Thursday, April 25, 2024

Wenger: New striker is about numbers not Giroud

Arsene Wenger has stressed that he’s not trying to sign a new striker because Olivier Giroud has failed to cut the mustard, but to bolster his attacking options.

The French international, who has scored five goals in two games against Vietnam and Indonesia, has been repeatedly questioned by Asian media about the prospect of big-name arrivals limiting his chances at the Emirates as speculation about the Gunners summer spending rumbles on.

Speaking on the subject to Arsenal Player, the boss clarified that he’s more than happy with the former Montpellier man.

“[The transfer rumours are] nothing to do with the quality of Olivier Giroud. It’s just number-wise, we are a bit short.”

One player whose Arsenal future does look in doubt is Gervinho. The Ivorian international was left out of the club’s pre-season tour with rumours that Roma, Marseille and Lyon are interested in signing him.

The last of those, managed by ex-Gunner Remi Garde, have now gone on record stating they’ve no interest in the winger meaning he’s still very much on the market.

“This has only come from the press,” Garde told Le Progres (translation by Sky Sports).

“I’ve heard that Lyon is interested in Gervinho, but Gervinho is a striker, and we have young and very good strikers already at the club.”

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So we can safely assume that we definetely maybe might be adding a quality striker to our squad. Glad thats sorted!

up the arse

“Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window

up the arse

“Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window

up the arse

“Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window

Cyril Washbrook

“Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window

“Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window “Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window “Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window “Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window “Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window “Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window “Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window “Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window “Definitely maybe might”, oh… Read more »


for(int i = 1; i > 0; i++) {
System.out.println(““Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window);





Thanks! 🙂

Actually I hope it’s going to be more like this:

int FirstBigSinging = 0;

for(int i = 1; i > FirstBigSinging; i++) {
System.out.println(““Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window);

*enough with geek jokes*


Is it sad that this made my day?


Hello fellow CS gooner!


Syntax error :p Signing not singing


I love to read Arseblog with some nice Chianti and java netbeans.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Chianti and java netbeams make bicep taste like chicken?


I’m sorry, but Java gets thumbs down.


Fark off nerds.


“Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window


no its not the same now


He’s obviously never seen Gervinho play, if he think’s he’s a striker.




You sir, should be a scout!


He has a striking forehead, is that close enough?



jack jack jack

Yes, definitely a striker in the looks department.

Pete The Gun

Bring back Francis Jeffers I say…..


Not sure he’d come, he’s currently playing for a team who want to win things and don;t view scrapping 4th as the ultimate achievement. Time to move forward Arsenal and AW!


what bit of that is a thumbs down, AW has stated that he sees 4th as success and given his ambition in the last 6/7 transfer windows he’s made it clear that is the limit of his vision, ergo “time to move forward’ Meanwhile FJ is playing for Accrington Stanley, who won the Conference in 2006, that is more recent silverware than us. They will be challenging for the 4th Div this year as well as the JPT. Will we really challenge for anything other than 4th unless we ‘move forward’ Since we won the FA cup in 2005 there… Read more »


Look at the players we have sold, what they have gone on to achieve, and then look at what we have replaced them with. Henry, (still had so much in the tank we brought him back once Barca were done with him), Reyes, & Eduardo (not to mention JVR) all sold for decent amounts replaced with Chamakh, Park & Gerv. We were challenging for top honours we now cheer and whoop when we get 4th by a point. Time to move forward.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sorry mate, you lost me on “Meanwhile FJ is playing for Accrington Stanley, who won the Conference in 2006, that is more recent silverware than us.”

You want us to take you seriously when you compare us to the winners of the Conference in 2006 because they have won a “Trophy” and we haven’t?

“Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a stats twister during the transfer window


Dude honestly don’t bother. This is the hideout for the Wenger fan club, you can criticise the club but don’t you think for one minute you can criticise the glorious leader.

Half of them that gave you thumbs down probably logged on using another computer or phone so they could do it again.


Not sure he’d come, he’s currently playing for a team who want to win things and don;t view scrapping 4th as the ultimate achievement. Time to move forward Arsenal and AW!


So just a question to those ‘downing’ this post. Do you think the club is fine as it?


