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Wenger ‘likes’ Mata as transfer wheels start turning

Arsene Wenger has admitted his interest in Chelsea’s Juan Mata but doubts that Jose Mourinho will sanction a move to another English club.

The gifted Spaniard was on the verge of signing for Arsenal two summers ago when Wenger pulled the plug on the deal at the last minute, and with reports that Mata’s father was watching the 2-0 win over Fenerbahce from the Arsenal Director’s Box, rumours abounded about an Arsenal move.

“I like him. I have heard like you because I watched the game (Utd v Chelsea), that Juan Mata could be on the market,” he said. “I don’t know. Anyway, there is a reluctance in England to sell to each other.”

It’s hard to imagine Chelsea would be stupid enough to sell their best player but when Mourinho takes agin ya, it’s hard to win him around.

After the Fenerbahce win, Wenger was reluctant to be drawn about any potential moves before the transfer window closed, again reiterating that he couldn’t provide any details to the press.

“I don’t know what else to say,” he told the ITV reporter, before addressing the issue in his post-game press conference.

“I cannot tell you more than we are on the market. Everybody knows. The whole world knows that now.

“I cannot be more creative than that in the press conferences because all has been said and nothing has been concluded yet so I can understand your questions but I cannot give you more answers at the moment.”

The lay-off of Lukas Podolski and possible issues for Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere may concentrate minds in the Arsenal offices this week, but let’s remember any deals we do need to be done regardless of injury issues.

We need to get our Dick out and make things happen.

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le potato

not related but does anyone know what our
3rd or alternate kit for this season is???
no,one seems to give a shit about it…ehhh??

Malaysian Gooner

The purple one.


“The purple one”? A shirt of tribute to Sir Fungus’ retirement you mean?


It is the Purple kit from last season. Nike have been doing this for the last 3 or 4 years

le potato

thanks mate !!


why are people voting this down?

Edu's fake passport

Because they are self righteous wankers.


We should have got Mata on the first place itself. He was that summers Higuan


Higuain was this summer’s Mata

chris forn

lmao, @ Imarnuel you crack me up. lol


Was mata Summer’s higuian?

Mikel Artekkers

Stop arguing, it doesn’t Mata.

I’ll get my coat.


Ended up with Gervinho instead 🙁


Give Dick a breather

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

It’s been in the pants too long

It Is What It Is

Or a transplant…

A N Other

Or a Viagra

Arsene Ill

Fuck off. We should jam our Dick right down their throats. He needs to improve his stamina

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

Dick’s proper working is the only thing that shall ensure the next Arsenal generation.


He needs a little bit the breather

Arsene's bottle of water

We have to thrust Dick.

doggie arse

This morning I found myself lamenting that we did not have someone like Daniel Levy running our club. It has come to that! Can you see Gazidis lining up replacements before the star player is out the door…. Oh, hold on we don’t have to wonder…… He didn’t… twice. And still hasn’t.

He should be running a market stall not a football club. And he has made me have some appreciation for Levy which has made me feel dirty and is therefore unforgiveable.


C’mon Dick! Erect our hopes with some signings!


Yes Dick, make mata come!
…i’ll be on my way now….

chris forn

WTF, LOL. @ C’mon Dick! Erect our hopes with some signings!

The ghost of Peter Storey

Yeah! Come on Dick – splash out!

le potato

mata and cazorla…top class CAM and LW … boy o boy… need for new striker with mata at the emirates..he’ll chip in with enough goals and both mata and cazorla will provide enough opportunities for giroud/poldi/Theo to score ..poldi and giroud rotate at CF…and LW cazorla and gnabry…top, top attack…
looks like JUAN’S Tthe one !!!

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

You really are Le potato


Jose offloading one of his strongest assets to a CL rival, helping Wenger out of a dark media rut in doing so?

We’ve got more chance getting a blowjob off the Pope.

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

Depends how old you are I suppose.

le potato

OLD or cocky??


you are really not having any luck tonight le potato

Cyber Jesus

That cracked me up!


Mmm, I doubt it, he’d see us coming.


“but when Mourinho takes agin ya”

hey, no txt speak allowed here, time for a selfie ban 🙂


Dat iz lik welw duble standurds, innit


Trus blad swerr down


It would be the equivalent of saying “Tis”, as opposed to “It is”


@arseblog- is there any truth in the rumours that Mata’s father and agent were in a hospitality box at the game last night?

jack jack jack

He was there, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.


Arsene, the signing spree should start now. we’ve waited long enough.

