Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Arsenal travel to West Brom in League Cup

Arsenal will face West Bromwich Albion at the Hawthorns in the third round of the Capital One Cup.

The Gunners, who’ve never won the competition during the Arsene Wenger era, will likely take a young side* to the Midlands as they look to put the disappointment of last season’s quarter-final exit to Bradford behind them.

The match will be played either on the 24 or 25 September and comes sandwiched between Premier League fixtures at home to Stoke and away at Swansea.

*In fairness after our recent cull of the Academy we’re either going to be taking 12-year-olds or the first team.


Full draw

Manchester United v Liverpool (heh!)
Sunderland v Peterborough
West Ham v Cardiff
Manchester City v Wigan Athletic
Burnley v Nottingham Forest or Millwall
Newcastle v Leeds
Southampton v Bristol City
West Brom v Arsenal
Swindon v Chelsea
Tranmere v Stoke
Watford v Norwich City
Aston Villa v Tottenham
Hull City v Huddersfield Town
Leicester City v Derby County
Birmingham City v Swansea City
Fulham v Everton or Stevenage

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The exit to Bradford was in the Quarter Finals.

*pedantic weeping*

Jarl Frantzen

Dan Crowley as skipper for the traveling pack of 12 year olds?

New Guy

Zelalem! Alongside a first XI that includes Gnabry, Eisfeld, Akpom, Ryo, and the guys who were on the bench against Stoke at the weekend before the match. And Flamini at right back. And maybe Frimpong.


Does anyone at arsenal have the balls to actually sack Arsene wenger after what appears to be a summer transfer fail?….. u reckon anyone up there can swing the axe? I don’t think so and so do you and that’s why he couldn’t be arsed what I, you or any other fan thinks….. He actually said this “If we get top, top top quality players we will do something…. we all know how that’s turning out. fast forward he again said…. “i will only bring players that are better than what I have”….and I ask if flamini that? As you… Read more »

New Guy

I really want you to be wrong but at this point I just don’t know anymore. AVB pretty much said today that Bale is going. Surely that means that there are some super top top quality players for sale in Madrid? I’d frankly be happy with any of the names that are being tossed around in the press. Oh yeah and maybe a centre back so that we don’t have to play Mert/Sagna in every match.


Speaking of the bale-real deal

If we’re to sign any of the players that are rumoured to depart madrid. (dimaria, benzema et all) they could potentially cause a threat against the sp*rs this weekend. So coz of this, it’s no surprise the bale deal is stalling at the moment….. I suspect they will sanction it just before the NLD (little to get in our signings in time for the match or even after the NLD)

Dirty dirty sp*rs!


It’s is pretty funny watching the fans vacillate between rage and adoration for Wenger. Those who paid attention the last 3-4 transfer windows will see a worrying trend developing. Maybe they are actually trying, regardless they are failing in spectacular fashion. I would not pin my hopes on the three amigos from Madrid, who all committed their future in the last couple of days, or on Mata, there is just no way Chelsea would sell to us. Makes us look like chumps, selling all our players to the highest bidder no matter what the consequences for our own competitiveness. The… Read more »

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

He didn’t mean to say better than what we have he meant to say cheaper than what we have!!!.

Now watch Arsene supporters/apologist get rid of the BUT WE DON’T HAVE MONEY excuse and start with no top top top quality player to sign, he has class and style, we sacrifice growth for trophies, there is City, Chelsea, PSG and Monaco and best of them all he loves this club we can’t sack him.

with the left and the right

This is disgraceful. Arsenal are a club with class. You don’t sack someone whose given seventeen years of his life to this club, that’s just no way to treat someone, no matter what the circumstances! regardless of what you think about Wenger one thing is for certain, he’s earned the right to decide when he leaves that’s the least that we owe him for completing transforming this club into the global brand that it currently is.


‘Makes us look like chumps…’

I don’t disagree, but I think people worry far too much about this. It’s hardly believable how much I’ve seen/heard this summer from embarrassed Arsenal fans and gloating Spurs fans. We’ve been consistently superior for about a hundred years, but somehow that’s all forgotten because they’ve spent 70 million quid.