Just quit while your behind.


but I’m not, we are going nowhere, our transfer policy has halted progress and AW is once again stalling. How many other clubs have had the CEO (or whatever title Gazididis has) publicly state we have loads of cahs to spend. Everyone know that will inflate anything we pay but he knows he has to force AW’s arm. 3 or 4 players have publicly stated that they want new players. Time to move forward.

Dark Stein

I hope ur other half hides the razors and sharpe knives in ur house. U’ve got me all down and depressed.Aand its a bloddy Friday.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsene Wenger is not about to tell you and the rest of the world what he is doing in the transfer market, and more than you are likely to describe your nights of passion with whoever you may be pashing. He is doing business, and when business is done it is done behind closed doors. You don’t know what he is up to. You can only speculate. That is all that any of us can do until we see the results at the end of the transfer window. That’s when you judge, and if it’s necessary then that is when… Read more »


Hardly insightful discussion is it. No one saying you’re wrong because… just a thumb down. You’re almost think enough to be spuds fans

Highbury Shuffle

No point discussing with someone who doesn’t have a clue. But yes 4th place IS an achievement as it increases our revenue, continues our exposure to a worldwide audience, builds on our fan base and cements our place in Europes elite. It is NOT, however, our ‘ultimate achievement’ . It’s ridiculous how short term people’s memories are. I’m saying this one last time, we had to buy cheap and remain financially savvy, as we had minimal money from sponsorship deals that were needed at the time to secure the stadium. People who actually know football and aren’t swayed by the… Read more »

Highbury Shuffle

‘Spend some fucking money’!!!

Highbury Shuffle

‘Spend some fucking money’!!!*

Highbury Shuffle

‘Spend some fucking money’!!!*

Highbury Shuffle

‘Spend some fucking money’!!!*

It Is What It Is

I understand some of your frustration. What I advise is a long walk on a short pier or a nice, cold pint of bleach.

Have the drink before the walk though.


That’s the most stupid comment I have ever seen posted on a forum and that’s saying something!
You don’t have to resort to that sort of crap just because you don’t agree with someone, how about putting up a counter argument in defence of the clubs transfer policies over the last 6-7 years?
Good luck with that by the way!

Tapscotts testicles

Whichever striker we eventually sign, I think Giroud will really kick on this year and surprise alot of people both inside and outside the club….watch the spanish duo come sniffing in a year or two….


yeah, was very impressed with his finishing in the last 2 games.
i know it was weak teams, but he was sharp and decisive and accurate


Weak? It was a Vietnam pub team. Giroud won’t surprise anyone because he’s average. 11 league goals, 1 away from home is pretty pathetic.

Why do fans insist players will “kick on”? Coquelin will do this, Miyachi will do that, Frimpong is the future PMSL. How many more times do you have to watch shite before you realise it won’t come good. Shite is shite.


A pub team of the best professional footballers in both Vietnam and Indonesia, if you think that those teams wouldn’t survive in the lower reaches of the Football League then you may be caught in a #spiralofnegativity


You’re so right, I’m still waiting for Koscielny to kick on and make a contribution to the team. And Mertesacker. And Ramsey. And Walcott. And Gibbs.

And all that other shite that never came good after we were overly patient – Hleb, Flamini, Pires, Henry…

(Sigh, if anyone thumbs down for this…)



I’m you would have been one of those who two seasons ago would’ve said Rosicky is shite.

But he sure kicked on. Stupid comment is stupid.


Why do fans insist players will “kick on”?

Because they are our fucking players and we support them. That’s why.


The English language is huge and varied. I suggest there are other ways to support the club without making such embarrassing and idiotic statements.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m English. I speak the language reasonably well. I have an O-level in it (with Spoken English). I’m just declaring my credentials, you understand, not attempting to boast or impress as many thousands of people have achieved even better command of the language. I have analysed your statements, and would like to use one of them as an example. “How many more times do you have to watch shite before you realise it won’t come good. Shite is shite.” This is not commonly held to be one of the ways to support the club without making embarrassing and idiotic statements.… Read more »


I got Giroud in my fantasy team, i’ve got a feeling he will hit the ground running, that handsome bastard…

By the way, I created a league for everyone at Arseblog, the code is: 161879-64004

Feel free to join in!