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Spree? I’ll take one or two and be more than happy. Better than nobody

No kidding. What is a spree now adays?


If we don’t sign somebody good by this weekend I might literally explode.

Arsene has developed a new type of torture, it’s called Arsenal transfer activity. He gave it a trial in January but is putting it into full effect this summer.

Bould's Eyeliner

so whatever happened to flamini ahaha


It’s all a bit preDICtable

Toruc Macto

Personally, of the players we’ve been linked with, he’s the juan that mata’s most.

Arsene's Bored Banker

“There is a reluctance in England to sell to each other”

not true. I know a top4 club in England that sold its best player and the league’s best foward to another top4 team that was actually above them in the standings.

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Yeah but he was a skunk


so that means we can also get mata if he has a “little boy” inside him.right?


Pope jokes were up above.


That means we can only get Mata if we have a boatload of cash. In fact I’m surprised nobody has mentioned how poisonous Chelsea are to the fairness of the the Premier League’s transfer market in that no matter how much money is offered to them they have absolutely no reason to sell. They don’t need money. They have $18b. And FFP won’t work because it would mean banning a third of the teams in the league It really pisses me off. I think FIFA, UEFA, FA all drink from the same trough swelling with blood money and oil money.… Read more »

Andy Mack

UEFA would love to ban some EPL teams. They hate EPL being so successful.
But the problem is that they would also have to ban Monaco and PSG as well and Platinis’ son is involved with PSG.
We will see how they handle it in due course.

Bould's Eyeliner

by that logic he should sell us Mata and have no problems with it. All for the league right…



Toure Motors

Sometimes bad things happen when we take our dick out.


So, we need a Kondombia then, eh?

Alex Manninger

its world cup year and after only playing 65 minutes out of a possible 180 minutes this season, it may be in Mata’s best interest to come and play week in week out!!

Richard Marshall

270 minutes. Chelski have played 3…


“Likes” Mata “likes” Ozil “liked” Higuain – does he like to buy?

Perry Groves

Does he just press the ‘like’ button on facebook or something?


that’s how our scouting system works.

Gooner sickunt

Better chance if signing rooney even though I prefer mata. Wish we had enough money to sign both….

Merlin's Panini

I wouldn’t want both on the same team, it would look weird. Mata looks like a slightly better looking mini me of Rooney. He’s like the Wayne Rooney one of those big head caricature figurines that were a hit in the 90s.
Would love to have Mata playing for us though, like he should always have been. Probably won’t happen though.


Hope Wenger can sign his top top quality players now.


forgot the extra top!


Things can get a little sticky at times, but Dick really does have to stop letting agents fiddle withhim. If he has to sneak up on the transfer market from behind in order to penetrate the top talent, so be it. Ultimately, Dick is the one responsible for arousing players to come to Arsenal.

Finsbury Park Gooner

The Dick needs to help stimulate our growth.


It’s a shame it always ends in a sticky mess.


Are you Tobias Funke in disguise?

Edu's fake passport

These “dick” jokes are pretty pathetic.

Are you guys all 15, oh wait you might be, this is the internet.


If they are unique and well done, then they are quite funny. It is creativity I admire. Some of the best moments of Arrested Development (best comedy ever in my opinion) were such euphemisms.


He likes Messi and Ronaldo and guess what, they’re not coming either.

Mata, for me , was one of the top three players in the prem last year. No way Maureen would A:- sell him and B;- sell him to us.



I agree completely but what is it with your list, I’ve seen A:, B: or A), B), even A-, B-, but never A:- , B;-, one with a colon one with a semicolon. Get your act together.


one of the funniest comments on this blog ever.

Edu's fake passport

I like that Mourinho is now christened Maureen.

That should be his name henceforth.

Alfie Noakes

Another ‘possible’ signing? It really doesn’t Mata any more (see what I did there).


Commanding us to see what you did when it’s blindingly obvious is just insulting mate.

Alfie Noakes

I was unaware that I was ‘commanding’ anyone to do anything. Blimey, you make me sound really tough – I like that.


“See what I did there” — command
“See what I did there?” — request, inquiry.

I was trying to be humorous, but I guess I’m not very good/people are thick, take your pick.

The fool of a Took

Not a command, but more of a sneaky insulting question.

Alfie Noakes

My original comment was very tongue-incheek and I left the question mark off the end because it WAS so blindingly obvious that I was being a little bit silly in the first place.

If I’d had known I’d be corrected for my obviously appalling grammar I really wouldn’t have bothered. Anyway, I have a life to lead to correct away. And that’s just a statement – not a command, question or anything else. Or is it a sentence? (Note question mark indicating inquiry).


