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Flamini: I’m ready to compete

Mathieu Flamini begins his second spell at Arsenal having rejoined the club this afternoon, and the midfielder says he’s ready to get stuck in, starting with Sp*rs this Sunday.

Having been released by Milan at the end of last season, Flamini came to the club to train and get fit, and he says specific work with the Arsenal fitness coach means he’s in good condition to start playing straight away.

“I feel good, I have been training for three weeks with the fitness coach, Tony Colbert,” he said. “So I feel ready to start competing for Arsenal, especially on Sunday – it’s going to be a big game.

“It’s a derby, everyone knows how important it is. We have to win it and we have to be ready for it.”

He’s also ready to pick up where he left off when he departed in 2008.

“It feels good to be back home. I have some unfinished business with Arsenal so it’s a great feeling to be back.

“Unfinished business because we had the opportunity a few times when I was there to win trophies and we didn’t.

“I’m thinking about the Champions League final, the 2007/08 season when we were in the running for the first place and we didn’t close it.”

It is believed Flamini signed a three year deal so, based on his previous time at the club, he’s going to just awesome in the 2015/16 season.

We kid.


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Flamini, he came cos he was French and free.
Just like Sanogo, he was a gogo,
As they both are toptop, top toptop quality.

Where’s the door?


just because it rhymes, doesn’t mean you should do it…


I’m over the fucking moon that he’s signed again for us – I rated him before and was disappointed when he left. Despite it being free, blah, blah – this is a great signing for us. Play him in Arteta’s role on Sunday. COYG.

Comment Police

Sir, I think you must have replied to the wrong comment. You weren’t trying to hijack it, were you? Noooo, of course not… now off to the bottom of the page with you.


Can’t tell if it’s an intentionally bad jumble of cliches…

or just the lyrics of a terrible song.


Interesting Flamini read.

Arsenal, a football club that can be the punchline to all the jokes, ever.

master floda

like someone here once said: “Yaya Sanogo, better then that cunt from Togo”… give the boy a chance…


You got a chance to comment first and this is what you do with it?




You better , we still havent forgotten your back stab

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

Well hold on, in the matter of Flamini fucking over his club to move elsewhere on a free we’re 2 for 1

Winning! 🙂

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Why give Flamini 3 years and offer Sanga 1 year deal. This like offering Bobby Pires a year contract because he is over 30 then give that crap Silvster who was over 30 2 years contract.

sometimes I wish I could understand Arsene.


well you complain he left for free as back stabb but you forget we try to affload him the season before to birmingham but he refuse to go


Di Maria, Suarez, GK to follow.


I’ve never rated GK honestly, I just don’t think he’s got it anymore.


Yeah n I never rated that guy signing, we have better options in his position 😛


You son of a bitch you should never have left us in the first place!! Welcome home son :’)


He can learn a thing or two from his good friend Rosicky… Welcome back Flamini..Play with heart and we will be right behind yah! COYGs! Sp*rs are going down this sunday!


I think the signings are also being made with the collective team spirit in mind. Flamini is clearly passionate about Arsenal, even if it took him a while to realize it, and his determination will suit him well.

I look forward to a chunky tackle on Soldado to start a counter-attack culminating in a Theo cut-back and Ramsey sweeping it in to double our lead.


So passionate that he left on a free the last time and rejoined when no one else will have him? Please this guy is just happy to have one last big payday.

Manchester Gooner

are you his mother, goonero?

Mr Arsenal

It took me far too long to realise this wasn’t an insult


“Welcome home son”, what the fuck. Thats something I would say if Fab came back but Flamini? Welcome back Wengers trolly, binbag, panic “we are title Challengers” what are we smoking signing.

Big Dave

Slap one on that Adebayor this weekend and all is forgiven 🙂


Flamini won’t have time to go to a reserve game to find Ade


Wenger would sign Ade in a heartbeat if he was free.


Slight typo in the punchline – was funny though…

Very happy with Flamini, think a good squad signing too… However why did it take 2 weeks to thrash out details – this was nailed on –

A free agent, Played for us before, French, Training with us, wanted to play for us, turned down other clubs.

