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Bruce: Bendtner has a huge …

… wage packet.

Steve Bruce, for reasons best know to himself, would like to sign Nicklas Bendtner for Hull. But he can’t.

It’s not that Arsenal won’t sell. It’s that the Dane’s salary (he earns twice the GDP of Luxembourg per week) is too great for the Tigers.

“I’ve been able to get him on loan at my last two clubs,” he said. “I know the lad, he has terrific ability but it’s difficult with the amount of money he earns at the minute.

“He has a huge salary. It’s always difficult but we’re always trying. We’re looking to get maybe one more in. That will prove difficult but we’re working away.”

After holding discussions with Crystal Palace earlier in the week, there’s been no suggestion from the Londoners that they’re willing to contend with his enormous package either.

As we mentioned earlier in the week, the countdown to the deadline day loan is well and truly underway.

If not, he stays with us for his final season and given that Arsene Wenger has just one striker (and a raw kid as cover) on his books, watching B52 bomb in Arsenal colours once more may not be utterly implausible.

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How typical would it be for us to have to play him because we are so short on numbers, he starts to bang them in all over the place, we try to give him a new contract and he buggers off for loads of money on a free.


And then we re-sign him in five years from Milan after he’s earned far more than he should’ve…


After a typically disheartening summer.


But he’s free 😀


Yeiy! coz everything that is free is good…


Someone really should have kept this going..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’s not free according to Steve Bruce. He’s costing us a fortune. If we can’t trick somebody into paying his wages for us then we’ll just have to make him earn some of it.

Any other player would have realised by now that if he doesn’t make it with us then he won’t make it at all. Bendtner seems immune to normal thought processes though so who knows what he is going to do?


T-minus 4 days before Arsene begins talk of Bendtner as “special,” “top quality,” and LANS? Ugh, I think I’m going to be sick.


Ok Bednter is a cunt,but is he any worse than Giroud(Go Figure)


They are exactly nothing alike.


I mean if he scores a bunch of goals and helps out, then I don’t even care if he fucks off afterwards. I’m worried about 2013-14 right now.


I hate to break the norm here but I actually think Bendtner is a decent player and I’d be more than happy to have him as back-up for Giroud this year the way things are going we could use anyone.

Wenger - Jedi Master

it’s happening…


I have to admit, your name and post made me chuckle.

Still, Kebabs has a point. While he doesn’t have the talent he thinks he does, he does have more talent than we think he does (makes sense, no?). It’s just that his attitude is complete shit and his sense of self worth is through the f*cking roof.


You think wrong mate. His only skill is height, something he was born with and is incapable of fucking up, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he found a way. That aside please name one other quality of his that is beyond ‘maybe on a good day just about premiership’ level.


please someone tell me this is just a fuckingjoke.


Giroud gets injured on Saturday….*Bendtner looks up at the light shining down on him from the sky* This is it, he says to himself.


…Time for a quick cig and to post some shite on Instagram.


If Big Ollie gets crocked, we are properly f…ked


I have a hunch this is a reason why we have not signed a CF yet. Want to be rid of Bendtner and his wages first.


Oh really? tell me more….


The way things are going, I can see him staying. Just when you think things can’t get any worse.


All because of Wenger’s foot dragging in transfer window silly last days. I’m ready to vent like mad Sunday if results doesn’t go our way.




Please take him Bruce. We could throw in a Pound also 😉


…and a Korean Soldier.

James Abalawiaye

And your sister

rj gooner

God no! Please just fuck off nick

Killed him

Ladies and gentlemen, the group of death


Arseblog loves a bitta B52…


Wenger – the manager who won’t pay market wages for players but overpays everyone he does sign.


only if they’re average. He won’t break the wage limit for world class like RVP

Sagnas Indestructible Neck

Don’t encourage this clown back playing at our club.

He IS everything Arsenal has done wrong over the last few years.


Huge dick?


Exactly. He is a huge dick, and that is the reason why so many people dislike him. That combined with the fact that, for a striker, he is remarkably poor at scoring.

I do wonder how he scored with baroness Caroline though. Perhaps she admired him for his enormous package?

Nicklas Bendtner

Bitches please I ain’t goin nowhere


Fuck no I never want to see this clown in an Arsenal shirt again! Don’t fucking do it Wenger!!!


Wud rather bendtner went to palace. him and chamakh together could be lethal..


Yeah, lethal to palaces hopes of avoiding relegation..


As problematic as he is. I would take him over Sonogo if no one comes in.
He did score some crucial goals and the header against the Cunts.

New Guy

Yeah but it all has to be looked at in context. I’ll never forget the waste of a glorious opportunity to knock barca out of the champions league in that match when some Dutch guy who used to play for us got sent off for nothing. I think that was the make or break moment in his arsenal career.




Why don’t they get him for free and use tt 3million for his damn wages.


Look, we need striker coverage so maybe having Nik around is not such a bad idea.
If the lad can change his attitude and come in with fresh impetus . . . oh Jesus, who am I kidding – Bendtner is waste of talent with a head for an arse and an arse for a head!