Righto. I knew what you were trying to say. You left the question mark out by mistake. I was trying to be humorous about it. No need to bang on about it for good.


Was it the club that honoured Daddy Mata at the emirates or did he just come see the game like any other VIP..?, as we’ve concluded no dreams and fantasies until he hits the pitch in an Arsenal shirt..#officiallyunvieled…we’ve dreamed enough..abeg joo, Mata+DM+backupGoalie=EPL title+CL final+FA cup…hahaha in dreamland

Gareth Murray

“when Wenger pulled the plug on the deal at the last minute”

The deal for Juan Mata was `hi-jacked´by Chelsea last minute.


Chelsea ‘hi-jacked’ squat. Wenger (and whoever else) dithered over the player for a couple weeks, eventually letting the release clause expire. After finally getting fed up with spuds not selling Modric, Chelski came in for Mata. There was no one to blame but our very own manager/board.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Mata didn’t stall then? Wenger has admitted not getting Mata was all his own fault and nothing to do with any of the other people/clubs/agents/other teams that got involved?

Mrthinks you are not above twisting things to fit your agenda. #angryspindoctor


The only “spin” going on is by the Defense of Wenger league. Here was the sequence of events: 1. Arsenal bids below buyout. 2. Mata hints he wants to move to Arsenal. 3. Arsenal won’t meet the buyout clause (somewhere around 18 million, I think). 4. Buyout clause expired, but Wenger is still confident a deal can be reached. 5. Valencia ups asking price to around 30 million. 6. Wenger says we won’t be buying Mata. 7. Mata eventually signs for Chelsea…a month after Arsenal’s first (failed) bid (below the buyout clause price) and a couple weeks after Wenger says… Read more »


This is a correct statement of fact and he gets more thumbs downs than ups.

Good to see you boys are still out there fighting your dwindling corner.




I wish this one pulls through


More transfer guff…

Mata Snr was in the directors box, but Dick proved once again to be a Short Short Man.


Wenger didnt pull the plug 2 years ago.


*while Dick


Wenger seems to have a myth. To constantly prove he is right. Yet he is now battling science. In a 60 game season and internationals, injuries, suspensions, R&R and a squad so thin it’s like a sandwich with no filling, disaster is just around the corner. We have played no big boys. With our top 11 we have a chance, without no chance. Oh how I would love Juan Mata, Angel Di Maria, Toby Alderweired, Karim Benzema, Julio Caesar. We need them ALL. Guess what? We are going to get none of them. Matthew Flamini has already been signed and… Read more »


Is finishing in the top 4 and qualifying for the CL a “season down the pan”? Is it a Liverpool-style down the pan season?


I don’t know. Is it a successful season?


Yup it is….when you say that only a top top top top top top quality player can play for arsenal. Isn’t it.


Hopefully no firm deals would result in Dick Bale-ing out…it would be a sad Mata and things would be Rooney’d.


Regarding our original non-signing of Mata, I’m not sure it’s fair (or at least accurate) to say that “Wenger pulled the plug on the deal at the last minute”. As was widely reported in Spain at the time, things were close to being tied up before Abramovich came in with his dirty deep pockets of shame and trumped our bid by some way. Seeing his wages could be around 30% higher with the Chavs he instead signed for them. Naturally this could lead to such popular refrains as “why didn’t we spend some fucking money” etc, however we know that… Read more »


See above on Chelski hijacking the Mata move.


Careful with the truth there Blogs…can get you in trouble with some of the locals.


OK, what’s your basis for saying that? Preview copy of Arsene’s book?


didnt you know? he is ITK

afolabi ademakinwa

No time to waste wenger act now window closes soon


I might be giving Jose too much credit for mindgameology, but might he have just left Mata on the bench to mess with Arsenal heads? He knows we’re all shitting bricks about new signings at the moment. Why not wave a juicy Mata under our noses just to snatch him away again at the last minute to fuel fan discontent?


“I might be giving Jose too much credit for mindgameology”

You hit the nail on the head.

le potato

Haters gonna hate.Potatoes gonna potate.


What about zucchinis?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They’re gonna Zucch, innit?

That was awful. I wish I’d had the brains to delete it before I clicked ‘Post Comment’


Just like they hi-jacked spurs deal for Willian???
I’ll be on my way now….

Gunner in Ghana

“I cannot tell you more than we are on
the market. Everybody knows. The
whole world knows that now”.
Which part of the market are we in? And, does “the whole world” include me?