WHY o WHY o WHY – wasn’t he available for Fernebache dead rubber this week – what a great game to introduce him…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Because he’s fresh for Sunday. The majority of the team we will field has already played four games in a fortnight,

Mach iii

Great, now we just need Cesc back to reignite that CM partnership!


Caz is our new Fab who is more than adequate.

master floda

true, but still… Cesc is a bit like your first love. Sure, now you’re married and so is she, but there will always that special something…


Santi our new Fab?
That supposed to be a compliment?
What an insult to Santi!

Texting Teacher

truly…comparisons are odious.

Cesc is cesc….the lost child who found himself at arsenal. hes welcome back whenever he wants!

cazorla, is like the wandering saint. its hard to describe santi though. jack cesc et al were/are very emotional and passionate… santi is just santi.. brilliant and yet undefinable.


So we can presume they began negotiations once Arteta situation became clear? That was full 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks to sign a player who only wanted to come here, and no other club was involved in negotiations as he’s a free agent. 2 weeks, really?

master floda

and look, we only got him down to 75k in that time… I wonder how high his initial demands might have been…


Made me watch the 2007-08 season review again. Ah, Flamini and Hleb, you along with Fabregas and Rosicky could’ve become bigger than the Beatles if you just stayed on..

Happy that he’s back though. Take a couple of scum out on Sunday and you’ll be a hero in no time.


I just don’t know how this signing makes me feel.

We needed a DM.

We need players.

Why spend the money if we don’t need to.

I think im in the ‘he has legs and he’s a player’ camp.


He can play as a DM, he obviously IS a player, and since when did we not have to spend money?

jack jack jack

I honestly think if we’d bought him off Milan for £20m people would be happier.


Yup, mine’s bigger than yours kind of crap…


Flamini was the steel and violence in midfield in his last season at Arsenal, no? He’s as close as you’re going to get to this “DM” of which you speak. There’s about as much chance of Wenger buying an out-and-out mid-field destroyer as there is of him buying a unicorn.

It Is What It Is

Current option is Frimpong.
He’s got heart, experience, battle scars, friends, humility, tenacity.
Reduces chances of signing Cabaye.

It works, and despite him having the worst agent an Arsenal player could have, we’ve got a signing that can be called on to do job forthwith.


Better than frimpong at least!


I’m still here

Arsene Wenger

Hi everyone,

Does any one where Alexander Hleb is at the moment?

And if so, do you have his contact details?



He doesn’t like them Spurs boys…

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.

50-50 ball. Fair, safe, professional challenge. Up for the UEFA Fair Play Award, that one. *Wets himself laughing*.

master floda

What a cunt…
(Corluca of course)


Look at those losers parading him to gain sympathy…

Good Arse

Fucking love that. Not just the tackle. The salute to the fans after it makes it for me. We need that sort of ‘fuck all cunts that aren’t Arsenal’ attitude. I hope Flam’s still got it.


Colour me happy. He’s not a world beater, but he is a grafter, and we need a few of those at the moment.


Aren’t all our midfielders grafters? No one can claim Jack, Aaron or Thomas don’t do their fair share of grafting during a game, so quite frankly Flamini doesn’t bring anything we dont already have, in fact you could say that he is the weakest of the 3. While his signing gives us depth it certainly doesn’t provide us with added quality.

jack jack jack

Not a world beater, but a winner and a bit of a nutter and we’ve missed a few of those over the last few years. We should bring him on against the spuds and give their new signings a proper good old-fashioned welcome to the Premier League.


Remember was gutted/pissed of when he left… Now he has come back during a turbulent time so I don’t think a lot of fans will be celebrating his return… Can’t honestly say he was first choice but look it’s better than nothing. Gotta try find SOME positives out of this transfer window.