Although it turned sour, I was pretty happy with the Adebayor/Percy combo we had a few years ago. Giroud is obviously much more amicable and hard working than Adebayor, we just need to sign the quality first choice man to replace Percy. It’s gonna cost though.


We kind of did sign a replacement for percy. he’s called Podolski. its just we don’t play the same 4 – 4 – 2 formation anymore.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m hoping that Podolski is over his injury of last season as I think that he will be able to combine very nicely with Giroud once they start playing together on a regular basis.

If we miss out on a top notch striker to add to the mix then it will be quite a disappointment, but it will not automatically be a disaster of Biblical proportions.

While there is always a danger that new players may suffer second season syndrome there is at least as good a chance that familiarity will breed improvement.


i just don’t think poldi will ever work in a 4 – 3 – 3. he doesn’t do that kind of running. you need a busy winger/striker in this formation.

he’s more of a central striker. so either we start playing 4 – 4 – 2 or we play somebody like cazorla or ryo or gnabry out wide instead of poldi, imo.

damien joyce

Remi Garde seems to have inherited a flaw from his time around Wenger, ability to spot a player and their true position. Gerv is not a striker, not in the true sense of striker, when i think striker I think Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker, Batistuta, Weah, Klinsmann, Van Nistlehorse, and Arthur Scargill, all have similar traits of being awkward ‘orrible bastards, but all but one could put the fear of god into CB’s and GK’s alike, the other was able to only upset the PM!!! Gerv only puts the fear of god into his own fans when they see teamsheet… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

That Arthur Scargill joke was just… horrible.

damien joyce

haha, was hungover, sorry!!!


Love the Scargill bit.


Please sign Someone!
My views on a striker are that, Higuain should be our first choice.
But if we don’t get Higuain,or some other high profile striker, I would take Suarez over no one coming in.


I would take Benteke over Suarez, but yes, Suarez over no-one I suppose…


Oh come on, Suarez over Benteke any day of the week.

Could never hate Suarez again after I found out he has the replica set of Freddie Mercury teeth.


Yes, what I didn’t say is Higuain is also my first choice. But if we can’t get him, overall I prefer Benteke to Suarez. At £40m I think Suarez is way over-priced. Benteke is still young and has scored plenty in a weak Aston Villa team. Benteke does perform when he wants a transfer, but I think we can agree Suarez is worse in this and other regards.


Hopefully we are Higuain’s first choice. A mediocre Madrid salary and pending Spanish tax rises means he’s very likely to leave. Arsenal want to move on a couple of players first before committing to anything so spectacular. Bendtner/Chamakh/Gervinho out – Higuain in.
Arsenal should be ashamed of themselves for sullying their reputation by being linked to Suarez. One for Jan maybe, when he’s redeemed himself somewhat, served his suspension and Liverpool are 6th in the table.
I like these stories of Bernard and Gustavo, add Cesar and Higuain and job well done.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Stop saying this. Sanogo must be so disappointed that so many Arsenal fans consider him to be nobody.

Try this phrase on for size:

“Please sign someone else”.

I think it would show more respect for Sanogo.


Atleast he is looking for a striker. Whoever we get though, hope we dont pay crazy money for them. I.e the rumored £55m for suarez or £37m for higuain

Dave Gooner

You are correct. Neither player is worth that.

But Mario Gomez is definitely worth 17m, and Fiorentina has just paid that for him. Using money from the Jovetic sale to Man City, which Fiorentina has confirmed.

I am afraid Mr Wenger is being less that convincing when he says that there aren’t enough strikers around to sign – other clubs seem to be managing pretty well.

We are losing out here, unless Higuain comes. But not at 37m – he just isn’t worth that.

As for 55m for Suarez – thats Andy Carroll level Liverpool optimism.

Arty's Art

Gomez is too similar to Giroud, we need a fast player who can get on the end of the through balls our midfield are capable of. Podolski was meant to be that player, in my humble opinion, but his injury set us back.

Dave Gooner

I’d have Gomez start in our side ahead of OG, esp at €17m – which is about about £14.5m.

Especially with Lukas feeding in and off him, and OG as a back up option. Fire power.

