Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Video: Aaron Ramsey – Redemption

Another cracker from Culann Davies – follow him on Twitter and YouTube

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Seriously after watching that video it makes you realise just what a talented player Rambo is I have been critical myself but I think my opinion has just changed !


My opinion on him hasn’t changed at all. Never thought he was crap, just thought he has potential but wasn’t ready to be a starter (then). My frustration was with Arsène playing(starting) him on the wings ahead of players like Theo, Poldi, even Gervinho at the time when the team was doing badly and lacking creativity. Even when he played CAM, he looked poor but look how excellent he turned out he DM/CM. I’ll be glad to see him fight for his place with Arteta and Jack because he played well and deserves it but i’ll be pissed when i… Read more »


Agreed. But the play on the wings might have given him needed experience. Some bad things are also good for something, just like the hard criticism he had been recieving could make him stronger and more resilient for the future.

I agree though that he should stick to CM now.

Well maybe an occasional full back? I kid I kid.. =)

Obese Gooner

Playing him on the wings was to make him more defensively aware. Also it increased his stamina; as you need to run up and down in the attacking phase and defensive phase as well. Now just look at his work-rate, you can only play like that when you have great stamina e.g. Park Ji Sung.

Most people might not have understood the reasoning behind Wenger’s ploy but the old man knew all along.


His ability is there for all to see. Even he will agree however, this season he has to work on his goal scoring. If he manages to do that, he’ll be a real midfield dynamo for years to come.

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

i think when he played on the wings it was because we had an injury crisis or confidence crisis in players like Arshavin etc. He was played where he was needed to play. After all, he played right back at times and he was very good there I thought. He should’ve been better no doubt but hopefully he’ll improve and be more consistent from here on and importantly start finishing off the chances he gets.
Good luck rambo.


I thought this guy prided himself on making videos without awful “music”?

Love the sentiment, though. And the outing of the twitter experts early on.


So many montage videos are ruined by shit songs. This is one of them.

gnarly charlie



Great vid.Great player.Hopefully he wil just get better after all the stuff…


Fantastic video. Gotta admit I sprout a little chub halfway through.


Fantastic video. Gotta admit I sprout a little chub halfway through.

Kevin Shrubsole

Hes actually pretty fearless considering how badly his leg was broken
I really hope he becomes one of our best
Hes one of the payers I really have a lot of time for, hope those twitter numptys eat their words


Always love this guys videos, no exception here, Loved the beginning with the know it all keyboard warriors


I have always thought Rambo was a great player, and I think the next couple of seasons he will prove his worth. Most proper Arsenal fans, the ones who actually go to and watch games know there is a great player being built there. Last season was his best yet. Long may that continue. Even if he is welsh……only kidding!

Ryo Fan

I really hope that he doesn’t read or take those awful comments to heart. The fans who support him just aren’t as loud as the nitwits.

PS is there a way to stop that bar at the bottom popping up everytime? I know how to close it but I don’t want it there in the first place. It’s annoying as it takes up space and blocks parts of articles and means more scrolling. It’s not the biggest deal but still a peeve.


I blocked the domain with Ad-Block


Okay I’ll admit it the video made me well up a bit. We’ve got such a special fella on our hands, I think he can help us get places and win things. He looks like one of those guys who are getting increasingly rare in the modern game: very talented, selfless to the team, understated off the pitch and humble through and through.

a gooner in Manchester



Brilliant. So pleased this video has been put together and that Ramsey’s talents have been highlighted. Ramsey is the perfect example of how the perennial arsenal pesimists can only see the negative when clearly there is so much to appreciate and enjoy about Ramsey’s play. Top class player. Looking forward to him playing a ‘central’ role in bringing home the bling this season.


Hmm. Put together in this way, Ramsey seems to be a great player. Maybe better than Alex Song? Certainly far more disciplined than Song. I wonder if Cuntelona will come knowing on the door?


…knocking on the door..

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Ramsey is not technically very good but is a fighter. He will be a good squad player who can cover or rest our top tier. He is willing, versatile , does not mind warming the bench and is loyal.

Merlin's Panini

Ramsey is technically brilliant. His long range passing is superb and his dribbling skills are excellent. Watch the video again and you’ll see.
His only weakness has at times been providing the killer through ball and his finishing has left much to be desired at times. I think these are things that he can easily learn though. It’s more about getting his timing right than whether or not he is technically able.
I do agree about him being a fighter though. He, Wilshere and Rosicky all share that intense tenacity off the ball.