The only thing Wenger will be signing in the near future is a new bumper contract to tie him down for the next 4 years. Henceforth 8 trophyless shall turn into 12 soon.


At the start of the summer it was all about high profile signings Suarez Higuian and Gustavo. Now its seems to be about team players. The EPL is so open this year with all teams looking vulnerable. Arsenals strength is our settled squad so keeping this settled system is the key. So only the young who can be trained like Sanogo or those who fit the system like Flamini will be signed. Fitting the system is the key not marquee signings to appease the masses.


It’s early doors but Sanogo looks like needing a bucket-load of training, bloody useless in his cameos to date.

glory hunter

I remember thinking the same thing about Anelka in 1998, and although he turned out to be a mercenary, he’s sale helped us build the training ground 🙂


And we got Henry as well, probably Wenger’s best ever bit of business
Anelka = Henry + new training ground.

I’m with Maradonut at the moment though, he has looked lost so far but time will tell, let’s hope he’s more Anelka and less Chamakh


City’s, MU’s and Chelsea’s squads are settled as well.


But they all have new managers who will want to play their style and the manager has to win the players over and vice versa.


chelsea sign a dozen of midfield,i very much doubt they have a settled squad
they have to train once more to learn how to cheat the special cunt style ,jump on to the ref everytime they arent happy,and all the shit you get from his team

City sign few player and they have to learn how to play actually football instead the catenaccio boring shit from mancini era

Well i give you MU but they are like us havent sign anyone to note


I have a better chance of signing with Arsenal than Arsenal do of signing Mata.


AW has turned Mourinho words back on him about premier league clubs not selling to each other!


This ain’t happening.We couldn’t sign him last time round despite selling Fabregas!

Peter Lavelle

Is finishing in the top 4 and qualifying for the CL a “season down the pan”? Is it a Liverpool-style down the pan season?
No, it’s another Arsenal-style season down the pan!


Four games, three wins one loss, a little premature aren’t we ?


Well you obviously didn’t get what I was saying. Staying in the top 4 and consistently qualifying for the CL is an achievement, just ask Liverpool, Leeds, Inter Milan … Especially when you consider how little net spending on players we’ve done.


have to agree with @davidnewzealand – that’s how le boss rolls. Fully expect Flamini, maybe Cabaye. Is anyone else in for Julio Cesar I wonder? Would love to see that. I reckon that would make a massive difference at the back to confidence even if we have to go on a run without Mert and Kol

Merlin's Panini

Julio Cesar would not make our defense magically ok if we don’t have any decent centre backs in it. Look where QPR are now.


There has been one rumour after another. and still no signings. It is clear the squad is threadbare especially in comparison to the other teams Arsenal compete with. Other clubs seem able to buy players even in the current climate. This would suggest that there is something dysfunctional in relation to transfers. From a business perspective the CEO is either lacking vision or is unable to make effective decisions. It is his job to make sure that his organisation is effective. It is his job to make sure there is a team in place to manage the transfer system from… Read more »

grand short of a brown envelope

The bleedin’ obvious couched in evening class business terms. Thanks melphoto.


yes, other teams are able to buy, but it seems to me that a lot of times they pay 50% more than what’s the player worth, e.g. cavani, bale, higuain, or 5pur2 new players.

Oz gooner

Mata signing is another false dawn. On the bollocks scale, it would have to rate highly.

Why didn’t Wenger get him before he signed for Chelsea? They had the chance, but Wenger sanctioned it!
Now he’s on the Frog’s ‘like’ list!

Just unbelievable that a near billion pound business can be run so much at one stubborn foolish man’s whim


This ain’t gonna happen.

Mourinho wouldn’t sell his own poo to Wenger.

It’s a compliment. Mourinho sees Wenger as the only genuine threat aside from Pellegrini.


“I don’t know. Anyway, there is a reluctance in England to sell to each other.” Yet when Manure came in for the Dutch Skunk it was okay to sanction that move? Other clubs in England seem reluctant to sell to us. We seem to have made our living off selling to English clubs in the past few years.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Mata will be great for arsenal its now up to wenger if he wamts him

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, it’s up to Mourinho and Mata.


If we had david dein we wouidnt be in this stupid situation,were actually begging for decent players,what a shambles!


More chance of Gareth Barry instead of Juan Mata

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If he gets Mata after our previous limp fumble will Dick now be getting sloppy seconds?

onwuachumba Anthony

Arsanal management makes arsenal sound stingy, bcs they are always about saying I want to buy till the market window closed. Believe me the will not buy till next season

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