None of it matters now of course. Gomez is playing his football at Fiorentina next year, signed up quickly while AW was “busy” complaining that there is no-one available to sign.

Like I say, everyone else seems to be managing okay Arsene.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That “signed up quickly” may have taken weeks in practice. All we know actually know is that we knew nothing about it until it was announced. That was quick, I admit, but it was the last 10 seconds of making the deal.

Dave Gooner

It was quicker than anything we have managed, is the point.


Off topic but I would encourage you to watch the Euro 2013 for the ladies. Its hilarious, you not only watch football but also get to watch…. well maybe am the only pervert alive.


or you could just watch Olivier Giroud… he is mighty handsome.

Dark Stein

he doesn’t have breasts though. unfortunately.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I have moobs. Wanna see me jiggle, Big Boy?

My jiggle is truly amazing. It starts at my neck and works it’s way down to my knees in a fascinating rolling wave that flicks bits of old food out of my chest hair and into the air.

I’ve yet to see a woman footballer do that!!!!
Thank Goodness.


Dear Gutbukkit (now I see where the name comes from),

I enjoyed your previous posts, but this one was thoroughly disturbing.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You know, I think you’re right. Maybe I should find something else to boast about (and maybe the video isn’t such a good idea either).

If I’m lucky then a year from now I can go back to boasting about the success of my team.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Somebody thumbed me down because I want to see Arsenal win a trophy or two this season?

What is happening to us Gooners?


Not to mention that Fatmire Bajramaj is smoking hot.


Oooooh so NOW Wenger realises we need more strikers than just Giroud. The penny drops. Lets hope a lot more of them do.


I’m sure Wenger thought Podolski can play as a striker. I would relish the opportunity of seeing him play down the centre a bit more next season regardless of having a new striker or not.


New striker? What? Where?

*Looks around hopefully*


I assume that you are dizzy from the prices….


so now its about quantity and not quality…?


So now you’re twisting words like the press? And against your own club too!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s about getting quality quantity.

Amaury Bischoff

I seen munreal play, he plays good front, pls y not wengar play him as striker wid giroud.

transfer fairy

It seems to me that from all my reading we’re looking for a striker this year. I’ve pieced it all together at last.

North Bank Gooner

Yaaawwwwnnnn, Have we signed any body?


Back to sleep then!


Arty's Art

My isn’t life a breeze on the North Bank!


Now all we need to do is not tell anyone we’re looking for a striker, and definitely not tell anyone we’ve got money to burn, and we might well pick up a bargain.


You will be sleeping throughout the season my friend. No one is comingggggg. Wait I hear something…………..Joel Campel the Costa Rican kid is been considered a new signing.. Arsene is convinced he is the missing link for Silverware at last..( let’s get that cup from Swansea). And called it day! Suarez for 55m? No discount you say? How many matches is he suspended? Bottom line we either are dirt poor or dirt cheap…. No one takes AFC serious in the Transfer market.. Even ESPN press pass commentators who happen to be AFC fans/season ticket holders are laughed off the set… Read more »

Hoosier Gunner

I, for one, would hate to see Giroud’s development cut short. Hopefully Wenger signs someone to actually rotate with him and not displace him completely. His shots and timing of them, the runs have all looked pretty sharp in preseason so far. I know they were weak opponents but none of his goals would have been saved by a PL GK as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Giroud is named the “most improved player” in May.


I think he will sign a player who can play on the wings as well as up front. Walcott could do with some competition(ox is more of a midfielder in my opinion)
Suarez is versatile and can play across the frontline but well, he is a despicable creature.

A N Other

I beg to differ with Wenger. I think we are ok numbers wise Podolski, Giroud, Walcott, Sanogo and maybe Gervinho and Chamakh if they stay. What we lack is world class quality striker?

But, I can only understand why Wenger is saying that. He needs to keep Giroud’s moral up which is not so difficult as it is with Gervinho and Chamakh.


The only proper CF we have at the moment are Giroud and Podolski. Walcott is our first choice RW, and personally I’d like it to stay that way. Also Podolski is sometimes used at LW. On top of that Giroud needs to be rested. And Sanogo probably isn’t ready yet to be an important part of the team. So yes, we do need a quality striker.
Let’s not even talk about Gerv and Cham.


