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Arsenal 2-0 Fenerbahce: by the numbers

7.8 – Shots per game Arsenal averaged in Champions League play last season
62 – Shots Arsenal took in Champions League play last season
33 – Shots Arsenal took in both legs of Champions League qualifiers against Fenerbahce this season
2 – Number of those shots that were by Aaron Ramsey last season
1 – Goals Ramsey scored in Champions League last season
4 – Number of shots Ramsey has taken in Champions League qualifiers this season
3 – Number of goals Ramsey has scored in Champions League qualifiers this season
99 – Touches Aaron Ramsey took v. Fener today¹
86 – Passes by Aaron Ramsey¹
91 – Pass completion percent by Ramsey today
5 – Accurate long passes by Ramsey (of 5 attempted)
1 – Accurate through balls by Ramsey (of 1 attempted)¹
0 – Tackles by Ramsey
1 – Successful dribble by Ramsey
1 – Key pass
2 – Shots
2 – Shots on goal¹
2 – Goals¹
1 – Days Arsenal fans hold their breath waiting for new on Aaron Ramsey’s groin

6 – Cazorla dribbles today v. Fener¹
3 – Wilshere dribbles today v. Fener
8 – Dribbles by Wilshere v. Fener last week¹
3 – Dribbles by Cazorla v. Fener last week
4 – Number of times Wilshere was fouled by Fener today¹
10 – Number of times it felt like he was fouled but the referee played advantage or didn’t call
0 – Number of times Fener dispossessed Cazorla, Ramsey, and Wilshere combined today
1 – Number of turnovers by those three players today
3 – Number of big saves by Szczesny to keep the clean sheet
2 – Number of times Szczesny came off his line to give the world his full Fabian Barthez impression
5 – Good saves by Szczesny over the two legs to keep the clean sheets

12 – Wenger has now won all 12 Champions League qualifiers he has managed
29 – Arsenal have scored 29 goals in those qualifiers
3 – Arsenal have conceded just 3 goals in those qualifiers

150 – Million pounds Arsenal have to spend on players
6 – Days Arsenal have to spend some of that money
3 – Weeks Arsenal will be without Podolski
130 – Assists Mesut Özil has amassed for club and country in the last five years since he became a regular starter
26 – Assists per season Özil has averaged in those 5 years
1 – Banks Arsenal should break to sign Özil if there’s even any hint that he’s available


¹Led all players

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If you are a ramsey hater please stand up! Where are all of you? Come on?


*Slowly and shamefully raises hand*


Haha, a tip of the hat for your honesty. To be fair, Ramsey had a very profligate period which coincided with the team playing poorly, so I understand why some fans were frustrated with him, to a point. Always hated the booing though. For me, the main moral here is that when a player loses form, they should return to the basics, as Ramsey did late last season. That gives the player a platform to build on. Ramsey is just now adding the flair and technique we know he had, but it’s built on exceptional (but basic) midfield play. Cheers… Read more »


Ramsey doubter that can’t be happier eating humble pie… It just tastes so damn good!


good to see some honesty. who will the boo boys pick on next time something goes wrong? 6 days left for mr. wenger. or it will be your name they chant.


I am not going to lie. I was against Ramsey playing last season, he was woeful at the start of the season. But you know what? I really wanted him to prove all of us wrong, and credit to him, thats exactly what he’s doing.

He looks world class this season. Lets hope he’s fit for spurs because they have ALOT of energy in their midfield this season with Capoue & Paulinho…. but not as much as our RAMBO


0. Number of champs league games spuds will play. Coyg


Infinite – number of “we work very hard” i’ve heard from a certain bloke.


100 – percent of Arsenal supporters who’d rather take a 5-2 over a 5-0 on Sunday – just to laugh at those sorry cunts. 


i give you a thumbs up, but i’d rather have a 5-0 on sunday

and then a 5-2 on the away fixture


1 – number of quick one two ball control cazorla did to take 3 grown fenerbahce men out of play……

Arsene Ill

Yes, grown men, as opposed to our wonderful Santi who is almost certainly an enchanted garden gnome


0 – Number of fit left wingers in the squad


This would be nice for Sunday:

Sagna Merte Kos Gibbs
Walcott Ramsey Wilshere Cazorla

Mate Kiddleton

A wild Ozil appeared


Redditor I see.


Apparently both Mata and Ozil are rumoured to be unwanted. My heart tells me “HELL YEAH! £40 million bid incoming” by my head tells me “Chelsea and Madrid would be class A lunatics to let these two go”.

