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Pérez: no Arsenal offer for Higuain

Just as you thought this transfer window couldn’t get any more testing, Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez says there’s been no offer from Arsenal for striker Gonzalo Higuain.

The Argentine has been linked with the Gunners for what seems like infinity plus one now, and reports of agreement between club and player have been doing the rounds for weeks.

There is, however, the small matter of the clubs agreeing and it seems that’s still some way off. In an interview with something called Univision, carried on a the TV channel Quatro, Perez spoke about the Higuain saga, amongst other things.

“We don’t want him to go,” he said. “Furthermore, nobody from Arsenal has come here, or made an offer, not €27m, nothing. There is no offer.”

Quite what it all means we don’t know. Other than to take his words at face value, which means there’s been no offer. Or maybe he’s spoofing just to drive the price up/make us all weep/for the laugh. We don’t know.

‘Now what?’ you might ask. We suggest hugs.

Everyone needs hugs.

Source in Spanish – thanks to @Jonas_Soerensen for the heads-up

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well googling only leads you to the arseblog article mention anywhere else


Only on Arseblog? Wait for the mail’s ‘exclusive’ tomorrow

Gooner 1

I guess i need a hug! I can`t take this no more !


my bad..didn’t read propely

master floda

unlike others you do link your sources 😉


Did anyone really think we were capable of signing a player like this ? We haven’t been able to do such since a certain Mr Dein left. That’s it ! The very spawn of Satan and the cause of all the grief in Arsenal’s little world – at least according to some people – D. Dein himself. Instead we have ‘Ivan the Terrible’, a Dallas based American lawyer who by definition understands American law and is 3,500 miles away and of course Mr. McGoo himself. The same team that ‘signed’ Mata and Vertongen – almost. Still look on the the… Read more »


Rob, you will no doubt get thumbed down to oblivion for your comments, if this deal doesn’t go through and others with it that we need to compete then those that thumb down so easily my need to reassess thier blind belief in those that run this club.


Voldemort – you are right on the money.

This is last call for Wenger/Kronke/Gazedis. They screw this window up and there is nowhere to hide. And like you, I’m sick to death of their broken promises and hot air.

We are Arsenal and we should not be ‘chicken little’ in anything. And that certainly includes incoming transfers.


Rob, I’m fairly sure Ivan is South African, not American.


ivan was born in south africa, but moved to manchester at age 4. after university he left to go work in the states. he’s more british/american than he is south african.


By “googling” you mean that you translated the quotes to spanish and then googled chunks of them on

Thought not 😉


naa i googled perez and higauin and it came up with naught..should have read the article properly instead

Super Spurs N17



The best part about you laughing is that your little club just missed out on getting David Villa…HAHAHAHAHAHA! How do you like dem apples?


The best thing about Sp*rs fans is their desperation to chide and mock Gooners. I guess when you never play Champions League football and your club revolves around an ape like Welshman, jealousy takes over.

Hey, at least you might sign Leandro Damiao soon.

Norn Iron Gooner

Thursday nights. Channel 5/ITV 4.



LOL. First exact thing i thought when reading the article, then scroll down to first comment. You called it perfectly YDA.

the real Kenyan goon

I bought him on FIFA 13 two weeks ago. he has 5 assists and 11 goals in 18 games coz am a ”gervinho” in finishing.

sending my goons to kidnap him.

hope someone shaves all Madrid and barca’s heads clean. eye brows too.

cults.cunts.culting cunts


Well, this IS a saga isn’t it? As much as the papers are a bunch of hacks, between all of them consistently being wrong over 3 months and Perez being a lying, haggling prick, I would narrowly plump for the latter. Also, David Villa for something like 4 million pounds to a title rival (as far as any non-Real-Barca team can be such a thing in Spain) is mental. Even with wages and all considered. It seems so far up our street that the sight of it passing us by is surely a sign of hope for this transfer market.… Read more »

Super Spurs N17



Carry on laughing joker. No matter how many players you buy. You just keep finishing below us!


25 April 2004. Remember that!


1-1 at Newcastle.




I want to cry.


Perez is indirectly calling Higuain’s family a bunch of liers.

Something that won’t be too lost on them i imagine.



Teri maa dhi

Malaga chaiman said the same thing about Cazorla last year…

Brinkmanships Assemble!!!

0 0


MOTHERFUCKERS!!! What cuntery is this?




Tranquillo florentino!

Arsene's stylist

Oh Arsenal …

Why? Why?




Sanogo up top on his own it is then! C’mon we’re Gooners, We should never EXPECT easy transfer business summers!

A N Other

But Senior Higuain said that talks are in advanced stage… !?!

gooner in Manchester

it was literally true as we were fucked (Z stage?)!