Chamakh couldn’t even get a game at West Ham, is that the level we are aiming for now? I’m sure Gerv is a lovely fella but look at the tams in for him, is it AC, Barca, Real, Man Utd, City no. Because he is a bit shit.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

By the same measurement RVP, Suarez, Higuain (sort of, if you think about it), and Rooney must also be a bit shit because none of those team are in for them. Don’t you think that squad size and the players they have decided to keep have something to do with who these clubs are in for? Not being bought by those clubs doesn’t make a player shit, it just means they don’t need another player in his position. There are far better reasons to consider Gervinho a shit player, though I think a better description might be “not nearly as… Read more »


“Definitely maybe might”, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window

Ooh Gooner

Just pay the cast to bring in Quality. 57M is a lot but the Mugsmashers are playing hard ball. They will eventually loose him for 37-40M. Higuain is still the man to me. He really is a clinical sharpshooter whom we cant really miss. Heard of brazilian Benard? He looks promising but Wenger should bring in experience first then benard can follow after fellaini, higuain, williams and cesar. COYG

Ooh Gooner

Cost*? still fell short there

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He was 40 million at the top of the page, 55 million a few inches ago, and 57 million now. Inflation is bad today.


Loc Remy? Sorry Mooro… It equally bad, Aarrry hates us… No Cesar no Remy no cheap buys. Lol.


ok, so give me sport just make an article saying Arsene has made a 40m bid but liverpool want 55( i know i know) so i comment don’t do it arsene! and some moron calls me the enemy of the gunners… da fuq?


Well over here you’d get called classless for wanting Suarez.

The Lawyer

I think the point Arseblog seems to have missed with the whole Higuain/Suarez thing, is that Higuain would play in the most advanced role while Suarez would play either side, off Giroud- so maybe that is why Wenger has switched targets (not that I’d say no to having two class options for our main striking position). Maybe he thinks Giroud is too good to be second choice or Higuain isn’t big enough to play target man, either way I disagree that Higuain would be a better fit into the team (leaving aside Suarez’s past) because of our current formation. Also… Read more »


fair point, but suarez is also prone to being greedy, dont forget Giroud has good link up play, think of all the goals giroud laying off a head down for higuain to spank in, in addition to his own goal scoring abilities, the point is you can put higuain in the same off the main striker position you’d put suarez in and rely on giroud to create rather than suarez, bear in mind with the likes of arteta cazorla and wilshere we arnt exactly shy of technical players.


Who does Suarez currently play behind at Liverpool?


Saurez all day… Even with the bags of problems he brings! Higuan has never endured or proven the toughness of this SOB. If it is winning we after, Saurez will go through a brink wall for winning… He bites ( I know literally) he can be effective keeper should Woj is beaten (WC2010) ask Ghana. He is accused of diving ( All world class strikers and almost there Bale). I still want him… Pay 55m Arsene and bring him.. Wait did I just sell my soul to the devil? No… Me thinks…


if giroud looked like lescott, we all would be screaming for him to leave…what a superficial POV people have about his striking abilities…he’s piss poor !! what a shame that Arsenal have fallen to such a low level

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

17 goals and 11 assists in his first season in England is piss poor?

I sure hope he becomes “only average” in 2013-14, he’ll hit 35 goals and 20 assists.

Apocalypse Now

Fellow gooners,

One question of you all, and only sensible answers please.

Wenger gets 7 million pounds a year. He gets more in a week than I get in three years. Can anyone tell me, for what?
What does he do that makes him worth for 140,000K a week?

Thanks, Pat

Paul S

He manages one of the top four clubs in the English premier league and is therefore paid a similar amount to other managers of top clubs.

What do you do which makes you worth ~40k per year (interpreting your ‘three years’ comment) when a large proportion of the world’s population would have to work for 50 years to earn that amount?

