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Podolski not scared of anything, or competition

Lukas Podoslki is not scared of lots of stuff.

Clowns, for example. Zombies. Terence Trent D’Arby. Angry moose. Or vampire bats. Or blood in his poo. Nor is he scared of new players coming to Arsenal because that’s part and parcel of life at any football club.

As the club are linked with Luis Suarez, the German international says he welcomes new players and wants the team to be as strong as possible.

“I’m happy when players come in,” Podolski told the official website.

“I will play with the best players in the world but the Club and the boss make the decision. I’m not scared about big names – I’m happy when big names come in. When a big striker or a big defender comes in, they help the team and they help me. We will see what happens.”

So far little has happened, but despite having faith in the players we currently have, the former Cologne man is also eager for new faces for the benefits they bring.

“Every season is the same; players come in and go out. The newspapers write a lot of names but I think we have a good team and a good atmosphere here. When players come in, it’s good for the club.

“We are at a big club at Arsenal, so when all players are fit and we don’t have injuries, there’s a big competition. Every player loves to play football and nobody wants to sit on the bench.”

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He should be scared of Suarez’s teeth though


Podolski is afraid of Giroud celebrations!

Big Chief from Antarctica

Poldi’s left foot would sort it out, staying on the subject, Diaby might sort his racism out if his rehabilitation programme permits it. On a serious note, I’m still torn on this issue. I can forgive a lot of things, even racism. The only reason I can is not because an apology would fix it. I couldn’t care less about an apology. The right sort of people don’t need an apology and the wrong kind of people always take advantage from that. I can forgive racism if there would be some hope that he/she has seen it that it is… Read more »


have you heard podolski? he’d knock suarez’s teeth out


He’s not scared of competition, because we haven’t signed any f…g player yet.


Higuain seemingly on his way to napoli. Suarez seems the only realistic “world class” signing. Who else would you guys rather we get? Personally, i dont want suarez. But he is immense, so i could live with it if he came…cant help but feel we would look like arses tho for paying that much money for a player of his reputation.


Please, no one knows what’s going on with Higuain. Personally, I’d like to believe we are still negotiation for him, and bidding for Suarez is only to prod Madrid into action, but I know this is a bit far-fetched.

gooner odst

After all wasn’t Higuain ‘on a plane to London to complete his deal’ to Arsenal not so long ago?

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

jovetic…… gone
higauin …almost gone
fellaini…still available
williams…still available
suarez….wants madrid to sign him & madrid WILL use the fund from higuain sale for his signature
alexis sanchez….great player higly under used and could be a bargain buy

If Wenger truly wants value for money, instead of using 40m +1 for suarez and divinding the fans, he rather spend 50m for fellaini, sanchez and williams and maybe also begovic.


Why buy a player who see’s arsenal as second choice when you got the cheaper option in Higuain who( in my opinion) equally as good as Saurez and who also is holding out for arsenal to come in for him which says he actually wants to play for us..


Higuain is not as good as Suarez for Arsenal. Giroud or Poldi will give you what a Higuain can give but won’t give you what a Suarez will give. Those dribbles, the stamina, the run very few players have it and one can see why Arsene will look his way.

Having said that, I do not think we will sign Suarez. The fact that he will be six games out and Liverpool will want more than 40 million will be enough to put us off.


i bloody hope so

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

I dont care if Suarez is bitey racist but I really want him in this club but if Higauin leaves for Napoli then we can all safely say that “The Pursuit for Suarez” was fun till it lasted.
If Wenger is smart he must now concentrate on buying fellaini, williams and bernard


If I recall properly, Juventus was RVP first choice and if that scandal with their coach hadn’t happened he would be playing there. Manchester United fans can’t complain about being his 2nd choice . . .


Zombies and new players coming to Arsenal.

I’m not a betting man, but I’d have a pound note on which of those doesn’t fuckin exist.

Merlin's Panini

well Zombies definitely exist. Man Ure employed one as their manager quite recently. I guess it keeps their players running about.

Zorro in the box

Ivan would like to borrow that pound note…


The same pound note in the suarez bid?


The right attitude if not misplaced all the same. When is Arsene gonna be actually asked by someone whats going on and actually answer the question fully. I dont need a name. Just something. All the other top managers are talking about it except our lot. and theyre buying. Although i dont really rate any of Citehs signings as major improvements on what they had. Chelsea have brought well i think, and liverpool have signed some nobodys pretty much. So overall im not to worried. Fact remains we finished so many points behind Man Utd, im just hoping a 2-3… Read more »

gooner odst

What amazes me is the Bayern Munich were able to announce the signing of one of the opponent’s star players BEFORE the champions fucking league final. That is so ridiculous and such an extreme example, but when Arsene announces a target then that player usually goes elsewhere or stays at their club ‘for X more year(s)’


I would take higuain over Suarez but we will end up with neither.
So lukas need not fear as the competition is just not coming it seems.


