm do u know my mind in d transfer market?u are bussy shearing my team number,u dis stupid fans cant u find work 2 do?wy are u troublng me 2 spend myu own runs money from d b oard u must be damp stupid….am just keeping u bussy after sanogo my french boy is gurcuff or matuidi u are open ur smelling mouth on me buy fellani hun hun vabuena wud be my own choice coys haahhhahahahhaah i must take u 2 20yrs spoonlesss mumu ppls hahahahahahahhahaahahaa loolz


Well I’ve run that through every known translation service known to man and still have no clue what the fuck you’re on about.


Looks like Bale has escaped from his chimp pen again, always put passwords on your computers guys.


Spoon-less mumu with 20 year olds? Can I have a drawing of that?


Evolution has a long way to go, fellas.

Touched Your Mother

ah yes, the spoonless mumu, that brings back some crazy memories.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Mark my words. There are chavs out there who understood every word of that.

He’s right about one thing though. We haven’t won a truphy in 8 years.

Andy Mack

Where do you get anything about 8 ears from that drivel?

Gordon Nutt's nuts

Can’t remember us ever winning a truphy.
Quite a few trophies though….


Is it true?


That sun report is already contradicted by a later article from a Spanish site saying the deal for Higuain is not done. God only knows what the truth of the situation is.


Any presumed truth of the situation in question should not be allowed to distract us from the indisputable fact that you represent an utter, and complete, Coq-Suker.

abel mukoto

U ppk am sick wit ur lineups inclusion of sagna, he is a fool d. Put jenk there 2 do the work, most of our conceded goals came through him last season. Moreover i hate french players

Lightening pace

Oooh yes me too, especially that Thierry Henry fella he was just bloody awful wasn’t he?! Abel Mukoto please go to the nearest hospital for the mentally ill and sign on the dotted line. Thanks

Long Dong Silver

Yeah, that henry bloke was a prick.


Will we ever get rid of Nicklas Bendtner? Even Edward Snowden, just found asylum.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Aren’t Edward Snowden and Niklas Bendtner the same person?

Sani t mamman

Inapropriate jersey number wore by arsenal’s players, is some things indecent.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No. Indecent would be when they run on to the pitch with no clothes on and give the crowd a wave while all standing in a line with their arms around eachothers shoulders.


off topic – any chance you’ve got the ingredients for your vodka scrumpler.
sounds nice..


off topic – any chance you’ve got the ingredients for your vodka scrumpler.
sounds nice..

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