Big Dave

I want my mummy 🙁

Big Dave's mummy

There, there, little one. Come, I shall tell you the story of a how a group of men went undefeated for 49 games…

Big Dave's daddy

Get back in the kitchen, I’ll tell him the story.

Big Dave's uncle

You two need to work on that marriage. I’ll sit him on my lap and tell him the story.


That comment was hilarious. Thank you.

Jimmy Saville

Hey, I got loads of stories…


Yes 2004 was a good year but this is 2013.

Big Dave's Daughter

Daddy, why are you crying like susie..


You all not gonna teach the poor thing squat! Nobody “tells” stories anymore…. come on little one….. lets go over to Youtube….. there…. settle down and watch that:…… bruhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah….. COYG!!!


maybe Higuain Snr. was referring to his other, other, son this whole time 🙁

Wise One

This is actually heart-breaking..

Mark Doram

Will we sign anyone? Or just keep £100m in AW’s piggy bank!

Dave Gooner

I bought my son an official Arsenal piggy bank a couple of years ago.

We still haven’t figured out how to get his money back out of the damn thing.

Oh and by the way…never ever trust a word that comes out of the mouth of a Spanish football ‘El Presidente’. Not from Real, not from Barca, and not from anywhere else.

He’ll be our player by the weekend.


You have restored my faith in…. urr.. something…

anyway.. I love you for it


Woolwich Peripatetic

Perez is up a PR fudge tunnel – Madrid failed to sign their primary target, their secondary target is probably off somewhere else and Barca just signed Neymar. Selling one of their strikers without getting a new ‘better’ one in looks like political suicide.

East Gooner

Don’t worry fellas, Sanogo will bang in the 30+ goals we need next season.
But seriously what is happening? While I’m glad that we have offloaded Djourou, TGSTEL, Squid, Arshavin, Denilson, Don Vito, Academy players etc. I’m beginning to worry about our lack of signings given preseason is just a bit away.
Still, I trust Arsene.
Maybe tomorrow we may hear the official confirmation of Messi signing for us :)!


Maybe someone at Arsenal leaked it to get fans to renew our season tickets. At the risk of repeating myself. Wake me up when the season starts that way I know who we have, who we don’t have and who to continue to support




This is just bullshit. Every fuckin year we (the fans) get tossed around like some cheap salad. Sp*rs have a much better pull in the transfer market at present. That hurts.


One of the smarter attempts at trolling by a Spud, I’ll give you that.

East Gooner

Well they c*nts do have Paulinho….


Didn’t we buy Podolski and Cazorla last year? Isn’t that pull?


We let the best striker in the world go to one our former “rivals”. Is that the pull?


I believe that’s a ‘push’…as in ‘push the betraying c*nt away to play with other granny loving c*nts’.

Henry's beard

This appears to be nothing but posturing from Real. They have a player who has been very vocal about wanting to leave, his agent/father has made subsequent comments which only corroborate this powerlessness which Real currently find themselves in.

Have faith in the Law.

Arsene's stylist

Some of it may be posturing, but he wouldn’t say that there has been no contact from Arsenal publicly if that wasn’t the case.


Yes, he would.


No he wouldn’t.
I think there has been numbers agreed but no official offer until Higuan’s contract details have been finalised.


There’s a difference between no talks and no official offer.

Me thinks he’s full of shit.

El blondo

Of course he would – the timing comes coincidentally close to the Sunday “exclusive” of arsenal bidding for the face eating Argentinian striker Madrid are trying to sign…stinks of tit-for-tat bullshit talk to drive prices up & get other clubs bidding.

I hope.

El Bondo

Sorry not Argentinian Uruguayan face eating striker!!


he would until he know Real can sign another striker .dont forget is election time soon (i think next summer),so they will be spending big at least in the next 2 transfer window to win vote
everyone know he love to lie to make himsel look good like all good politician


having faith in “the Law” requires evidence that he is actually successful. previous evidence suggests otherwise like Mata


Give Dick a second chance; we could hit it this time and you might like it.

Sex Fabergé

I wonder who would win in a hypothetical fist fight between Dick Law and Dick Pound, former president of the World Anti-Doping Agency. What a “head-to-head” that would be (fnar!).

Higuain's second cousins ex wife adopted son

Don’t listen to this nutter


Jovetic, Higuain, Rooney, Suarez and even Cavani. Given our recent track record I’m not sure why I really bought into all this “we’re gonna spend big” stuff, but I did.

The reality is we have an injury-prone French fella on a free from a Ligue 2 club.

I still love AW but it would be nice if just once in a while he bought me a nice new outfit or took me out for a seafood dinner.


100% agree, this feels all eerily familiar. Linked with the names we want, end up signing a zygote from Sierra Leone who’ll be amazing in 18 years time. When he will then promptly fuck off to Madrid or Barca.

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

The prettiest wife is AT HOME buddy, no seafood dinner for you.