Who cares about Spurs? I was referring to the ease in which we sold off players to City and United, nevermind Barcelona. Contrasts with the hardline stance taken by Liverpool this year and by United when they would not sell Heinze to Liverpool.

anyway, it seems like Wenger has been trying to spend big for some time, with supposed failed bids for Mata and Goetze to name the ones which might be true, nevermind all those we don’t hear about. How many transfer windows have gone begging?


Rooney and Suarez aren’t in the last year of their contracts, or things would no doubt be different. Even so, I agree – our transfer dealings seem to have been suspiciously inept since David Dein left. But who knows how these deals are really done? Would you be at all surprised if there was a dodgy element involved with agents etc. that Arsene refuses to get involved in? I doubt many players we’ve signed in the last 3 or 4 years needed much convincing – Giroud, Koscielny, Gervinho from France, where Wenger is king; Mertesacker who was a boyhood Arsenal… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

@with the left and the right. I agree that over transfer business, to sack Wenger is a bit unceremonious. To give him the right to stay until whenever he wants is excessive in the other direction. He must still be able to be held accountable – whether its by public shaming by the fans or a forceful move from the board/CEO, there has to be something to keep in check a man’s singlehanded power when it represents an entire entity (which includes us fans). In the spirit of a club with class, I would assume that such a balance would… Read more »


whether its by public shaming by the fans

that is out of order.

the arsenal fan should have nothing but gratitude and respect for what he has done for this club.

i think you lads have missed the point. we are not the type of club that wants to win via spending money…we’d rather do it with our own academy players and on the cheap.

if you cant embrace that FACT i wonder why you follow arsenal… its not like we were ever a big spender.

Bould's Eyeliner

I’m not saying we should, i’m saying that it will happen if he does not accommodate somehow…

I love Arsenal, but even for reasonable standards this window has been very disappointing. At the same time I also still love what Wenger does on the pitch, in the club, his overall philosophy. Transfers is just one part of his job, but still quite large and I would love to see him bring the club to a trophy before his tenure is physically improbably to continue.


I don’t want Arsene to be sacked, he’s a great manager.
I just wish he’d do things a bit differently, especially in the transfer market.
Times have changed, he needs to accept that and pay what players are worth.
Maybe we should have a director of Football or something.


Can I play?


I like your moxy, kid. You’re hired.


He has that mental strength


and has the quality but what is most important is not just the quality but the consistancy of the quality will he peform not just next week but in 2 years to the same high level.

I believe he has this.


He’ll kill Denilson


Are you young, french and injury prone?


I broke my arm once as a kid!

Edu's Braces

Thank God the deadwood is gone, this cup should be about seeing exciting prospects, not Gervinho-Chamakh-Arshavin. Zelalem, lets be having yooooooooouuuuuuuuu


Let’s destroy these cunts


Meh…Could have been worse….


When I was playing college football, I always played fwd in easier matches ( I was a goalkeeper ). Fabianski in goal and SzCz lone striker ftw


Excited to see the youngsters! Wish we had seen more of them against Fenerbache.


At least United got hard opposition for once. Always used to grate me how easy their cup draws have been.

Bould's Eyeliner

the ol’ fergie touch aint there – coincidence?


pop guns!


now the games are piling up. I hope Wenger wakes up from his dreams. I must admit atimes I get excited at the prospects of our players and get depressed and frustrated at our lack of game changing options. Does Wenger and the board know how it hurts?????

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

No they don’t, but hell sure they know how to save money in the bank that is as reported 180 million while the team crying for players.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsene Knows


now the games are piling up. I hope Wenger wakes up from his dreams. I must admit atimes I get excited at the prospects of our players and in a minute get depressed and frustrated at our lack of game changing options. Does Wenger and the board know how it hurts?????


now the games are piling up. I hope Wenger wakes up from his dreams. I must admit atimes I get excited at the prospects of our players and in a minute get depressed and frustrated at our lack of game changing options. Does Wenger and the board know how it hurts?????

