Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Frankfurt move for Bendtner ‘dead’

According to media reports in Denmark, Eintracht Frankfurt have pulled out of a move for Nicklas Bendtner.

It had been widely suggested that TGSTEL would complete a £3m move to the Bundesliga side, but Frankfurt have just announced they’ll be signing Spanish striker, Joselu, on loan from Hoffenheim.

That makes a move for Bendtner a non-runner according to sources revealed by sporten.tv2.dk

So what now for Nick? In the absence of any football clubs, Arseblog News suggests the following may well be options:

Night clubs

Golf clubs

A private member’s club

The three of clubs

A seal club

When will it end with this guy?! Who knows, maybe Frankfurt want a Joselu Bendtner double act. If not, it might be time to take him into the woods and drive off …

Thanks to @joajonmad for the heads-up

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Well that sucks. He’s like a pesky wart. You freeze/chop/burn it off, but it just keeps coming back.

AFC Chairman

TGSEL for Vice chairman! Hurrayy! problem solved.


No kidding, I google Arsenal news and see an article that Bendtner was close to joining Frankfurt and I thought I should go over to Arseblog news and post a comment about how happy I was about players leaving Arsenal this summer, Denilson, Arshavin, Bendtner, some heavy deadwood.

then I see this article, he’s like the terminator of staying

Grammar Brigade

Such a shame we had to sell Manonne, I heard he’s got contacts who can make people disappear. 🙁


We should seriously consider giving him a job as gunnersarus next season

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

Aw come on he’s not that much of a cunt. He’s just a wally.

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

Actually judging by the cuntery in the comments today and failing jokes, I retract that, Bendtner is a cunt magnet.


We’ll never be rid of this bastard, will we?


he leaves when he wants!! he leaves when he wants!!

the real LANS

sadly he never wants………..


Just for the sake of some fun and maybe a world record, should we sign him up for another 20 years and then loan him out. Would it qualify as the longest loan period by a player in professional football? Frightening…


We’ll never be rid of this bastard, will we?

James Abalawiaye

We herd u da frst tym u filthy westernised infidel

y r my coments deleted on here
i cnot have freedom of speech that u westerns always preach? scum lyers!


long live al shabbab!


Learn to spell first


You mean “Long Live Kebab”.

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

“y r my coments deleted on here”, says the man praising Somalia-based cell of the militant Islamist group al-Qaeda, after opening his message with “westernised infidel”.

Well, let’s start with the spelling and take it from there.


Won’t bother thumbing this person down. Clearly just trolling.


RIP English

I hate forehead

How can clubs not want him? He is actually a talented player and at the moment quite ‘cheap’, surely his attitude can’t be that bad otherwise he wouldn’t of made it to the professional level..

glory hunter

Sunderland and Juve stints have proved that he has no real quality, decent player but that’s about it!
And the fact that we cant seem to get rid, shows how highly everyone rates him not!

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Surly he is better than Andy Carroll!!!.

Sorry for counting Carroll as a footballer.


Ivan to Arsene: “what do we gotta do to get rid of this tick!??”

Arsene to Ivan: ” merde! I have no idea!. I have always said that he has an exceptional mix of attitude and quality “

Dr Baptiste

Can you please post the source for this conversation…… thanks

Dr Baptiste

(not to self, don’t try to be funny)

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

If not to you, then who?


The joke of an Autistic ladies and gentlemen!

jack jack jack

Where’s the joke?

jack jack jack

I did not mean to imply that the above conversation is somehow a reflection of reality.. merely that the joke was a pile of bollocks.


Golf clubs? More Craig Bellamyesque

I hate forehead

I’d rather Bendtner than Gervinho any day at the club


You are working at a night club, surely then. Or a seal club.

Jimmy the tulip

We can arrange for him to “disappear”.. For a small handling fee.


When you see a man described as a ‘tulip’, you better believe he means business!

Burn Baby Burn

Since the Don has moved on, that will be harder than it used to be.


Isn’t he looking to join a CL club? Now that even Frankfurt also don’t want him? Just want to get rid of this ‘legend striker’.

glory hunter

i have a very bad feeling that we’ll be stuck with Bendtner this season and probably until he’s contract runs out and then he’ll leave on a free.

Lets be honest, anyone with any sense wont pay any money for NB52, he’s rubbish and we know it.


given that we cant give him away i have a suspicion when his contract runs out he will either retire or go to a championship club flop and moan about service

twisted cuntloks

oh ffs


Has he turned up for preseason? They are back today are they not?