Phil macca

In view of wengers inept performance in the transfer market I fully expect to see the greatest striker in the world to play a role for the first team this season, god help us


Good God almighty,What is Wenger n GaziDICK turnin Arsenal fc into??we all saw Flamini written all over 2 sign,but hvin Bendtner bendtner to play for d club again after he has gone to d wilderness,n could nt get up to 13goals??? Wil b d biggest humilation to all arsenal fans worldwide…spurs signin two more players today n wenger wil say bendtner is a special spcial top class player…..


Speak d fuckin English for fucks sake


I’m guessing the headline was supposed to imply something a bit dirty, but the first thing I thought when I read it was “Bendtner has a huge…” “well, ‘ego’ of course.”


I read somewhere that £52,000 is the great man’s weekly salary, which then makes sense for both the stupid number, and his unwillingness to give it up


I guess he’ll play his next match when he’s 52 then


Enjoy the cash, Nicklas, as you won’t be getting anything like that at your next club. Not playing for another year isn’t going to make your next contract a lucrative one.


I miss his pink boot though

Gaz Hull Fan

Why are we looking at bendtner again? He priced himself out of the deal last time so whats to change now? Hes just another bullard living the life on £50,000 a week.


Any chance of a story that doesn’t get the trolls blaming wenger or preparing to ‘vent’??? How about discussing the new catering contract? #sickofthelackofsupport




Bendtner to score the winning goal in the Champions League final.


Please, please, please someone (Mr Blogs?) buy

Chrome says it doesn’t exist, but how can we buy it??? I guarantee we will make a fortune off of it from his next club……


Arsene? U love a bargain…


If only Wenger has done the right thing and spend the fucking money. This slacker fool won’t be a topic worth these much comment.


When last did he even kick a ball?


During training!


We pay his wages, we might as welll make use of him until he fucks off.


Still talking about Bendtner.

If this was the mafia we would have whacked him for his insolence and buried him under a bridge somewhere.

*Forgive me- just watched every series of the sopranos.


Whew. Glad you cleared that up with the Soprano’s reference. Considering all the talk about a big package and then you talking about whacking him…


The biggest question should be who the fuck offered him that contact, a few years ago now too! Ridiculous. As a club who is so stringent and determined to make its money go the furthest this is appalling. Honestly, if you were shit at your job, put on some bravado before contact negotiations would you say no to that offer? The wages wasted on the likes of b52 and denilson should be asked to be answered at every press conference. To think welbeck at man utd was on a fraction of that wage in order to give him the incentive… Read more »


From not so reliable source, Wenger gets a cut out of it 🙂


Bendtner earns every penny of his wages, he can’t go skiing when we can


Crystal palace deserve the idiot he will be a hit with the manager

Arsene's bottom lip

I think you’re all missing the point….

Which fuckwit gave him such a huge (undeserved) wage?

And because of that we can’t even recoup some of the money. Where did he get his economics degree? Toys R US?

Arsene's top lip

Excuse me, are you forgetting something….

This guy is better than Messi.


I’m not missing the point

Tiger Fan

No we don’t want him either even if you paid his wages. S Bruce has done well but does’nt know a striker from his elbow

twisted cuntloks

Well Wenger has certainly got loyalty from Bendtner in exchange for those massive wages he sanctioned.
Please fuck off Bendtner


Reliable source: “There’s a growing realisation within the club that AFC might just end up with just the two free transfers”

“well there’s also a growing realisation within me that I may spontaneously combust!”

What is wrong with A.F.C? and specifically ARSENE WENGER??

Bendtner's ego

How low have you sunk in your footballing career when even a lonely Hull supporter trolling another club’s blog won’t even have you?


With all this nonsensical stuff going on at Arsenal, there are only two possible mood outcome come Sunday. Either I’m very happy or I end up in a fitting rage of the worst kind causing like hell!


Lol look what Arsene is doing to us. suddenly bendtner is back in the frame, why Arsene why?….

*spontaneously combusts


Can’t we just pay someone to take TGSTEL off our hands? They use that money to top off his cuntly wage demands. We have the cash – so use it for chrissakes

Frankfurt Gooner

We’ve already tried that one too many times, that is why Eintracht Frankfurt lost interest … well that and his wage demands …

Harry Hotspur on today’s arsecast. I don’t mean to be a bastard but am I alone in feeling really, really disappointing a phlegm-lunged knucklerdragger like Harry Hotspur was on today’s Arsecast? That’s like Bush inviting Saddam for lunch.


Wait…is Blogs Bush in this scenario? I wonder how that makes him feel? Still, I kinda have to agree. Listening to him felt a bit like dragging knives on a chalkboard.

Unyoke The Ox

Seriously, let him rot in the reserves or Wayne Bridge him and tell him he’s not welcome to train with us. We need to send a message to other players who have a similar lack of ambition.

Sebastian A.C.

If B52 stays, we’re probably gonna get Love Shacked…

Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out.


I know he is a cunt but when played up front rather than wide he was a reasonable striker,if he does stay for the last year of his deal then we may as well use him (on bench)

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