Per's Nimble Footwork

We get it. It hurts. Sheesh!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think it’s something laggy on the blog mate. Everybody and his uncle are double posting here nowadays.

weng... err

Goonerdal couldn’t have put it better.
This club has become so money oriented, make money and ship it to the U fucking S. Look at the majority of the crowd at emirates for example. Only a handful of true gooners make it there due to ticket prices. Rest I doubt know much about football. And its like mute in the stadium. Thats one bitter pill for most


no money is shipped out of the club to america

and its a bit arrogant of you to say that the majority of the crowd at the emirates aren’t true gooners and don’t know much about football

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You don’t like the Club, and you don’t like the 60,000 fans that fill the stadium every home game. Why are you even here? What makes you think you speak for most of us? You’re just a whin… err.

Lol me

4 days left and we haven’t spent any money. Huh.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Why, did you believe the compulsive liar of a manger we have? He is been taken The Arsenal supporters as fools for years and most believed him. I came here in July and I said Mr Wenger will sign ONLY Sonogo and maybe middle of the road footballers. But what I never expect was to get rid of Forehead, Le Coq and Djourou and sign no one. The Crazy Manl even did more damage than I ever thought he would, he is just beyond help now.


Guys look how biased the BBC are.


They are clearly annoyed cause liverpool are shit and Spurs have lost Bale meaning we are getting top 4 again and we are yet again in the champions league this year.


The part where we have failed to beat any top ranked opposition for ages makes for depressing reading. Don’t know why they singled Arsenal out, I read a similar piece elsewhere that put the sword to United and their dismal record in recent years, does not mean we are not equally shit in the CL. We are rewarded for our consistency, but if we ever dropped out we would find it hard to get back in.


You mean for example beating barcelona on their top or beating bayern on their top? Yeah, we didn’t done that in ages.


IMO ones we manage to sign 1 or 2 top quality players more will follow the issue is getting the first 1 or 2 its going to be the hardest.

Ones we sign good players more will follow when we improve.

Im afraid Liverpool and Spurs will remain shit.


Swindon vs chelsea eh! Why is it that it always seems like chelsea do pick who they like to play? They always get the easy draws. For me the star match would be aston villa at home to the “you know the massive c*nts*. Drifting out of topic… If wenger knows he won’t be able to capture ozil or any other high profile mf i suggest he better open talks with ajax for eriksen before it’s too late, are we baulking at the asking price of toby anderweireld? Eh! That should be a deal we should have concluded a longtime… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We aren’t the only club interested in Anderweireld, and Ajax are not exactly committed to moving him on. His agent might need a bit of ready cash though, so dropped his name to a buddy at a Newspaper. Can nobody else see the pattern here? 1) Player X is not mentioned in transfer rumours at all for 11 weeks of the transfer window. 2) Player X gets mentioned in the Press as a potential transfer target for Arsenal because he is a defender/midfielder/forward and Arsenal need a defender/midfielder/forward because one of their defenders/midfielders/forwards got injured/banned for a game recently 3)… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well standing up is a fun way to fuck, but I think I meant to say “Fuck Stan and the Board” there.


Suarez has 3 games left in his ban. Losefool’s kick off at 1330 and us at 1600. Suarez to be announced an Arsenal player in that break when Loserfool – united wraps up and we kick off, somewhere between 1515 to 1600. That will make a total of 5 out of 6 games and only 1 more game of his ban left!!

Salute to Monsieur Wenger!


Can someone pass me some happy pills. I am going into a deeper depression

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You should have watched Arsenal’s last three games. Would have made you happy.

Tom Gun

Ok so, if we rest the first XI like usual, the team likely to be:

Bould(!) Wenger(;))
Jenkinson. Monreal
Rosicky. Zelalem
(or Eisfeld)

Tom Gun

Ugh – to finish:



Is wenger still smoking……? Come on mate we have 4 days left! Sign some player dude!?!??


Wait until the transfer window shuts before judging. ANYTHING could yet happen. I still believe we’ll get players in and yes I have taken my medication thanks for asking.

jack jack jack

Exactly. There’s no point in all this “There’s only four days left you cunt!” – what if he signs a whole slew of players in the last couple of days? One would look a right mug. If the transfer window ends and we haven’t brought anyone in (a possibility so insane I can’t even contemplate it), then Wenger will be rightly criticised. Until then, hold tight and pop open the rum.

weng... err

Wake me up when septwenger ends.