A question has to be asked though, is this it? Is this all the signings that are going to happen? 2 free “top top” quality players? Thank the pope we are playing really well or else the negativity would be unbearable

With that being said welcome back Mathieu…


I know I have built an image of a talkative, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I just got off the phone with a friend who I had evangelized into supporting the Goons, and from the sound of his voice, I was scared something had seriously gone wrong. His first sentence was: ‘Do you know it looks like we have just completed the signing of Flamini on a free transfer ‘ Yes, I saw that coming was my reply ‘ do you know Spurs have just completed the signing of Lamela and about to complete the signing of Erikssen… Read more »


*COYG Sorry


Problem is, ths year they actually spend on quality as well as quantity. They hve a bigger, better and more competetive squad then us.

Our first 11 (even though Lloris is way better then Szsc) will beat them, if we dont play like we play against lesser teams from time to time, but when do we ever have a full first 11?


Hang on…Reports coming in Flamini was injured during this interview.

Adam Richards

Egg off of Arteta’s face then; he said we would get someone in before the end of the window.

If only Wenger was so willing to listen to the fans and stop them from looking like complete arses.


Good signing. A versatile player that can always improve us


Decent signing, but we all know we need much more than this. This team just needs a few more signings and it’ll be there competing for the title this season. I only hope wenger is not too stuck up to accept this. If he doesnt, then I’m so dropping all my gentleman virtue and leading a protest to the emirates, Egypt style…


Its like getting a blowjob from a fat bird.




Some people like fat birds

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, you’re fucking lucky you got one from a fat bird and not some skinny fucking guy dressed like a bird. Things could be much worse, you could be a poor Spurs bastard whose only pleasure is sticking his dick up a vacuum cleaner.


Welcome back home lad, God blessed my gunners


France-free-Sonogo. FfS
France-……..- who nex?


More like FFP = Free French Players 😉

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Nah, we only got two of ’em.


I will take Flamini over Gustavo.
He is knowd the club
Will work is heart out for the team
Hates Tottenham


What!? You cant be serious! Gustavo is twice the player Flamini is. Honestly has all people on here gone “all is forgiven because we signed a free Flamini” mental? A free signing when we have 70 million to spend on quality. Wenger is not trying to improve the team he is trying to do it his own way. Guess what, his way has failed and he wont change.

What if we lose to the spuds? Will all of you on here be content with what we got and sing Wengers praise?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

How can Gustavo possibly be twice the player Flamini is? Gustavo doesn’t play for Arsenal, and didn’t want to. Therefore Gustavo is shit.


No he chose the mighty Wolfsburg instead of us. What a slap in Wengers face.


Gustavo is not 2xFlamini . i watched a lot of bundesliga games, he is a box to box mid, good at standing tackle, but he does not dive into challenge, that is why javi martinez was the regular 1 choice and gustavo was the sub ( about 40 appearences in 2 yers for bayern, bayern must have played 100 or more ) what do we need ? a true hard challenging bastard midfielder or another box to box ? so please don’t bullsh*t people.


So,how was flamini ? …


In the absence of any other signings , I’d grab Flamini with BOTH hands.


Trying hard to not visualize that…

kimbo joru

Why did he leave in the first place?hop he is comming back with more experience to handle adebayor.welcome home…!!!!


This is a good bit of business…

But it shows how antsy we fans are when one free signing gets three arse-news stories in an hour haha

Finsbury Park Gooner

“Good to be home”, “unfinished business”… don’t get me wrong, I have no choice but to get behind this piece of ‘transfer business’, but it’s always good to come home when nobody else wants you. Don’t insult us Mattthheiiueieuuu. Just get your head down and make up for lost time.

Murid Laly

Wasn’t he offered a contract extension by Milan? And also some other offers which he turned down?

Finsbury Park Gooner

I did not know that. If it is true then I would like a slice of your finest humble pie good sir.


Hope Flamini is the darkness before the dawn. Dunno why I’m getting my hopes up….

jack jack jack

Calling him the darkness is a bit harsh eh? I like to think of him as the first crack in the dam.


+ be


Well! Finally back from his 4-year loan spell at Milan, I see.

Hopefully he’ll inspire the lads- he’s not quite the best player ever, but he has won things, so there’s that at least.


