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Flamengo confirm Santos capture

Flamengo have confirmed (Portuguese link) that they’ve signed Andre Santos from Arsenal.

The Brazilian side say the former left-back has signed a 2 year deal, and there was no fee, confirming reports that the club and player came to a Denilonsesque arrangement regarding his contract.

It brings to an end an at first relatively happy but then quite unhappy time at the Gunners for Santos, and while he wasn’t anywhere near as good as people had hoped when he signed from Fenerbache, he was rather unfairly made a villain over the van Persie shirt incident.

Let’s face it – van Persie could easily have given him the shirt inside the tunnel, but chose to do it in public knowing full well how it would be received. If some blame can be attributed to the Brazilian, it doesn’t seem right to let the Dutch Skunk off the hook.

His North London career never recovered from that, or his arrest for driving to training at the speed of light, but the Instagramtastic ‘defender’ will surely find life in his own country more comfortable.

Arsenal seem well covered at left back now with Nacho Monreal and Kieran Gibbs, and he becomes the 7th player to depart the club this summer after Djourou, Denilson, Squillaci, Arshavin, Coquelin and Mannone were all sent on their respective ways.

He scored some good goals, made some stabby tackles, and booted Balotelli when he had one of his episodes at our place, so it wasn’t all bad.

Now though, it’s time to say farewell Andre, you weren’t a bad gay, really.

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Gooner Steve

I’ll miss hos stabby tackle!


Just what kind of hos do you run with, Steve?


But we payed denilson and santos for this arrangement or they did that “for free” if you know what I mean. I just think it would be a bad idea paying down their remaining contract and maybe others like TGSTEL and Chamakh may try to do the same. Just asking.


If you pay someone off you usually don’t have to pay their entire wages. They’ll take a massively reduced sum because of the wages they’ll get from a Bosman move to their next club. Most players, not TGSTEL, he’d want a raise.


Haha surely he would want to, greedy bastard.
Thanks for the answer. In my opinion it is not ok to do it this way but at the same time it kind of indicates what kind of CRAP we had on books and still have a few. Genuine deadwood.


After the rvp shirt swap his curse must have been

“Thou shall visit burger king atleast thrice a day each day and eat to your fill, you will then become fat and lazy never to play for mighty arsenal again”




Could we be cancelling Bendtner’s contract next? We aren’t going to get much for him anyway, I’d like to see the club take that step with him. He’s become embarrassing frankly, and it would probably slap him with a nice dose of reality.

Manchester gooner

It wouldn’t work on him. His ego’s too big for his own shoes.


And he’s too sexy for his contract.

Naija Gunner

…and his under pants are more important than his career.


The club can’t unilaterally cancel a player’s contract, Bendtner would have to agree. So all credit to Santos for prioritising playing time over money. Loveable gay, decent left back but not the right one for us with new emphasis on shape when defending. All the best to him.


Well put.


Except for that “decent left back” bit.


Glad he’s gone, I cant help but feel the club want to get rid of all the deadwood before they sign someone so they can afford the wages. We are clearly going for a smaller squad this year and so I am hoping as soon as Bendtner goes we will have enough wages left for higuian and a CB or DM

Malaysian Gooner

I don’t think it’s necessarily a smaller squad than last year. The likes of Denilson, Bendtner, and from February Santos were on loan. While Arshavin, Vito and Squillaci barely got any playing time. A few reserve players will move up to fill these squad spots – Gnarby, Martinez and Miquel.

The squad is about the same just a lot less wasted wages.

parth joshi

Phuck this… I just read somewhere that we have signed Brazilian fwd Bernadd for 25mil..


You’re wrong. It was a St Bernard, not Bernadd, and I’m bloody well pleased the club has finally had the vision to put a huge dog on the pitch with refreshments hanging about his neck.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not only will a tot of brandy add that little bit of oomph we could do with, but now there won’t be any more matches cancelled because of snow.


Must be true then….,


Indeed. Hopefully, this dog means we can get the Tea Lady off our wage bill.

Deadwood OUT!


People called Bernard should look like Brian Blessed, not like a pre-pubescent schoolboy.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bernard’s aren’t loud and angry looking, and they don’t shout “Gordon’s Alive?????”.

The classic Bernard is Bernard Cribbens. He sang Right Said Fred, you know (That was about having a cup of tea, so he could have replaced our tea lady if the dog hadn’t got the job first), and he saved Doctor Who as well. Bernards are lovely people (or dogs).


No, people called Bernard should have beards.

And drink real ale.


