Saturday, June 22, 2024

Diary of a season: Arsenal 1-3 Villa

A horrendous opening day defeat to Villa, Hayley and Vince discuss.

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mr man

i wish to punch wenger in his belly and shout ‘wake up bitch!’


Arsene sitting on the edge of his seat looking every bit of distraught anytime the camera picked him…. he obviously knows somethings missing in this team and can’t help but be anxious. shit thing is he ain’t doing a damn thing about it.


You get what you pay unless you’re an arsenal fan



Fuck off Wenger and Gazidis.

if you cannot be the custodians of the club you can fuck right off


Japanese soldiers would have hara kiri’d if they had to fuck up this badly when there was so much responsibility


I hope this ‘8-2s’ the transfers. While some were bad I’m very happy with Arteta, Mertesacker and how Benayoun helped.


Never been this down about the start of a football season…..


There is nothing more depressing than losing the first game.


This is only the beginning of woes. Arsenal will be dumped out of CL by Fenerbc and Wenger will be served right. It’s heartbreaking for us fans, but so be it! Was so looking forward to this season, now I am already wishing that it is over. Wenger keeps talking about “top top quality” … But he wants them for peanuts and as the saying goes, ” you give peanuts, you get monkeys”!

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richard laiszer

My friend forget about top quality players in arsenal squad.but there is quality players in the future of wenger transfer but we will never see those players.

richard laiszer

Now we are just look what will be going on for Arsenal.
everything had been rumours always .And Arsenal always showing arther club good players to signing Like chelsea spurs those two clubs always they wait to see wich player arsenal need.Higuain Gustavo Suarez nothing comes better arsene wenger to be queit if his not read to sign player.i not no how wenger fill to speak every time but hi doesnt do anything.i realy like arsenal but.oohhh.


Today left me on the sofa eyes closed wishing this was nothing but a bad dream.


Just don’t understand how it ever came to this


Years of ‘judge me at the end of the season….wait till the transfer window opens….wait till the window closes…. Wait till Diaby is back…

It creeps up on you and suddenly it’s been 8 years, a jammy FA cup win feels like ‘the glory years’.


Im in a management position at a company and if I fucked up my brand as badly as this management has smeared shit over our clubs pride and honour – I would fuckin resign, and if I wasn’t arsed enough to resign I would have been fired and kicked out the door

how the fuck are we still allowing this?

Whether or not he takes dividends or not the net asset value of Stans shares have benefited significantly – he is sitting very fuckin pretty the more players we sell.

Fuck off the lot of ya!

Pst eteng

Wenger has turn arsenal to a toilet where any body can go and excrete, shame to the management team and stans



what? never? then another new season with TROPHYLESS will continue until moral improves! BLAH!


yep, my opinion may not count because i don’t pay for a £2k season ticket, but that is one surefire way to send a message to Wriggler/Gaz/Stan. Don’t pay for something you don’t get a return from. Simple


Its daylight fukn robbery

Phil carter

This was so predictable, we knew this was likely to happen and this is the worst start ever, Wneger Fuck off you have lost the plot. This club deserves more than you and you clowns can offer. 3-1 at home first up , if you had any shame you will resign. Get out.

Pop Gunner

I have been a Supporter for over 40 years…forget the emotions of the day – as a manager, any manager, to not be able to provide a service ‘fit for purpose’ is not acceptable. For Arsene Wenger after 16 years in charge to have a back four at the end of play on the first day of the season of Podolski-Mertsecker-Ramsey-Jenkinson is simply not acceptable…and with a crucial Champions League Qualifier this week and the lack of squad cover this is gross negligence. If I was accused of gross negligence in my job I would be sacked….


Fail to plan, plan to fail.


Hopefully, we’ll manage to scrape through CL and qualify and Wenger won’t do anything to add to this team still. But he will sign a new contract.

Pst eteng

Here in Nigeria, we arsenal fans are ashame to speak when others are speaking, Eyimba fc of Aba is now better than arsenal fc of london, let them keep the money (s) and lose the pride. I like the way it happened, the policies made policies amended, the old way is not working for arsenal any more, wenger spendaaaaaaaaaa


Its past 3am in my part of the world but I cannot fukn sleep, how can wenger be still business as normal “things went not too good on the injuries front, ref made bad decisions, we cannot find players better than the current squad” bollocks

What the fuck is he smoking that he can sleep soundly whilst I feel like I may have a heart attack


Hey, why don’t we try paying the amount of money for great players that the team selling that player agrees is enough for them to leave. In the real world, outside Arsenal, that is called ‘the price’. Crazy idea I know. Another crazy idea: If the arsenal transfer team can’t find better players than the ones we have, maybe the club needs people who can?