If only Carlsberg did our transfer dealing.


They do.
We’re going to buy Higuain………..probably.


offer or no offer, I hate Perez, the slimy scumbag


He is a scum bag.




I thought I was the only one who yelled that out :O


I call bullshit, I think it`s all part of some mind games. I heard suggestions that we made the alleged offer for Suarez (a Madrid target) to scare Real into accepting our offer for Higuain. Maybe this is the counter strike from Perez, although I don`t know exactly how it would work since Wenger and co. must know if they have made an offer or not.


Strange indeed, though it could be to put the club under further pressure from disgruntled supporters with Madrid knowing that Arsenal won’t publicly comment on transfers (save for embarrassing .com secondary press reports). What Madrid haven’t counted on, however, is the club don’t care what we think regardless.

Smooth as Eggs

Or putting pressure on Arsenal by telling other clubs “Hey! Maybe Arsenal isn’t that interested in Higuain at all?”


So you think that this is Perez saying:
“Here citeh, citeh, citeh. Nice citeh. Whose a rich citeh then?”


Well its a bit of our own fault to feel what we feel now isnt it 🙁

Never should have trusted all those “sources”.. But hey you never know.. You might just as well not trust this..

Meh, better not follow this transfer circus at all.. But then what?:( No football?? noooooo


Oh, will Citeh just buy him, already, FFS?

Same shit, new window…


Well.. this is rather disturbing. I know as an Arsenal fan, we never look too far ahead concerning transfers but this one actually seemed likely.

Question for everyone though. We might not end up with any but who would you all prefer out of Lars Bender, Wanyama and Fellaini?
It’s a fairly tough choice but personally I would go with Bender.


Definitely, me too. But that’s mainly because i’ve never seen him play, which…er… goes to show what I think of the alternatives.

ps: we’ll get higuain. logic? because he is the cazorla of this window.

Rad Carrot

Bender for me, too (not like that. You’re disgusting.)

Fellaini is a quality player, but he’d push one of our other great midfielders out of business and leave Arteta as DM – we need a proper defensive midfielder. Wanyama is good, but I personally think we should be aiming higher.

If I had a choice, I’d actually go for Illarramendi – seems like a good, hard-working midfielder who we could use as DM.

Arshavin's Dietician

He is going to real Madrid.

They have also signed Isco, who is brilliant.

Due to the amount of money they are spending I would def say they need to balance books a little, so the Higuain deal will go through.


Fellaini has stated he was played out of position this year. He wants to play deep as a DM. I think with his size and experience he could give us some real help. He is expensive but we have the money. Ivan told us so.


I’ve only watched Sociedad on occasion but Illarramendi seems a bit on the lighter side doesn’t he? Though I do see a lot of people comparing him to Xabi Alonso. Is this true?
Wanyama and Fellaini have their size and Bender is, no where near as built as the previous two as well but we all know of his natural talents and he isn’t quite as light as Illaramendi.


Wheres that morphine when you need it most


Might I suggest a 15 year old Macallan?
Same effect, tastes nicer on the way down.

Arsene Ill

I fucking hate Real Madrid and Barcelona. They’re a bunch of duplicitous cunts who pinch every penny their humungous shitting wallets can hold, abuse the god-like status they enjoy within the Spanish media, whinge and claim origin when someone else takes their youngsters (who weren’t given the chance to break into the first team because they were busy spending ridiculous sums of money on the flavour of the month) and wank around as though football is just some elaborate stage on which they hold their theatrics. All due respect to Americans, there’s just something so fucking AMERICAN about them –… Read more »

Arsene Ill

What the fuck. I just came across this on English Marca. Ridiculous, no quotes, no sources, complete Barcelona propaganda shite. The Spanish media are , if not as invasive, every inch as scurrilous as the Daily Mail et al

some dumb american

I feel so respected.


Why? He said all due respect, which isn’t very much.

master floda

though they’re not complete hypocrites concerning young players: the reason they go to England is not that they are not wanted in Spain but that you are only allowed to sign a professional contract with 18, but in England they can do it with 16.


Sums them up perfectly Arsene Ill.


Should we Americans take offense or thank you?


you should check out and research how North American leagues are run. almost a different champion every year and tons of parity established through salary caps and revenue sharing. for the most part, every soccer league in europe is a monopoly where the same 1 or 2 teams win every year.


monopoly is in the antitrust realm, as is price fixing, as is the American “model” of restricting the cost of labor into a salary cap that guarantees profit for management. Arsenal is already run like an American sports franchise.

the last thing we want in the EPL is the American model.


Bet we sign him this week.


Arsene always says openly that we want to/ are trying to sell..? “He is a Arsenal player and we want to keep him”.. ring a bell?