All the best gays

Pat Rice

The comment is even more funnier when I read your name 😀


I remember when Rooney handed Cesc his shirt ,after a match at Old Twatfford. Cesc dropped it on the pitch and went to the dressing room.
Santos should have done the same, just sayin.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

What a Guy!!! I missed this when it happened.




No, he dropped it so he could clap the away support from Arsenal. he picked it back up before going to the dressing room. I remember there was a big debate about this at the time.

New Haven Gooner

It never seems right to let the Dutch Skunk off the hook.

Rambling Pete

I say good luck to the guy. He came, he wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t his fault we spent so much money on him or seemingly bought him in a last minute trolley dash. And I’d back him against that twat van Persie any day of the week. How could he do that to someone who thought he was a friend? He really had a profoundly negative effect on him and that’s unpardonable. I know many years ago when a whole group of us used to hang out together and one of the guys broke up with his girlfriend and… Read more »


Thanks for that Pete, you’ve given us a microcosm of life there….beautiful and tragic.


That was a bit rambling…uh…Pete.


I await the movie of the book of your précis. Love, hate, pain, fear, lss and death in one rip roaring roller coaster of a story.
Hollywood awaits…..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Typical Arsenal exaggeration!! He’s not that kind of a donkey!!


Every post of yours is as good as the previous one.

a couple of times I¿ve found myself reading the comments without reading the username, then, in the middle of a completly out of place yet thoroughly enjoying story i realize you’ve got me again…

Have to say you got something special, Rambling Pete. Please stay around, silly season here is much better with your stories!

Rambo sambo

Bye gays!

El blondo

He amused us for all the wrong reasons but generally seemed like a nice guy with a fantastic stab tackle! Shame about the Dutch skunk getting in the mix but I’ve learnt to expect that from him…even The granny shagging Rooney can’t stand more than a year with him.

All the best to Andre it was fun while it lasted


You know underneath his cuddly demeanour, he was an angry, angry masochist. Do you remember that picture on the dot com after the snowfall at Shenley, and there’s Andre with a crazy smile as he crushes those two snowballs like he would to my testicles?

He’s gone, so I don’t have to live in fear any longer.


*Denilsonesque, surely? In any case, good luck to the lad.


Aii todos los Santos…

A N Other

Good luck to him.. But I heard we are close to sign another Brazilian named Bernard.


News released from a fake twitter account but all the news outlets have picked it up and run with it


I heard we were after another one called Derek.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sign Rambling Pete’s donkey. We need a player with some fight in him.

North Bank Gooner

Just sign Rambling Pete! Now that Johann is gone we need someone to deal with the media, could you imagine Dan Walkers face if Pete did the post match interview!!! 🙂


Well if we had signed Bernard, it would be either on this site or So, at least for now, its not official. Hes got quite a good reputation and is quite a promising player. But id rather us sort out a striker first. Couple of very good signings plus a couple up from reserves and i think we have quite a well balanced competitive squad. Not sure it will be enough for EPL……unless we sign 3-4 very good players then i think the skies the limit. Sidenote; im being very positive to counter all my negativity through the weak… Read more »


Good lad. He sure did excite a few fans when he joined, although at THAT point in time we’d have been excited even we’d signed a papaya..

gooner odst

Papaya has a sweet left and right side, does bruise easily though. But hey at least he is Suarez-proof and that must count for something.

Arsenal Rising

About the Bernard thing. Think it’s all bullshit to be honest and hope it’s bullshit! Don’t think hes that quality signing we need.hes more sperms standard. Dont want him here.want HIGUAIN! it was only yesterday that Wenger said “we are NOT close to signing ANYBODY ” Now today we’ve signed Bernard.don’t think so n fuckin hope not! Like I said. I want HIGUAIN! WE ALL DO WENGER!

Amaury Bischoff

Hai… arsnl FC scouts, if ur reading dis, pls buy my frnd matt Taylor (USA, age 31), HE is in my team Preussen Munster n score 31 goals total.


Gave me the best laugh I have had in a while.

Shame there are so many retards that don’t get things.


If it were legible, then perhaps more would thumb it up


Legibilty would dilute the humour.


Am I the only one who’s happy with the squad we’ve got? Sagna converted to a CB, Frimpong in as DM, Good fight between the Poles between the poles. And we have Giroud up front, with Chuba and Yaya as backup. …and it’s Arsenaaal, Arsenal FC, were by far the most fiscally responsible team the world has ever seen!


And with all our rivals strengthening during the transfer window what do you think is going to happen next season if we don’t as well?

It was a minor miracle we got fourth by a single point. Is that what we’re aiming for again? Or maybe we can make up the 16 points to win the PL by doing nothing?