Here’s to hoping that maniacs do indeed run those clubs.


I just can’t see Chelsea letting Mata go to an English club unless a certain Wayne Rooney would go the other way. But here is to hoping!

giorgios karelias

Mata and Ozil to complement General Cazorla? It would be like listening to a Bach masterpiece performed by Menuhin at his best.

Hence, I might start watching a couple of matches per season overall altogether since it would be so great that’d be too emotionally consuming, and one has always better things to do.

So I advocate against purchasing either of these two players 🙂

giorgios karelias

remove “altogether”. see, i can’t even write while thinking about these things!

bendtners travel case

0 – the number of people who thought “if only we had Denilson on the park”


How many clear goal scoring chances did a combined giroud/sanogo spun between themselves? we clearly need a world class C.F coz in big games you have to take the slightest of chances you are presented with and from today I wonder how we will fair against a tougher opposition.

Arsene mate, do something!


Giroud is 3 for 4 this season – wouldn’t start bashing him just yet.

Not saying I wouldn’t welcome quality competition (yes please!), but Giroud deserves nothing but praise right now.


Yes it’s all merry merry for now. I try to look ahead. Giroud gets a thumb up for all his good work, but look at it this way? in a big game can he be the difference? like rvp aguero, dzeko, zlatan have been for theirs?

I want a top notch C.F even giroud himself says he would like that. It’s the missing piece I think.


If I remember correctly, it was Giroud who scored from the slightest of chances in the second leg against bayern last year, if that is what you mean…


0 = the amount of ECL matches Spuds will play this year. ha


Trust me, I’ve followed Özil since his days at Werder, he’s been the best attacker on Germany for a few years now, and would be the best player on Arsenal by a good margin. He’d be a superb signing.
Also, silver lining about podolski, might only miss one PL game b/c of interlull after Tottenfuck game!
Özil + other signings + 3 points this weekend = orgasm… AHA!

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

Please refrain from using names of non- Arsenal players, we’ve been burned more than once on that front this window.


Ozil may be very good, but I doubt he’d be better than Santi by any margin whatsoever.


Thank god, having another player as good as santi would mean we will have to play with just 10 men to give all the other teams in bpl at least some chance…

Goon Goon Goon

This time last year a lot of people were on the Rambo hate wagon. Being one if those, I am glad to eat my hat. The end of last season and the beginning of this one have shown that he is exactly what Wenger thought he was… Top top quality! ;o) keep it up boyo!

jack jack jack

0 – Number of times Fener dispossessed Cazorla, Ramsey, and Wilshere combined today

Fucking hell. Our midfield is looking bloody amazing.

Gunner From Another Mother

And it’s Arteta-less mind you…


Can reveal that Arsene made 4 phone calls today, 1 to madrid for 3 minutes 46 seconds. Also 3 calls to Mrs. Wenger for a total of 1 hour 42 minutes 16 seconds detailing his reasoning for adding carrot to a Bouillabaisse, believing it to be a versatile vegetable that has the special qualities he is looking for. Moreover he repeatedly invited Mrs. Wenger to look through the cupboards and show him any better vegetable to finish the job.

santi cazorlas coming to town

this made me chuckle….


0- number of thumbs up this idiot above me shd get for his idiocity….


Where are these Ozil rumors coming from? Madrid’s VP can’t be that dense, can he?

Especially with Ronaldo claiming he wants to be the prodigal son who returns to manuer.

Tesco Light Mayonaise

Its all just daily mail bullshit. Most journos are cunts who love anarchy and like to stir the pot.


As an anarchist I take offence at the association

Tesco Light Mayonaise

Its all just daily mail bullshit. Most journos are cunts who love anarchy and like to stir the pot.

[…] 来源: [Arsblog News] […]

gooner bank

1 number of a homeless playing(raul mireles)

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

Never a Ramsey hater as I always have and always will give full blooded support to anyone in the glorious Red and White. Especially as Ramsey always played with heart and never hid even when it wasn’t going his way. But I have to admit when he barely made a positive contribution for 2 seasons I seriously doubted wether he had it in him to make it at the arsenal. Certainly didn’t see such a massive improvement on the horizon so credit (and scepticism!) to those who knew all along how good he’d be. Hope everyone keeps Ramsey in mind… Read more »


3- number of new disciples Arsenal got after yesterday’s show

[…] report – By the numbers – Player ratings – […]


ozil…would love to see him in an arsenal shirt.

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