Teams need a player like Rambo

Merlin's Panini

I’ve always had faith in Ramsey ever since Cesc said that he would turn out to be a big star. Sagna also said the same and Bryan Flynn, a Wales coach, said he would turn out to be as good as Cesc. The broken leg clearly stunted his development and mostly his confidence for a while but he started to look like the player we all hoped he would be last season. Having seen Clark Carlisle’s documentary on depression I think Ramsey’s done remarkably well to come back as well as he eventually has. He’s shown a huge strength of… Read more »

rj gooner

Great video yet again! Loved the naming and shaming of the twitter trolls!

i remember when Cesc left and said something along the lines of “arsenal will be fine they have Wilshire and Ramsey”.

rambo proved him right, and alot of people wrong last season. Just hope to see more of the same next!


I hadn’t realised there was so much vitriol directed at him. I think a lot of people forgot he had his leg broken and you never know what that will do to a player. Look at Eduardo, it finished his Arsenal career. He has recovered well and I am hoping he will continue his fine form for years to come!


Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

The criticism Rambo got from the vocal minority was abysmal, but lets not kid ourselves that he wasn’t absolute gash for a good season and a half (albeit for a few reasons out of his control). Anyone who says ‘Oh I knew he’d be great all along’ after one decent season out of three is a fool or lying. Good luck to Rambo, needs to make a similar leap forward this season in terms of productivity but if the rest of the team shows as much heart as he showed in 2012 /13, we’ll be close to lifting something come… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

That’s bull. Of course you can show faith in a player based on the potential they’ve previously shown. With the praise that was lavished on him so early on it was obvious we had a real talent on our hands and that he just needed to find his feet again. Where better for him to find his form than here under Wenger. He may have his negative points but Arsene knows when to persevere with a talented player and wouldn’t have kept on fielding someone who’s not up to it. Look at all the “deadwood” who lost his trust and… Read more »

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

Anyone who has pulled on a first team shirt for the Arsenal have shown potential. Millions of pounds and the worlds best scouts/managers attest to that.

I just find it odd the amount of people wanking themselves off at how they “knew” Ramsey would come good yet are suspiciously quiet in the blogs about Denilson, Chamakh, Bendtner. Well ok not Bendtner, he’s a cock.

Malaysian Gooner

While I never called him what some of the people in the video did, I did have reservations about his ability as potentially world class player. Even when I said it, I said “I hope he proves me wrong”.

Thank Dennis he did.

adedayo adefioye

aaron ramsey is just a bundle of talent! he was about to be announced to the world scene, but he got shawcrossed! but as time went, he’s beginning to prove his worth!
top brit
top guy
top player
top gunner
top aaron!

i love u rambo!


Jaysis. Those tweets at the start made my asshole cringe inside out.

Merlin's Panini

You better get yourself to a doctor then. Try not to sit down in the waiting room though. It might hurt.


Lots of love for Ramsey now, and while many did not say some of the negative things that were said, there also weren’t many coming to his defense.
The last two seasons were particularly trying, but it did expose the dirt amongst our base. Won’t be forgetting that as we move closer to success.


even Andre Santos would look good if someone decided to make a highlight video of him. Ramsey was woeful last 2 seasons. Had way too many errant passes and took at least one or two more touches than he needed to. once he’s dispossessed he has to make an immediate low chance tackle cos he doesn’t have the pace to chase down.


I was done with him when we played Olymiacos, or however you spell that teams name, early last season but against West Ham at home when he played in place of Arteta at CDM, I was shocked cos he looked a different player and since then hes stood out in every match. From this video though, I realised how many chances he set up. If Theo, Gervinho and Giroud were clinical, he could’ve got 10 assists! Can’t wait for this season to start now!!!


Did you know he creates more chances than Wilshere and Felliani on a per minute on field basis? I forget the exact minutes percentage, but he’s marginally better than Felliani and massively better than Wilshere. That said both Jack and Aaron still need to improve their chances created/minute stat. Still top bloke, love our Welsh Dragon.


Hate to compare anything arsenal to ManPoo but they are the champions. Ramsey strikes me as a like for like member of the current ManPoo midfield. None of those midfielders are remarkable for any one talent. But they all work hard, are athletic am have good engines for the full 90. Ramsey has balls of steel. And pride. I see him winning back the captaincy of Wales and being a key player for The Arsenal for many years to come.

Unyoke The Ox

Thanks again Culann. You (unlike other highlight makers) have mastered the art of not playing really bad euro trash dance music or really bad hip hop in your videos. Well played.

P.S I like hip hop, just good hip hop.


Late to the game but just wanted to say top video, looking forward to unleashing Rambo on to other teams next season.

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