It seems we are attractive to either French players or players from medium sized clubs. After the Higuain fiasco I can’t see us signing any player from a top club unless we pay a premium.


If you’ve been following what has been happening this summer, everyone has to pay ‘premium’ to top clubs, or any clubs for that matter, for top quality players. That only has to do with the market. Its not about the nationality of the player or the size of the club, its about quality. A top quality player will go to the best club (i.e. will pay more and win more) that will be in for him. A player that doesn’t get playing time may downgrade his club (but rarely take a pay cut) to get regular football. A top player… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So you get the top players by being at the top, and to almost all players being at the top means winning trophies and titles. Ergo, we must strengthen our team as best we can, which most likely means squad players, but better squad players than the ones we sold. If we buy 4 players over the next 3 days and only 2 of them prove better than the ones we have lost then we will be stronger and we will have more chance of winning something. Arsenal fans have to face the fact that to get the sort of… Read more »


This year it will be indeed difficult, but I believe this year’s market is deformed by mediocre clubs (sp*rs) or not very rich clubs (napoli) got awful lot of money by making exceptional sales. Luckily, they haven’t been very clever with their money and now it’s mostly gone. So unless pool sells suarez, the arsenal will be again in the big spending league only with psg, monaco, citeh, chelsea, utd, barca, real and bayern – I just don’t seen another 50m+ sale coming from a ‘smaller’ club in the next couple of years. By the way, it really shows how… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

As long as we have billionaires able to spend freely we will always have a market “deformed by mediocre clubs (sp*rs) or not very rich clubs (napoli) got awful lot of money by making exceptional sales.” This is what letting clubs spend money they don’t earn does to competition. This is not an unusual window, it is a typical modern window. If you aren’t funded by a free-spending billionaire then you are ultimately a feeder club for the billionaires. Even United have been affected by that this year, and silly bloody Spurs think their little windfall will help them break… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Our stadium might drag us to the top given a bit of time and perhaps a working FFS, but fuck, I wish we had built a 90,000 seater stadium, or at least built Ashburton Grove so that it was easy to add another 30,000 seats when we could afford it.


Guys what you think of us signing Flamini again?

Me personally i still see him as a back stabber who left us for higher wages when we needed him most.

We could of kept him with Hleb bout a player and won the league.

We only finished 4 points from top at the end of the season he left.

jack jack jack

I really liked him as a player, and would be happy to see him back if he’s still at a good level. Tough, committed, versatile, free. All good things. However, I share your regrets over the 07/08 season, brings back the heartbreak watching the title slip from our grasp. The season that should have been.

While we’re on the topic, Cesc recently posted this – the 4 ‘brathers’. What a midfield that was https://twitter.com/cesc4official/status/372388453813465089/photo/1

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Cesc is always thinking back to his days at Arsenal. He was talking about “We” when he mentioned us even a year after he had joined Barca. He should ask for a loan to play for us this season or from January anyway, and then he can be part of the 3 ‘brathers’ and we can invite Hleb to watch from the stands.

Wishful thinking – It’s great so long as you don’t start to believe it can really happen.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He only did what all footballers do if they can swing it. He didn’t find the grass greener in Italy even though he’d always had some stupid romantic vision of how it would be for him there. If he rejoins us and is better than Squillaci, for example, even for just a season, then it still gives us more chance of winning something. So good luck to him if he joins, and I hope to fuck he can still do a job for us. His return will at least reinforce in other player’s minds the idea that Arsenal is a… Read more »


Fantastic…away draw to premier league side. What jolly good fun.

At this stage I am thinking the better question is whether or not there will be any last minute sales….

Just in utter disbelief at the whole thing.


Rad Carrot

Oh well.

I suppose an early exit will be good for us.


Please don’t be emotionally attached to Arsenal. Please don’t be emotionally attached to Arsenal. FUCK!


What is that wanker doing? I thought flamini and benzema should be all done deals by today…. What the fuck? Is wenger sucking on law’s dick?

Fuck you wenger! Get a fucking move on or else there’d be carnage this sunday you old cunt! That goes to you too fat dick!!!


Where art thy signings ????!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 days left…

my mind hurts and OH TO BE A GOONNER… we’re more likely to suffer…


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