Apocalypse Now

I make furniture… chairs, lounges, desks, plus I build and install kitchens too. I get about 800 pounds a week, plus a bit extra if the business does well. So Wenger is just short of 200 times my salary. I bet I work just as hard as him, if not a lot harder. I don’t mind wealthy people being paid a lot for their success, but where’s the success at Arsenal Wenger’s done nothing, year after year. I resent that. I resent it very much that he gets 7 million pound and I get 40K. He could not do my… Read more »

Paul S

In the world of football he’s definitely paid inline with the amount of success Arsenal have enjoyed with him in charge. The problem with your comparison is that your own level of earning comes from a different world to that of football, which is why I made the logical extension to people earning much less than yourself. There are many people in the world who work just as hard as you, if not harder, yet earn 100 times less. What makes you worth it? Football is a world in which Kieron Dyer can earn £30-40 million over his career. It’s… Read more »


Wenger’s nothing as you call it, is keeping a club on a comparatively low transfer budget in relation to its’s peers in the champions league, maintaining as he does so, not just our ability to be proud of our club, but also keeping Arsenal F.C growing during not only a stadium move, but also through an economic crisis, all the time ensuring a lot of people working for the club keep their job, so you could say that his abilities as a manager and economist ensure the groundsmen the secretaries the physios all have jobs and can feed their kids,… Read more »


Next time you are looking at a home game, the absolutely magnificent stadium that Arsenal fill with 60k paying customers every week, which generates the money to enable us compete at the highest level ….that’s what Wenger has done. He has taken a club that were basically top 8 in England and made us one of the best clubs in the world. Aside from league titles, FA cups, perennial champs league knock out stages, what he has done is elevate Arsenal from a decent UK club to one of the top 10-20 clubs in the world. Now, I’m sure you… Read more »

It Is What It Is

It’s not his fault you chose the wrong career. Do you build guillotines?

Arty's Art

Of course the question should be why does ANYONE regardless of their job need that much money?

Apocalypse Now

no, that’s not the question. the question is, why is wenger paid that much

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Statistically speaking 10 out of every 10 people think you’re wrong.

Practically speaking somebody will now thumb you up to disprove that statement, and in doing so will prove that 10 out of 11 people think you’re wrong.

A different 10 out of 10 people may think you’re right, but they didn’t vote yet.

wenger is blind

he keeps diaby warm and happy in treatment table

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s where they’ve been going wrong!! He shouldn’t be IN the bloody thing. Stupid Arsenal medical team.

Rambling Pete

I like Giroud, I have to say. I think he gets some unfair stick and if we sign another forward like Higuain then I think we can be very happy with what we’ve got up front. The issue last year was lack of options and when Giroud had an off day, we had nobody to replace him with. That, coupled with the pressure of it being his first season and playing in a team which really struggled at times puts his contribution in perspective for me. I can remember I moved country as a 21 year old and was working… Read more »


Apt name. One hell of a ramble right there


Keep ’em coming Pete!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think Giroud did pretty good considering he was “a nobody” from a “nothing league”, or so some people would have us believe.

That was a good story. I’d shake your hand, but….

Rad Carrot

I’d say go for Higuain, at the most £35m.

But I’d be amazed if we got anyone of note in the striker department now.


I will be signing Emile Heskey to make up the numbers

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’ll be the bulk of our striking talent then.


Great, now the transfer saga, finally has got the better of me. Keep seeing:
“definitely maybe might”‘, oh to be a gooner during the transfer window.
When for all I know, henry’s almighty tallywacker, could’ve written a masterpiece of a comment? Argh!
*Jumps off a buiding*


I predict Arsenal will announce the 4 big signing after the Asian tour: Higuain, Suarez, Rooney and Arsene.
I predict Arsenal will win the EPL, CL, LC and the rest of the “L”s.
I predict Arsenal will beat the top 3 silly as they go about winning the fourth place trophy.
I predict…


Is it possible for us to just have one summer without a massive transfer saga that ends up against our favour? Wenger keeps playing with my heart, one minute he says we aren’t close to signing anyone next minute he says we are lacking options… This for me is the most retarded shit ever… If you see that you lack options how are you not close to signing anyone? It baffles me… Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll ever find out what happened with the Higiuan deal (rumours floating around, don’t really wanna believe speculation) but it seems as if that… Read more »


What are the rumours or at least where can I read them myself. I’ve just assumed that either AW has said ’23 million pounds, I thought you meant 23 pounds.’ or that Dick Law has stuck his beak and scuppered the deal as he did with Cahill

Gunsen Gunner

Sky Sports:
Manchester United’s hopes of signing Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona look to have suffered a setback after the Catalan club insisted he was not for sale. Barca vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu told Sport: “Barcelona can assure you we will not entertain any offers for Cesc. It is totally ruled out, he’s not for sale.