Ekpang B

Only a Fool does the same think over and over again and expects a different result. AW has lost it.

Who The F**k are Sp*rs?

That’s the definition of madness and Wenger is looping, barking, wibbling fucking, bat-shit crazy.

Hank Scorpio

I hear you JVC. It’s all too predictable. Gands up if you didn’t see that coming? Ok now hands up if you didn’t see coming and your name is not Arsene Wenger? I simply cannot believe that with an entire planet of footballers to choose from we cannot find one good enough for this club but some will materialize in the next 2 weeks. And who’ll come after we fall to Fenerbache?

Who The F**k are Sp*rs?

The worst thing about today is before the match I bought an away shirt, with badges and Wilshere on the back, and 2 shirts from the 2 for £25 range. In all plus postage I shelled out £101. Then the Villa Horror Show. I wouldn’t mind half as much but they’re not even going to spend that hundred fucking quid I just foolishly handed over. Where are we up to now? About £90m-£100m is it? He’s not saving up for an audacious bid for Simian Banana Muncher is he? Wenger does seem to live in Cloud Cuckoo Land anyway so… Read more »


I feel for you. The last couple of years I would have bought a named-jersey but I lucked out and the sold the player before I could shell out the money.


chamberlain til november? could someone please not confirm this!


‘No quality player in the market’ – AW. Falcao, Gustavo, Pulinho, Cavani, Higauin, Jovetic,Ceaser, Negredo,etc are not quality players. We now know Wenger’s difination of ‘quality’ but that is not what we want. We want decent players that can guarante 3 points against decent opposition.
We want a team that will stop embarrassing us with their mediocre display.
We don’t want a coach that has no shame.


“People always say ‘buy players, buy players, buy players’. When you tell them ‘tell me who?’ it becomes much more problematic. ”

Higuain, Fellaini, Jagielka, Cesar. I didn’t find that question problematic in the slightest.


Im so so upset by all this but im also scared as to what will happen if Arsene leaves. Horrible times to come. Klopp wont come here, im not making excuses but its easy to make unrealistic suggestions. Realistically it looks grim


Awful day, and I can’t even sleep.


Guus hiddink is out of a job at the moment. .. just saying. … but we would need to appoint him tomorrow to have an impact by the end of the window.


Gazidiz my arse bring back dein


Ok, so we lost again to a mediocre team. I understand that – its tough to find players of “quality” in the market – most of the players we do have are suffering from injuries – ref was being an ass… so my questions are thus for Arsene – for sure he knew the state of the team, so why not make sure that we do not loose – then if we do score first then kill off the game and make the opposition work for it – and then take our chances on the counter but no, thats the… Read more »


Wenger: “People say ‘buy players buy players buy players’, when you ask them
‘who?’, it becomes problematic for them.”

I mean fucken what?

Pete Spencer

I’ve been a Gooner since the late 50’s..back then we expected to lose…now we don’t…. certainly not against the likes of Aston Villa at home….the stables need cleaning out…the Professor can now be classified as certified nutty if he thinks this lot can win something this year. Top four…we’ll be lucky to make 5th from bottom…absolutely disgraceful…I think everyone else has used up the Anglo Saxon epithets so I’m not sure what else I can add apart from wake the fuck up and buy some class players…as ever it will be a panic buying 2 weeks of sheer fucking misery…there’s… Read more »


Heads down but heart is still there
we love you ARSENAL FC X


The window’s still open So we started off thin and we got so much thinner, suffering a suspect suspension, inumerable injuries and before the final insult, the penalty of a distinctly disputed winner. Unprepared to pay the price none could fail to count the cost, of our defensive frailty expertly exacerbated by the so called professionals who apparently officiated. Missing momentum would mean for us more than the three points were lost. But where were the reserves who ride to the rescue? Where were the next gen to do what they had too? Let go, on loan or simply transferred.… Read more »


What saddens me about this episode is that I think most people agree that Wenger is a great manager and he has created much of the expectations of success we have today but by promising these signings and not delivering he is setting himself up for criticism.