Arsenal = Cheers Bar…

Richie Waweru

I think we’ll still sign 2 more players to bolster the team. Although let’s be a bit realistic this season, we’re fighting for fourth place. We’ll be out of the cups as usual and Arsene will get a new deal. The cycle continues.


Agree with that, as Gunnerblog (i think) said the time for marquee signings is long gone, we’ll get decent players in but none that will transform this team into title challengers. I suspect that this season will turn out much like last season, and that will be solely down to our incompetence in the transfer market.


Well is good to be black but not all that we need we need good team someone have to tell this old Frenchman to stop looking for free thing and use our money for good players like other clubs do………..


well is good to be back but not all that we need we need good team someone have to tell this old Frenchman to stop looking for free thing and use our money for good players like other clubs do………..

Unyoke The Ox

I think it’s a smart bit of business. Can cover both full back slots and CDM, is ready for the BPL and CL and knows the club already so shouldn’t have to settle.

Also, Wenger doesn’t have to think twice about dropping him from the squad.

Midfield Corporal

I’m quite pleased, strange because I thought it would be quite underwhelming. Maybe it’s the thought of him flying into the scum on Sunday making me happy.


Great! Now lets start spending some fu**ing money…

Never a dull day.

Welcome home son. May you be the first of many.


Welcome home Flamini, its gud 2 hav u back.

Arsenal Rising

Fucking pathetic!!!


Listening to the tuesday club they reckon u need 7 who will be up for a fight. literally. we know jack is. and flamini is also i reckon. thats 2/7 maybe kos also. on its own this signing is pretty uninspiring (any better than the coq??) but you would have to hope its party of a final 72 hour master plan……although maybe not.


Up for a fight. Sagna,

And you forget Walcott. Look at all them tatts, he’s ‘Ard.;)


Can you please name 6 or 7 “hard men” in the Barca 1st team? The presenters in the Tuesday club have always viewed things from nostalgia tinted English spectacles. The times have moved on. Every player in this Arsenal side can be strong in a challenge if they wanted to. The fact that opposition trip over individual ants on the pitch whenever they come within 30 yards of our goal makes it impossible to do a “traditional English tackle” for fear of giving away a free kick. And let us not pretend that Jack Wilshere is a colossus of physical… Read more »


Why not? He’s free. Probably great to have him not only for his versatility but he will likely feel he could/should have stayed on at Arsenal a bit longer and will likely give it his all. That’s RB covered and ‘DM’. Likely takes pressure off purchasing on Cback and midfield although it will also improve our bargaining position for those areas and we may still add in midfield. Someone slightly more creative like Gourcouff could be useful, being in the form of his life and not terribly shy off 6’2 anyway. Someone youngish at Cback would prob be best now… Read more »


Marquee signings can go to hell. We need players who can improve the group and fight for the badge. COME ON FLAMINI!!!!


I’m with you on that one.


Well given that Flamini will be the weakest of our midfielders and that he left for Milan for a bigger pay packet and has returned because no one wants him it seems that he doesn’t fulfill either of your criteria.


Top top top quality. Hahahahahhhahaha

Cyber Jesus

Welcome back Flamini. Very much unfinished business. I for one am very happy with this signing the fact that we got him on a free is a good thing rather than negative, which appears to have been missed by some. I’ll always remember him nearly killing Nani in an FA cup game when he decided to take the piss, and The Flam wasn’t having any of it. Need that spirit in the team. Also loved his pre kick-off windmills, wonder if thats still part of his regime. Anyway, here’s to another signing, and here’s to not missing that MJ lookalike… Read more »

master floda

flamini go home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Ur late, he’s back home 😉

I want to boff Giroud and I'm not even gay

It wasn’t good to “be back home” when you fucked off to AC Milan for more money was it?


It’s so funny how stoked up a lot of gooners are today by the signing of a free player whom his club didn’t want anymore and released him. Arsene Wenger is a total cheap skate who probably shops at the local dollar tree, maybe he can find us a center forward in dollar general in the rejects isle?

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