What’s more, we’ve lost ‘occasional’ players like Coquelin, Arshavin, and Mannone and not replaced them.

What are you thinking?


Correction – If you will missy – Minor miracle?? It was never in doubt to be honest.. And by a single point.. Well shit happens.. Did you really think Arsenal were going to compete against Man U, Man City and Chelsea for the title last season?? I was suprised Arsenal didn’t get to 3rd but eh Benitez.. what can you do.. But never did I think that Arsenal will win the PL last season let alone come second.. 3rd was a possibility but like I said – shit happens.. And if you think we ain’t going to replace the players… Read more »


Correction – we’re still all Gooners. ‘Goonerette’s’ not a real word.


Really?? Take it back.. I swear.. 😉


Nice word ‘capture’.

Bound, gagged, and no longer ours.


Since it’s the crazy season.. Here goes..

And I won’t call you baby.. Anymore..

Eleanor.. release me from your spell.. Come on… [Bridge]

-*Low Milliions-*

Yeah yeah.. Sue me…


Off-topic, but a thought about Higuain:

Maybe, just maybe, Wenger is waiting to see if someone else is interested in Higuain, if not, they will make a bid in the last minute, which Real can`reject, bacuse he wants to leave, and he will sign in the laste minute.

Optimistic or not?

“Takes his coat and walks out”

twisted cuntloks

a word of advice to the Flamengo head coach. DO NOT LET SANTOS TAKE YOUR PENALTIES.

just in case you didn’t realise thats all.

Angry Bird

Praise Bergkamp. All the best

some dumb american

Just realized this is a permanent deal and not a loan. Great news!

Now if we’d only sign someone … but the shelves are starting to look barren.


Who was worse, Santos or Armand Traore?




7million pound buy . 6 million pounds in wages for a useless player. 13 million pound net loss. By the time we get rid of all the Arsenal dead wood it will exceed 100 million pound net loss . These players were useless and prevented us from buying quality and so contributed immensely to the 9 year trophy drought. A mad, arrogant flight of fancy experiment which went horribly wrong and for which know one is prepared to take the blame for. 100 million pound net loss, where are all the Arsene Wenger 2 million pound net loss dreamers. Duh!!!


Wow! When are you taking over the countries finances?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You just copy and paste this every time we sell or move somebody on don’t you?

Did you write it originally, or was it copied from some Spurs blog?


That is literally the most idiotic thing I’ve ever read. You also don’t understand what a net loss is.

Toure Motors

Definitely one of the top ten stupidest comments ever posted here. So in one way hats off to you Mr New Zealand man



kiss my arsenal

i will find you,marco from tropoja


oh well. nobody coming in yet but at least we’re getting rid of all the deadwood.


I know Barcacunts are cunty most of the time, but Good luck to Tito Vilanova on his recovery. None of us want to see a man down.


Depends on the man. If Ryan Shawcross got throat cancer, I would say ‘It’s not that kind of disease!”. I’m kidding. Cancer is terrible. Like Ryan Shawcross.

Arshavin's Dietician

In terms of money spent on fee, wages etc I would have to say that Santos is def in Wengers top ten worst buys.


A complete and total waste of money….I doubt Wenger even saw him play before he was signed. Fed up of players who give you a fuckin heart attack when they are on the ball. Shit player who cost us points.


without his goal on the last day away at west brom we wouldnt have made the champions league that year. so not a complete waste of money


TGSTEL is an idiot. Fortunately, he doesn’t know it.

[…] it comes to players going out. Andre Santos became the 7th player to leave the club this summer, signing a two year deal with Flamengo. The Brazilian club have confirmed he moved on a free which means Santos and Arsenal came to an […]

Kenyan Gooner

Theo mentions players coming in on the Mail. C’mon Dick!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Fuck u madrid

Naija Gunner

Deadwoods are leaving the clubs except for some, especially two knuckle heads(charmack & Bendtner).

When will all the ins arrive?

It’s not getting any interesting anymore.


Seems Poldi has joined the others in talking about the need for new signings. Article from the Sun so make your own judgement: The club said we have significant funds, the message that has been sent out is the club will make big signings. There has been no “we look for quality within the squad before looking in the transfer market” crap; and now most significantly, the players are openly talking about the need for new quality signings. Arsenal players, on their own accord, almost turn by turn, are mentioning the need for signings. These aren’t City do what… Read more »


Molotov Cocktails – not a bad idea, however North London’s supply of Molotov Cocktails were exhausted during the Tottenham Village Refurbishment of August 2011.

ruben olivares

I will sure miss you gays!

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