I think we are at a point where even Arsene himself knows his current team does not have what it takes to win the league but he’s not so fussed about since after years and years of top 4. that has become the bench mark. and nothing, nothing in this world is more sad than that especially given the fact we were a title winning side about not so long ago and second best was never good enough. we have fallen, it’s there for everyone to see and im afraid Arsene along with his troops might just be content with… Read more »


Good discussion in the vid, hitting upon the sentiments of most of the fans. Love the way Hayley says Fenerbahce. Hot lol. If you need a nice fella Hayley im ur man 😉

Pop Gunner

Dad knows his stuff and is pretty cool, wish he was my Dad…Hayley is pretty hot and knows her stuff – wish she was…


I wanted Wenger out the Summer he Sold Fabregas as I could see the writing was on the wall. Gazidis only cares about securing lucrative sponsorship deals but he doesn’t want to re-invest in the team. Kreonke watches from afar and checks the books and balances, when he see’s a profit financial, thats success to him. Kreonke will not sack Wenger so long as he makes a profit for the greedy capitalist American. Wenger is a stupid coach/manager, whohas failed to replace the most important position in his team, since Flamini and Gilberto left. Song was not an original DM,… Read more »


Arsenal is being run like a corporate and AW is being a company man towing the line it seems. Though in post match interview he did say its not just him making the moves for players. I don’t blame him, I think those doing the deals are failing him. It’s a terrible way to be running the club, and the season that should have seen progress is looking like a shambles from the start.


I don’t know and I’m not totally sure about it but I also feel it can’t be just Wenger. Years after years it can’t be just him alone who decides not to bring in new players and sell our best ones. I mean all the players at AFC – even the ones that have left or have been sold – have huge respect for him; for me it doesn’t make sense. He can’t have lost it so fk***g badly. I don’t know why but I got this strong feeling something else behind the scene is going on here. Maybe Arsene… Read more »


This isn’t acceptable, it is pure negligence by wenger that it has come that far. I am simply sick and tired of the situation. I also dont wan’t panic buys as every potential club we will deal with now will know that we will pay. Ultimately, we should have bought top players much earlier. Tbh, I want wenger to go and be replaced with a more ambitious coach, someone with a realistic vision and honest drive to get us back to the top. We cannot charge the highest ticket prices, and be a cheapskate when it comes to transfers…what the… Read more »


I still think it’s an achievement he took that squd to champions league last season. Still a great manager. Awful businessman. But isn’t that the boards job??



Hank Scorpio

It is MarkW but whoever us managing oyr transfer dealings and managing our wages should be hauled over the coals. Be that AW or whoever else is involved. Simply not good enough that we are heading into a crucial CL tie with potentially only 2 defenders available


Absolutely, it’s gazidis. CEO. If it was a corporate the shareholders would hold him to account, which in this case is the fans paying the ticket prices.


Let’s be honest, it already IS a corporate, but with a seemingly unaccountable executive. The football equivalent of Goldman Sachs, for example.


Yeah…there are quality players in the market but who really wants to join Arsenal and play along side players like Sagna, Jenkins, Ramsey, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs? Let’s get real. No high-profile player will ever join Arsenal unless he’s getting more than 200K/wk unless there’s something wrong with the player.


The slide really started when we failed to replace Henry with a like-for-like player. I know we had serious financial restraints due to the construction of a new stadium, but that’s when things started to get slightly unbalanced. We sold our star players and replaced them with cheap players, injury-prone players, or ‘good prospects for the future’ players. Captain Cesc – not replaced; Captain Van Persie – not replaced (and sold to our fiercest rivals to rub salt into our already bleeding, pustulent wounds!) Had we beaten Villla, Wenger would have been temporarily vindicated for his total lack of movement… Read more »


How come a shit team like villa can hold on to its best player in benteke and we supposedly a top 4 team, just could not and would easily sell if anyone come knocking for our best players? I mean look at how easily ferguson closed the rvp deal… Look at how easily barca took away cesc from us. I think its time we re- think our undivided support to arsene. The buck stops with him in player sales and purchases. I for one would welcome the sacking of arsene wenger and start fresh with a new manager. But the… Read more »

Dennis Asiimwe

Reading Andrew Managan’s blog today was a little soothing actually. Finally, Blog’s has come out and pointed the finger directly at Wenger. Yesterday was inexcusable, which ever way you look at it. When you add the rumous abour Carl Jenkison’s loan, Podolski on the bench, Carzola brought on when he SO OBVIOUSLY was knackered and our inactivity this summer which was simply uneccessary, you DO have to accept that not only is this not working, but you can’t blame the fans for throwing inthe towel. Something is wrong at the Gunners. I have gooten to the point where I dread… Read more »

Dennis Asiimwe

Apologies for the typos…a little hangover…it was the only way I could sleep last night!


AFC could have lost to Villa with or without new players. That can happen to anyone. I do see a much bigger problem which those in Management and some of us fans have refused to acknowledge. Arsenal has drifted back in terms of competitiveness to the point where its impossible to attract top talent. The secret approach to our transfer denies us access to the reality that most of our targets have actually turned us down. Success attracts success and sad as it may be, it’s a fact. Even with 50million, we shall find it difficult to attract top talent.… Read more »

Silent Stanley

Wenger Knows. One Arsene Wenger.

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