Ashburton Groover

Too much too young – blokes a disaster and needs a serious reality check. Let him go for free now and save the wages.


To terminate the contract, unless a fixed payment is agreed upon, the club will have to pay out his remaining wages anyway, I think (I may be wrong). So, if no one wants to buy him then the best option for the club would be to loan him out again.

Finsbury Park Gooner

This fucking guy…


shoot me in the face

Mills (the other one)

Think you mean shoot him in the face no?


He’s the gift that keeps on giving, this boy.

Give him away. Pay him off. Turn him into glue. Just get fuckin rid.

Dr Baptiste

They’ve already turned him into glue, that’s why he’s….. sticking around

*whistles as he walks away*


This joke was considerably more successful than the one above.

Dr Baptiste

Yes, yes it was

fel the gooner

I wonder why the deal fell through. could it have to do with a reported interest in him from malaga? maybe they offered him or us more money and frankfurt couldnt match it?
Arseblog you heard any news regarding this?

Dr Baptiste

Has Arseblog newshound heard anything? Seems to be a better font of information than Arseblog


My cat hates me!


Name him Bendtner and the feeling will be mutual


Reported in das Bold that Frankfurt announced the signing this morning of another striker for similar amounts quoted for TGSTEL, so this would seem likely they’re not in for him anymore.


Reported in das Bold that Frankfurt announced the signing this morning of another striker for similar amounts quoted for TGSTEL, so this would seem likely they’re not in for him anymore.


Should have sold him on the cheap last year after he had a decent euro12


We probably did, but obviously not cheap enough? Should have given him away:)


My guess would be exactly the same problem as with Chamakh, combination of outrageous salary and rep for not having great behaviour off the pitch.

Starting to think the only way we’re going to recoup any money for either of them is lock them in a room somewhere and make them fight to death and sell the footage to some dreadful Z-list reality TV channel somewhere. And we’d be lucky to get more than a tenner for it at that 🙁


Kicker.de reported the Joselu-transfer yesterday but stated (quoting Armin Veh, the Frankfurt-coach) “One striker will still be added.” He also said that Bentdner is “interesting”.

Maybe there’s still a way for both clubs to agree a transfer …

source (in German): http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/bundesliga/vereine/588725/artikel_frankfurt-holt-joselu—bendtner-interessant.html


Will we ever get rid of this cock? Get it through your skull.. we don’t want you !!


Bendtner will score 45 goals for Arsenal this season and will lead us to the Premiership and ECL double.


Are you from the future? If so, did we get Higuain in the end?


And then leave on a fre.


“Free” for fucks sake you fucking I-phone or whatever you are called cunt.


I thought it said “and then leave on fire.”

Ivan Drago

How long is left on his contract?

Merlin's Panini

whatever it is, it’s too long.
He’s the ultimate turd that won’t flush. Every time you think he’s gone he reappears and then when you think he’s gone for good you’ve left the toilet and then to your embarrassment your girlfriend goes in to see his mucky face grinning at her. The disgusting bastard.


Does absolutely nothing to be getting all that money. His attitude puts chavs to shame.


It’s so unlike Wenger to sign an average player and then pay him a ridiculous amount of money so he can’t be moved on.

It’s never happened before.

Dr Baptiste

It’s so unlike you to moan and complain about Arsene Wenger and the transfers he made.

It’s never happened before.

Yankee Gooner

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.


Cracking reference Sir


As Henry II so nearly said: “Will no one rid me of this talentless player?”

Adam, Watford

Indeed, although ‘ turbulent player ‘ would still work equally as well !!!!!


Amazing the things i learn reading the comments section..


Bwahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!!! You’ll never be rid of me!


A pox on you Arsene, I say a pox on you all!!!

Red Cross

Can’t we just donate him to charity?

glory hunter

We tried that already, they returned him 🙁

Dr Baptiste

They don’t like to advertise on pants


Someone put a Horses head in his bed! Wait a minute… I don’t mean Chamak

Adam, Watford

If he had put some proper effort into being a professional he would be a useful player for us or anyone. I can’t bring myself to entirely dislike a player who with one of his first appearances for us equalised, in the last minute, with a header against a full strength Spuds side playing an Arsenal Carling Cup semi-final side, containing even fewer than usual of the first team players, at the Emirates. I think it a massive shame that his ego spun so far out of control and he has wasted what talent he actually has. He has scored… Read more »


Also, what is with this Gareth Barry shape turd all of a sudden floating around in the Transfer Toilet? Someone pee on it soon so it loses its buoyancy and we can flush it!

gooner odst

He is a player who is well and truly no longer wanted by the club so maybe other clubs are thinking ‘hey lets have Arsenal stew a bit with dead wood and they might throw him out sooner rather than later’ instead of paying a small fortune for a player who has proven to be chronically unreliable.