The bid they made for Cesc was bathetic and besides we have a buy out clause whatever profit Barcelona make 50% has to go to us.

So their not going to sell Cesc for cheap or it wont be worth their while.

The cesc to man u story has been rubbish since day 1 it was never going to happen.

Unlucky Stanley

Not 50% of what they sell him for but 50% of the difference of what they sell him for and our 25m clause.

So if they sell him for 30m, we’ll get 2.5m(half of 5m difference)

He's got no hair but we don't care...

You know I’d rather AW said zero when asked about transfers. Nothing about “being active…working hard…top, top, top…” It just makes us look like laughable idiots.


All these comments about signings… I think part of it is the club will wait to see who we draw in the champions league qualifier. If its an easy team then we might buy some players of actual quality.


And another


I see nothing happening in the window. If anything happens it will be some no name coming in to play on the 2nd team. Unfortunately we’re going to endure another season of zero depth when people get tired/injured.

Hopefully Bendtner and Gervinho are in training getting ready for the season ahead.

Lets stop fooling everyone at this point and just except the reality of no world class signings this summer.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Thankyou reality, now please step to one side so that I can see the sexy Fantasy you’re blocking from my view. I hate the way you keep rearing your head up at awkward moments. I don’t want to see your face around here again until September.

It Is What It Is

We will sign 2-4 players at different stages of their careers. Those we sign before we qualify for the CL proper will be the squad players – CB, DMC, GK (got no qualms with Fabianski). The attackers, who cost more money, I expect to arrive after we have qualified and go straight into the first team. Others are filling their quotas and concluding their business…..which would mean less competition for targets and more bargaining power for us. In three weeks, should no one have bid for Suarez, Poo will accept 30-35m. I suspect, as much as I loved to hear… Read more »


Who the fuck is Bernard?


Thumb me down all you want guys, I am asking a serious question.

Outside of Arsenal I really don’t pay too much attention, and then see this shitty rumour about a big dog. I know some of the sites these rumours come from are shit, but this one has spread like herpes on a hooker.



Mr and Mrs Bernard’s son


That makes sense EBouemind, forget I asked. This has been one big fuck up form the start. Just ask Park, he’ll know what it means.

Dial Square Charity XI

Thank you!

That was some good work boy.

Poor Bernard, looks like a burn victim. Would still support him 100% if he wore our shirt.

Dial square

Happy to oblige.


Yup. The season’s gonna be touted as the second coming of TGSTEL. Wait for the headlines… “He’s looking strong in practise”, “Nick has been a monster in training”, “…biting at the bit for the season to start…” “rededicated himself”, and of course the ever familiar “….has signed a 3 year extension”. ugh.

Apocalypse Now

This has all the hallmarks of being another transfer season of disappointment. Then another inevitable season of disappointment. Sure, we’ll be competing for third or fourth in the league. Is that all you red arrow gooners want? If so, your lack of ambition is comparable to the club’s. I said two years back that Arsenal would win nothing as long as Wenger stays at the helm. That was after six years of winning nothing, endless broken promises from the club about having the resources to buy ‘top top quality’ players. Two years later? After watching our best players leave and… Read more »


“Arsene Wenger has stressed that he’s not trying to sign a new striker because Olivier Giroud has failed to cut the mustard, but to bolster his attacking options.”

There’s something wrong with the above sentence. Think you need t take out the “not” because AW is trying to sign a striker

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[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Unlucky Stanley

14 goals in 2 games. We don’t need any new signing. Let the season begin.


Theory: Utd bid for Fabregas is a quid pro quo with Arsenal. Moyes forces Barca to consider offer and then clause is activated and Fabregas returns to Arsenal. In exchange Arsenal do something for Moyes, whether that’s back off a player of mutual interest, or a player on Uniteds squad?


Make up numbers? What about Chamakh !?

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