Just praying we don’t get strung along until late August on Suarez, distracting them from the rest. We need to to business this summer, in several positions. Will judge the execs and Arsene at the end of the window, but it is looking worrying to say the least.


I think Liverpool are hoping for Madrid to come along with £50m for Suarez. To me it seems Madrid are more interested in Bale, who could cost €80m or more. Hopefully this means they want to sell Higuain to us to raise the money.


Havent you heard that the bird is the word?

No seriously though, havent you heard Higuain to napoli is all but done. AFC focused on suarez.


People complaining that because they aren’t supporting the purchase of suarez, they are being seen as “not supporting the club”. These are the same people that thumb down anybody that says anything negative about Wenger and term you a spud fan.
Now I’m hearing a lot of “you have to respect an individual’s opinion”.
Where was that respect when the topic was Wenger? Hypocrites!


I suspect you are confusing agreeing with an opinion and respecting an opinion. Thumbing down a comment simply shows your disagreement with the comment, not disrespecting your right to it.


I’m referring to the “who let this cunt in here?”, “blogs, can you ban this cunt?”, “you sir are a royal cunt”, “run along and support that shite down the road” Comments.
You can’t tell me that’s respectfully disagreeing with an opinion or I have been going around with the wrong meaning of respect.


Most people who don’t support buying Suarez are not the people who shouted you down. So you’re shouting into the wind with your rant, really.


that doesn’t sound too respectful, no, but without seeing your original post, it’s out of context.

Mills (the other one)

Think you will find that usually applies to people who don’t express an opinion, merely state inappropriate and un-useful comments such as “F*** off Wenger you useless c***” or something along those lines. That seems to be what I have seen on here. Take it you wrote one of those and get something you didn’t like back?

twisted cuntloks

I reckon he is still scared of the child snatcher in Chitty chitty bang bang, who isn’t right?

Merlin's Panini

Oh don’t go there, I only just got over that!

twisted cuntloks

HEH I still need regular counselling !


Since higuain to napoli is almost a done deal so instead of talking about higuain lets better talk some positives about suarez. I hope suarez has lot of positives but we mostly discuss about his negatives only.

Yankee Gooner

Side note: with Suarez on the pitch, will Arsenal ever take a PK again? I can’t imagine him ever being given the benefit of the doubt, and if Mike Dean is in charge… *shudder*


As if Liverpool will let us sign Suarez anyways. We aren’t going to sign any big names striker this season. There is no1 available to us. Jovetic-signed, Rooney- as if United will sell the him, same with Suarez, Higuain- we pretty much sent a message to him saying we don’t consider him good enough to splash the cash. I don’t understand Wenger and gazidis. Amateurs in signing big players.


Your last sentence answered your concerns in the second last sentence, no?


BBC suggesting suarez wants to hold talks with us …. no source though.


Over the past 24 months or so the BBC has become a tabloid. I remember not so long ago – even after Arseblog news started – when I wouldn’t consider any transfer/football news as “official” until BBC reported it. Now it’s full of shit like the sun and the daily mail. Tim Vickery is the only respectable columnist in BBC Football.


Higuain is set for a medical at Napoli. Cheers arsene. We know we won’t get Suarez.
What a fucking shambles of a club we are.


Not that I’m slow or anything but one thing dawned on me when reading this story and it’s something that kind of latches on to what I’ve noticed this closed season especially. We have a really good, great even, team spirit. The squad seem to generally like each other which is something I don’t think we’ve seen in a long time. Though I had a slight doubt after the Ramsey/Ox/Walcott interview. Anyhoo. At first the idea of us signing Suarez gave me a bit of a semi but how will he fit into the team? Then a further realisation dawned… Read more »


Podolski is a ruthless cunt. I like that


Agreed. Such a beast.




I’d rather see us sign Rooney for £30m than Suarez for £40-50m to be honest… I’m sure our english players would enjoy playing alongside Rooney


I’m fed up with this whole transfer mess. Wenger will never ever pay what the Fools want for Bitey and he shouldn’t, but he is acting a bit like a cunt right now. To bid just too talk to a player is bordering on insanity, if what the Fools say are true and there is no release clause. I don’t think there is one, not even fools are so fucking stupid. But we on the other hand…… There are other areas in this team that need urgent reinforcements. Our run in last season was easy and we were appallingly bad… Read more »


I think Higuain is gone, and i don’t think we will give Liverpool the kind of crazy money they are looking for on Suarez. I hope by now le prof is looking at other options. for me Sanchez from Barcelona shouldn’t be too difficult considering it hasn’t really pan out right for all parties there.

Black Hei

Good call. One that flew under the radar.


Well said !

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