£3m? now Frankfurt have a reason to ask for £2m, £1.5m. Good thing he’s still a full international or we would have done another Denilson.


I think Arsenal announced or made it known that five clubs had met their valuation for Bendtner. I bet the holdup is his salary demands and/or his demands for a team that worthy of TGSTEL.


One season he scored the same amount of goals as a third striker as Giroud did this season. I think it was 08/09.

I don’t see though how can a professional player live with this attitude. Unbelievable, he has been so close to the ‘top’ that you’d assume he at least tries to stay there.

Merlin's Panini

No he didn’t. He scored 15 goals in 50 games and that was his best ever tally. He scored 9 in the league in 31 games that year.
Giroud scored 17 in 47 games with 11 in the league from 34 games.
Not dissimilar but, still, not as good and 5 years ago. Giroud hit that tally just last season in his first season in English football. Bendtner scored a whopping 0.

Dr Baptiste

A lot happened during that season too – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008%E2%80%9309_Arsenal_F.C._season.

One being: Striker Nicklas Bendtner is fined for “unacceptable” behaviour following nightclub disrepute after the Manchester United game. Bendtner apologised for his actions shortly afterward.

We even sold Justin Hoyte for more than Gilberto Silva


I own a pig farm.
I’ll take him.

Rad Carrot

Oh, for fucks sake.

Here’s an idea. Let’s keep him and play him at centre back. He’s tall, reasonably quick and good at headers. We’ll fit him with a collar that zaps him if he strays more than 30 feet from our goal. we’ll also wire his tucking mouth shut.

4th choice centre back problem solved.


Rad Carrot-I like the collar/wired gob combo but the rest….nah!

Rad Carrot

Heh, it was all supposed to be in jest. I don’t actually propose keeping TGSTEL as a defender at all.

He should be made manager, obviously.

Arsene's stylist

We’ll never be rid of this bastard, will we?

Midfield Corporal

I thought this summer was supposed to be a fun one? All our exciting transfer targets seem to have gone quiet, we’ve been linked to Gareth bleeding Barry and now the footballing cancer that is Bendtner is still telling us he’ll make his mind in two the next two weeks without ever leaving. It’s long been my opinion that a minibus carrying Bendtner and the other stiffs should have had a little ‘accident’ and we pocket the insurance money. Our dealings in the transfer market seem so labourious that if we ever do sign Higuain or Fellaini i will be… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Like Ivan Gazidis and Dick Law? Doesn’t Wenger just tell them who he wants and then they do the negotiations? A bit like David Dein used to do


Arsenal have been too good to Bendtner. Now it’s time for Jerry Flannery to knock some sense into him.


Aston Villa can shift Emile Heskey but Bendtner’s ego means we can’t shift a slightly better player? If it wouldn’t cost much, I’d just terminate his contract.

Midfield Corporal

I just googled Jerry Flannery, he looks quite hard.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

pat rices left nut

Like aids we will have him for life

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

The cure is coming mate, haven’t you seen how smug Tottenham fans were looking near the end of last season?

pat rices left nut

Jerry flanery is a douchebag

AN Other

Send him out on monthly loans to all the championship clubs until his contract is finished with us..


So Ramsey haters have now to comment as Bendtner haters or what? Was it 3, 4 years ago? He got a nice stint of games playing wide, working for the team, but let me tell you something, not every player is a Messi. In my opinion he’s not worse than Giroud, who is useless away from the area and much much better than Park, who promised 15+ goals at Celta and delivered 3. TGKoreanTEL eh? If we don’t get Higuain, play Bendtner as CF, Giroud wide left (if Bendtner did so, why not Giroud?) and The Ox on the right.… Read more »




Mate don’t compare Ramsey and Bendner in the same breath…its such an insult to Rambo.

some dumb american

OK, here’s the plan. We just need the entire squad to make Bendtner look really, really amazing. Set him up for tons of goals, claim the ball flew off his boot and the goal is his even if he’s miles away from the box. Get this guy 30 goals in a season. Then Man City or Barcelona will come and offer £20 million. AFC will make off like bandits.

It’ll be the biggest heist in history.

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