The only olivier is giroud

We can now only hope Higgy goes “Listen up, you fuckwits, you made me play second choice behind Benzema all season, I’m tired of putting up with Ronaldo’s shit, and I can get more cash playing at Arsenal- so either you’re letting me go, or you’re saying hello to my leetle friend…” while tapping his kit bag, which has an uzzi-shaped lump in the side.


googled and found only the arseblog this real?


He’s just saying this to get a better deal. He knows Arsenal won’t comment publicly to suggest otherwise.

Steve McQueen

I can’t be the only person getting Deja Vú here, as a Mata of fact this reminds me of a summer a few years back.


Fuck this shit


Hopefully Perez is just posturing and there has been some communication about a reasonable fee for Higuain, or my countless hours of FIFA simulations are for shit.

Dr Baptiste

I think they are for shit whether we sign him or not….

pauly bear

Lets all just chill out . Its all part of the game


I thaught Barcelona were cunts…….


Why are Madrid cunts, if we haven’t made a bid? Isn’t our board more at fault?


We’re going to be the only one’s left without a chair aren’t we….

Real are playing hardball…..gone the days when they sold star players for peanuts.


Sanogo, Campbell, Giroud.

Gonna walk the league.


it will be a total stroll in the park.


it’s not happening is it.

this will fall through.
bentder’s back
chamack gets a new contract

that’s whats really gonna happen isnt it?

The only olivier is giroud

Interesting, though: IF this is true, it just proves beyond any doubt how much tripe is spewed on Twitter/in the media. I’ve read they want 2 million more, that we made a 22, 23, 27 and 29 million offer, he’s in London, he had medicals done… Now this. Somewhere a whole lot of people are making up tremendous amounts of shit. Don’t think it’s club mind games, rather hit-whoring internet ITK types.


Well even on steve rowley twitter account (if its really owned by him) it says welcome to AFC Higuain.
Bah i dunno, but i think Arsenal need some new staff as even if we are going to spend its gonna be too late for pre-season training and thats just stupid.


Hahaha well what were you guys expecting from cheapskate wenger?? Once he signed sanogo, i knew he wasnt gonna get any other striker. He’s too obsessed with giroud’s cock to realise how useless he is. Spurs have signed Palinho and are about to sign villa, chelsea haved signed ginkel and shurrle, mancity have signed 2 world class players and man u will make their moves in a matter of time. But arsenal?? We’re just being the mediocre club we’ve been known to be for these last 8 years. As for the guys who are getting carried away with our form… Read more »


interesting you thing man Utd will make their move sooner than later but don’t think same of us.


well united do have a track record of making significant signings… RVCunt ring any bells???


The funny thing is that the hard of thinking truly believe that the players they sign had a choice between joining their shitty little team and the Arsenal.


Villa deal agreed with Atletico Madrid so not on the verge of joining the spuds.


I really hate dealing with these Spanish bastards.


Strange, but now it all makes sense. I think Arsenal HAVE made an offer, but real madrid want more money. That suarez £30m offer was only a ploy to get Real Madrid moving. I think it’s just arsenal playing hard ball. It’s worked with other signings but i’m not sure it will work now. the truth is that £23m for higuain is cheap in today’s market. Arsenal realistically will have to up the ante if they really want this guy to come. its a title-winning decision. If he comes and we also get fellaini, i believe we can win the… Read more »


I was thinking almost the same Jomo. My guess of what’s going on: Higuain definitely wants to move. We’ve worked out personal terms with him already. Madrid are stubbornly holding out for more cash. We make a bid for Suarez in a way that makes sure it’ll get leaked (we don’t want him anyway so who cares). Madrid get the message and reply with their own ‘what bid? Arsene, who? Never heard of the guy’ The only thing that is for sure is that this ain’t getting wrapped up in the next few days even if the 2 sides do… Read more »


Blogs, is it possible that this Univision would be the leading Spanish-language network in the United States?


A goldfish can eat three times it’s own weight in marbles, and still swim.

That’s two things.

ack ack ack

If Bendtner (TGSTEL) stares at his visage in the mirror for more than 2 minutes, he gets an erection. science FACT.


How do you get the goldfish to eat the marbles? I’m having a few problems testing this one.


Expect a new signing from Kazakhstan, has great potential for the future, will add new skills in 8 years time, then we will sell him for megabucks, nothing really does change with Arsenal, just for once buy some decent players and stop worrying about paying the extra million or 2, its the supporters that are paying, ffs.

Off my chest now – thanks.


8th day of the official window, 56 to go, best ignore all the media speculation, they know nothing on Arsenal transfer negotiations so have to make up stories to keep themselves employed. They will feed off and expand on any titbit, just Google or Bing Chamackh and Levante and then read an earlier posting on the daily blog page, if you have not already done so. On a positive note, if Bayern Munich are about to sell Gomez to Fiorentina then a move for Jovetic may be sanctioned which could enable other desired moves to happen.

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